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Pandemonium By Chris Wooding Cassandra Diaz,

  • Title: Pandemonium
  • Author: Chris Wooding Cassandra Diaz
  • ISBN: 9780545252218
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Acclaimed author Chris Wooding s first graphic novel fun fantasy adventure with a macabre twist Seifer s life is about to become a royal pain As captain of the local skullball team, Seifer Tombchewer is the envy of his peers He s fast, he s strong, and he flies circles around the competition But Seifer s always dreamed of of leaving his tiny, remote villaAcclaimed author Chris Wooding s first graphic novel fun fantasy adventure with a macabre twist Seifer s life is about to become a royal pain As captain of the local skullball team, Seifer Tombchewer is the envy of his peers He s fast, he s strong, and he flies circles around the competition But Seifer s always dreamed of of leaving his tiny, remote village for a new life beyond the mountains.He just never dreamed it would happen like this Knocked unconscious and abducted, Seifer awakens in the royal palace to learn that Prince Talon Pandemonium has gone missing And since Seifer is a ringer for Talon, it s his duty to replace the missing royal in his roles of diplomat, warrior, and Lord Defender of the Realm.He might fool Talon s sisters He might fool Talon s army But Seifer has little hope of fooling Talon s enemies Chris Wooding and debut artist Cassandra Diaz team for a classic tale of mistaken identity set against the breathtakingly original backdrop of the Darkling Realm.
    Pandemonium Acclaimed author Chris Wooding s first graphic novel fun fantasy adventure with a macabre twist Seifer s life is about to become a royal pain As captain of the local skullball team Seifer Tombchewer

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    1. Pandemonium is a great graphic novel series by Chris Wooding I have just finished the first book and it was great It is about an adventurous teen named Seifer Tombchewer, he is a great skullball player a sport that in the book they play and all of his friends are jealous of him He is knocked out and taken to a castle, he is told that the prince is missing and they chose Seifer because he and the missing prince are 100 percent alike in looks like identical twins He has fooled the army, the family [...]

    2. The Prince The Pauper badly retold with poorly thought through plotting, ridiculously named characters and hampered by poor Manga artwork Lots of potential wasted in a book that feels tired and done before and done far better elsewhere A real disappointment.

    3. I totally loved this and almost wish it was a full length novel I ordered it because it was recommended during conference I went to so I didn t know much about it I picked it up as I was cataloging and started to skim through it to see what I could tell kids about it A period later I was done and checking to see if the second volume is out yet It s not by the way I can t wait to book talk this one The characters are great Seifer is struggling to do the best he can in this situation as well as st [...]

    4. Maybe I didn t look in the right place, but I haven t been able to find any confirmation on Chris Wooding s site that Pandemonium is the first volume of a series This was written before a comment on my blog pointed me towards info confirming that this was intended to be the first volume of a series, although it s not clear whether will continue that series I hope it s not intended to be a standalone volume, because it really doesn t work as one By the end of the volume, Prince Talon still hasn t [...]

    5. Read Reviewed in March 2012 Genre Comic Book, Middle Grade FantasyRating Middle Grade violence, scary images Format Read Hardcover library Art Full color Cute and comical.Story Not relatively original, but they do a really good job with it Lots of humor, action, a little romance, etc it has all the elements a good book needs.Characters Fun and easy to love, even if they are demons.Comments One quick glance told me I would love this, and I did Comic books usually bore me because they are either p [...]

    6. GAAAHHH WHEN WILL THE NEXT BOOK COME OUT I loveloveLOVED the first one, so much I went out and bought a second copy, one for friends to read it gets beat up a bit and another for myself XD Chris Wooding, you are a genius, a rock solid genius 3 I ve read it like, 20 times.

    7. I guess if same face and voice but about real name that make me maybe mystery person or may change name before he miss or died then I still don t know about he just same face from prince but they still look like real prince but still kill him for fake prince.

    8. A really fun take on the old story of commoner subs in for missing royal important personage There s great dialogue, a lot of humor, and interesting characters I really hope this becomes a series

    9. This was an okay graphic novel aimed at the middle grade and young adult crowd I enjoyed the setting and the illustration The story and dialogue was only so so.This is all about a young man named Seifer who is a local skullball champ he is unsatisfied with his life and wants Then he is kidnapped and forced to step in as the Prince of the realm since the Prince is missing and Seifer looks a lot like him There is some mystery behind Seifer s past but we never really learn about that in this book. [...]

    10. This book was recommended to me by my younger cousin and no offense to her, but I wasn t necessarily expecting to enjoy it I m glad to inform her though that I actually really liked Pandemonium and am quite sad my local library doesn t have of the series, if was ever released This series is truly funny, the combination of dry wit and an endearing art style drawing you in right away A lot of the plot is pretty obvious, but it doesn t detract from any enjoyment For a pretty simple, straightforwa [...]

    11. This hilarious retelling of The Prince and the Pauper has so much wit peppered in, the hero is basically Cassian from A Court of Mist and Fury It s a total fluff read, but lots of fantasy fun plus a GIANT CAT Only 1 volume got published so you can t get the full missing prince arc, but it s honestly about the humor than the overall dramatic arc so it s well worth the hour it would take to read.

    12. For some reason I find manga style comics hard to read I think it s because every single manga I see looks the same from the outside, which is kind of a silly complaint, given that we re talking about comics But my kids read this, and I needed something quick to read the other day, so I gave it a go, and actually rather liked it It s too bad there is no actual sequel.

    13. Short Review I love everything about this book Why did I give it four stars There isn t a sequel This book leaves you with several unanswered questions It ends with a cliffhanger By no means can this be a standalone graphic novel Alas, here I am in 2017, five years after publication, with zero signs of a sequel in the works.Long Review coming soon

    14. When I was a younger lass, this book was the bomb With an interesting and unique art style, and a pretty interesting story to boot, I re read this graphic novel 10 times over then continued to read it.

    15. I reread this book for the first time in years It s so amazing when I read it for the first time a lot of the things went over my head I was probably eight or something but now that I m older it all makes sense, it was like reading a new story

    16. Could have gone without all the names inspired by diseases, but all things considered, I quite liked this graphic Prince and the Pauper fantasy spin off Where is the sequel

    17. A classic pauper trades places with prince scenario However, the magic lies in the humor of the illustrations, creativity of the world, and genuineness of the characters I m dying for a sequel

    18. Una historia de mendigo a millonario pero con demonios, una guerra entre reinos y un principe desaparecido Divertida defintivamente Y el protagonista es genial muy de anime tambi n.

    19. Doesn t take itself seriously so I didn t and I had a fun time The characters and humor are just what I needed But where s book twoooooooo

    20. I found out about this book not long after finishing the third book in Chris Wooding s Ketty Jay series, so it was perfect timing because I was feeling a little bereft 8 D I haven t yet read Malice, Wooding s novel comic combo, so I didn t know how successful his stories would be in comic form I was pleasantly surprised Pandemonium is a classic tale of mistaken identity It s not the most original idea, but with Wooding s twist on it, it works It s not complex enough to have filled out a novel, w [...]

    21. I feel kind of bad for giving this one star but I just couldn t give two or .Reasons for one star.1 The story felt very rushed The story felt so rushed that every scene just seem to smash into one another.2 The protagonist I did not care about him one bit Honestly, it kind of felt like he was just there.3 Other characters Most of them felt clich while others felt like they were just there, like the protagonist, and had no personality I ll leave it at that with the characters.4 Seifer and Cassie [...]

    22. From my book review blog at brensbookstoread Seifer Tombchewer is a darkling a flying being that loves skullball think flying soccer but violent , likes his family alright, but sometimes wonders if there is beyond his little village Reading books is frowned upon by his father who loves sports, but it s how Seifer satisfies his curiosity Dreaming of , he practices his skullball skills, and visits his grandpa to read some books.Then one day he wakes up in a palace with a splitting headache Abdu [...]

    23. I love Chris Wooding s characters I love Chris Wooding s humor I love Chris Wooding s plotlines I m mostly just really astonished that this is the first book other than the Malice duology that I ve ever picked up by him I loved Malice Havoc so much, it s super weird But this, while not quite beating out those two, was a lot of fun We re in this fantasy world where the prince has disappeared and there s a boy in a village out on the outskirts of the kingdom who happens to look just like him, so w [...]

    24. Fast paced graphic novel adventure with just a splash of romance Seifer Tombchewer bears an uncanny likeness to the prince of Pandemonium, so when the prince goes missing, Seifer is kidnapped by the palace and instructed to take on the identity of Prince Talon It s a pretty classic Prince the Pauper type storyline, view spoiler except for the fact that Seifer is fooling almost no one, which leads to a lot of funny scenes hide spoiler What I find odd and a little less satisfying in the very postm [...]

    25. Seifer Tombchewer was the captain of the skullball team at the tiny village deep within the mountains He always dreamed to escape from the village to explore the world outside of this mountain His grandpa always told him stories about the world outside, even though they sounded outrageous and crazy, but he wanted to experience it himself While he was on the way home from his grandpa s place, he was knocked unconscious and taken to the royal palace He learns from there that Prince Talon Pandemoni [...]

    26. Pandemonium tells the story of a young man named Seifer who must take the place of the Prince of Pandemonium.It s told in a very gothic vamp style, where all the main characters of this particular race have black wings, brooding eyes, and horns One character chews on tombs and tries to kill his pets Their names are things like Euthanasia and Hypoxia It s all very dark and brooding.Seifer is an Aladdin character, a rough hewn commoner who is somehow able to pull off being royalty better than the [...]

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