UNLIMITED BOOK ☆ I'll Be You and You Be Me - by Ruth Krauss Maurice Sendak

I'll Be You and You Be Me By Ruth Krauss Maurice Sendak,

  • Title: I'll Be You and You Be Me
  • Author: Ruth Krauss Maurice Sendak
  • ISBN: 9780060284596
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the team that brought us A Hole Is To Dig, here s another romp through the wild and wonderful imagination of children.
    I ll Be You and You Be Me From the team that brought us A Hole Is To Dig here s another romp through the wild and wonderful imagination of children

    One thought on “I'll Be You and You Be Me”

    1. Learned about this book via Brain Pickings and was so charmed by the excerpts that I had to get my own copy It s a lovely little book filled with disjointed vignettes about friendship and about just being a whimsical kid Krauss s delightful words are perfectly complemented by Sendak s playful illustrations.

    2. I ll be you and you ll be meThere s lots and lots for us to see Oasis, She s Electric I adore Krauss s nonsense verse and surrealism She s one of the few children s authors who can actually speak to her audience in their own voices The story about the lost toy elephant is touching.

    3. Don t miss the companions, Everything Under a Mushroom, A Very Special House, A Hole is to Dig well, anything you can find by Krauss Get the original editions, though the newer illustrators works just aren t a great fit.Now, my assumption is that most of the text is actually collected from real little children, adapted by Krauss I cannot imagine she came up with all these gems out of thin air if I want I can give it to a friendsome grassand some oceanand some dark for daytimeand some sun for nig [...]

    4. Wow Talk about nonsensical The prose and poetry in this sweet book by Ruth Krauss makes little sense no beginning, no end, just a middle Very childlike , and the pictures that accompany just about each WORD, by Maurice Sendak, are whimsical and sweet We liked reading this book aloud very much I loved this little tidbit a horse that s lost could be dreaming of the girl that s going to find him , and I really liked this one love is when you send postcards than to other people love is they could p [...]

    5. This is my favorite Ruth Krauss book It depicts all the meanness, whimsy, joy, confusion, friendship, and silliness of being a kid in poems, snippets of conversation and wonderful little drawings by Maurice Sendak A review won t do it justice everyone who loves kids books must read this one

    6. Love and friendship artfully distilled in a few sketches, stories, and poems for children and adults Illustrations by Maurice Sendak remind me of the dreamlike qualities of Marc Chagall s work in this book.

    7. What a wonderful book It s very sweet, but not vomit inducing sweet, it s making you feel happy sweet I think I need to get a personal copy, quite some life wisdom in there.

    8. This book was charmingly written, with captivating illustrations But I couldn t get my four year old granddaughter to pay attention to it I ll try again with a different child.

    9. My youngest daughter wanted to be in on the action of telling jokes like her siblings were, so she made one up Why did the horse run into the cave Because it was scared She was about 4 years old That about describes the writing in this book.I didn t know what to think about this book I thought it was going to be a regular picture book and so was confused when I turned the first page and there was no connection It is all a kind of free form poetry almost stream of consciousness that is simple and [...]

    10. In the tradition of I Like You, I ll Be You and You Be Me is a gloriously sweet and plainspoken ode to love and friendship The art by Maurice Sendak is charming as all hell, and the messages from one character to another You look like an elephant Why, thank you are innocently divine.

    11. I m not sure what I just read, but it was endearing as hell It seems to have no rhyme nor reason, but that is what makes it special, in its own nonsense poetry like way It is innocence in its purest essence I would have LOVED this book as a child I can definitely see myself reading this back to back to back, finding quirky new things in the drawings and playfulness in the text each time It reminded me of the little hidden drawings in the corners of Richard Scarry s illustrations That s always a [...]

    12. Recently I read three Krauss Sendak book for a class I m taking A Hole is to Dig, A Very Special House and this one I ll Be You and You Be Me was my favorite just for the variety of modes of writing in it poetry, prose, theater, and a sort of comic strip writing What impressed me most with the writing in all three was how nonsensical and childish all the writing was it really is trying to emulate take inspiration from the way children act and behave and imagine, and I liked that.

    13. I debated giving this book a 1, but the moral content of the book was good Thus, I gave the book a 2 instead of the 1 that I was leaning towards giving My children and I just did not enjoy this book at all Maybe some of you will love it and find it refreshing and delightful I don t know We certainly didn t.

    14. One of Sendak s earlier works, this is a carefree, whimsical journey of friendship as seen and felt through the eyes of children.The illustrations are in black and white and cute, simplistic and in fitting with the story line.It is a cute book that won an honor for children s books The Blue Ribbon Award.

    15. The craziest of Krauss definition books Krauss does a terrific job of capturing stream of consciousness poetry for children The Chicken and the Princess a fairy taleOne day the chickenwas going to town.The chicken got lost.But a princess found him.She was nice.And she was poor, the princess.So he took her home to his house.

    16. Short silly ruminations on love, friendship, play, and imagination love is you give thema leg off your gingerbread man No, two legs And the head

    17. This delightful compilation of doodles and poems will have your child giggling It s little messages are poignant and a treasure.

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