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The Feelings Book By Todd Parr,

  • Title: The Feelings Book
  • Author: Todd Parr
  • ISBN: 9780316691314
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A surprising and silly book about moods, featuring such musings as Sometimes I feel like staying in the bathtub all day , and Sometimes I feel brave , illustrated with bold, bright, childlike drawings Perfect for parents and teachers to use as a springboard for discussion about feelings.
    The Feelings Book A surprising and silly book about moods featuring such musings as Sometimes I feel like staying in the bathtub all day and Sometimes I feel brave illustrated with bold bright childlike drawings

    One thought on “The Feelings Book”

    1. I must admit, I was a little trepidatious when I uncovered this book I m not a feelings type But I m all for trying new things and also the faces on the front reminded me a little of the Little Miss and Mr Men books by Roger Hargreaves and I loved those as a kid.I m glad I gave this a chance because it s actually quite delightful It s not all about emotion and it s not sappy sure, there are things like sometimes I feel lonely but there s also sometimes I feel like kissing a sea lion because in E [...]

    2. I would recommend this book for the early primary grades, kindergarten through first grade I would categorize this book at contemporary realistic fiction.First of all, every Todd Parr book that I have ever read, I have loved I love how he makes everything feel normal Many people, especially children, feel like they need to keep all of their feelings bottled up This book is perfect to teach children to do the opposite You would have to elaborate and explain that when you are mad you can t use you [...]

    3. Elementary school counselor looking for books to use as part of my counselor intro lesson for kinder first grade, and I ve been a fan of Todd Parr since I found out about him a few years ago Fun, colorful, and engaging book to read to kids of all ages, really about feelings Definitely recommend

    4. This book uses very bright eye catching colors to express the feelings the kids are experiencing It talks about different feelings one feels and about things they feel like doing It narrows down to no matter what you feel or feel like doing all feelings are ok and you should always share them with your love one This book allows you to talk about different internal feelings and action feelings that interrelate with your child s moods Draw from your child s own experiences so they could relate and [...]

    5. My daughter loves the clear pictures in this book It s wonderful that she can recognize all of the emotions depicted, and she loves to read the book aloud to herself and to her toys She s 2 1 2, so this book is right up her alley Once she and I have read it together a few times, she s able to read it on her own I love that the book teaches her that different feelings are ok, and that different feelings are normal.

    6. This is a really cute book that introduces what feelings are it s probably a little too old for my 23 month old as some of them I am not sure she understands like sometimes I feel like kissing a sea horse but she does seem to love it and some of them are basic enough like sometimes i feel like being silly that she really likes it and has been wanting to read it over and over since we got it.

    7. Todd Parr s book empower kids This book encourages kids to talk or write about their feelings He says his books help kids recognize the differences in everyone I simplify and celebrate those things that make everyone unique and different I remind kids that it s okay to have wheels or glasses or to be challenged We all struggle with different things.

    8. Sometimes I feel like giving a sea lion a kiss like ya do The kids LOVED this one, when they bothered to pay attention to the fact I was reading They love obvious graphics, such as characters expressing great emotion, as well as illustrations of dogs and or cats, so this book was perfect for them

    9. This is a great book for young children and readers that are just beginning It depicts different emotions a person feels This book can help children expand their vocabulary and learn how to express how they feeling in a better way.

    10. I love the simple bright illustrations that kind of look like kid art The book was a hit with the 3 year old who demanded we read it twice before announcing Sometimes I feel like tickling a tree A great conversation starter

    11. I imagine this will be a particularly good book for our older internationally adopted children who speak a different language than we do The illustrations are very simple and I think it will be a good segue into communicating about our feelings.

    12. Well, this one is a baby book, kind of, but it s still a good one I could read most of it And the pictures were bright and happy I just don t get why some guys who do books make their drawings all sloppy But it s a good one so who cares

    13. Love this one, especially the message about sharing your feelings with someone Thst is so, so important for kiddos to learn early on so they know they are safe and it s ok to share how they feel My two year old loved the funky drawings, as well.

    14. I read with children toddlers I like The feelings book because is colorful and simple to understand I like the colorful pictures and my children like them to They try to imitate every single one LOL

    15. The cover was brightly illustrated each page had a big print one word on it with pretty much a smiley face doing whatever the word said Might be fun to try to have the kid make the face the words describing butUGH

    16. i didn t read any of his books as a child, only as an adult i think they re pretty dynamic and really important.

    17. Sometimes I feel like eating pizza for breakfast too and lunch and a dinner, every single day of my life p

    18. A loves sometime i feel silly Okay book But kids find Todd s books very appealing This book was a hit mainly because A remembered the Daddy Book every time she saw this.

    19. I loved this book when I was younger I just liked acting out all the stuff like looking window,telling really loud,standing on your head and a bunch of other stuff that I used to love

    20. A great book that gives examples of different feelings This book is very light hearted and talks about different feelings with humor Great to use for a class discussion.

    21. A book all children will love, relate to and also learn about their different feelings A quick, yet wonderful read for kids of all ages I recommend it to all the parents out there

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