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Kiss Crush Collide By Christina Meredith,

  • Title: Kiss Crush Collide
  • Author: Christina Meredith
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • KissWhat Leah did only she really shouldn t have one hot night at a country club party.CrushWhat Leah has only she really shouldn t have on the guy with the green eyes, the guy who is not her perfect boyfriend, the guy who does not fit in her picture perfect life, the guy her sisters will only mock and her mother will never approve of Not in a million years.CollideWhat haKissWhat Leah did only she really shouldn t have one hot night at a country club party.CrushWhat Leah has only she really shouldn t have on the guy with the green eyes, the guy who is not her perfect boyfriend, the guy who does not fit in her picture perfect life, the guy her sisters will only mock and her mother will never approve of Not in a million years.CollideWhat happens when everything you always thought you wanted having cool friends, being class valedictorian and homecoming queen runs smack into everything it turns out you really do want.Kiss Crush Collide.For Leah and Porter, summer is only the beginning.
    Kiss Crush Collide KissWhat Leah did only she really shouldn t have one hot night at a country club party CrushWhat Leah has only she really shouldn t have on the guy with the green eyes the guy who is not her perfect

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    1. How many times have we seen this story Leah is perfect perfect body, perfect grades, perfect parents, perfect sisters, perfect friends, perfect boyfriend, perfect activities, perfect life, blah, blah, blaahhhhh Then comes the boy from the wrong side of the tracks who makes her open her eyes to her cardboard existence, the boy no one in her life will approve of, the boy she lurves Sound familiar I think the most ridiculous part of this story is that the love interest, Jon Duffy, is only guilty of [...]

    2. Oh where to even start I really had high hopes for this one, I mean just look at that cover Unfortunately the contents of the book does not live up to the awesomeness that is that cover.Characterswell there really isn t much to say about any of them Even Leah the main character is still a mystery to me except for the fact that she hates the life that is being handed to her on a silver platter I understand wanting out of your life but I mean come on she didn t have to study, she had a boyfriend [...]

    3. I was so very excited to read this book because it was compared to the likeness of Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles But it wasn t.I had a hard time feeling anything toward the main character Leah She is a girl that has everything that she could ever want and Sure her parents have expectations for her, I feel so bad that her parents loved her enough to want the best for her In case that didn t come across as sarcastic, it was meant to be Leah s parents weren t perfect but I didn t feel like t [...]

    4. What first caught my attention about Kiss Crush Collide, was the edgy enigmatic blurb and the enticing cover Once I started this book however I soon realised that this maybe the only real positive about it, as the story was a huge disappointment.Leah is the youngest of the Johnson sisters, being the youngest can be a pain for Leah especially as she has two successful well established sisters already Yorke and Freddie Of course Leah is expected to follow in the footsteps of her sisters become val [...]

    5. Lesson learned from Kiss Crush Collide vivid, telling descriptions do not make a cohesive story between two characters, especially if your two primary leads are about as interesting as watching paint dry No, I wouldn t say they re that uninteresting, but I don t think they ever realized their full potential to make the work amount to than what it offered It didn t live up to the description of the book all that much.The cover of this, in my opinion, is breathtakingly beautiful I could write a r [...]

    6. I was excited to read Kiss Crush Collide The back of the book compares itself to Perfect Chemistry which is a book I love I admit I was disappointed The storyline is girl is living a life shadowed by her two older sisters She is expected to be as perfect as they are and follow in their footsteps She has a neurotic over bearing Mother and a clueless Father It appears she has the perfect life, perfect friends, perfect boyfriend Then one night at the country club a porter that takes the car for the [...]

    7. Kiss Crush Collide is being billed as a readalike for Simone Elkeles and John Green, amongst others I can kind of see the Simone Elkeles comparison but honestly, this book is so, so far below the level of Elkeles and Green that I truly cannot appreciate the comparison Also, is this not one of the cheesiest covers you ve ever seen Synopsis Leah has the life most high school girls would kill for popularity, glowing grades, a rich, athletic boyfriend So why does she feel like she can t breathe And [...]

    8. Where to begin.I really did not enjoy the overall flow to the story The narration of the story jumped everywhere One minute, she was talking about herself, the next her family, then her boyfriend, back to her sisters, back to herself, etc, all within just a few short pages It was like listening to a 4 year old on a candy high try and tell you a story Needless to say, it made the book quite difficult to follow The dialoguewell, what dialogue Every so often, Leah or one of her sisters or mother wo [...]

    9. Kiss Crush Collide is touted by the publishers as a book that would appeal to fans of Perfect Chemistry, John Green, and Sarah Dessen I think this sets the reader up for unrealistically high expectations The novel may have that theme of forbidden romance like Perfect Chemistry but that is where similarities end We don t really get to see the romance develop between the characters Instead there is instant attraction and stolen kisses in borrowed cars They make out the first time they meet and the [...]

    10. This book was such a disappointment Cold, shallow characters and sparse conversations made for a very blas read The main character s family especially the mother, single handedly made me want to quit reading altogether My anticipation for this book was through the roof and I m annoyed that it didn t even come close.Leah Johnson has everything going for her wealth, looks, intelligence, perfect boyfriend she doesn t have to work hard to achieve anything she wants But dissatisfaction and boredom bu [...]

    11. What first drew me to KISS CRUSH COLLIDE by CHRISTINA MEREDITH, was in fact the cover The title, not so great, yet it sounded interesting enough I ve been increasingly attracted to young adult books since my teenage daughter got me hooked on one Each one she s suggested was wonderfully written KISS CRUSH COLLIDE was no exception Leah Johnson had her life planned out Not that she did any of the planning Nope, there was no need for that when she had a mother and two sisters before you that she was [...]

    12. Please check out Electrifying Reviews for reviews like this, plus giveaways, interviews, and I don t know quite what I was expecting with Kiss Crush Collide It was being compared to both John Green and Simone Elkeles in the blurb I read for it, so of course I wanted to give it a try since I love John Green and have heard great things about Simone Elkeles Unfortunately, however, I was just disappointed by Kiss Crush Collide.The story in Kiss Crush Collide really isn t anything special Good girl [...]

    13. Do you want to know what pushed me to read this book The cover of course And unfortunately the contents of the book did not live up to the cool cover of the book It was one of those books you ll ask yourself why you bother reading It seriously bored me out of my wits.The connection between our two main characters was very weak I didn t feel the connection that I should have felt when they were together It lacks emotion maybe I don t know Leah has everything She has the money, the brains and a cu [...]

    14. Urm well scratching head Okay, firstly What first drew me to this book, was in fact the cover I like the cover.And secondly, I was excited to read it because it compares itself to Perfect Chemistry which is a book I love I thought it s good but well I m disappointed.This book tell us about Leah who s perfect in every way She s born in rich family, she has two beautiful and smart sisters, she has a hot boyfriend and she has a very bright future But, she is unhappy.Everyday, she look at her family [...]

    15. Misleading cover much Fully expecting a huge passionate romantic plot, I picked up Kiss Crush Collide on an afternoon I was looking for a solid contemporary read Unfortunately, this didn t play out very well for me.The cover and summary have us expecting to read a steamy story, but by page 100 I was still wondering when that was going to happen When Leah finally does meet a boy, she gets that passion we were looking for before but HAS A BOYFRIEND and has no intention of changing that fact throug [...]

    16. I love love stories And it s no wonder with how many romance books I read in a month that I wanted to read Kiss Crush Collide as soon as I read the summary It fit my love of forbidden romances and bad boys who fall for good girls, so I m so glad I was able to get a hold of an ARC thanks to Around the World ARC Tours.This book is told through Leah s eyes She s just finished her Junior year of high school, has a cute boyfriend, gets good grades, is popular herself she seems to have everything But [...]

    17. When I first came across Kiss Crush Collide I couldn t wait to get my hands on it Based on the synopsis, I just knew I had to read it I was super excited to finally have a copy and started it immediately I guess my expectations were a little too high being that the book was compared to Perfect Chemistry, which I adored.Leah has huge shoes to fill Her family is rich and they only want the best for her and her sisters But her mother is a little too controlling and pretty much runs their lives She [...]

    18. I won t be fooled of a good cover and blurb ever again That s what sinks in to my head after reading Kiss Crush Collide My, this is a waste of time and effort I shouldn t have disregarded its rating and not so good reviews in GR Ugh I was looking forward for this since I have been waiting for its release since September And I m so f ing disappointed.Johnson family is too perfect They re too good to be true Three talented, pretty, smart and overachiever daughters all in one upper middle class fam [...]

    19. Die Nacht ist nur der Anfang ist mir auf Englisch ehrlich gesagt nie aufgefallen Erst, als ich das Buch mit dem tollen Cover im Programm meines Lieblingsverlags entdeckt habe, war mir klar Das will ich haben Gesagt, getan und bei einem Besuch in der Buchhandlung nahm ich es mit.Der gr te Konflikt im Buch dreht sich um Leah, die perfekt ist und das hat die Autorin uns auch mega unter die Nase gerieben Perfekte Leah, perfektes Leben, perfekt, perfekt, PERFEKT Nat rlich ist Leah damit ungl cklich, [...]

    20. If you have ever been in love I mean REALLY been in love you will agree that all your senses operate in a new way Colors look different sounds are pronounced you notice things that you would never before you make mistakes In short, your brain works in mysterious and new ways Take the example of biting into a fresh peach When you are in love, such a mundane action take on whole new levels of fireworks The way this book was written is realistically from the vantage point of someone who is fallin [...]

    21. I have been waiting for Kiss Crush Collide since I had it on my Recommendation List at , and liken it to Simone Elkeles Perfect Chemistry I just knew I had to read it ASAP But I was bound for a big disappointment.Kiss Crush Collide is a quick read, about a perfect girl from a perfect family who fell in love with a not so perfect boy The cover was stunning, it was sweet, I was expecting a romantic interlude between a boy and a girl Instead, the story focused on Leah and her dysfunctional family [...]

    22. KISSUSHLLIDE.I m sorry but for me it was just okay I thought I d get into it because of Leah s family dysfunctions but I really just ended up getting bored and skimming through a few parts I tried to like Leah and Duffy s relationship but it happened too quickly for me It was instant love They met, had sex, and formed a relationship just like that There was no development or courtship It was all purely physical.Leah wasn t even that likable I couldn t relate to her at all She had everything mone [...]

    23. Since this book was compared with Perfect Chemistry, I knew it had big shoes to fill I absolutely loved Perfect Chemistry and if it is being compared to it, it better be able to deliver Add on the fact that this book hasn t gotten so much hype revolving around plus a great cover and you would think it would be a winner Unfortunately, this book was a miss for me.I had a really hard time getting into this story Leah was not a favorite character for me from the first chapter I just couldn t connect [...]

    24. 3.5 StarsThis book was written in a style that I hadn t really seen before It was written in first person, so that always adds a little bit of novelty to a book, but here it read a bit strangely The prose was almost like puffs of dream, instead of complete thoughts There was also a lot of observances of mundane, everyday things that were blown up into huge detail It was actually an interesting and new approach, but I m not sure it was for me.The story was definitely focused on the family drama, [...]

    25. I bought this book in hopes for something magical on each of the pages I love reading a contemporary romance and this one had me quite interested in the story line Despite some of the mixed reviews it had been compared to other books I really enjoyed so I thought I would give it a go What a disappointment Sadly this book isn t for me I have read a descent chunk of it however I can t read any There are so many things that bother me about this pretentious group of characters I read for pleasure an [...]

    26. I don t remember the last time I was ever so bored reading a bookoh wait yes I do, illuminating, my biology text book and lab book, and crossed by allie condiee cover and summary of the book sounds amazingat s as far as it goes literally there s no depth to the characters in fact every character but the guy were stuck up snobby rich peopleI can see donating to charity not being in their list of things we should do since were riche writing was adaquate considering there was NO attachment to the c [...]

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