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How to Survive the H-Bomb...and Why By Pat Frank,

  • Title: How to Survive the H-Bomb...and Why
  • Author: Pat Frank
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Subject 650 Hydrogen bomb Safety measures.Subject 650 Civil defense United States.
    How to Survive the H Bomb and Why Subject Hydrogen bomb Safety measures Subject Civil defense United States

    One thought on “How to Survive the H-Bomb...and Why”

    1. This was a quick read I picked up in part because I had read the author s fictional account of a life after the balloon goes up aka mushroom clouds Alas, Babylon My interest in books like this stems from a historical curiosity, published in 1962, at the apex of Cold War Hydrogen bomb testing sabre rattling the perspective that nuclear war could be won and or participated in a scalable fashion was still on the table now an obvious anachronism.I liked the fact that an author of fiction undertook t [...]

    2. A dated book written in the late 1950s about surviving an atomic war Interesting reading if dated It also mentions a lot of Civil Defense programs that never got out of the planning stage or were quickly abandoned CONELRAD and NEAR for instance.

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