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Myrna Loy: The Only Good Girl in Hollywood By Emily W. Leider,

  • Title: Myrna Loy: The Only Good Girl in Hollywood
  • Author: Emily W. Leider
  • ISBN: 9780520253209
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the beginning, Myrna Loy s screen image conjured mystery, a sense of something withheld Who is she was a question posed in the first fan magazine article published about her in 1925 This first ever biography of the wry and sophisticated actress best known for her role as Nora Charles, wife to dapper detective William Powell in The Thin Man, offers an unprecedenteFrom the beginning, Myrna Loy s screen image conjured mystery, a sense of something withheld Who is she was a question posed in the first fan magazine article published about her in 1925 This first ever biography of the wry and sophisticated actress best known for her role as Nora Charles, wife to dapper detective William Powell in The Thin Man, offers an unprecedented picture of her life and an extraordinary movie career that spanned six decades Opening with Loy s rough and tumble upbringing in Montana, the book takes us to Los Angeles in the 1920s, where Loy s striking looks caught the eye of Valentino, through the silent and early sound era to her films of the thirties, when Loy became a top box office draw, and to her robust post World War II career Throughout, Emily W Leider illuminates the actress s friendships with luminaries such as Cary Grant, Clark Gable, and Joan Crawford and her collaborations with the likes of John Barry, David O Selznick, Sam Goldwyn, and William Wyler, among many others This highly engaging biography offers a fascinating slice of studio era history and gives us the first full picture of a very private woman who has often been overlooked despite her tremendous star power.
    Myrna Loy The Only Good Girl in Hollywood From the beginning Myrna Loy s screen image conjured mystery a sense of something withheld Who is she was a question posed in the first fan magazine article published about her in This first ev

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    1. I wanted to like this one I really did I think Myrna Loy is so deserving of a full length bio by a reputable author and publisher I was so thrilled for this to come out that I went to LA to hear the author at the Hollywood Barn Museum and bought my copy there in December.And now I ve slogged through the whole thing and two things struck me 1 There s nothing new here Loy s own autobiography is so excellent possibly my favorite of all star autobios and Leider quotes liberally from it and from othe [...]

    2. One wishes they could write as elegantly and as engagingly as Emily Leider does about the subject of her latest biography, Myrna Loy Leider s impeccable research coupled with her elegant prose make for a thoroughly enjoyable read Myrna Loy is a much beloved star from Hollywood s golden age Publicity at the time declared her to be a perfect wife on screen and it was assumed she was as much off screen as well Leider informs us this was not the case Leider chronicles Loy s life and film career with [...]

    3. Myrna Loy is one of the MOST charming screen actors in the history of the movies, and she made a funny switch from orientalist vamp to sophisticated housewife, which I don t think anyone else ever did She was also kind of private, it turns out which shouldn t necessarily send up any red flags because, after all, she wrote an autobiography wrote anyway and also Garbo was also v private and look at that great Barry Paris biography But Myrna Loy, as the introduction I should have read at the beginn [...]

    4. Some may be surprised to learn that this is the first biography of Myrna Loy 1905 93 , a Hollywood icon beginning in the silent era and continuing through the 1940s and 1950s Ending her film career in 1980, she continued to perform in theater and television productions into the 1980s Loy is primarily identified with the role of Nora in the Thin Man movies, in which she starred opposite the suave William Powell This biography is lauded by film scholars, critics, and Leider s fellow biographers an [...]

    5. I haven t read anything else on Myrna Loy, but always loved her movies, her restrained, natural acting style, and her courageous politics in the HUAC era The book doesn t seem to offer anything I haven t read online, but it is nicely put together Favorite quotes I don t know why anybody thinks its important to keep their youth What s much important is learning not to depend on youth and beauty The true secret of survival is to be curious about life, to be interested in lots of things p.292Laure [...]

    6. A very interesting book about one of my favourite actresses As was pointed out in the beginning of the book it is a hard task to do as her own autobiography was detailed Although Miss Loy was not in favour of revealing very personal details and did insure not many letters and so on would be available to be scrutinised after her death A practise I am in favour of There are many personal details I don t believe perfect strangers need to know about people and even in death people should be accorded [...]

    7. Myrna Loy is an interesting character in the world of Hollywood an actress who didn t court scandal and that makes this movie biography very interesting.Because there is a lack of scandal or lack of publicity of scandal, the book focuses on Loy s film career and heavily depends on Loy s autobiography, Being and Becoming Because of this, other parts of Loy s life were given shorter shrift, like her political beliefs and works or her married life.Yet on the whole, Leider is a sympathetic biographe [...]

    8. Although readable in its prose, this biography lacked the sort of bite and insight I had hoped for It also could have gone into far depth about Loy s activities outside of Hollywood A great deal of the content which was provided, one assumes, to provide colour instead came off rather as filler However, Loy is a fascinating subject, and this biog makes a nice alternative for those who prefer something a bit critical than autobiography.

    9. I ve been a fan of her work in The Thin Man series and somehow forgot about all the other movies I had seen her in until I read this biography I recommend this for anyone who is a fan of film, the history of film, and an under rated star of the screen in its golden age.

    10. Page 167A few famous screen actors Boris Karloff and Mae West for instance actually liked typecasting They liked having a niche, being associated with a single role or kind or character An actor with a type owned a kind of work insurance He or she always had a safe place to go and could bank on being called on to play similar characters over and over again Repeating an exaggerated and predictable type had once been the norm for vaudeville performers, for many stage players, and for scores of si [...]

    11. This was a Christmas gift from my husband because he knew I loved Myrna Loy films The book was than Myrna s life It reflected the plight of women in the movie industry and the unfairness of not only salary, but the exploitation of the studio systems Loy s acting career begins in silent films and ends with television and live theatre She was a woman of conviction and in her later years served her country on many levels The author, Emily W Leider, annotated her research for this book She included [...]

    12. I love Myrna Loy She was a terrific actress, and her mannerisms conveyed everything she didn t say A twist of her head, a sidelong lookwell, you get the idea At any rate, I was looking forward to this new book about her, and I was not disappointed.Ms Leider gives us a comprehensive account of Myrna Loy s life and career She starts with Myrna s beginnings namely, her parents and grandparents lives, who they were and their effect on Myrna Her mother wanted for her her father expected that women w [...]

    13. For everyone who complains about the injustice of Oscars see exhibit A Myrna Loy Not only did she never win one, she was never even nominated An actress who made consistently good films 124 of them for five decades as a star granted many were comedies or popular vehicles that she helped carry and she never was lucky enough to work with big directors except for a few times But come on, Best Years of Our Lives As a big Myrna fan I looked forward to this book, and it is a nice reference A little dr [...]

    14. Unfortunately, I was bored My standard for biographies is that I finish them feeling like I have a pretty good understanding of the subject, that I could walk up to them and strike up a conversation on a friend level instead of being strangers.This book felt like a fleshed out page I know way about Myrna Loy than I did before reading it, but could have gotten most of the same information from It s possible that Ms Loy was just an extremely personal woman who left little information for those wh [...]

    15. Triangulating from Loy s memoirs and interviews with friends and studio workers, Leider charts the trajectory of a small town Montana girl to years of thanks to black and white film that hid her red hair and freckles roles as exotic vamps and other women to the epitome largely thanks to the Thin Man series of WASP wife and mother While this offers insight into the making of films like The Best Years of Our Lives and Cheaper by the Dozen, it is especially interesting for Loy s enduring friendship [...]

    16. I don t know why this book was written I found out absolutely nothing about Myrna Loy or her life or her pictures that I did not already know There were not enough pictures and certainly not enough unknown to warrant this bio.

    17. As a fan of the Thin Man film and When the rains came, I was always going to be well disposed to read a life of Loy She comes out of the book rather well, a well liked and loyal friend who didn t succumb to being a Hollywood diva.

    18. I love to read Hollywood biographies I also love Myrna Loy I found this book very dry and a chore to read.

    19. Too many details about random or tangential people A lot of research went into it, but it is not something I would enjoy reading.

    20. good biography and introduction to myrna loy, sadly we barely get to know her personality and real life as the book tend to focus on her public persona and movies.

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