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Gun Shy By Lori L. Lake, Gun shy Definition of Gun shy by Merriam Webster Gun shy definition is afraid of loud noise such as that of a gun afraid of loud noise such as that of a gun markedly distrustful, afraid, or cautious See the full definition Gun Shy Mar , Take this film for instance, it s called Gun Shy In this story, he plays Charles Charlie Mayeaux pronounced MAYO a field operative working for the D.E.A His job is to take on the big Gun Shy Sep , Directed by Simon West With Antonio Banderas, Olga Kurylenko, Ben Cura, Mark Valley An aging rock star s wife is kidnapped while vacationing in Chile. Gun shy definition of gun shy by The Free Dictionary Define gun shy gun shy synonyms, gun shy pronunciation, gun shy translation, English dictionary definition of gun shy adj Afraid of loud noise, such as that of gunfire Extremely distrustful or wary adj afraid of a gun or the sound it makes a gun shy dog is useless Gun Shy Rotten Tomatoes Gun Shy somehow manages to come across as being both screechingly over the top and desperately, painfully dull at the same time. Watch Gun Shy Prime Video Aug , antonio banderas gun shy movies antonio funny movies rock humor beer hilarious performance acting lines plays role silly action actors expecting hit kidnapped customer reviews Top Reviews There was a problem filtering reviews right now Please try again later ymous.

  • Title: Gun Shy
  • Author: Lori L. Lake
  • ISBN: 9781932300567
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
  • While on patrol, Minnesota police officer Dez Reilly saves two women from a brutal attack One of them, Jaylynn Savage, is immediately attracted to the taciturn cop so much so that she joins the St Paul Police Academy As fate would have it, Dez is eventually assigned as Jaylynn s Field Training Officer Having been burned in the past by getting romantically involved wiWhile on patrol, Minnesota police officer Dez Reilly saves two women from a brutal attack One of them, Jaylynn Savage, is immediately attracted to the taciturn cop so much so that she joins the St Paul Police Academy As fate would have it, Dez is eventually assigned as Jaylynn s Field Training Officer Having been burned in the past by getting romantically involved with another cop, Dez has a steadfast rule she has abided by for nine years Cops are off limits But as Jaylynn and Dez get to know one another, a strong friendship forms Will Dez break her cardinal rule and take a chance on love with Jaylynn, or will she remain forever gun shy
    Gun Shy While on patrol Minnesota police officer Dez Reilly saves two women from a brutal attack One of them Jaylynn Savage is immediately attracted to the taciturn cop so much so that she joins the St Pau

    One thought on “Gun Shy”

    1. Enjoyable read with interesting characters Desiree is intense and good at what she does JayLynn is easy going and although her reason for joining the police force is a little bizarre, she has a way about her that counters blends with Desiree very nicely I really like that both women are strong and capable What is not to like about the landlady Luella, she cooks, does laundry, gives advice and hugs.

    2. I really enjoyed this book It takes plenty of time to develop the relationship of two strong women and I m always a sucker for these cop stories It also has my most important requirement a happy ending The only reason I did not give this book 5 stars was because of the many, lengthy dream sequences Just not my cup of tea and a touch hokey.

    3. Plot St.Paul lesbian police officer rescues two young women from rape, one of the women is immediately smitten with the officer, and decides, after the encounter, to enter the police academy The women are attracted to each other, but don t verbalize their feelings for personal reasons one having been seriously burned by a previous lover, the other out of fear of rejection How they make their tortuous way to each other forms the gist of the novel.My reaction to Gun Shy by Lori L Lake proves why t [...]

    4. This is absolutely the worst lesbian mystery I ve ever read and that s saying a lot, because there are some real stinkers out there I bought and read this book way back in 2002 so I can t remember much about it, just that I loathed it with a bloody passion I sold it on a year or so later but I wasn t able to recoup my costs, unfortunately Biggest waste of money ever I wish I could score it less than one star, because I certainly would.

    5. Long a fan of Ellen Hart s Jane Lawless series, I thought I should try Lori L Lake s book Unfortunately, I didn t do my homework Gun Shy turned out to be a romance novel, not a mystery or police procedural I thought the book was painfully long for a novel that barely scratched the surface emotionally and I simply tired of all the burning looks and deep blushes.

    6. From a technical point of view, the story isn t perfect There are some inconsistencies, head hopping, and omniscient descriptions of the characters But I still like the story because the characters are so lovable and Lori L Lake really takes her time developing the relationship between them.

    7. Sex shyThough dry of sexy romance, this was actually a very well written psychological character study.The story spans about a year in the life of police officer Dez Reilly who is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after the death of her male partner one of the few people this hard to get close to butch has let into her life and heart She isn t one to reach out and get the help she needs And she s not even recovered from a previous betrayal and has mother issues to boot She doesn t ha [...]

    8. The beginning is a bit slow, but perseverance is worth it After about a chapter and a half, the plot picks up the pace Oh, there was a come on, really You are going to manipulate an accident to get these two women in bed for the sake of saving her life But what I lived were all the details, whether it be the park lights or the description of the falls, I felt like I was in Minnesota with these two women I loved the character development Lake is a crafty writer, she ll weave little bits of the ch [...]

    9. This was a good mix of crime and romance, with well written characters and enough plot to keep things ticking over It is the start of a series, with four books to date The two main characters are well written Dez Reilly is a uniformed policewoman with the Saint Paul Police, who stops two rapists in the midst of a crime spree Jaylynn Savage is one of the women she saves in the incident, and Jaylynn is so inspired that she drops out of Law to join the police force.The story of Jaylynn s training a [...]

    10. I ll be honest I only picked this book up because it s a lesbian love story and it takes place in St Paul, MN, where I went to college The story was OK, but at times clumsily written and really loses steam past the second half of the book The characters were well developed, and the author s strength lies in getting inside the character s minds and exploring their conflicts and emotions Unfortunately, the book has weaknesses than strenghts transitions between character perspectives were abrupt a [...]

    11. I didn t know this was an uber story going in I have never enjoyed uber stories and this one was no different, unfortunately.The main issues I have are the repeated descriptions of the characters the big woman , cold blue eyes etc as well as their perfected physicality I get it already I think one of the main things I dislike about uber fiction in general is I find these descriptors pull me out of the story by reminding me that these characters already exist it s harder than just letting my mind [...]

    12. I really liked this author s Snow Moon Rising, and this first in a series novel has only deepened my admiration A great look at the inner and outer lives of two female police officers, one a tense and guarded veteran too closely acquainted with loss, and the other an open hearted rookie who may have to teach the older officer about her own heart than her mentor has to teach about police work Vivid and memorable characters whose fates and futures will matter to the reader, and whose eventual all [...]

    13. Not going to lie, I had heard good things about the book, but it was just so long for me My biggest peeve was that Dez was continually referred to as the big woman throughout the story I get the point I found the beginning really slow, and wanted to stop reading because Jaylynn seemed a bit too unrealistic and perky for my tastes Overall, the book was ok, I wouldn t say it was great, but I m probably not going to continue reading the rest of the series.

    14. The characters in this book seem to have been really well thought out and it was interesting to read The author had a way of building the sexual tension between the two throughout the story I really ennjoyed this read The only downfall was that there weren t as many sex scenes as I d like But, to Ms Lake s defense, I always want sex scenes

    15. Loved this book.I loved this book I loved the development of the relationship between Dez and Jaylynn Enough action in their jobs to keep it interesting I can t wait to read .

    16. I really wanted to enjoy this book I didn t fall in love with the characters I didn t feel the passion between them There was nothing sweet about their relationship for me But there was enough there that I am willing to read the sequel and give them another chance.

    17. The chemistry between Lake s two main characters, Dez and Jaylynn, is a lot of fun, as are the bodybuilding and basketball scenes I m looking forward to Gun 2.

    18. Good book Length was great and character build up was wonderful I liked that there did not need to be sex in every scene, but instead had anticipation build up.

    19. I liked the cop story even if some of the realities seemed stretched The characters are interesting and likable.

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