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Soapsuds By Finola Hughes Digby Diehl,

  • Title: Soapsuds
  • Author: Finola Hughes Digby Diehl
  • ISBN: 9780345470829
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Passion, power, sex, betrayal, and seduction it s all in a day s work.Having escaped to Hollywood after catching her boyfriend in bed with her best friend, London stage actress Kate McPhee is offered a gig on the popular daytime television series Live for Tomorrow As Devon Merrick police detective, car crash victim, and love interest for at least two men she knows all thePassion, power, sex, betrayal, and seduction it s all in a day s work.Having escaped to Hollywood after catching her boyfriend in bed with her best friend, London stage actress Kate McPhee is offered a gig on the popular daytime television series Live for Tomorrow As Devon Merrick police detective, car crash victim, and love interest for at least two men she knows all the secrets and sins pulsating in fictional Hope Canyon But the real drama is off the set, where the soap is indeed slippery.Enter Meredith Contini, the show s power wielding diva Meredith has two rules Know your place and Stay in it Kate broke both on day one, which is why she suddenly found her character switching sexual orientation That brilliant solution came from Daphne del Valle, the show s barking mad obsessive compulsive producer, who drives herself and her actors to enthrall the audience Sell the hurt Sell the rage Sell the hunger Sell the looooooove As gay detective Devon Merrick, Kate is a smash The show is a hit Kate s private life seems to be becoming something of a drama itself Especially since everybody thinks she really is gay, which is a problem since she thinks the best cure for her real life broken heart is to get a man into her bed But who Kirk, her sexy, tan, and talented leading man, is boffing Meredith There s Matt, the magician who makes her tea, but will her fourteen hour days keep them from the promise of tangled sheets And there s Wyatt, her handsome new co star, who Kate believes is the great love of her life Except that he s married, and his wife, Christine, is Kate s new makeup artist and the one sane friend she has made in Los Angeles As the line between television and reality blurs with increasing speed, tension tightens and passions surge Does Wyatt want Kate as much as she wants him Will Christine find out Will Kate lose her new friend Will Meredith finally have Kate fired Will Kate ever get to come out as heterosexual on the set Are her steamy kiss scenes fated to be only with beautiful women Emmy Award winning actress Finola Hughes whips up a frothy, scathingly funny novel worthy of any afternoon time slot in this delicious romp that takes readers through the twists, turns, and dish that drive the madness that is daytime television.
    Soapsuds Passion power sex betrayal and seduction it s all in a day s work Having escaped to Hollywood after catching her boyfriend in bed with her best friend London stage actress Kate McPhee is offered

    One thought on “Soapsuds”

    1. Genuinely don t understand why this is getting such bad reviews I found it to be a great light read Amusing, interesting plotline, and unlike most books set in Hollywood or the TV scene, it didn t feel cliche and cheesy I would definitely recommend it.

    2. Between the narrator s odd fascination with her pubic hair and the insistent name dropping that occurred in the first couple of chapters, I almost pulled the plug on this book I am glad that I didn t.While it may not reach the heights of classic literature, it is nonetheless a fun romp, especially if you ve ever watched a daytime soap The writing flows without any awkwardness beyond that mentioned above.

    3. This book was very hard to get into I read the reviews on and even the people who liked it said they were unhappy with the ending so I decided why bother

    4. Actress Kate McPhee has fled her English home for Hollywood after discovering that her boyfriend was boffing her best friend Starting a new life in La La Land isn t all that easy, but at least Kate has her new gig on daytime drama Live For Tomorrow to keep her busy and keep her mind off cheating men.From day one, Kate unintentionally crosses swords with everlasting daytime diva Meredith Contini A few words from Meredith, and Kate s new role as ingenue has turned into Kate s adventures as Live Fo [...]

    5. Audio Abridged CD Although I do agree the ending was weak, overall I didn t think this book was nearly as bad as all the bad reviews that it receivedybe that had to do with listening to the condensed version being an old soap fan Finola Hughes fan it was a quick listen while multi tasking a higher speed setting Had I listened to the lengthier version or read the full book, maybe my thoughts ratings would have been slightly lowerd I would blame that on her co author co author to the stars b c the [...]

    6. Finola wrote a great book that is tongue in cheek but tells the real story behind the soap industry A lot of people do not remember Glory Monty s reign on General Hospital Finola was on both GH and All My Children Glory Monty was a terror on GH , and Susan Lucci s on All My Children ego was out of complete control She was reportedly a real demon to deal with Also there is still is a lot of cut throat jealousy by younger actresses of older ones in the business, and vice versa What Finola Hughes d [...]

    7. Absolutely hated it Quite possibly one of the worst books I have ever read Should have trusted the poor GoodReads rating and skipped this one First, it was so hard to keep everyone straight It takes place on a soap opera so there are a ton of characters Then you have to remember not only the character name but their soap character name and who goes with who I never really did remember who anyone was Second, the main character is an idiot Can t explain why without spoiling the plot for those peop [...]

    8. I cannot believe how this book ended I was so pulling for Kate and Wyatt but as the book was ending I was like this is not going to happen I had an inkling because of how late Wyatt was introduced into the story And he even gave her his family wedding ring And I thought it was the cutest thing that they said they hated each other instead of saying I like love each other I understood where she was coming from, not wanting to be a Leslie, but leaving it like that in a letter, especially having the [...]

    9. Amusing, meandering story of a British actress who runs from a painful break up and lands a part on an American daytime drama Lots of characters, tons of details in the behind the scenes look of a soap aspect, and romantic mis adventures of Kate McPhee bogged me down a bit I was also bothered by the abrupt ending and the unresolved plot points But, for what it was, it was enjoyable I ve been a fan of Finola Hughes since Staying Alive.

    10. This is a very entertaining look at the world of daytime drama Reading this, though you know it s fictionalized, you feel like you are getting the inside scoop from the queen of daytime herself Absolutely love the dry humor, sarcasm, and the characterization of the over the top personalities My only issue, the ending was a bit too abrupt I wanted to know about what happened to Kate after Great fun I will definitely be reading this one again.

    11. I thorough enjoyed this book as an audiobook I started reading it as a paperbook but found that I enjoyed it being read to me The narration was excellent I could really see the possibility of the stories possibly being partly real The behind the scenes in a soap opera was really interesting and fun The main character Kate was quite funny and made me feel like I would be friends with her.

    12. Terrible ending, it s almost as if the author realized she had rambled off too many pages already and had to make a quick end of it I really felt like I listened to all those CDs for that REALLY Up until the ending I was fairly entertained during my long commute This is ok if you have ten hours of your life to waste.

    13. This is a great look backstage of a soap opera The characters are memorable and appropriately dimensioned Main characters have depth and change and the clear caricatures still have a reasonable amount of depth It was a quick and enjoyable read, the only downside is that like a soap opera the end really leaves one wanting I would love a sequel to this book.

    14. I m not typically happy with Kate s behavior some of the time, and I really wish the author hadn t made a certain, canine loving rascal, run away Read my entire review at My Review

    15. I ve been enjoying this so farI m glad I persevered this is the 3rd time I ve checked it out at the library My favorite line is If a holes could fly, this would be an airport LOVE it

    16. I did not even finish this book I wouldn t recommend it and I made sure to remember the name so I could not accidentally read it again

    17. CD that I listened to in the car on my commute It was fine for that British actress on an American soap Characters were engaging enough for the commute Ending unsatisfactory.

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