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Smart Girls Get What They Want By Sarah Strohmeyer,

  • Title: Smart Girls Get What They Want
  • Author: Sarah Strohmeyer
  • ISBN: 9780061953408
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Gigi, Bea, and Neerja are best friends and total overachievers Even if they aren t the most popular girls in school, they aren t too worried They know their real lives will begin once they get to their Ivy League colleges There will be ivy, and there will be cute guys in the libraries hopefully with English accents But when an unexpected event shows them they re missGigi, Bea, and Neerja are best friends and total overachievers Even if they aren t the most popular girls in school, they aren t too worried They know their real lives will begin once they get to their Ivy League colleges There will be ivy, and there will be cute guys in the libraries hopefully with English accents But when an unexpected event shows them they re missing out on the full high school experience, it s time to come out of the honors lounge and into the spotlight They make a pact They will each take on their greatest challenge and they will totally rock it.Gigi decides to run for student rep, but she ll have to get over her fear of public speaking and go head to head with gorgeous California Will Bea used to be one of the best skiers around, until she was derailed It could be time for her to take the plunge again And Neerja loves the drama club but has always stayed behind the scenes until now.These friends are determined to show the world that smart girls really can get what they want but that could mean getting way attention than they ever bargained for
    Smart Girls Get What They Want Gigi Bea and Neerja are best friends and total overachievers Even if they aren t the most popular girls in school they aren t too worried They know their real lives will begin once they get to thei

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    1. 3 1 2 stars You know, why not us We re the smartest people in our class, and there s no reason we shouldn t be ruling this school instead of being locked up in She looked around the bare room Here It was decided Gigi, Neerja and Bea were going to take over the world.Well, not quite, but they were getting there This is exactly the book I was hoping to read Smart Girls Get What They Want promotes Friendship School Studies Involvement in activities The dating of smart boys Carpe Diem Et cetera The [...]

    2. Bonding with people in high school isn t such a bad thing and I m speaking from personal experience Like the girls in the story, I was a certified high school dork who chose to sit on a corner and bury my head in books so I wouldn t have to mingle with other people because one of my greatest fears was and still is physical social interaction It s why I m so adept at online social interaction Hehe But during graduation practices, I was given a chance to interact with a lot of my classmates and I [...]

    3. I admit, I had my doubts about this book at first The summary makes this sound like light fluff, right And the first few chapters, well, they re kind of shallow I mean, an academically obsessed girl accused of letting a dumb jock cheat off of her decides she s had enough of it and figures she d rather be a social climber Oh boy, I could see where this was headed, cheesy fun maybe but otherwise not much of a plot But I seriously underestimated this book, turns out Strohmeyer was only using the li [...]

    4. SQUEEEEE That one s for you, Mitch And you better not call my review girly because I ll throw it right back at you This book was just what I needed a cute, fun read that just leave you with a happy feeling Yes, this book was cliche, and yes, it was totally predictable But I liked the pacing of the book, and I thought Strohmeyer did a great job developing her characters and providing entertaining dialogue.I love Gigi s personality She had a sarcastic spunk to her, but not in an annoying way like [...]

    5. Smart Girls Get What They Want has become the only YA contemporary novel that has finally reached the same love I have for Anna and the French Kiss This is saying ALOT I loved every single page of SGGWTW It was full of laughs, such likable and flowing writing, realistic plot, amazing secondary characters, a kick butt protagonist that is SMART and is independent, an enjoyable plot, and finally a cute boy to giggle about That being said, beware, this review will be full of praises, gushing, and ou [...]

    6. Being as that I ve read several books lately featuring extremely dumb girls actually, the girls have been smarter than the women I ve read lately , I was quite interested in a book which was touting smart girls in the title I thought was I going to be all rawr girl power You know GET SOME, BITCHES WE DON T NEED TO TRIP OVER OUR SHADOWS, OR GIGGLE AND BOUNCE LIKE IDIOTS TO GET WHAT WE WANT.Truth be told, I couldn t get into it This might very well have been a cute book, but it read too much like [...]

    7. friends should have the right to adopt one another after age thirteen Powerpoint presentation, the hot new boy, homework and friends All the reasons why high school is an experience you could never forget You might have loved it or hated it but you can t deny that was a simpler time when the worst it could happen to you was having a crush over your best friend or doing your best for higher grades.Smart Girls Get What They Want hit very close to home in my case I was one of those almost nerdy gir [...]

    8. This was such a sweet, frustrating at some point I m looking at you Gigi but still an enjoyable book that reminds me of how much I took my high school life for granted.Reading about Gigi, Bea and Neerja s high school life is making me super jealous I love how this 3 smart friends are unaware of how unpopular they are in their school They are clueless and innocent and adorable I would totally love to be on their circle of friends.Smart girls get what they want is not only about 3 girls conquering [...]

    9. This book is really sweet and fluffy, it makes my stomach do all sorts of knots 3 everything about this book was amazing D

    10. I chanced upon this book at the bookstore, saw the title, read the blurb and then bought it immediately Smart Girls Get What They Want is the kind of book I wish I read back in high school I suppose that s because I was considered as a nerd back in high school, so I could totally relate to Gigi, Neerja and Bea I really enjoyed all of the characters in this book they were believable, smart obviously and funny, but also a bit clueless about everything I especially loved the wonderful friendship be [...]

    11. So Sweet and Cute I don t know about your high school, but in my school it wasn t cool to be smart The popular kids were solid B or C students who didn t take advanced classes I remember lying about my test grades a time or two due to embarrassment that they set the curve.So when I came across a friend s review of Smart Girls Get What They Want, I was definitely intrigued Can smart girls have boyfriends and fun social lives too Gigi is a 10th grader who spends all her time with her bffs Bea who [...]

    12. This book is fluffy and sweet and smart Just perfect.For once, the main character isn t a popular girl who doesn t like to read and who never studies for her exam Instead, she and her two best friends accumulate near perfect grades in hopes of getting into the college of their choice, all of it by studying until late at night and even early in the morning If that isn t different from most YA novels, than I don t know what else it could be I could see myself a lot in these characters, because I m [...]

    13. Es tan tiernito este libro quer a leer algo lindo y feliz para equilibrar Battle Royale y no pude haber elegido una mejor opci n Tengo que admitir que el prejuicio que siempre tuve con el g nero chick lit se est tambaleando gracias a mi amiga que me presta libros y al Literary Exploration Challenge Esta no es la primera vez que me encanta una novela de ese estilo Todo depende de qui n la haya escrito.Ten a un cierto temor de que a pesar del t tulo la autora no lograra hacer protagonistas intelig [...]

    14. Review originally posted here.What attracted me to Strohmeyer s first YA effort is obvious the title I want to live in this magical world where being smart will get me precisely what I desire Of course, nothing s really that simple, and the girls spend a lot of time NOT getting what they want SGGWTW long ass title even when abbreviated isn t so much about how being smart will open every door for you it s about understand others and discovering yourself in the process.The most powerful theme for [...]

    15. 3 1 2This started lamely Three supposedly smart young girls talking about a plan to gain fame and all the things they were missing out in high school just because they were big nerds That didn t sound appealing at all, it even seemed like it was all a big mock to this kind of girls Luckily I did push me to read on, and after a couple of chapter I was all in The characters end up being really likable and that stupid premise was replaced for an actual good one a story about how three girls who tho [...]

    16. Get smart Get everything.Three best friends Gigi, Bea, and Neerja thought that high school is nothing When they get into one of Ivy League colleges, they would have anything they want the cute boys, the grades, and the happy ever after Who needs high school when they can have Ivy League college waiting But when the girls see the empty year book of Neerja s genius older sister, Parad, a bunch of questions about success versus happiness raised up Now it s their mission to ensure they got everythin [...]

    17. Review published on Mundie Moms on August 4, 2012 I m always on the lookout for books I want my girls to read They re in 4th and 2nd grade now, but I know how fast years will pass and before long, they ll be glancing through my shelves for reading material And Smart Girls Get What They Want is a book I definitely want them to read These characters hit such a personal note with me and I know that my high school self would ve fit in easily with Bea, Neerja and Gigi I, too, could hardly wait to get [...]

    18. Check out of my reviews at Sinnging and Reading in the Rain A tale about three nerds deciding to take a stand against social invisibility Smart Girls Get What They Want isn t just regularly amazing it is epically amazing It s cute, funny, and totally realistic, with just a hint of romance thrown in.What Sarah Strohmeyer captures so eloquently in Smart Girls Get What They Want are the nerds As a nerd myself, both academically and also outside of those confines, you all hopefully know that I m no [...]

    19. I chose to review Sarah Strohmeyer s young adult debut because of its irresistible title SMART GIRLS GET WHAT THEY WANT Combined with the excellent blurb, I was sold I m not big on the cover though No smart girl would wear those unflattering frames Gigi, Bea, and Neerja become friends in elementary school It s a friendship that s still holding steady in high school It s good for them, since they support each other s endeavors and are in no way frenemies But it s bad because they ve never had to [...]

    20. May I just say, this is another book I ve dived into this week and emerged utterly and positively surprised I seem to be judging books by their covers these days, much to my demise If I hadn t opened this book, I would ve missed out on a great experience Everything in it fit together perfectly, and flowed smoothly I didn t want to put this book down, and when I did, there was a magnetic force that was pulling me back towards it I almost heard it calling to me, saying Shreyaaaa, come on, you kno [...]

    21. Guys, this book was SO SO CUTE Like I love it a lot This book was MADE for me, I swear Not only did the cover title attract my attention, but I instantly knew that I would be able to connect with the characters in the book, because, well, I m a nerd, too I m so glad to say that my hypothesis was correct I completely understood the characters and thoroughly enjoyed Smart Girls Get What They Want.I m not even quite sure if there is anything that I didn t like about this book As I mentioned before, [...]

    22. This review is originally posted on candythebookishgirl.wordpress I still had 10 pages to go when I decided to put it down, for I didn t want it to end 10 minutes later, I couldn t wait any longer because I seriously needed to know the ending Ugh, the struggle was REAL Get SmartGet everything With a tag line and title like that, how could you resist this book Gigi, Bea and Neerja are best friends and total scholars Even though they are not popular at school, they are not worried since they aim f [...]

    23. I thought this book is super cute and so fun to read It amazed me with plot twist I did not see coming.What I adored about this book is the great plot The reader meet Gigi, a very smart girl who thinks she knows everything, especially what type of guy a jock is Gigi is taking by surprise when she is paired up with the jock in a misunderstanding This part of the book I loved Gigi doesn t think twice to assume that he will just make her do all the work and take credit for it Even he surprised me w [...]

    24. Oh, how I LOVED this book This is one of those books that took me by surprise I was looking for a fun chick lit kind of book at the time I read it I got that and so much Gigi, Bea, Neerja are 3 ridiculously smart best friends Their goal is to make it through high school with the highest possible grades and then get into a great ivy league school When they discover a yearbook belonging to Neerja s older sister, they also discover that their goal comes with the price of an unknown status They dec [...]

    25. I loved this novel From beginning to end, this was just a fantastic, fun, and romantic read That this novel has three pretty brilliant female leads, who stand up for each other, watch each others back, and aren t afraid to show their smarts Awesome The protagonist of the novel, Gigi, is a hardworking teen, supremely focused on acing her exams, getting recommendation letters, and making it into an Ivy League school So what if she may not be having a so called memorable time in high school She s g [...]

    26. 4.5 StarsWow That was way better than I expected I was hoping it would be an honest representation of what my current life looks like, and guess what I actually got what I wanted.I, however, can t give this book 5 stars because I reserve that honor for those books that give me special fuzzies So I ve rated it as 5 simply because this book ROCKS, and I want people to read it , but in my heart it s a 4.5Points for girls who ARE smart, and talk like smart girls, and think like GIRLS not stereotypes [...]

    27. Ok so I read this with no expectation I can tell you now that if I had an expectation this book would have outdone it in anyway.Gigi, the product of extremely bright academic parents has a work ethic that is astounding I loved the fact that this girl, although smart needs to work to accomplish what she sets out to accomplish.Her friends has the same ethic and that supports her life view as well their own.And boy, does she work for what she wants From burning the midnight oil to being present for [...]

    28. Since SMART GIRLS GET WHAT THEY WANT is basically about a group of three best friends who proudly shun the teenage world of high school parties, popularity, and social madness for unending hours of discipline, studying, and preparation for their shining futures on full scholarships to Ivy League universities, I figured I d find something quirky and relatable that I could enjoy I definitely identified most with the studious, bookish crowds in high school, so I was excited to read about level head [...]

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