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A World Away By Nancy Grossman,

  • Title: A World Away
  • Author: Nancy Grossman
  • ISBN: 9781423151531
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A summer of firstsSixteen year old Eliza Miller has never made a phone call, never tried on a pair of jeans, never sat in a darkened theater waiting for a movie to start She s never even talked to someone her age who isn t Amish, like her.A summer of good byesWhen she leaves her close knit family to spend the summer as a nanny in suburban Chicago, a part of her can t waitA summer of firstsSixteen year old Eliza Miller has never made a phone call, never tried on a pair of jeans, never sat in a darkened theater waiting for a movie to start She s never even talked to someone her age who isn t Amish, like her.A summer of good byesWhen she leaves her close knit family to spend the summer as a nanny in suburban Chicago, a part of her can t wait to leave behind everything she knows She can t imagine the secrets she will uncover, the friends she will make, the surprises and temptations of a way of life so different from her own.A summer of impossible choiceEvery minute Eliza spends with her new friend Josh feels as good as listening to music for the first time, and she wonders whether there might be a place for her in his world But as summer wanes, she misses the people she has left behind, and the plain life she once took for granted Eliza will have to decide for herself where she belongs Whichever choice she makes, she knows she will lose someone she loves.
    A World Away A summer of firstsSixteen year old Eliza Miller has never made a phone call never tried on a pair of jeans never sat in a darkened theater waiting for a movie to start She s never even talked to som

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    1. 3.5 starsFascinating topic, but one that could have been explored with much depth and emotion Eliza Miller has been content with her life in an Amish community for as long as she can remember Now that she s just turned sixteen, however, she s considering taking her opportunity to experience her rumspringa, a period of Amish adolescence during which some teenagers choose to leave the community for a time to experience the English world.A premise like this is full of possibilities, not the least [...]

    2. Surprisingly compelling story of an Amish girl s Rumspringa that s a story that has been told a thousand times, but never with characters to whom I felt so connected It had a somewhat slow start, but once she left home I realized that I was savoring every page I loved her nannying job and often felt like I was discovering the English world along with her Both her employers and her new love interest were very sweet, as were the things we gradually learned about her family It might have actually e [...]

    3. Unique Captivating Engaging Now that I was beginning to understand how to create the magic of this place, I wondered if I d ever be able to get along without it.Eliza Miller lives a completely different lifestyle than the normal sixteen year olds of today In her world, there are no phones, computers, electronics of any sort, washing machines or modern day transportation The people in her community come from what they refer to as the Plain World where their Amish beliefs mold the way they live an [...]

    4. This was an enjoyable book, but nothing earth shattering I found it in the teen section, but it is definitely on the lower end of the YA reading level spectrum, and I found the writing to be juvenile at times Recommended for middle schoolers I very much enjoyed watching Eliza experience and learn about a new culture while on her rumspringa Eliza is Amish and spends one summer nannying for an English, or non Amish, family It was a little tedious that every chapter ended with a moral or profound r [...]

    5. Loved it A favorite Rumspringa Yes, this is a typically the time some 16 year old Amish individuals separate themselves from their community and live with the English and try out the things they have never experienced before Electricity, cars, washing machines, alcohol, sex and even drugs are used by some of these Amish individuals but for Eliza she has always had the dream of just getting away to see what the other world was all about When her dream finally comes true, the reality of being a na [...]

    6. I ve never read a book about the Amish lifestyle before or really anything related to the Amish so this was such an interesting book for me It does a great job of contrasting the two lifestyles and how each shape us as a person So I really enjoyed that part of this book.The blurb also really does this book justice in previewing all the choices that have to be made and what the book is all about Eliza doesn t know much about the modern world except the limited knowledge she gained from the partie [...]

    7. I liked the subject matter but not the story When I picked up A World Away I was so excited by the story of a young Amish girl teen spending time in our world the Fancy world I was sadly disappointed to read a very regular teen romance of a pretty plain girl who happens to be Amish I really wanted to read about Eliza in Amish Country with her family, see of her relationship with Daniel, and have the story take us back home to Plain Amish life after having seen the Modern world I shouldn t be u [...]

    8. I really liked this book Sweet, lovely, there were a few places that got a bit edgy, but just stayed on the side of being a clean novel Probably recommend for older teens.

    9. B yle sizi yormayacak okurken huzur bulaca n z teknolojinin hi olmad bir yerden teknolojinin g be ine d p iki yeri k yaslayarak gelece i ile ilgili bir karar vermesi gereken ve bu karar da bireylere g re de ilde kendi istedi i i in veren bir k zla ilgili s cac k g zel ve samimi bir kitapt.

    10. A World Away is a fictional novel written by Nancy Grossman, one that tells the touching story of a teenage girl looking to find herself As an Amish girl, Eliza Miller has lived all sixteen years of her life apart from modern Americans having never ventured outside of the Amish community The community rarely associated themselves with non Amish people, whom they refer to as The English Eliza became fascinated by the outside world when she was just a little girl and has been longing to leave the [...]

    11. Amish Are you an Amish By any chance, if you are one, then are you enjoying each moment of your rumspringa I bet you will First and foremost, this is my first time hearing a race I guess named Amish I have asked my bro about Amish and he knew it So I came into a conclusion I m the stupid one here It s a great story anyway A story about Amish girl who is eager to undergo her Rumspringa.Rumspringa is when one sixteen year old Amish got to run wild and has their freedom Amish is known as race who s [...]

    12. 3.5 stars Eliza is Amish, and 16 the age at which young Amish adults experience rumspringa, when they can try out the outside world to see if they want to stay Amish or not Eliza is curious, and wants her wild time to see what the outside world is like, what she s missing and what she finds may not be what she expected.I found this glimpse into the very different world of the Amish fascinating, and I thought it was respectfully done, and also balanced showing the pros and cons of both lifestyles [...]

    13. This book got my hackles up immediately, but for personal reasons Anything that I perceive as a society that represses women for religious reasons will get me going, and this had some familiar signals.I pressed on and was pleasantly surprised The main character, Eliza, leaves her Amish life to experience life with the English for a summer This tradition is offered to Amish youth to ensure that they accept their faith with no regrets when it is time to be baptised I felt her experiences to be for [...]

    14. Ich fand es unheimlich interessant und faszinierend unsere Welt mit Eliza s Augen zu entdecken Dinge, die f r uns v llig allt glich sind, erlebt Eliza zum ersten Mal Fernsehen, die Bedienung von elektronischen Ger ten m Allgemeinen, einkaufen im Supermarkt, die erste shopping tourDie Autorin hat es geschafft, die Faszination und das Unwissen von Eliza berzeugend r berzubringen Positiv fand ich ebenfalls, dass die positiven und negativen Dinge der Welt in beiden Kulturen ihren Platz gefunden habe [...]

    15. Amish teen Eliza isn t sure she wants to embrace her lifestyle any longer Given the opportunity to visit the regular world and be a nanny to two children for the summer, she finds the idea appealing and is thrilled when her parents finally consent Her impressions of the big world are tediously described and the book could have used a better editing job it is way too long, at almost 400 pages there is little descriptive writing and the author never transports us Characters are stereotyped and bor [...]

    16. This young adult novel is the coming of age story of a young Amish girl, Eliza, who discovers the outside world during her Rumspringa, and has to make some weighty decisions at a young age Stay in the fancy world, or return to her plain one Leave her family and be shunned, or leave the conveniences, joys and friendships of life outside the Amish community forever Pursue an education or be satisfied with her 8th grade training I can t even pretend to understand the concept of shunning I find it c [...]

    17. I dont write very many bad reviews but i really really dont like this book Now i feel bad for saying that since im sure the author worked really really hard on this book but i flat out didnt like it It was quick short and not that sweetA world Away is about a sixteen year old Amish girl Eliza Miller on her rumschspringe or however u spell it Boring isnt exactly the best word to describe this book like disconnected I didnt like Eliza she was a bit bland too curious and naive Understandable but v [...]

    18. 3.5 StarsPleasantly SurprisingThis was an interesting story and not at all what I was expecting I liked having the insiders look into the Amish life and seeing the modern world through Eliza s eyes was entertaining, engaging and heartbreaking The depth of this book is what surprised me most and I wasn t expecting to feel the range of emotions that I did.While I enjoyed this, the story was slow moving at first and honestly, the ending frustrated me I wanted to know what happened next An Epilogue [...]

    19. At the age of 16, Eliza Miller has known only what her small community has taught her As an Amish teenager, she sees the outside world through the eyes of the visitors that her mother brings to the dinner table When the opportunity to be a nanny for the summer in Chicago is presented to her, Eliza will stop at nothing for the chance to experience it all She soon realizes, however, that being English is not as easy as she thought.Well narrated, the story of Eliza comes to life during this audiobo [...]

    20. While the story was enjoyable it was good but not great.Interesting idea to place view spoiler a romance of this type between an amish girl on her rumspringa and an englisher boy but it felt kinda wrong To me it seemed permiscious on the part of Eliza to have the sort of pysical relationship she did In her Amish and home life the sorts of behavior she displayed would have ultimately lead to marriage It s called courting for a reason view spoiler Now I m not a prude having lived with my husband 7 [...]

    21. A World Away was an enjoyable and interesting read I loved how it was about something that you don t see much in YA literature The story of Eliza, an amish girl who leaves to experience english life, just wasn t one I had thought of before and so it was interesting to read about Still, I found Eliza a little bit high maintenance once she was living away from the Amish, and even a bit whiny But don t let that keep you from read A World Away It was a nice read One note I can understand how the bo [...]

    22. Ich hab zuvor noch nie was ber die Amisch gelesen und ich fands ziemlich interessant einen kleinen Einblick in ihre Welt zu bekommen Es hatte auch etwas Sch nes die Welt und ihre kleinen Dinge die wir so gut wie gar nicht mehr wahrnehmen durch unwissende und neugierige Augen zu sehen.Die Hauptfigur Eliza lebt in diesen Sommer das Leben eines normalen englischen Teenagers mit all den Partys, Gef hlen und all dem rger.Und am Ende muss Eliza ihre ganz eigene erwachsene Entscheidung treffen Ich pers [...]

    23. I enjoyed this book and I found it very interesting to read about the Amish way of life I didn t like the cover though as it looks as if the girl might have makeup on with her Amish clothing and that would never happen Eliza, the main character, leaves the Amish way of life to try life in the outside world She s never had a cell phone, a computer, a tv etc Lots of changes for her, and lots of decisions to make I think this would appeal to girls than boys.

    24. This book was okay I felt like the writer was just making up random drama that wasn t realistic at all The characters were unlikeable and didn t feel real or genuine I didn t like Eliza or Josh and I felt myself not WANTING to read because of how much UNNESSACASRY drama there was The ending wasn t satisfying, but frankly, I didn t really care.

    25. Grossman s fascinating debut, about an Amish teen on her Rumspring, is realistic and relatable, without being sensationalistic I was instantly transported to Eliza Miller s world and, different as it was, I could relate to her experiences I would recommend this to teens and adults both very enjoyable Review by Lauren

    26. An intriguing glimpse into the world of an Amish teenager who spends her rumspringa working as a nanny in a Chicago suburb Grossman never resorts to stereotypes and her characters feel incredibly real Eliza s decision at the end of the book felt both surprising and right.

    27. The book started out great, but then it just seemed to stretch on and on I think it could have been wrapped up quicker.

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