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Fake Kate By David Wailing,

  • Title: Fake Kate
  • Author: David Wailing
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Belinda can t believe it Her sister Kate finally tries online dating and lines up no less than eight dates One of whom knows why Kate has vanished.To find her, Belinda will have to pretend to be her Go on her dates, hang out with her friends, fake her entire life.Only to discover Kate had been faking too, for a very long time
    Fake Kate Belinda can t believe it Her sister Kate finally tries online dating and lines up no less than eight dates One of whom knows why Kate has vanished To find her Belinda will have to pretend to be her G

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    1. I woke up this morning, and instantly knew that I had to read the final chapters of Fake Kate before doing anything else with the day I don t usually read in the mornings, but last night, as I willed my eyelids to stay open, they cruelly collapsed just after 3am, robbing me of the chance to find out how this intriguing book would end Thankfully, I ve caught up now Eating, drinking and personal hygiene can resume.The first half of the book takes you through a series of dates where, as the blurb s [...]

    2. I LOVED this book very much I ll explain the four stars later It was amazing from the very start, and the author has true talent The story sucks you in and doesn t let go I was late to an appointment because I just couldn t put it down I laughed many times while reading because the descriptions and characterizations were so utterly on the mark Wailing is especially good at writing female characters I never felt any false notes in how he portrayed the main character, Belinda Fake Kate also has ma [...]

    3. I both loved and hated this book, and for the greater time of my reading it, couldn t decide which The beginning totally confused me I couldn t figure out why Kate was gone, then was back at a wedding, then was gone again Reading it on Kindle prevented me from rereading without a lot of trouble and figuring out what I missed, so I settled in to slog through the rest Well, I loved Belinda for a time I loved the use of first person and the these thoughts are in your head feel of the sentences It w [...]

    4. In this exciting story by David Wailing, Belinda impersonates her sister Kate in an attempt to discover why she has suddenly disappeared She attends 8 meetings her sister has set up on an internet dating site At each she learns about her sister, much than she bargained for The story ducks and weaves as we follow Belinda s efforts to appear and act like her sister.David Wailing takes an ordinary relationship and asks us, How well do you know anyone How well do you know yourself His writing sty [...]

    5. The cover always drew my eye and I d looked at the write up a few times but the 1.71 was a bit too expensive for my stinginess But after tasting the sample I knew I was hooked I needed to know about Kate.The story was gripping from the start I loved Team Kate and surprisingly the 4th member I could quite imagine Belinda running around London looking for clues as to Kate s whereabouts The book seemed a meaty size After all the plots and twists and turns I was surprised to only be at 50% Perhaps t [...]

    6. Fake Kate by David Wailing.Fake Kate is a great thrill ride and has twists than a pot noodle It has the adrenalin rush of a big dipper It s so easy to get lost in Fake Kate and imagine yourself jumping up and down, listening to the rhythm of the bass throbbing through your stomach lasers flashing as the people around you go crazy ape I was there and I demand the T shirt This is one of those stories that should have a viral warning on the cover You won t want to put it down, it s contagious I re [...]

    7. This book gripped me from the start It made me laugh, feel sad, confused and desperate to know what was going on There were so many twists and turns that I found myself having to walk away for an hour or so, just to get things straight in my head I stayed up until 4am to get to the end of the book and I don t do that lightly I love my sleep but just had to know how it ended.

    8. I m Sure I ve Met These PeopleTwo sisters, almost identical in looks, but divided by taste Or so it seems.Personality wise Kate and Belinda have nothing in common, yet their physical similarity binds them, even while apart.Belinda sets out to find Kate, after her mysterious disappearance, by donning her clothes, hairstyle and even body art and dating her list of suitors from an online agency, aided by Kate s friends, who appear to have trouble remembering who she really is They re not the only o [...]

    9. At first this read like a chick lit novel very convincingly written by a man The dates were amusing, Team Kate was awesome and it was very entertaining I even found myself drawn into the chapter about House music a genre I am not fond of, but now I believe I understand a wee bit The characterisations were spot on especially the scruffy kiwi man I couldn t help it, I loved Ben, maybe because he hails from the same country as me And it amused me how Belinda considered his accent I wonder if I sou [...]

    10. Ah, hard to rate this one It s also hard to categorize on the bookshelf for me Belinda is two years younger than her happy, beautiful, gregarious older sister Kate After Kate s most recent relationship ends, Belinda convinces her to sign up on an online dating site Kate calls her with information about the large number of dates she has lined up for the week something like 6 or 7 , signs off with a comment about how she talked to one of the boys and learned something she had to check out, and the [...]

    11. A stay up till 2 am reading kind of read.Fake Kate starts like a romantic comedy, but underlying the light hearted tone is an intriguing mystery.Every character in this book might pop off the page and show up at the Internet Cafe at any moment Even the secondary characters and fake Kate s eight dates Every guy from every date seems completely real, from their Other Halves profile pages to their ultimate escape from Kate each is unique, quirky, and has an agenda of his own.Any book that keeps me [...]

    12. After reading this I felt like I d been on a fast and enjoyable train when suddenly the track disappeared and the bumpy runaway train threw me all over the place.I started off loving this book, there was just so much fun it was impossible not to be dragged into the copy cat, subterfuge and spy action that was going on Team Kate was fantastic and I want them on my side if I go on a date again Belindas personality and identity transition where fun to watch as were the dates she went on Then the tw [...]

    13. This book wasn t quite what I thought it would be There were several things that bothered me about it the broad generalizations of women s automatic cattiness, the deluge of comments from the main character that dripped with low self esteem, the twist feeling like it came out of nowhere, and so on But I really wanted to like this book, because I loved the premise a woman does some amateur sleuthing after the mysterious disappearance of her older sister I do need to give props to the author the w [...]

    14. Different in a good way I really enjoyed this very contemporary book and it s twists and turns Identity and false identity are strong themes throughout the book I wasn t sure I was going to enjoy it from the blurb, but I kept an open mind and I m so glad I did.Belinda s sister Kate disappears and she tries to find her by impersonating her and going on blind dates set up on a dating website before her disappearance It s not as corny as it sounds and has several clever elements, including a couple [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this book It starts off with an interesting chick lit feel but finishes with intrigue, suspense and a couple of I did not see that coming moments particularly the last few lines Once I started it I had to know what happens which meant that I was late for a couple of engagements and read well past my normal bed time in order to find out, but well worth it Will definitely be reading of this authors work.A few people have mentioned that they disliked the ending I can understand wh [...]

    16. I enjoyed this book very much Like another reviewer said the last chapter left me wanting It made me feel like I had missed a chapter or some other important dialogue Also, while the nightclub scenes were interesting and important to the storyline they did seem to drag on a bit and I found myself skipping ahead to dialogue The part that I did like was the really interesting storyline I had some guesses while reading but truly didn t see the end plot twist coming The author has talent and I look [...]

    17. When Kate goes missing, her sister Belinda takes it upon herself to assume her identity and discover exactly what happened to her But will Belinda s quest for the truth uncover questions than answers With the excellent but painfully short Timeline Relationship status under my belt, I wanted to take my time with Fake Kate I m glad I did Substantially longer the previous titles, Fake Kate kept me gripped as it twisted and turned at every opportunity.Another thrilling and brilliantly written novel [...]

    18. The cover meant that this wouldn t be the sort of book I would normally go for, but as we all know, a most wonderful feature of the kindle is the sampling facility The sample was a complete hook so I downloaded Fake Kate.It s a great read, good characters except Anna, who I found ever so slightly annoying and a story line that really will keep you guessing I also liked the webpage screenshot insertions, and the descriptions of DJing were so realistic I almost feel I could do it Great read.

    19. For a free ebook on kindle, it wasn t bad There was plenty that I didn t understand Kate was gone, then suddenly back at a wedding, then gone again I simply couldn t tell if it was a flashback or not The writing itself is fairly good, though I m not a huge fan of books that curse Interesting premise and pretty good as far as a man writing from a woman s perspective Not a book I ll read again.

    20. Fake Kate is a fantastic read that will keep you turning pages well into the night Prepare yourself for an amazing ride, complete with unexpected twists and turns, and a rapid push to the finish I loved the plotline and the deep characterization Even the secondary characters were fascinating, with personality traits and mannerisms that set each apart.A mind bending mystery filled with humor and character, this is a story that will appeal to men and women alike Great job, Mr Wailing

    21. I was really absorbed in this story until near the end, where it changed track dramatically and I became confused so it went from 5 starts to 3 starts, but then I liked the ending which was quirky which brought it back up to 4 stars This was a good freebie from I learnt a lot about internet dating, DJing and a little about life in London for the young I think it might be useful for oldish young people to read, those who are looking into dating especially internet dating.

    22. Not the kind of book I usually read, but I found it absorbing and enjoyable, learned a lot about internet dating glad I never tried it and the plot twists were good, and an intersting insight into a different lifestyle to my own The ending chapters let it down for me, although it was not what I expected.

    23. I found this book very hard to put down It had me on the edge of my seat the whole time I found myself reading it even when I was waiting for the kettle to boil when making the drinks at work I am not keen on house music at all but even the descriptions of the record spinning had me hooked.You can t go wrong with this book Well worth the money Can t wait to read of his books.

    24. Sisters Belinda and Kate look very similar but have opposing personalities When Kate goes missing Belinda discovers she has several blind dates lined up which she attends as Kate to find out what has happened Many truths are revealed that are not necessarily welcome Intricate story with a twist really enjoyed it

    25. I couldn t get into why Belinda didn t really panic to find Kate In the end it made sense with the plot twists, but I almost put it down bc I couldn t get over that disconnect The end was good, confusing at times bc I didn t know who was actually talking, but overall it was decent When it was good, it was good, and when it was just ok, it was just ok.

    26. Took me a long time to get into this, I just didn t take to Kate so wasn t worried if Belinda would find her or not, and it seemed to take until about the 5th or 6th chapter to pick up Then I did get into it, but then towards the end I got really confused until it all fell into place.

    27. This book had such an interesting premise, posing as your sister in order to go on her dates to find out why she is missing I finished the last third of the book without stopping because I was so hooked The ending has a twist

    28. A definite page turner One of those books that has no commercials Trying to find a place to take a pause so I can go back to my life but I finally just had to stop mid page and force myself to take a break

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