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Merciless By Richard Montanari,

  • Title: Merciless
  • Author: Richard Montanari
  • ISBN: 9780345492401
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Hardcover
  • BONUS This edition contains an excerpt from Richard Montanari s The Echo Man.On a frigid December night, Karen sits at the edge of Philadelphia s Schuylkill River, dressed in a flowing gown, like a visitor from the distant past A beautiful and shining young woman, she gazes up at a bone white winter moon like a fairy tale princess frozen in time At first glance, one migBONUS This edition contains an excerpt from Richard Montanari s The Echo Man.On a frigid December night, Karen sits at the edge of Philadelphia s Schuylkill River, dressed in a flowing gown, like a visitor from the distant past A beautiful and shining young woman, she gazes up at a bone white winter moon like a fairy tale princess frozen in time At first glance, one might not even notice that she is dead, coated in a glistening patina of ice Homicide cops Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano take the lead on the case, uncovering a plethora of eerie clues each warped and spine chilling than the last Yet the identity of Karen s pitiless killer remains a mystery Then the next victim is found upriver at an abandoned waterworks, posed with an unlikely object in her clasped hands Struggling to link the victims and make sense of the madman s agenda, Byrne and Balzano follow his twisted trail, which stretches into a past of dark crimes forgotten by all but a few Now the past roars back into the present with a vengeance as the ingenious killer unleashes a torrent of rage upon the streets of Philadelphia As Byrne and Balzano sift through suspects and clues, they unearth a shocking secret history a legacy of malevolence and cold blooded retribution dating back twenty years And the farther they make their way up the body strewn banks of the Schuylkill River, the closer they get to a villain from their worst nightmare, an evil as patient as it is merciless Lightning fast and razor sharp, this jolting thriller from acclaimed author Richard Montanari coils back in time to deliver a fiendish mystery, a shattering revelation, and one hell of a wild ride Lock your doors and turn up the lights Montanari s terrifying bedtime story will keep you up all night.
    Merciless BONUS This edition contains an excerpt from Richard Montanari s The Echo Man On a frigid December night Karen sits at the edge of Philadelphia s Schuylkill River dressed in a flowing gown like a vi

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    1. REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK MARCH 26, 2017Narrator Scott BrickI wasn t as enad of this as many have been It s intricate and the plot is solid yet I did not enjoy it as much as I have lesser books in the subgenre Even Brick s narration did not help but perhaps that s because the characters weren t suited for Brick s talent with snark.I KIV d this series because I had read so many good reviews but my own experience hasn t quite borne that out It was heavy and plodding through much of the book with insuffi [...]

    2. 3rd book in the series They just keep getting better and better I highly recommend this series Can t wait to read

    3. Sometimes a book just grabs you from page one and never lets go Bit of a cliche, that, but it s pretty much what happened with BROKEN ANGELS, my first dip of the toe with Richard Montanri s Balanzo Byrne series, yet the third book to star the enigmatic detectives It s a police procedural, two cops on the tail of a theatrical serial killer known simply as Moon Nothing eye catching about that there are a million cop vs serial killer books out there but this book is awesome Pure and simple.Everythi [...]

    4. I have to tell you something, I like New England clam chowder Now as far as canned chowder goes Progresso brand makes a decent chowder One year, many moons ago, my wife and I were taking some time off of work in Long Beach California We happened to stop in for dinner one evening at this restaurant, the name lost to the ravages of time that tear at our memories, and I had a bowl of chowder that, no matter how much time passes, I shall always remember I am sure that the atmosphere and company had [...]

    5. Normally, I don t read this type of mystery novel, but it was recommended to me by someone at a garage sale and I thought I d give it a try I can say it was good, but not a favorite It s harder than the cozy mysteries I tend to read, which is to be expected, but I think it contributed to why I wasn t in love with it I really enjoyed the fairy tale angle and would like to see that theme often I recently ordered a Grimm s Fairy Tale book because they are amazing to read as an adult, especially in [...]

    6. Another brilliant Montanari thriller, the plot twists keep you guessing right until the very end and the characters are well written with their own back stories occasionally coming through making them all the real The use of the Anderson fairy tales makes this book even chilling as it takes something from your innocent childhood days and twists it into something hideous and terrifying A brilliant fast paced page turner of a thriller

    7. It took me ages to get over the last book I read by this author as the level of violence was so gruesome, but yes, I went back for Another in the Kevin Byrne Jessica Balzano partnership where a serial killer recreates fairy tales I thought I had this figured out quite early on, but was delighted to discover that there were twists in store and my initial theories were rubbish.

    8. This author keeps getting better It carries on the story of the characters Byrne and Jessica but you don t have to have read previous books It challenges the mind which is the best part of these books.

    9. This is practically a perfect suspense novel, with intriguing murders, three dimensional characters, brilliant writing, and twists that even I didn t see coming and that s not easy to do.

    10. Another re read and I enjoyed this one much than I remember I absolutely loved the addition of Vincent toward the end for some reason I have a tendre for him.

    11. It is rare that I pick up a murder mystery book of my own choosing I usually stick with fantasy, sci fi or biographies I m not a big fan of gore and blood so will do my utmost best to avoid genre s which are likely to hand it to me on a plate unfortunately many murder mysteries do as authors abandon detailed and interesting plot times in favour of overwhelming the reader with gruesome accounts of the death and corpses of the victims of the novel So this was an odd one for me to pick out, and the [...]

    12. I ve read quite a few of the Byrne Balzano novels now, though completely out of order so half the time I m not sure what has happened and what will happen, regardless, I ve enjoyed them Unfortunately I wasn t overly enthused about Broken Angels While it progressed the personal development of both Byrne and Balzano, I felt that the criminal investigation was rather lacking.This was quite a lengthy novel, and while there were a number of murders throughout the murders themselves were unique and in [...]

    13. Three mysteries in one story Richard Montanari is honing his craft This story is dynamite Hans Christian Anderson tales related to murdered women.A vigilante going after pedophiles A retired cop is murdered Burnt alive.Each and every book so far in the Byrne and Balzano series is on the edge of your seat listening Twists and turns around every corner Then you have all this to the third power and it is difficult to shut Mr Brick down for the evening and get some shut eye Of course the narrator ca [...]

    14. It was really good, I liked it better than the previous one view spoiler The writer is very good with not telling you who the killer killers so exciting are and creating situations where you doubt one of the main characters, even though you know it s not them But somehow you think maybe it is Genius D hide spoiler The set is awesome and I really liked the background story, I would have loved to read about it.The only thing that bothered me was the baby panic of Jessica and her obsession with he [...]

    15. Another cracking gripping read in the Jessica Balzano Kevin Byrne series which this time sees them tracking a killer, who at first, seems to be killing without motive.This book had me hooked from the start an excellent read Have decided though that I d like to see Vincent Balzano featured , in fact I think he should have his own series o

    16. Another bone chilling novel I think these books do a solid job of letting us get to know the characters and following the killer Should I enjoy books about serial killers this much I really do.

    17. The third in the Kevin Byrne Jessica Balzano series by now I know to expect plenty of hard police work shoring up plot twists and digressions, and I wasn t disappointed In this instalment, people are dying according to some psychopath s inner need to recreate scenes from fairy tales and fables This recreation of tableaux is a recurring theme with Montanari, who artfully makes it fresh and distractingly gruesome every time.Although most of the book particularly the partnership between Byrne and B [...]

    18. Merciless by Richard Montanari roars out of the gate from page one as a taunt, and chilling Mystery thriller This is the third outing for the Philadelphia detective team of Kevin Byrne, and Jessica Balzano Byrne the grizzled long time cop has several demons to overcome chasing him within this terrific mystery thriller Balzano ,still somewhat new to being an investigator really progresses her skills in becoming a top flight detective It s the Schuylkil River that becomes a killing field for young [...]

    19. This is actually the third book in this series featuring Philly detectives Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano Typically, I have a hard time overcoming my obsession with reading books in order, but this book came to my attention because of the serial killer and the link to Hans Christian Andersen Risking disappointment, I chose to start the series in the middle And actually, the author does a better job than many series authors in acquainting new readers with his recurring characters without leaving [...]

    20. 3.5 5 stars I enjoyed this book, and I would have given it a straight up 4 stars except for the fact that I kept putting it down while searching for something else to do Therefore, it obviously didn t keep my attention as much as I would expect from a 4 star book.

    21. Merciless, by Richard Montanari, B plus, narrated by Scott Brick, produced by Books on Tape, downloaded from audible.This is the second one in the Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano police procedural series set in Philadelphia In this one, the homicide squad has several crimes going on at the same time but find, as time goes on, that they all seem connected Young girls disappear and then turn up dead posed in bizarre ways Then there are two men making it a point to pick up and kill pedophiles, and [...]

    22. Well, the debut The Rosary Girls was excellent, The Skin Gods not quite as good and this oneh.The characters I d grown to like seemed baffled and had no idea how to track down the raving lunatic psycho killer While serial killers in this genre are NEVER easy to figure out, as in what motivates them to do what they do, the snippets we were provided by the author as insights into what he was doing saying thinking were so obscure as to be worthless.The last straw was revealing the identity of the k [...]

    23. This is the third in a series involving detectives, Jessica Balzano and Kevin Byrne, and was given to me to read by a friend I m usually a huge stickler for reading books in order but I ll be honest and say I only started this book so I could give it back to my friend I haven t read many crime thrillers for a while and didn t expect to think too much of this one, but boy was I wrong What an awesome book The story was fantastic, the crimes not so gruesomely described that it creeped me out, and t [...]

    24. This author makes me so mad He has this great pair of Philly homicide cops Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano compelling, real, interesting partnership but his cases are so absurd their laughable I thought the case in THE SKIN GODS was bad this one is ridiculous Montanari s killers always have bizarre obsessions and create ridiculous tableaus with the victims It s kind like watching villains from the 60s television version of Batman did Mr Freeze really have to attempt to freeze our heroes to death [...]

    25. First off, kudos to Richard for publishing a read till dawn novel He has created, in my opinion, a true thriller If I didn t have a baby, I would have stayed up until all hours reading The characters are so relatable, though a little predictable but aren t we all I personally found his book interesting and fast paced, which keeps the reader interested He flicks from character to character in a way which doesn t confuse the story line One thing I found fantastic was the villian a crazy serial kil [...]

    26. Kevin Byrne is in a caf when he recognises an old advisory As always these things don t end up well after a stand off in the caf This becomes the side intrigue to the main case Byrne and Jessica Balzano, his tough partner, are a fantastic series and this is another belter.The pair are hunting a killer who leaves his victims in artistic poses wearing antique gowns The river proves to be a common denominator as the pair weave their way around Philadelphia.As always this is fast paced and keeps you [...]

    27. Such an extraordinary storyteller To take the innocence of fairy tales and submerge them with the gruesome, twisted thoughts of a psychopathic serial killer takes you to a place that will scare the bejesus out of you while at the same time leaving you wanting Holding it all together is the relationship of Byrne and Balzano, 2 detectives who have each other s back through thick and thin Also, we have the regular supporting characters of detectives that help to bring to life one heck of a police [...]

    28. It s always interesting to witness the development of a writer This is book 3 in the series of 2 Philadelphia detectives Jessica Balzano and Kevin Byrne,and the writer is developing very well Best one so far Had to stay up an extra 1 1 2 past my bedtime as I neared the climax and what a page turner it was Other reviews can be read for the plot I enjoyed this book and didn t want it to end The new Amish character added some needed humor to the series I hope he will remain in the series.

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