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Arcanus By Tyra Lynn,

  • Title: Arcanus
  • Author: Tyra Lynn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Paperback
  • Arcanus has not yet been released.
    Arcanus Arcanus has not yet been released

    One thought on “Arcanus”

    1. It seems that so many authors lately are simply outgrowing their own series Perhaps I m wrong and this book will be releasedmeday Sadly, I probably wont read it In fact, Ive decided I will no longer waste my time with a series until it has completely been finished and each book released The reason for this is simple, I fall in love with the stories I read, the charactersAh this series grabbed me instantly There are three other series that I completely have given up on because the author has clai [...]

    2. When you write a book, how about you know where you are going with it Plot the entire thing out Not just the first book Know everything about your story and the characters then when writing fill in the little stuff that s important If not make just standalones Finish your stories Don t just have an idea put out the beginning, get a following, then fall of the face of the earth She got intimidated by the following and was scared to write, it seems At least going by her last post about it on FB Sh [...]

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