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A Touch of Ice By L.J. Charles,

  • Title: A Touch of Ice
  • Author: L.J. Charles
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From USA Today Bestselling Author, L j Charles Everly Gray s fingers are a magnet for trouble When she touches photographer Mitchell Hunt and sees the image of a dead body, she dives into the murder fingertips first Life takes a turn for the dangerous when she discovers the body is related to a small time crime family that accidentally stepped on the toes of notoriouFrom USA Today Bestselling Author, L j Charles Everly Gray s fingers are a magnet for trouble When she touches photographer Mitchell Hunt and sees the image of a dead body, she dives into the murder fingertips first Life takes a turn for the dangerous when she discovers the body is related to a small time crime family that accidentally stepped on the toes of notorious criminal, Delano West Caught in a web of intrigue where nothing is as it seems, El discovers an aptitude for breaking and entering, the pain of an up close and personal meeting with a bullet, and the terror of facing a cold blooded killer What she doesn t learn to keep her fingers to herself What they re sayingA TOUCH OF ICE is a suspense filled romance that will keep you up late turning the pages Everly and Violet make perfect partners in their sleuthing, complementing one another perfectly The romance between Mitch and Everly is sweet and blossoms into something spicy and wonderful The mystery twists and turns, keeping this reader thoroughly entertained, trying to figure out the clues Romantic suspense readers won t want to miss this one Romance Junkies A fun adventure with characters who sizzle Adrienne Girodano, author of the Private Protector series
    A Touch of Ice From USA Today Bestselling Author L j Charles Everly Gray s fingers are a magnet for trouble When she touches photographer Mitchell Hunt and sees the image of a dead body she dives into the murder f

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    1. Know what this novel needs MORE READERS It is a sparkling gem of a book with a great premise, awesome characterization, and stellar writing Main character Everly Gray has a gift, although she doesn t always see it that way When Everly touches people with her fingertips, she sees images of their lives Her psychic fingers, which she refers to as her hinky touch thing , come in handy in her profession as a personal coach, but as far as social situations, she s become a bit of a recluse She goes out [...]

    2. The editing, or lack thereof, really irritated me throughout the entire book Besides funky margins, there were typos i.e commas in random places , grammatical errors, and a few other things maybe even a sudden switch of character names that really bothered me So for ratings editing 1, story 3.The premise of the book is very interesting, although the author mainly skips over Everly s life prior to what takes place during this time frame It didn t really make sense to me why El don t get me starte [...]

    3. Confusing readIt seemed the author just wrote words instead of weaving a mystery I found myself constantly going back and re reading chapters because I got lost or something didn t make sense Characters and plots that came from nowhere and were left up to the reader to figure out Don t know if I ll try another book from this author again.

    4. Picked up a set of these novels during a sale, along with several other of what turned out to be Detective Supernatural Romance genre Given that I was looking forward to some very light reading, this looked like it would be fun Honestly, it was rather a plod of a read.The characters are pretty thin and the story is alright, but I just felt depth was missing all the time The star of the series is some kind of professional coach, using her ability to read people via touch in her hands, seems to on [...]

    5. Everly, is a Life Coach who has the unusual gift that has ruined too many dates to count From a simple touch, El s fingertips can conjure up images of past, present, and future events something not so helpful in the relationship department Violet, a neighbor and PI, is aware and respectful of El s magic touch, and purposely avoids direct contact in order to keep her own secrets safe When El touches photographer Mitchell, romantic sparks fly, but her vision of a dead body sparks a curiosity that [...]

    6. Great read This book was well written with excellent descriptions that allowed this reader to join the action It was infused with underlying mystery Friendship and acceptance was at the forefront of this story

    7. This has been quite a week for me to be reading books set in my home state of North Carolina This marks the second book I m reviewing this week, alone.A Touch of Ice was brought to my attention by the blog Pixel of Ink when it was available for free I read it, and am giving it two stars because two stars qualify as it was ok , an it was okay.This book follows the tale of a sort of psychic person named Everly Gray, who also goes by the nickname, El She lives and works in what I am led to believe [...]

    8. While reviewing the note about the author on , I knew that what I would be reading would be an unusual take on a murder mystery The author, L J Charles, is a past yoga instructor, who, when deciding to write full time was driven to the paranormal genre because she wanted to include her life experiences with energy into her stories This might raise question marks to the average reader, but as the daughter of a woman who left her career as an Interior Designer, moved to North Carolina to become a [...]

    9. Everly Gray has ESP fingers Everything she touches, material items and people, gives her a glimpse of something in the past, the present or the future She doesn t date much because her dates usually end in disaster when they touch her and she sees something disturbing that turns her off Her best friend, Violet, is a private investigator Violet knows about Everly s gift but not many others do When Everly has a bad vision about herself as an old woman in a rocking chair, they go to the beach to wa [...]

    10. Everly Grey, the main character, is a 20 something life coach who is able to see things when she touches objects or people with her fingertips Her partner in crime, Violet, is a suburban private eye or is she Violet knows about Everly s gift and loves her all the same Everly has a disturbing dream of an old, regret filled woman sitting in a rocking chair, tormented by choices not made and paths not taken She figures out it s her in the rocking chair and she makes a conscious decision to change h [...]

    11. Delightfully intriguing books about friendship, intrigue, romance and a little touch ofmething special Everly Gray has been almost hiding in her home for the last 10 years She has a little problem she has a psychometric talent Imagine never being able to visit a hospital for fear of accidentally touching something that has been part of a tragedy Imagine never being able to touch someone you care about without being afraid of invading their privacy Every person and thing she touches sends her ima [...]

    12. I knew that L J Charles was from the South the first time I saw the word Damn used like it was an entire sentence You see, down here we have the gift of emphasis bred into our very bones from our Mamas and our GrandMamas They used that word a lot when they stared at us through the glass door standing there with a policeman Damn Another hint was the total irreverance of the humor Thank you for getting that humor into writing We are all in a better place for it.Her novel, A Touch of Ice, is a book [...]

    13. Everly Gray as the ability to see visions with her finger tips Problem with this story is it is so convoluted through the first half of the book, the reader would give up before it straightens out The author is trying to tell a story and give too much info all at once that gets confusing, Everly becomes part Stephanie Plum and part Eve Dallas until the last five chapters of the story Everly s friend and neighbor Violet has secrets, a PI who retired from being a sniper The town s cop is her broth [...]

    14. Nurse please record the time of death at 21% The patient did not survive this train wreck even though I did CPR for a good while Dr ReaderThis story has me conflicted I like the idea of the heroine getting images from touching things, but the way the author tells the story makes it irritatingly unbelievable The four characters introduced in the first 1 5th of the book say and do things that don t make any realistic sense If these were real people in my life, I m pretty sure I d be staring at the [...]

    15. Another gem I found on Kobo while looking for some new reads to take on vacation This did not disappoint and I am already in the middle of book 2 It took me awhile to get used to the authors style of writing Once I found the grove, I was able to get right into and I am falling in love with Everly She is a fun character who is just a magnet for trouble The cast of characters for this book are wonderful and I am waiting to see what happens to them in the rest of the series I hope that Mitch Everly [...]

    16. I have ready the sample of this book so many times, I actually thought I read to book I purchased the box set for my nook on sale because I needed a long read for a road trip After I realized I had not read them, I was HOOKED I love all of the characters in this read El is the main character and cannot control her curiosity She has a magic touch that allows her to see the actions of others when she touches them with her fingertips In this book she helps find a killer and almost becomes a victim [...]

    17. I really wish I could give this book 0 stars The writing was all over the place and extremely difficult to follow No flow whatsoever Nor character development The author would veer off on random plot lines, like she was just throwing random thoughts out, but they never materialized into anything The narrator antagonist was just annoying Damsel in distress with zero confidence in herself, looking to others for support, and just awkward She honestly just sounded like an idiot most of the time The [...]

    18. Interesting book Nice premise with her magic fingers My only criticism is the opposite of what I would normally say I often sigh in frustration at books that are written from what is called deep point of view In other words, you get every thought, every quivering, every anxiety that ever enters the characters mind IMO, most of those books go overboard in helping you understand the inner workings of the main character This book tries to do that but I don t know, it was missing something It almost [...]

    19. I am giving this one star for the concept and one for the story The writing itself was horrible, to put it nicely I think what bugged me most was that the writing was so disjointed This was especially troubling in the beginning of the book when, as a reader, I was trying to connect with the characters In fact, I was so distracted and put off by the writing that instead of making a meaningful connection and becoming engrossed in the story, I found myself wondering whether I should keep reading Al [...]

    20. I really liked all the characters they are interesting and have enough of a unexplored back story to make me want to read , but weren t so mysterious as to make me feel disconnected The story itself was interesting and the touch thing El has is different enough that I didn t feel like I was reading the same plot I have read a million times before I kind of hate the whole maybe love triangle thing I don t know why but it reminded me of the Stephanie Plum Joe Ranger thing which I found exhausting [...]

    21. I got the eBook version for free on , so I decided to give it a try This book felt like it kept going and going and going And then it was suddenly over It kept my interest, for the most part The story was interesting enough, but there were a few sections that just dragged on and pulled me out of the story for a bit.Another thing that pulled me out of the story was the editing mistakes I m not sure if the book was even edited at all There were many typos and grammatical errors that really bothere [...]

    22. LOVE LOVE LOVED it A true gem, I picked this book up as a.99 cent special and I am THRILLED I did Everly is an awesome lovable character Her friend Violet, an innocent PI is a great supporting character See, Everly has this hinky touch thing, every time she touches things with her finger tips she sees into people s lives, mostly the past She is a counselor daytime profession but other than that she stays at home where those hinky fingers can t get into trouble Until one day.

    23. Good enough to be read at least twice which I haveThis book has it all sexy redhead clairvoyant that reads people with the tips of her fingers, best friend who is a PI, hot photographer boyfriend working for a secret organization, government agencies, bad guys, really bad guys, police and a ditsy patient of the redhead s All together makes for a fast moving romance, mystery, action, thriller Well drawn characterization add to story line Adult readers Sexual content is mild but violence is centra [...]

    24. I purchased this one in a bundle with the second book an a novella Overall, I liked the story and the premise I think Everly s gift is developing and becoming stronger and intense Mitchell is a good guy but I think he is too nice I am intrigued by the ending and hope this is a seque for a relationship with Pearce The book is not a gripping intense mystery thriller The story is about El and her evolving gift and what it means to her, her life, and how it affects her relationships with others.I l [...]

    25. What a great book Very well written, and El was likeable right from the get go.e author did a great job of making her very strong, gifted with a 6th sense if u will so i dont spoil anything, and yet vurnable at the same time She was so very real from the begining, that you can almost picture her as your neighbor I love that the other charecters were very mysterious you could tell that something was there, but it was written in a way that you ended up 2nd guessing yourself I can not wait to read [...]

    26. I enjoyed the characters and story line of this book However, there are some timeline issues for example in an entire scene they refer to her visiting someone in the hospital as earlier that morning when it was the previous day and there was a whole action scene between There are other areas that needed a good run through by someone else before it got published It also needs a good copy editor to clear up the typos Overall, though, I enjoyed the storyline I would like to read the next book in th [...]

    27. Everly Gray is always careful about what she lets her fingertips touch since she receives images from people and objects But then she dreams about a dead man which is troubling to her She and her friend Violet are at the beach when they spot a man taking pictures of El They confront him about the pictures, El touches him and sees images of the dead body This is one of those books that has been on my kindle forever and I wonder why I did not read it sooner Very good premise, good characters and I [...]

    28. This was a fun, light hearted read I enjoyed all the elements this book provided mystery, thriller, romance, comical, and a hint of supernatural It altogether made for a great story and I pretty much couldn t stop reading once I started This is NOT a young adult novel and there are very much adult situations This didn t really bother me as it wasn t anything too graphic I just wanted to point out that this is for mature readers only.I ve already started the 2nd book in this series and can t put [...]

    29. I absolutely loved the main character Everly and could clearly see her in my mind s eye The murder mystery story and Everly s budding romance with Mitch intertwined throughout which was a great touch, and I found this one very hard to put down The romance is emotionally descriptive without being slushy or too graphic, and I found myself rooting for Everly and Mitch to get together, and delighted when they seemed to be heading in that direction I ve since downloaded the rest of the Everly Gray se [...]

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