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Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage By Kody Brown Meri Brown Christine Brown Robyn Brown,

  • Title: Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage
  • Author: Kody Brown Meri Brown Christine Brown Robyn Brown
  • ISBN: 9781451661217
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The stars of the hit show Sister Wives present an uncensored, unedited look at life in their plural marriage.In many ways, the Browns are like any other middle American family They eat, play, and pray together, squabble and hug, striving to raise happy, well adjusted children while keeping their relationship loving and strong The difference is, there are five adults in tThe stars of the hit show Sister Wives present an uncensored, unedited look at life in their plural marriage.In many ways, the Browns are like any other middle American family They eat, play, and pray together, squabble and hug, striving to raise happy, well adjusted children while keeping their relationship loving and strong The difference is, there are five adults in the openly polygamous Brown marriage Kody and his four wives who among them have seventeen children Since TLC first launched its popular reality program Sister Wives, the Browns have become one of the most famous families in the country Now Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn reveal in their own words exactly how their special relationship works the love and faith that drew them together, the plusses and pitfalls of having sister wives, and the practical and emotional complications of a lifestyle viewed by many with distrust, prejudice, even fear With the candor and frankness that have drawn millions to their show, they talk about what makes their fascinating family work, addressing the topics that intrigue outsiders How do the four relationships differ What effect does a polygamous upbringing have on their children What are the challenges emotional, social, or financial involved in living this lifestyle Is it possible for all four sister wives to feel special when sharing a husband and what happens when jealousy arises How has being on camera changed their lives And what s it like to add a new wife to the family or to be that new wife Filled with humor, warmth, surprising insights, and remarkable honesty, this is a singular story of plural marriage and all the struggles and joys that go with it At heart, it s a love story unconventional but immediately recognizable in the daily moments of trust, acceptance, forgiveness, passion, and commitment that go into making one big, happy, extraordinary family.
    Becoming Sister Wives The Story of an Unconventional Marriage The stars of the hit show Sister Wives present an uncensored unedited look at life in their plural marriage In many ways the Browns are like any other middle American family They eat play and pray

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    1. Started watching this series last week or so watched all seasons, playing catch up At first I really liked all of them, but after a while you see the cracks they so try to hide They try to show how great they live together but they are all very jealous Reading this book it proves I was right about one woman The one I liked most at first, is the one I like least now The over controlling Meri Reading this book it so confirms that she is not such a nice woman as she tries to portray on the show She [...]

    2. So I read this overnight while awake with a head cold, and looking for something diverting and light It certainly is that I think I spent longer writing this review.It was hard to know how to rate this book The Browns are engaged on a crusade to rescue the reputation of polygamy from that of abuse, incest and discrimination and the book is part of that attempt at image repair That doesn t mean it is dishonest exactly, but it would be naive to think material that would buy into those images isn t [...]

    3. One of my not so secret shames is that I love TV tie in books so when I saw that a Sister Wives book had come out, I had to get it Sister Wives is a reality TV show on TLC that stars Kody Brown, his four wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn, and their seventeen children Becoming Sister Wives is divided into four parts and each wife wrote her own section for each part Part 1 Matrimony is each wife s story of how they came to marry Kody Part 2 Sorority is about how the wives get along with eac [...]

    4. After the first couple of chapters, it all just felt like it was getting regurgitated over and over again The writing style was as flat and uninteresting as reading a textbook, and it all just felt very whiny.

    5. I am not a religious person and have not been exposed to much in the way of religion I am sad to say that I have a preconceived idea of polygamy underage brides out of touch with the world, many many babies who are not taken to the doctor or exposed to modern conveniences When I started watching Sister Wives on netflix, I was appalled and intrigued at the same time So when I found out that Janelle had written a book, I had to read it The show started 16 years after their lives together started s [...]

    6. I have to admit that I came into this book completely sure that I knew exactly what they would say and that I wouldn t like it at all Even the picture on the cover those smug polygamists smiling away with the Utah mountains behind them thinking they are so clever, not realizing how difficult they make it for those of us who are truly LDS trying to convince the world there is no polygamy in the LDS faith any Of course, I ve never seen the show What I found, in this book, is a family It is a famil [...]

    7. This book was not necessary, unless a person wants to get their reality TV fix through the reading medium Otherwise, there was no point in slaughtering trees to mass produce this title.Why Because the book is a friendly, glossed over view of the Brown family and their polygamist lifestyle If you have Netflix, just watch their TLC show instead of spending your time reading this I checked out this book at the suggestion of my whacky book club, and I was hoping to get some insight into why on earth [...]

    8. Over at the Onion AV Club who, sadly, have not reviewed this book there s a good review complaining about the recent rise in what they call the tell some novel Traditionally, tell all books are supposed to tell all, just as it says on the tin, but and celebrities are choosing instead to churn out tepid, wishy washy garbage that teases juicy details while coasting on the subject s status By these standards, Becoming Sister Wives isn t even a tell some, it s a tell nothing.I read this book for t [...]

    9. I first got interested in polygamy by watching Big Love which I thought did a good job showing the difference between the cult type polygamy and the normal one Let me say that I am opposed to a group where there are child brides, wives passed around like currency, lack of education and health care and the dependence on government charity This is the Warren Jeffers type of practice and I reject it.The Browns do not practice that form of polygamy They are all adults who entered the marriages willi [...]

    10. I liked this book I find it difficult to rate non fiction that s about people s lives it feels a bit like I d be rating how interesting their life was, or something along those lines The best part of this book, for me, was the insight into what Janelle, Meri, Christine and Robyn have experienced in their marriages to Kody Their struggles and triumphs, and also their perspective on their choice and living with that choice Janelle s story especially was fascinating to me she chose Kody for faith a [...]

    11. I love watching Sister Wives It was easy to breeze through this book I really enjoyed getting perspective from Janelle All the wives of course, but reading her passages gave me a better understanding and liking of her as an individual They are strong and seem to be independent women I don t know how I would act in front of a camera or how much of my personal life I would want to detail for everyone to scrutinize They are so brave for writing this book and doing their show I enjoyed reading thei [...]

    12. This review is posted on my blog, Rachel Reading If you like it, and would like to see like it, please check it out So I do have a major addiction to reality TV, and I really don t have any shame in that I also have an addiction to books whether fiction or non fiction, which help me understand the human experience so much I ve always loved the Browns and found polygamy so intriguing I never really understood a good form of polygamy before their show, I d only ever heard that polyamory was good [...]

    13. I am completely fascinated with the Brown family and am not ashamed to admit that I love their reality show When I saw that they had written a book, I immediately downloaded it on my Kindle and breezed through it in less than twenty four hours It s a very fast read This book doesn t have stellar writing I assumed that the Browns had help writing the book, but it doesn t come across as slick or professional It reads very much like a self published book written by people with zero writing experien [...]

    14. I never miss an episode of Sister Wives, and I have no idea why I dislike children, especially in large quantities I don t need any polygamy mythbusting done for me I don t even really subscribe to monogamous marriage and two out of five of the adult Browns consistently annoy the crap out of me I think I m just fascinated by their interpersonal dynamic and constantly trying to read between the lines of their saccharine on television relationship Becoming Sister Wives is a short read, and if you [...]

    15. Am a fan of the Browns TV show, which has completely changed how I view polygamy Polygamy is not just practiced by the FLDS the Warren Jeffs cults where a man takes dozens of wives, engages in sexual abuse, and marries underage girls In fact, this faith is frowned upon by all other Mormons, including the particular sect that the Brown family belongs to In this faith, polygamy is not something entered into lightly The book explained in detail how things work, though I do wish there had been in [...]

    16. I m not really sure what to say about this book I have watched every episode of their show, and I couldn t put this book down I read it in less than 24 hours I wasn t surprised by the secrets they shared in the book If you watch the show, the tension between Meri and Janelle is evident You could tell that Christine had a hard time with Robyn, and understandably so There are great things about all of the wives and I like the way they work together in so many areas I can see that there are benefit [...]

    17. Let me start off by saying that I do watch the show It is a guilty pleasure of mine but I love to hate Kody Brown Maybe I ve got it all wrong and he is a perfectly wonderful guy but he just comes across as a mostly aloof, often cocky bastard Although the book changed a lot of my original views of the family it certainly did little to change my opinion of him Especially when he finds it necessary to write about how his third wife Christine was such a chubber and totally turned him off as he watch [...]

    18. This book sure does paint a different picture than their TV show That s probably because we get SO much background and personal accounts of their lives I m pretty shocked by the cruelty of Meri to Janelle, after I had perceived Meri to be so sweet It s hard for me to read this book and see all of the negativity this family has had to wade through because up to this point, I had the Browns on a pedestal and thought their family was darn near perfect.Some of the things bothered me and didn t match [...]

    19. I gave this five stars not for the writing but for the willingness of the Browns to share their story in detail than on their show I am impressed with them in all their glory and difficulties Anyone who judges them and their lifestyle needs to read this book to understand how much they work at growing their love and commitment to each other, their children and their faith As Kody says in the Epilogue This is what makes plural marriage so sacred to me this calling to transcend my limitations, to [...]

    20. I will begin by saying that I have never actually seen their show I don t have much knowledge on this lifestyle, and what I did have was not flattering I believe that in order to love everyone I have to understand them and their way of life I chose this book because from what I have heard this way of life works for the browns and I wanted information Personally I loved this book, it was heart felt and informative The authors had obviously done some soul searching and care about their family and [...]

    21. Ok, I m told by many people that I watch way too much reality TV, and I can t argue I started watching this show out of simple curiousity, but continued watching it when I realized that these were just regular people and that I actually liked them It kind of surprised me It s not a lifestyle I could ever adopt for myself, but I can respect their choice For those of you who may not know, this book and the TLC reality show tells the story of Kody Brown and his 4 wives They are polygamists, who ori [...]

    22. I like the show and was looking forward to learning about their lives off camera.Meri did not come off very well in this book Janelle and Christine seem much relatable, especially with their frustrations Robin seems like a little girl, especially with She Ra I admire them coming forward and explaining about how they came to the decision to be a large family.

    23. I was very ambivalent about this book when I first started reading it I just found it bizarre and just felt that the relationship between Kody and his four wives was beneficial to him and caused the women all sorts of problems Kody and his wives share a Mormon faith that believes in plural marriage and polygamy In theory their beliefs may seem pure and to them a way of life that they all want to live and raise their children into but in practice there have been many issues and conflicts arising [...]

    24. I have to start this review by saying that I ve really come to love Sister Wives the TV show I had watched occasionally since it started but I became absolutely addicted during the summer of 2012, when I was pregnant stuck inside a lot to avoid the heat I had my favorites in the beginning but I ve come to really like all of the unique members of this family The practice of polygamy has always fascinated me but until I started watching the Brown s on TV I had never seen any examples of polygamy t [...]

    25. The one positive thing I can say about this book is that it was good exercise for my eyes it had them rolling in an endless loop The overwhelming naivet of the text was skillfully underlined by the bad writing.Stories like the Browns are why religion has been losing ground and credibility Their life choice begs one question if religion is there to keep you away from sin, how come then is sin being justified by religion it is like the chicken or the egg dilemma Every religion and all branches of [...]

    26. If you love to hate Sister Wives the show, you will hate yourself while you read this book Obviously the reason anyone would read a book about how these five people came to be in a polygamous marriage together would be for the dirty details they might share Not the sex stuff, obviously they re not going there, but the real emotionally taxing stuff about, you know, SHARING YOUR HUSBAND But they gloss over 99% of that They also barely mention anything else interesting, like the financial troubles [...]

    27. Yes I read this book Why Because I think this family and the women are SO interesting It wasn t a BAD read, in fact it was interesting some of the things the wives had to say that are not revealed in the show First things first, Kody s parts were awful to read I m not a Kody fan and this book definitely made that feeling concrete I was surprised by a few of the sister wives and how they treated each other esp Meri towards Janelle and how Robin was treated while being courted by Kody This book wa [...]

    28. Kody, the husband starts and finishes the book however, the four wives have entries into each section of Matrimony, Sorority, Family, and Celebrity Each wife explains her story of challenges, struggles, joys, and accomplishments You can tell each is definitely guarded and never really gives sordid details of the jealousy and difficulties with each wife, only generalities I understand they need to live harmoniously with each other however, it would have been nice to have some of the dirty details [...]

    29. I enjoyed this book because it taught me about this fascinating family I have seen most of the television show Sister Wives, and I was naturally curious about the practical side of things, like who does the laundry and how are the finances handled I wanted to know about a lifestyle that is different from my own, and this book fulfilled that wish I tried to be as uncritical as I could with the writing, they aren t novelists after all, but there were a few places that were hard to get into The [...]

    30. The Hubs mine Tattoos.lots of em Beardnda long and scraggly sorry honey but it s true Mechanic.if you don t have one in your family then you just can t totally understand the fact that no matter how many cuticle brushes you buy THE GREESE AND GRIME NEVER COMES OUT Temper curse at least twice to make sure that light bulb is actually screwed in correctly and knows to stay there On the wholeetty fabulous fella.Try and make him deal with the joys of than one wife OK OK I ll admit I may make it pret [...]

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