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A loba de França By Maurice Druon,

  • Title: A loba de França
  • Author: Maurice Druon
  • ISBN: 8528611418
  • Page: 321
  • Format: None
  • Philippe V le Long vient de mourir avant d avoir atteint trente ans et, comme son fr re Louis X le Hutin, sans descendance m le Le troisi me fils du Roi de fer, le faible Charles IV le Bel, lui succ de.Une vasion de la tour de Londres la chevauch e cruelle conduite par une reine fran aise d Angleterre pour chasser du tr ne son poux un atroce assassinat perp tr surPhilippe V le Long vient de mourir avant d avoir atteint trente ans et, comme son fr re Louis X le Hutin, sans descendance m le Le troisi me fils du Roi de fer, le faible Charles IV le Bel, lui succ de.Une vasion de la tour de Londres la chevauch e cruelle conduite par une reine fran aise d Angleterre pour chasser du tr ne son poux un atroce assassinat perp tr sur un souverain La relance de l Histoire vient d Angleterre.La Louve de France, c est le tragique surnom que les chroniqueurs donn rent la reine Isabelle, fille de Philippe le Bel, qui semblait avoir transport outre Manche la mal diction des Templiers.
    A loba de Fran a Philippe V le Long vient de mourir avant d avoir atteint trente ans et comme son fr re Louis X le Hutin sans descendance m le Le troisi me fils du Roi de fer le faible Charles IV le Bel lui succ d

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    1. The beginning of the fifth volume in Druon s series Les Rois Maudits is a bit disconcerting So far, the volumes were roughly consecutive, but this time there is a jump of about five years and we also change countries We are now in England.I guess historical fiction is a bit like journalism the hideous make better stories The previous volume ended with the coronation of Philippe V, after he retrieved and manipulated an old law that prevented women to access the throne But since Druon thinks that [...]

    2. Crowned and croaked We leave Book 4 at Philippe V s coronation, and at the start of Book 5 he has already died Give or take a shepherds revolt or two and the slaughter of the lepers, it would appear that Philippe s reign was uneventful compared to that of his predecessors and followers, and not worthy of inclusion in these novels.However, this book is titled The She Wolf, and so we skip over the reign of Philippe V and go straight to the story of his sister Isabella, queen to Edward II of Englan [...]

    3. Five down two to go.I am really enjoying re reading Druon s series about the French royalty in the 14thC.Quirky style, but a very entertaining read.

    4. Poor Isabelle In the Iron King , we were introduced to a beautiful, cold, lonely queen Far from her home and her family, married to a man who is not interested in women, who mistreats her, steals from her Is it any wonder she eventually betrayed him After all, she was Philippe the Fair s child, and had his strength and keen political mind The fifth episode of the Accursed Kings saga takes us across the English Channel, to the court of Edward II The King has imprisoned Roger Mortimer, Lord Wig, i [...]

    5. Contiene spoilers En este quinto volumen de los reyes malditos, la historia se centra en la hija de Felipe el Hermoso, Isabel de Inglaterra, quien curiosamente fue un personaje fundamental en la primera saga y cuyas acciones junto con Roberto de Arteois, contribuyeron a las desgracias de la familia real adem s de la persecuci n y ejecuci n de los Templarios La historia inicia seis a os despu s de donde termin el cuarto volumen, La Ley de los Varones En la introducci n del libro, sabemos que Feli [...]

    6. Le plus long de toute la s rie, mais pas n cessairement le meilleur Je ne sais pas si toutes ses pages que l auteur a ajout es ont vraiment servi au r cit et dans certains chapitres o il n y a que des citations de lettres, l envie vient de sauter des pages enti res.Et l absence d un personnage comme Philipe V, Philipe IV ou Enguerrand de Marigny se fait vraiment remarquer Il ne reste que les plus grotesques portrait du Moyen ge des gens comme Charles le Bel, Charles de Valois, Robert d Artois et [...]

    7. This book is the best book in this series so far I love the entire series, but this one is about a Capetian female queen, Isabella, married to Edward II of England who prefers men It continues to follow the line of kings following Phillip the Fair in France, but sidetracks to cover Isabella when Charles IV is a fairly lackluster leader We also get to catch up on the Lombard moneylenders, the posthumous King, and the romance between Guccio and Maria.But most of the book is about Isabella, and WOW [...]

    8. Written in the late fifties and early sixties, and translated from the original French editions Book Five focuses on Queen Isabelle The She Wolf sister to the French King and wife of the English King Edwards It is best if you know a little about the time span that makes up the 100 Years War The writing suffers a bit from its age, but still a good tale if you want to learn about French History.

    9. For a translated book, I really loved this novel, and the following five books in the seven book series the seventh apparently has not been translated from French yet, and there s no way I m corrupting my budding Spanish language skills by attempting to read a novel in French I am normally super wary about reading translated works, because, understandably, something always gets lost in the translation This translator, Humphrey Hare, back in 1958 when he was doing his thing, did a fantastic job.I [...]

    10. I wasn t as enad of this book in the series as some of the others Part of that may be that the intrigues were too diffuse, or that I know the story of Edward II, Isabella, and Mortimer too well Or that I interrupted my reading about half way through and read 4 other books in the interim.Or it could be that I find the Capetian Royal House of France BORING Yes, yes, I know how can I find all that backstabbing, petty jealousies, infanticide, and corruption boring After all, am I not a devotee of th [...]

    11. Although the read starts a bit monotonous, the progression of the novel becomes really interesting by shifting the focus of the novel from medieval France to medieval England This comes as a breath of fresh air to the read which was risking falling into monotony after the previous 4 novels Now the story takes an interesting shift and an heir to the late king Philippe le Bel emerges.

    12. The title in English is She Wolf of France I have read than my fair share of books on Isabella and Edward II, but I was still engaged by this author s treatment of the period This series continues to impress.

    13. Read it a few years ago and loathed it, absolutely loathed it.I ll begin with a few things that I did like The list of characters at the beginning is very helpful, and I like the system of Historical Notes at the end of the novel, even if they re not always totally accurate I don t know why the younger Despenser s claim to the earldom of Gloucester was fantastic As for the characters, I liked seeing the earl of Kent in Gascony in 1324 normally Kent never appears in Edward II novels until his att [...]

    14. Going into The She Wolf, the fifth book in Maurice Druon s The Accursed Kings series, I had my expectations under control The Royal Succession is my favourite book in the series thus far, and it is a TOUGH act to follow All the scheming and backstabbing are amped up in book four, and Druon held nothing back with the hard punches So, as the follow up act, The She Wolf was already at a slight disadvantage However, I really wanted to read about Isabella of France the She Wolf , and I was hoping for [...]

    15. Un cinqui me tome qui m a moins plus L ellipse temporelle, m me si je comprends tout son int r t, et le changement de camp ce tome est ax sur l Angleterre ont rompu le rythme de l intrigue.

    16. These books seem to be consistently good but also not quite there yet to be perfect They start off great with potential for great plot twists and epic dark endings but somehow get caught up in boring rushed politics This book also doesn t really have any real protagonist despite the title of the book All in all this one was unique because I think it was of a romance or drama than anything else I thoroughly enjoyed many scenes.Roger Mortimer, baron of wigham in jail in the tower of London after [...]

    17. After a few very poignant and highly dramatic few novels, Druon pushes the story forward, through a handful of less than problematic years, while showing that the Templar curse is strong Another king, another early death, leaving Charles IV to assume the throne, the third brother to do so after the tumultuous death of Philippe V Druon s focus moves across the Channel, if only for a brief time, to show how France s actions spread outside of their own borders While readers have revelled in the act [...]

    18. Unfortunately, this book falls into the I didn t like it category Although, very well written and related to English History which is ALWAYS fascinating , I didn t like Maurice Druon s narration for this particular volume.Isabella of France is meant to be a legendary figure, a strong woman, sometimes accused of being downright manipulative Hence her nickname, the She Wolf With Druon s novel she is the She Pup In the book, she is a lovesick puppy, obsessed with Roger Mortimer, with no ideas or s [...]

    19. En este tomo, Druon nos lleva de Francia a Inglaterra, en donde las cosas no estaban mejor que en el continente La reina francesa Isabel, despreciada por su marido, se refugia en la corte de su hermano y se une a los rebeldes ingleses, entre ellos Mortimer, quien acaba por convertirse en su amante Juntos derrocan al rey Eduardo II, e incluso lo asesinan b rbaramente Druon es un maestro en novelar la historia Personajes tan ricos y fascinantes como Isabel, Eduardo, Mortimer, Roberto de Artois, Ca [...]

    20. Una lectura entretenida acerca de Isabel hija del rey de hierro, que decepcionada de su esposo el rey Eduardo II de Inglaterra, quien ten a una conducta licenciosa, se enamora de Mortimer, un noble ingl s, con cuya complicidad da un giro en la historia de la monarqu a de Inglaterra, al deponer al rey ungido por su primog nito que en ese entonces era muy joven para gobernar y que posteriormente ser recordado como Eduardo III, recomendable como todos los dem s libros de la saga.

    21. WOW Creo que es mi segundo libro favorito de la saga, hasta el momento Muy bien Isabel 0 Spoiler La muerte de Eduardo II fue demasiado cruel A pesar de todo, no merec a morir as

    22. The She Wolf of France skips years ahead from the last Accursed Kings novel, and focuses heavily enough on so many new characters and conflicts that it feels like a new, separate movement in the series compared to the first four books After all the events of the last book, and presumably the lack of history Druon was enthused to write about in the intervening years, I think making the book disconnected from, and quite a while after, the first four book s events was a smart choice Although I cert [...]

    23. Los reyes malditos es una novela hist rica que si bien podr a haber sido muy densa al relatarnos hechos reales de la historia no logra serlo ya que esta muy bien dividido en sus 7 novelas Partir diciendo que creo que 7 novelas fue un numero exacto para esta saga, ya que se leen muy r pido y hace que no pierdas inter s en la historia.Si bien creo que no es para todo tipo de publico, no por el contenido, si no que mas bien por la manera en que est n escritos, ya que puede tener una redacci n un ta [...]

    24. History is so full of drama, backstabbing and trouble For sure there is never a dull moment when it comes the royal houses.While I enjoyed the intrigues, dealings and inner workings of those who serve the royals, I felt like I didn t get to connect or get to know the people we are reading Like I did not feel a connection with Edward II, Queen Isabella, Roger Mortimer, etc Sure I m reading about them and what happened to them but I don t feel like I get to know them or those around them well enou [...]

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