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Why Did She Have to Die? By Lurlene McDaniel,

  • Title: Why Did She Have to Die?
  • Author: Lurlene McDaniel
  • ISBN: 9781581960297
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • What do you do with an older sister who is smart, pretty, popular, and perfect What do you do when you realize she s the best sister ever What do you do when you find out she s goned you didn t get to say goodbye Thirteen year old Elly Rowan asks herself those questions and one Why Did She Have to Die
    Why Did She Have to Die What do you do with an older sister who is smart pretty popular and perfect What do you do when you realize she s the best sister ever What do you do when you find out she s goned you didn t get to

    One thought on “Why Did She Have to Die?”

    1. Oh, man.I have been trying to remember the name of this book FOR YEARS I couldn t even remember details before tonight I think this wine is magic or something.If I d tried to describe this book for you before tonight, I d have been all Umere s a girl, whose sister was a year older than her and the sister dies so the girl is all sad on the cover Seriously.Then, tonight, I got for serious about remembering details, and I knew that the sister died in a car crash, that the girl in the book had broke [...]

    2. I just started to read it this morning It s a short book but it has a big power inside, and a true meaning in each sentence that I read It reminds me about my sister and how does she feel cause of me The death of the loved one is painful and seems like you won t be the same again Probably you won t be the same cause this experience will make you strong enough so if it happens again your pain will be less

    3. WhyBecause this author is great and it seems i can t stop reading her books I wish they were all available for download because I read them over several times

    4. I read this book in high school and have never forgotten the impact it had on me I loved the book then and now.

    5. Why Did She Have to Die is one of those books that feels, while reading it, like a runaway ball of pure emotional energy that only picks up speed as it goes careening forward Knowing very little about author Lurlene McDaniel before picking up this book, I had no way of knowing if she was a good enough writer to face the subject of a tragic death in the family with the skill that the topic deserves Let me tell you this much, at least she has everything it takes to write masterfully on the subject [...]

    6. Why did she have to die is a very sad story She is a fourteen year old girl that follows in her sister Kathy s footsteps Kathy is pretty, smart and very popular unlike her She is the head of the dance comittee and princaple of student council All the guys want her, even kids way way older than her and thats how the tragic story begins Kathy goes to the mall with a friend and meets the head basketball and sports star of there local high school, he s a senior She meets him at the movies and he buy [...]

    7. I gave Why Did She Have to Die three stars because I thought it had a wonderful stories and great characters, but on the other hand was very predicting I really am not into predictable books because I start to get bored and know what will happen on every page Even though it was very predictable I thought it had meaning and lots of emotion I can t really relate to the main character, because I never lost someone very close I felt horrible for Ellie because she was always the underdog with her sis [...]

    8. I gave this book 5 Stars because I just really liked it and it had a lot of good descriptions I liked it because it just had a lot of details and drama which is what i really like reading about I choose 5 stars because it had everything together and not in separt spots Also I liked it when Elly and Kathy went to school together because it reminds me when my sister walks to me from school well last year and we wouldn t ever get mad at each other after that because we would spend so much time toge [...]

    9. I read Why Did She Have to die by Lurlene McDaniel I gave this book 4 stars because I didn t like the end Other wise the book was really good The book was about Elly and her sister Kathy She loved Kathy but didn t really like her because she always got everything and she was perfect It wasn t until they got into a very bad car accident and Kathy died that she realized how much she really did care about her.

    10. When Elly and her perfect sister Kathy are in a car accident together and Kathy dies while Elly lives, Elly begins to question her life and family feeling that her parents wished Kathy had lived instead of her Elly struggles with the loss of her sister at the young age of thirteen and McDaniel is very excellent at showing characters going through the grieving process Recommended for ages 11 and up.

    11. This book was areally good book I would recommend this book to anyone, but mainly teenage girls This book is about two sisters, Elly and Katie Katie has it all, the looks, the athletic ability, and the friends, while Elly has none This is a powerful book because when Katie dies in a car accident, while Elly lives, Elly doesn t know what to do Why Did She Have to Die is an uplifting and good story that a teenage girl OR boy would like

    12. This book was great I gave it 5 stars I didn t expect that to happen to one of the main characters Elly s life changed, and so did her families Elly feels horrible about what happen to Kathy because Elly could have kept her sister from making that bad decision Kathy was so perfect, no one hated her Now Elly s asking her self why it had to be her I recommend this book to anyone Lurlene McDaniel s books are great books

    13. I think this is a really good book for anybody to read if they like sad but yet happy ending I reallly enjoyed this book and I think you would too It is sad because her sister just died, but at the end it is happy,because she finally left the past behind her.

    14. This book is amazing It was sad that her sister died in a car accident and how her life changed She thought that there wasn t help but she found it and everything was normal i reccomend this book to anyone who loves sad at the beginning and happy endings in the end.

    15. I think it s a great read no matter how old you are I understand where she s coming from because I lost my grandfather.

    16. It was great I felt like I was Ally, and I got a little tear eyed a few times thinking if that happened to me and my brother short, simple, but a powerful story.

    17. A struggle of a little sister in losing big sister who everyone adored How she copes with not saying good bye and learning to find out who she is.

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