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Fables: The Last Castle By Bill Willingham,

  • Title: Fables: The Last Castle
  • Author: Bill Willingham
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beautifully illustrated prequel to the ongoing Fables series.
    Fables The Last Castle Beautifully illustrated prequel to the ongoing Fables series

    One thought on “Fables: The Last Castle”

    1. The artwork was beautiful, but very graphic It s war, people get seriously hurt and die in rather gruesome ways The end twist just served to piss me off because I could see it coming from a mile away and it wasn t believable to me I don t know the world of Fables, other than fairy tale characters are alive in the real world This does explain how and why they got there Not sure if the background re the Adversary comes out in the other books I would love to know why he did what he did and where he [...]

    2. A beautiful one shot story that I was pleased to find nestled into the fourth trade paperback volume of the Fables saga.Interesting plot points connected here but what really grabbed me was the artwork This was my first introduction to Craig Hamilton and P Craig Russell great amounts of minute detail and color Reminds me of those posters I used to enjoy as a kid where you d marvel at them for a long time trying to pick out all the intricate pieces hidden in the detail.

    3. This graphic novel serves as a prequel to the Fables series and details the fate of the Last Castle to fall to the adversary, which also reveals some of Little Boy Blue s origin Great fantasy tale with great art.

    4. If you re into battles, this one goes in depth.I m generally not one for overly descriptive battle scenes but even I got choked up a bit for the fall of characters that were just barely introduced to me at the beginning of this relatively short standalone graphic novel Sacrifice, I think, is always an emotion that tends to evoke strong feelings from readers regardless of whether or not the reader prefers the genre For most of us, I think it reminds us of sacrifices that have been made for us and [...]

    5. This is a stand alone graphic novel published separately as a prequel to the Fables series and also included in Volume 4 of Fables March of the Wooden Soldiers It s quite moving Boy Blue tells the awful tale in flashback to Snow White of the battle against the Adversary s army at the Last Castle in the Homelands, the keep at World s End, located at the last gate to the Mundy World Boy Blue, Robin of Loxley, Lady Britomart, Tam Lin, Prince Charming, Cinderella, and Bluebeard are some of the Fable [...]

    6. This slim volume tells the story of the Fables last stand in the Homelands before their current storyline, as narrated by Boy Blue If I remember correctly, this story was the first to really explore Blue s character and was definitely the needed backstory for much of the later events We discover Blue s role in the last stand against the Adversary, and his relationship with Red Riding Hood his reason for only playing the blues , which gives us a hint og his future magical training with the Witchi [...]

    7. 4 5This is a pretty awesome short story, based on Blue Boy and the last fight before the last batch of Fables seeked refuge in the safe haven basic our world I was quite surprised to see Charming and Cinderella were some of the last you d think he d be the first one out of there, what with his wrap and all Fables to leave.

    8. This story is great first of all for its early view of the war against the Adversary However, it s all got a great element of tragedy that adds a lot to Blue, who hadn t gotten a lot of screentime previous 8 10.

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