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Tarkoin vartioitu talo By John Boyne Laura Beck,

  • Title: Tarkoin vartioitu talo
  • Author: John Boyne Laura Beck
  • ISBN: 9789525637359
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ven j , 1915 Kuusitoistavuotias maalaispoika Georgi Daniilovits Jat menev pelastaa Ven j n suuriruhtinaan varmalta kuolemalta, ja h nen el m ns mullistuu Poika palkataan suuriruhtinaan veljenpojan henkivartijaksi ja h n p see asumaan Pietarin Talvipalatsiin tsaari Nikolai II n hoviin Pian Romanovien valta alkaa horjua ja tarpeekseen saaneen kansan viha kuohahtaa verenVen j , 1915 Kuusitoistavuotias maalaispoika Georgi Daniilovits Jat menev pelastaa Ven j n suuriruhtinaan varmalta kuolemalta, ja h nen el m ns mullistuu Poika palkataan suuriruhtinaan veljenpojan henkivartijaksi ja h n p see asumaan Pietarin Talvipalatsiin tsaari Nikolai II n hoviin Pian Romanovien valta alkaa horjua ja tarpeekseen saaneen kansan viha kuohahtaa verenpunaisena.Lontoo, 1980 Kahdeksankymment vuotias Georgi on tyytyv inen el m ns Lontoossa eik halua edes muistella nuoruuttaan Ven j ll H nen kuolemansairaan vaimonsa Zojan viimeinen toive kuitenkin on p st viel kerran edes l helle lapsuutensa maisemia, joten pariskunta matkustaa Suomeen Suomessa Zoja onnistuu puhumaan Georgin ymp ri, ja he jatkavat matkaa Pietariin Georgi ei voi en v ltell menneisyyden aaveita, ja muistot noista verisist vuosista hy kyv t h nen mieleens.Tarkoin vartioitu talo on j lleen yksi osoitus John Boynen mestarillisista tarinankertojan taidoista Ven j n kansannousua ja Romanovien 300 vuotta kest neen valtakauden dramaattista loppua kuvataan nuoren Georgin n k kulmasta yksityiskohtaisesti, mieleenpainuvasti ja uskottavasti Lukija p see seuraamaan Ven j n historian kenties merkitt vint tapahtumasarjaa aitiopaikalta ja nauttimaan uskomattoman vet v sti kirjoitetusta romaanista Kaiken lis ksi tarinassa liikutaan my s meille suomalaisille tutuissa maisemissa.
    Tarkoin vartioitu talo Ven j Kuusitoistavuotias maalaispoika Georgi Daniilovits Jat menev pelastaa Ven j n suuriruhtinaan varmalta kuolemalta ja h nen el m ns mullistuu Poika palkataan suuriruhtinaan veljenpojan hen

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    1. So enjoyable It is always quite enjoyable to read a book which is so well written and engaging This book of historical fiction brings one man s past and present together Eighty year old Georgy Jachmenev is currently living in England with his wife Zoya His wife is ill and as he reflects on their life, it is evident that their life was not as common as their friends believed Georgy Jachmenev s life began in Russia and as he looks back on his life, we learn about his ties to Tsar Nicholas II, his [...]

    2. A story of escape, exile, survival and love which spans nearly eighty years and three continents.Georgy finds the course of his life is altered when he becomes the young bodyguard to Prince Alexei Romanov It is a time of growing unrest in Russia and fate steps in to shape their lives in a way they never expected Once the Bolsheviks have taken control of the Palace, the outcome for the Romanov family was a fait accompli It is no place for Romanov supporters either and the two protagonists must ac [...]

    3. This might be the most perfect book I have ever read.I picked it up at a library book sale because I couldn t walk out without buying something, and I recognized the title referring to Ipatiev House from my long term obsession with the Romanovs and Imperial Russia Within the first half dozen pages, I found out the main character is a librarian at the British Library I thought, wow, this was a better find than I was expecting I just got my library science degree, and special collections like the [...]

    4. 4.5 stars Incredible I really loved it.This was the first novel I read by John Boyne, and I am thrilled that I have to choose from as I really enjoyed his writing style This poignant tale about the Romanovs, the Russian civil war, and 60 years of a married couple s love story was simply wonderful The author did take a few liberties with known historical facts which is bothersome in historical fiction I prefer the liberties to be with the unknowns, but such is personal preference , some of which [...]

    5. In this historical work of fiction, eighty two year old Georgy Daniilvech Jachmenev narrates a shocking and eventful part of his younger life while serving as bodyguard to the son of the last Tsar of Russia After a tragic and guilt ridden beginning for Georgy, he finds true love and encounters evil, but ultimately uncovers the secret within The House of Special Purpose.This wonderful story is told with an alternating timeline writing style that is fast paced and comes together nicely in the end [...]

    6. It took me a weekend to read this book It s an easy reading , quite touching and fairly entertaining, will probably keep you hooked People who like pretty love stories will probably adopt it as a favorite.However , the reason which made me read this was the reason why I didn t like it better Well,I m obsessed with the Romanovs , have always been.When I heard that this book was related to their story I just couldn t pass by it I wrote a history essay about their finals days when I was graduating [...]

    7. I have always been interested in Russian history people but for some reason have only ever read one other book that deals with the Romanovs.Through the eyes of the personal bodyguard of the only son of Tsar Nicolas II, the opulence of the royal family was put in sharp contrast beside the hunger, exhaustion and discontent of the masses during World War 1.Initially the writing was wonderful and effortlessly pulled me into the story and culture of rural Russia however this great momentum started sl [...]

    8. This is the tale of a young Russian, Georgy, who finds himself as bodyguard to the Tsarevich Alexei in the final years of Romanov rule Georgy often finds himself in the thick of things as Russia moves from a monarchy to a republic The novel centres around Georgy s improbable romance with one of the Grand Duchesses and his unshakeable love for his wife, another Russian emigre.The story moves backwards and forwards between time periods as Georgy tells of his life We see young Georgy coming to St P [...]

    9. The House of Special PurposeJohn BoyleGeorgy Daniilavich is a Russian peasant whose life takes a dramatic turn when he saves the life of Grand Duke Nicholas Nicholavich, the uncle of Tsar Nicholas II Moved to the Winter Palace in Petrograd, Georgy finds himself at the centre of the Royal life at a time of great turmoil in Russian history.Going back and forth between the Russian Court and Georgy s later life in London where he lives in exile with his wife Zoya the story follows the events that ha [...]

    10. And the award for the saddest last line in a book EVER goes to The House of Special Purpose I m not crying, I m notok I am sniffles

    11. I have tried to prolong my reading of this book as long as humanly possible while still progressing with it I never wanted it to end And as it came to a close I was in tears, surprise surprise it still came way too soon I don t believe there was a character I disliked or one that I hated hearing from, the exception being the craziness that is Rasputin Father Gregory My heart feels for each of these characters and I want to reread this and hope for a better outcome Needless to say, this is one of [...]

    12. This is one of those books that people kept telling me to read because I am a Romanov buff I have read just about everything about the last Tsar and his family, so it s difficult for me to read fictional accounts of them sometimes It s not impossible, though I love historical fiction, and the Romanovs are classic pickings for the genre especially when you consider the aftermath of the Russian Revolution Everything I knew about the book going in pointed to my thoroughly enjoying it.My review can [...]

    13. I ve always been fascinated by the Russian Revolution, although I know that it wasn t romantic or beautiful in real life Still, I love reading books about Russian princesses and balls in sparkling halls John Boyne did a great job in creating his story about the last Tsar and his family, especially by choosing to use the voice of someone who had at first nothing in commom with the royal family I thought that the love story between Anastasia and the main character was really well elaborated and th [...]

    14. El estilo de escritura de John Boyne es bastante bueno, me ha gustado m s que en el primer libro que le de l El ni o con el pijama de rayas y el desarrollo de la novela es en general bastante entretenido, con algunas partes apote sicas y otras no tanto Est muy bien que te hablen de la famila Romanov desde un punto de vista que pocas veces se ha hablado Lo malo es que los personajes y su historia de amor me han dejado bastante indiferente, a parte de recurrir al instalove, y si el autor pretend a [...]

    15. 4.25 I was thinking 3.75 until the second half of the book where it just got so much better Ah this book picked up so much nearer the second half I definitely enjoyed this one and yet again John Boyne has me impressed by hos ability to write between different time periods so well It s like his signature almost This one was even impressive on that scale since this book had ro it and I won t explain because spoilers but yes a solid 4.25 stars for me.

    16. Uau Um dos melhores livros que li nos ltimos tempos Foi o primeiro livro de John Boyne que li e adorei a forma como escreve Vi o filme baseado no seu livro O rapaz do pijama s riscas , que adorei e um dia destes vou de certeza ler o livro Adorei a escrita de John Boyne.Acho que o autor fez um ptimo trabalho de investiga o sobre a R ssia Imperial e a R ssia a caminho de uma revolu o e enquadrou na perfei o personagens reais com personagens de fic o Embora se trate de uma nova mais uma abordagem s [...]

    17. An unexpectedly compelling read that mixes well trodden ground last days of the Tsar s rule, Rasputin, the murder of the Tsar and his family with a well thought narrative structure that presents snippets from the future life of two survivors of the times.Narrated by Georgy Jachmenev, son of a muzhik from an imperial estate who distinguishes himself by saving the life of an Imperial Duke and gets appointed as bodyguard to the Tsar and his family, in particular to the young, sick and fragile Tsare [...]

    18. Qu maravilla Una novela t cnicamente perfecta, con una estructura compleja pero perfectamente ejecutada Una historia de amor y dolor incre blemente narrada Un poco fantasioso y previsible el final, pero se le perdona todo A mediados de febrero y ya tengo claro que ser top 3 de lecturas del a o Recomendad sima.

    19. Boyne is an absolutely terrific writer Riveted from the first page, exhausted by the last Maybe a tad too long, but interesting, compelling and poignant Hoping for a movie treatment 3.5 stars.

    20. I ve pri zadnjih 50tak stranica sam imala odluku da u joj dati 3 zvijezdice jer mi je jako dobar dio povijesti o Romaniovima u zimskom dvorcu ali ne i tako zanimljiv dio sada njiosti oko glavnog lika i njegove ene Onda se dogodio mali nje ni preokret i u toj sada njosti kad se otkrilo tko je to zapravo eto opet me smek ao i 4 je ist dovoljno.

    21. This is one of the best works of historical fiction that I have read in a long time The story of a country boy pulled into the lush and lavish world of the Romanov family simultaneously told with his future life as an elderly man in London is superb The characters are wonderful, the setting is fantastic, the language is lovely My only gripe is that I wanted Some characters are developed perfectly while I felt some others had so much story left to be told But it is a testament to the author that [...]

    22. I love how John Boyne spins historical events and makes his stories unexpectedly compelling reads The House of Special Purpose is a wonderful mix of trodden grounds of the fall of the Romanov Dynasty with a fictional and well thought narrative that goes back and forth in time in and snippets of important moments in the life of Georgy and Zoya Jackmenev, two of the survivors This fiction brings to life the lovely myth that has sustained the romantics at heart for many years, the speculation that [...]

    23. I am a fan of John Boyne s books for younger readers and this was the first adult book of his that I have read I hate to say this, but it was a disappointment With such a talented author and such an interesting history to work from, I was expecting .The romance was less real and descriptive, sacrificing depth for emotion and passion The revelation at the end of the book was predictable Also, and possibly worst of all, there seemed to be no purpose to the journey of the characters While it is ar [...]

    24. The House of Special PurposeBy John BoyneI liked this book, although not as much as the reviewers who blurbed it I had a little trouble swallowing the premise of the protagonist as a peasant turned bodyguard to the Tsarevich Alexei, and the main plot that devolved from it which I don t want to give away, although I guessed it pretty early on But after I forced myself to accept the two huge coincidences upon which the plot hangs, the book became the proverbial good read.We know from the beginning [...]

    25. My ThoughtsI really enjoyed this book I liked the way the author decided to tell his tale The story is told by Georgy and when we first meet him, he is in his early eighties In the next chapter, Georgy is sixteen and an unpredictable event occurs that changes his life forever In alternating chapters, older Georgy s story moves back in time while younger Georgy s story moves forward We eventually get to the point where the two story lines meet and all secrets are revealed I couldn t wait to find [...]

    26. Al principio, la historia y la forma en la que sta estaba estructurada me parecieron originales, pero que una idea sea buena no quiere decir que est articulada correctamente El principal problema ha sido la escritura de Boyne pobre e ins pida A todo esto se a ade la falta de misterio, porque el libro es predecible hasta decir basta, y la falta de coherencia en las acciones del protagonista.Mi conclusi n no me parece una lectura recomendable Hay por ah libros que merecen m s la pena.

    27. From BBC Radio 4 Extra John Boyne s haunting novel travels to the heart of the Russian empire where young imperial family bodyguard Georgy Jachmenev is privy to the secrets of Tsar Nicholas and his wife Alexandra.

    28. I love reading Russian history and when I read the great ratings and reviews on The House of Special Purpose , I had to try it The story begins in 1981 when Georgy Jachmenev, a retired librarian from the British Museum is caring for his beloved wife Zoya who is dying from cancer It is written in the first person of Georgy, and moves back and forth to various times in their lives Georgy was a simple farm child from a large family who saved the life of the Tsar s cousin and was taken to the capita [...]

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