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Doomboy By Tony Sandoval,

  • Title: Doomboy
  • Author: Tony Sandoval
  • ISBN: 9782888904380
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Personne ne sait qui est Doomboy, c est juste un truc live qu on entend la radio Il n y a pas de disque ou de d mo, c est un groupe fant me Une l gende urbaine.
    Doomboy Personne ne sait qui est Doomboy c est juste un truc live qu on entend la radio Il n y a pas de disque ou de d mo c est un groupe fant me Une l gende urbaine

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    1. ID s a teenage boy guitarist in a metal band but lately his life s sucked His girlfriend died and left a hole in his chest literally and he doesn t get along with his band any Striking out on his own with a makeshift studio on the beach, his dog, and a friend to record his music, he decides to play his doom metal tributes to his fallen girl as Doomboy Doomboy is a comic that takes you back to being a teenager again, or at least it did to me Back to a time when adults were near invisible, the fut [...]

    2. Sandoval grew up in the northeast deserts of Mexico, he lives in Berlin and writes in French So in some ways he is off the grid And yet, his story is a kind of spare and airy lovely watercolored story of teenaged lost love and metal music A boy, ID, in a band, loses his girlfriend, and then his band, and begins to play solo as Doomboy on a beach and records it over several months, playing mainly to the spirit of his lost girlfriend Strange spirits and creatures get conjured, but not much else ge [...]

    3. This is an interesting little book The author is able to tell a story using words very scarcely and yet the reader is able to understand the message very well It s a good example of a case when illustration and written word are complementary and the result is a compelling and hopeful story.This book tells the story of ID, or Doomboy, the story of his coming of age, dealing with many issues that many readers will probably identify themselves with such as feeling like an outcast at school or the c [...]

    4. I received a free ARC via NetGalleyI think I kind of get what this was trying to do, and I liked a few aspects of it the music, the attempt to reach someone no longer there, the sort ofgic, I guess But other things the bullies, particularly just didn t work for me And the art style kind of grated on me a bit, but that s a personal preference.

    5. The art is great, the primary story arc is okay, but the whole thing feels like an outline rather than a complete story.There s also this thing that happens in books that talk about music or food or something that we, as readers, can t really experience through the media of text and pictures It s why it s so hard to review music How do you write sound And how do you write sound such that I HEAR what s going on I wonder what the utility of a rock critic is any Like in Rolling Stone I mean, it s e [...]

    6. I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review Doomboy is the story of a young heavy metal fan who uses his love of music and guitar to soothe the feeling of loss after his girlfriend, Annie, dies He plays his music on the beach and broadcasts it to the world in the hope that she hears him Little does he know that the whole town hears it and he quickly becomes a legend.This book starts off in quite a confusing fashion lots of similar looking characters talki [...]

    7. Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This is the story of a teenage boy His girlfriend dies and he uses his music heavy metal to express his grief What he doesn t know is that the whole town can hear him playing and he becomes a legend.It takes you back to being a teenager, with all its teen angst, drama, friendship and rock music.I found the artwork to be really good, and it fits the story really well And at times it is downright beautiful And it uses the images to tell the [...]

    8. Warning the following review contains spoilers so continue on with caution.I D a.k.a Doomboy feels like there is a hole in him His life will never be the same after the death of his girlfriend Annie So in order to fill it he plays his guitar to the sky for her not realizing it is being picked up on radio air waves and that is music is touching all that can hear it.The story its self is told with the combination of drawing and words And they flow together great I found the art work to be a little [...]

    9. this is the story of how a boy learnt to move on after the lost of a loved one through music it is quite powerful drawn and portrayed, although the art is not one i would like in normal conditions, but i think it suits the story pretty well and made it very special also the choice of colours being mostly cold tones is perfect for the heartbreak and the pain that is shown in the book at the beginning it is a bit confusing who is who without shapes to differentiate between girls and boys with the [...]

    10. I received a free digital copy of this book via NetGalley for review purposes.Doomboy is a sadder, darker Scott Pilgrim It follows the story of ID who, after losing his girlfriend, retreats to a shoreline where mysterious images appear in the sky There, he decides to write a song for his girlfriend hoping for closure, but he gets than he expected when his songs are broadcast on the wrong signal.I found the art very good as it was in tune with the story that was being told The story is short and [...]

    11. The book I read named DOOMBOY is about two kids one named D and Elsy go out near an ocean and play rock music to spirits and to play on an anonymous radio channel so no one knows who s playing the music except, they name D DOOMBOY and that s the anonymous name Elsy game him DOOMBOY or D s family member dies and he has a hole in her body that gets bigger if he talks and thinks about the death It gets smaller if he doesn t think or talk about the death which causes him pain and grief.This book hop [...]

    12. L on m a affirm que Doomboy faisait partie du courant r aliste, de ces BD qui nous illustrent la vie, tout bonnement J ai plut t v cu des moments d angoisses, de profonde m ditation, d empathie Rien de ce quoi je m attendais Non, je dirais que Doomboy voque, nous fait ressentir l invisible en m me temps que la r alit d file sous nos yeux Je dirais que Doomboy, c est cette corde sensible que l on tend retrouver, faire vibrer en nous, pour combler le trou envahissant dans notre poitrine Je parle t [...]

    13. This was a little confusing to get into at first because it definitely does not slow walk you into who the characters are The art style is very cool but some of the characters look pretty similar also part of the issue with that is everyone seems to be pretty white Plot in this is great and it touches on a lot of emotional issues very well.

    14. a great graphic novel about doom metal and the cathartic power of music, as well as the ability of every person who has the superpower ability to overcome grief

    15. A tender read about grief and art The structure was a little too scattered for my taste, but had some really wonderful elements.

    16. Doomboy 2013 Mi piaciuto molto sia nel tratto grafico e nella colorazione che nella resa simbolica delle emozioni senso di perdita, rabbia e nell ideazione dei personaggi uno su tutti, la ragazza che vende le stelle

    17. Heavy metal music, a lead character named D Doomboy, pirate radio, musical love letters broadcast into the heavens, and concerts on the playa What s not to love If ever there was a story to capture the angst from my adolescence, Tony Sandoval s Doomboy, Volume 1, is that novel Written and illustrated in a beautifully narrative fashion, seamless meshing present and past time sequences, Mr Sandoval takes us through D s grief, loss, rage, and love, after his first love dies.Through the process, we [...]

    18. This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book Rated 4.0 of 5This story of a young, heavy metal rocker whose girlfriend dies and he expresses his grief through his music.This sounds simple, and in many ways it is, but there s a real beauty to the manner and form in which this tale is told It s rather difficult to talk about the art and the story as separate entities because they are truly tied together so intricately here as a good graphic novel should do but I ll try.The art has a [...]

    19. Teen Angst Has Never Been So BeautifulThis graphic novel, released in France and available only now in an English translation, was an official selection at the 2012 Festival d Angouleme and won the Coup de Coeur Youth Jury prize Tony Sandoval, a Mexican author and illustrator who now works on Franco Belgian bandes dessinees, drawn strips , has been very successful in Europe and it seems to me that this volume, with its modern and accessible style, may be a crossover success with American readers [...]

    20. This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing no rithmatic , movies, TV Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here Graphic and children s reviews on the blog typically feature two or three images from the book s interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don t really do stars To me a book is either worth reading or it isn t I can t rate it three fifths worth [...]

    21. Sometimes music is the only thing that helps you get through the day For D, the longhaired metal kid from Tony Sandoval s Doomkid, music is the outlet to vent his emotions All his anger and despair over the death of his girlfriend pours out from his guitar as the wind howls and the waves crash onto his sordid existence Put on some Omega Massif and start reading While at the core a slice of life story, Doomboy s real talent lies in the vivid descriptions of D s guitar sessions Sandoval s gritty d [...]

    22. Doomboy by Tony Sandoval will be available for purchase later this month October 28th I was lucky enough to read an advance copy thanks to NetGalley This is my first graphic book in a very long time, possibly forever The story will touch your heart and the art will blow you away.Doomboy is the story of a lonely, metal obsessed teen who sends heartfelt songs to his dead girlfriend via a rigged broadcast station along the coast His music travels beyond the make shift broadcast station and is re br [...]

    23. Doomboy by Tony Sandoval tells the story of how loss can propel our creativity It s a harder edged story, but the art is kind of a strange juxtaposition to it, but I ended liking it.The characters look really young with the style of art, so it was a bit strange to see them cussing, drinking and hanging out in clubs I got used to the style and moved on to the story Young D or ID, it s hard to tell with the stylized way his name is spelled has recently lost his girlfriend and finds himself with a [...]

    24. Actual rating 3.5 5 StarsI don t read very many graphic novels but I feel like it s something that I should fix.Doomboy was a bittersweet graphic novel The art was a little confusing at times I still don t understand why some of these people had holes in their stomaches but overall, I really enjoyed it It feels rough and angry and some parts were beautiful It fit really well with the mood that I think the author wanted to portray.This page was probably my favorite in the whole book It mixes two [...]

    25. Questo non mi ha convinto Forse se l avessi letto prima delle altre opere di Sandoval Watersnakes, Il cadavere e il sof , ecc mi sarebbe piaciuto di pi , ma non ne sono neanche cos sicura.I temi sono sempre quelli morte, la capacit di affrontare il dolore e il suo superamento, e la crescita del protagonista, che equivale al suo ingresso nell et adulta.Il sovrannaturale e il surreale, insieme a una mitologia quasi lovecraftiana, si ritrovano un po in tutti i lavori di Sandoval, ma in Doomboy venu [...]

    26. READ THE ORIGINAL REVIEW ON MY BLOG thebookaddictsblogI got this ebook from Netgalley in return of an honest review Another graphic novel to add to my collection And this one I will definitely have to get my hands on the physical copy.I always feel sad, because there isn t much one can say about a graphic novel of this sort, but I will do my best to convey my thoughts.All throughout the book the atmosphere and plot line were so extraordinary and melancholic, sad and entertaining, depressing and [...]

    27. D s your typical long haired, black t shirt wearing young rocker whose love died tragically young Compounded with the loss of his girlfriend is a series of unfortunate events that makes him feel like the biggest loser ever To help soothe the hole in his heart literally , he decides to serenade the universe in hopes his heartfelt music reaches his dead girlfriend Instead, his music attains legendary status and attracts a bunch of admirers One admirer is the influential and beautiful Mina who also [...]

    28. I loved this book, Mr Sandoval is an incredible artist In this book he tells the story of Doomboy a gifted musician plagued by sorrow after the girl he loves dies As he tries not to be consumed with sorrow and reach his love in the beyond he sends out a series of great doom metal sessions out into the universe that end up unknowingly broadcast over the radio All those that hear the broadcast find them incredible and inspiring and moving and soon everyone wants a cassette tape yes cassette, not c [...]

    29. We all know that heavy metal rockers are Romantics and Impressionists and note the capitalization there, which means we re talking about literary and artistic schools at heart, right If you doubt it, check out Tony Sandoval s graphic novel Doomboy, Volume 1 Doomboy is a teenaged wannabe rocker who is mourning his dead girlfriend, and heartbreak can only be healed by the creative impulse Well, perhaps not healed let s say ameliorated instead And this simple plot leads to some of the most heart op [...]

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