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  • Title: How to Make a Golem (and Terrify People)
  • Author: Alette J. Willis
  • ISBN: 9780863158407
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
  • You think you re a fairy godmother or something I asked Or something, Michael agreed Edda is tired of her nickname, Mouse , and wants to be braver But when her house is burgled on her thirteenth birthday, Edda is afraid than ever That is until new boy Michael Scot starts school There s something peculiar and very annoying about know it all Michael He You think you re a fairy godmother or something I asked Or something, Michael agreed Edda is tired of her nickname, Mouse , and wants to be braver But when her house is burgled on her thirteenth birthday, Edda is afraid than ever That is until new boy Michael Scot starts school There s something peculiar and very annoying about know it all Michael He claims to be a great alchemist who can help Edda overcome her fears by teaching her to build a golem But surely they can t bring a giant mud monster to life Can they Winner of the Kelpies Prize 2011.
    How to Make a Golem and Terrify People You think you re a fairy godmother or something I asked Or something Michael agreed Edda is tired of her nickname Mouse and wants to be braver But when her house is burgled on her thirteenth birth

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    1. It s easier to believe in things after dark I seem to say this a lot but this book was not what I was expecting Maybe I should just start reading synopses and stop throwing myself into books likeum, a literary bull in a library.Or something along those lines.This book was an incredibly sweet, well written story about a mouse girl who finds a way to stand up to bullies and weird boys with glasses and get muddy at the same time.It s also about facing your fears, friendship and believing in yoursel [...]

    2. Another irresistible title that made me say Yes, please when I came across it I was pleased to be able to download a time limited review copy from Netgalley On the surface, this was another children s book with an assemblage of elements that border on being clich s Edda the protagonist is a shy mostly loner who wishes she were brave and assertive There is a bully, but he eventually becomes friends with Edda, or at least achieves a sort of d tente with her There is a mysterious wizard.But there [...]

    3. Prior to reading this book, I had no idea what a Golem was I d only heard of Pokemon Golems I ve since learned about Golems and folklore.Edda is an easy kid with whom others can identify Her nickname is mouse and for good reason, she s practically afraid of her own shadow.She experiences pure terror after her house is broken in to and her birthday students stolen It s after this episode she meets an odd, eerie boy named Michael THE MICHAEL SCOT only one T named after the famous alchemist from th [...]

    4. Edda is a young girl whose family constantly moves around She s finally happy in Edinburgh and it s the longest that they ve lived anywhere The only things getting her down is a serious bully at school named Euan and the fact that she s scared of everything Then her house gets burglarized on her 12th birthday and Edda feels like she ll be scared forever She meets a strange boy in her school, Michael Scot, who claims he can help her overcome her fears by building a golem to protect herself Can Ed [...]

    5. I read this age appropriate book to my son as bedtime reading about managing fear Edda MacDonald is nicknamed Mouse for being so timid It doesn t help that she s new at her school my own son has switched schools two times , the target of a school bully bingo , and at the opening of the story her parents home is burglarized on Edda s birthday It s enough to make a child huddle in a corner or resort to procuring some extemely unwise protection.In this case, that protection is achieved with the hel [...]

    6. Edda is a thirteen year old that lets bullies and other dangers make her scared and anxious The day after her house is burglarized, a strange boy starts in her class, claiming to be Michael Scot, the alchemist She befriends Michael since he can give her something to stop her fear a golem They set about gathering items to make the creature, and succeed, but at what cost Now Edda, together with her best friend and worst enemy, must stop the creature The basic plot is entertaining frightened child [...]

    7. Originally reviewed here.It s easier to believe in things after dark.Edda the Mouse is turning thirteen, and her greatest birthday wish is to shed her demeaning nickname and become Edda the Brave This is hard when she s moved around so often she s constantly the new girl, ruthlessly picked on by Euan, and worst of all, her family s house is broken into and robbed while her and her parents are out for her birthday dinner Edda loses her presents, her stereo, but than that she loses her sense of s [...]

    8. A cute coming of age middle grade book about facing your fears How to Make a Golem and Terrify People is written from Edda s point of view The book opens with Edda sitting on her front lawn after burglars have broken into her house and taken her birthday presents We learn that Edda has moved around quite a bit in her 13 years, is nicknamed Mouse because she is always scared, and has only ever felt at home in this house Until she no longer does To keep her parents from moving again, she decides s [...]

    9. How to Make a Golem and Terrify People made me smile a lot That s saying something, since right before reading this I was in a bit of a reading slump I just don t know how you can feel down when adorable Scottish children are romping about on the pages of a book, getting into all sorts of mischief and mayhem Add in a little bit of alchemy and a few life lessons, and you have a story that is a great read.Edda was such a sweet young protagonist Although her character wasn t quite as vivid as I wou [...]

    10. Edda wants to live up to her first name, which was given to her in reference to a famous Viking and leave her nickname Mouse and all it implies behind her.At school some bully is making her life difficult and the safety she felt at home was shattered when some burglars broke into her home on her birthday She realizes they took than her new watch and iPod, but the sense of safety that was always connected for her with her home.She meets the new kid, who seems to be having special powers and who [...]

    11. A fantastic and magical tale about how we discover who we are and we grow up by leaving our fears behind.The story takes place in Edimburg, near the forest and the Corstorphine Hill reservation the descriptions of the city and the places where all Edda s adventures happen help us to imagine a completely new world And, since we all are used to the American literature and its scenarios, I have a bit of trouble picturing the city, so I searched for a few pictures of the place gorgeous The character [...]

    12. How to Make a Golem and Terrify People by Allete J Willis is a children s book set for publication on Jan 23 2012, that is appropriate for children around 10 and older Younger children with the reading skills for the book will enjoy it as well, but since the main character turns 12, it might be most relatable for those around the same age The story opens with Edda, nicknamed Mouse for her small size and gentle nature She wants to be braver, but keeps letting herself be frightened by a bully at s [...]

    13. Willis well written tale of a girl and her golem was filled with wonderful lessons of bullying, bravery, and friendship.Edda s turning twelve, unfortunately her big day is ruined when her happy and safe home is violated Thieves not only took her gifts, they stole her security as well When she meets the peculiar Michael Scot he offers her a way to be brave and safe with a little help from a golem.Edda should know, always be careful what you wish for When her wish does come true but is hazardous [...]

    14. Read the electronic ARC from NetGalley on my Kindle How to Make a Golem and Terrify People by Alette J Willis is an enjoyable read Edda, nicknamed Mouse by her parents for her small size and reticent nature, has to confront her fears and deal with a bully Michael Scot, the mysterious and annoying new boy in the neighborhood, helps her by teaching her how to make a golem Willis writing style is engaging and descriptive The story takes place in Scotland so some of the language and references may b [...]

    15. I came into this story knowing pretty much nothing about the plot beyond the title dang it why didn t you have a summary for this In a way, I m kind of glad Despite the rather okay opening, by the time after the burglary and Michael the mysterious starts to make his presence known in Edda s life I found myself irreversibly drawn into Alette Willis story Fans of coming of age novels with a supernatural bent will certainly enjoy this one Plus, who doesn t love a good golem in their middle school l [...]

    16. I read this story out loud to the boys It took us quite a while because it wasn t real riveting It took along time for something to actually happen There were times when we thought the main character, Edda, was not being real nice, especially to her best friend It took forever to find out whether or not there was really a golem.The story mostly concerned with Edda trying to learn how to be brave She takes a short cut though by building the golem instead of facing her fears herself I thought the [...]

    17. Edda also known as Mouse is tired of being afraid of everything When her house is broken into, she decides to become braver, teaming up with a boy named Michael Michael helps her build a golem that will protect her home only it goes badly and she, her friend Lucy, and her bully Euan need to stop the golem before it all gets out of hand.This book wasweird It was a fun read, don t get me wrong, but it was rather odd The characters left a little to be desired, although the development of Edda was f [...]

    18. Funny reading a book by somebody you know it took me a few pages for my conscious brain to shut up and let me enjoy the story, which I did, very much Edda is a totally believable young woman and the story is gripping I also never thought of it as a kid s book while I was reading My son, aged 7 but a good reader started How to Make a Golem when it first came out and, as is his habit and as the pile of books by his bed will testify, came to a stop at two thirds of the way through Now I m being pes [...]

    19. What a cute story I requested a copy of this book on NetGalley, mainly because it s middle grade and has a catchy theme I am SO GLAD I did I enjoyed the voice of this book from the get go The characters were alive, the storyline was perfectly paced with the PERFECT amount of spine tingles and creepiness thrown in and the ending worked perfectly I read it easily in one day, and the longer I sat reading it, the curious my kids became It is now in the hands of my 9 year old son grins I wholehearte [...]

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