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Love Your Body By Louise L. Hay,

  • Title: Love Your Body
  • Author: Louise L. Hay
  • ISBN: 9781561706020
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
  • If you find yourself challenged by a particular part of your body, use the appropriate affirmations daily until you achieve positive results This title brings you 54 affirmation treatments designed to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy, happy body.
    Love Your Body If you find yourself challenged by a particular part of your body use the appropriate affirmations daily until you achieve positive results This title brings you affirmation treatments designed to

    One thought on “Love Your Body”

    1. The I realize the true purpose and utility of positive affirmations, the Louise Hay s books mean to me The affirmations in here are almost necessary to combat the ambient bullying that our entire culture places on our bodies in order to engender insecurity and boost either sales of products or simply decrease the victim s quality of life I know many people scoff at positive affirmations, but for every meme that triangulates, compares and slanders your body there is a subsequent reaction and th [...]

    2. If you are a person who affirmations work for, or you would like to give something like this a try, I would suggest looking at the book in an actual bookstore before buying it, rather than getting it online like I did The affirmations in this book all felt so corny and disingenuous to me, and each one was almost exactly the same She could have written just one affirmation, and rather than specifying the body part, you d just fill in the blank with whatever Maybe other people don t think of these [...]

    3. I thought I d try reading affirmations but realized they must be my own in order for them to work The only line that was worth reading in this entire book was I kneel at the altar of myself Loved that one

    4. I truly agree with Louise Hay about her statement What we keep repeating becomes our truth , which makes it possible for us to change our reality for better Loving our body is essential for both our good physical and mental health and can be achieved by repeating these affirmations on a daily basis I also feel encouraged to create and use my own personal affirmations in getting to love my body.

    5. Wonderful work as usual Mind blowing Louise Hay always knows what to say The connection to the thought patterns and body parts always make sense Therefore it is easy to address.

    6. I believe in the power of positive psychology, and I appreciate that this book tries to dissipate many of the negativity seen and heard in our culture It is mostly positive affirmations which if you re not a fan of, you most likely won t enjoy this book The affirmations are nicely worded and target the negative thoughts we repeat to ourselves However I didn t like how long they were along with the directions to repeat to self 10 times a day as well as write them down somewhere also 10 times I ma [...]

    7. Just a book of affirmations but I believe positive self speak is a step in the right direction of manifestation and living life abundantly the law of attraction only works when you speak correctly and think correctly negative thoughts only bring negative results as it s not really a book book in my opinion but it s a nice little guide for helping to learn daily affirmations i ll give it two stars

    8. It was ok I thought it was a book book not just affirmations I might not have bought it had I known I will use this for the next two months of my pregnancy after I have the baby to see if they work I ll keep you posted.

    9. I got the audio version first for free and i liked it so much so i just had to have this book I Love Louise hays work and i belive in affirmations , its helping me to stay positive.

    10. I am loving all the affirmations I ve read from Louise Hay This book has body affirmations for each part of your body.

    11. Fabulous It is such a great reminder to love ALL parts of my body Thank you Louise for the reminder to have self love and push past fear.

    12. This is an amazing little book Every day I open it up and every day I m falling in love with my body I highly recommend this book

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