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Ask A Policeman By The Detection Club Anthony Berkeley Milward Kennedy Gladys Mitchell John Rhode Dorothy L. Sayers Helen de Guerry Simpson,

  • Title: Ask A Policeman
  • Author: The Detection Club Anthony Berkeley Milward Kennedy Gladys Mitchell John Rhode Dorothy L. Sayers Helen de Guerry Simpson
  • ISBN: 9780425101049
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
  • News tycoon Lord Comstock is greedy, ruthless, scandal mongering, and dead by Archbishop, MP, Scotland Yard Commissioner, or mysterious lady.1 Death at Hursley Lodge by John Rhode2 Mrs Bradley s Dilemma by Helen de Guerry Simpson3 Sir John Takes his Cue by Gladys Mitchell4 Lord Peter s Privy Counsel by Anthony Berkeley5 The Conclusions of Mr Roger Sheringham by Dorothy LNews tycoon Lord Comstock is greedy, ruthless, scandal mongering, and dead by Archbishop, MP, Scotland Yard Commissioner, or mysterious lady.1 Death at Hursley Lodge by John Rhode2 Mrs Bradley s Dilemma by Helen de Guerry Simpson3 Sir John Takes his Cue by Gladys Mitchell4 Lord Peter s Privy Counsel by Anthony Berkeley5 The Conclusions of Mr Roger Sheringham by Dorothy L Sayers6 If you want to know by Milward Kennedy
    Ask A Policeman News tycoon Lord Comstock is greedy ruthless scandal mongering and dead by Archbishop MP Scotland Yard Commissioner or mysterious lady Death at Hursley Lodge by John Rhode Mrs Bradley s Dilem

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    1. Depois de Quem Matou o Almirante , publicado em 2014, a cole o Crime Hora do Ch aposta novamente na escrita a v rias m os do The Detection Club com este Perguntem ao Pol cia Lembro me de j n o ter ficado maravilhada com o anterior livro, mas este Perguntem ao Pol cia deixou me ainda mais decepcionada E eu que j estou f desta s rieMas parece que n o sou a nica J naquela poca Agatha Christie tecia duras cr ticas a alguns membros do clube, do qual tamb m ela fazia parte Este foi o quarto livro do c [...]

    2. I think the books and stories the Detection Club did together must have been a lot of fun to do and to share around with other writers, but they come off less well for someone outside that context, and particularly given that many of the authors and detectives are no longer well known Sayers Lord Peter were the only ones I knew from this bunch, so the parody and playing in other people s sandboxes doesn t really interest me.Going through the same murder in however many different ways just didn t [...]

    3. Lord Comstock is murdered in his country house There are plenty of suspects Mills, his secretary an Archbishop who had a loud altercation with him minutes before he died the Parliamentary Chief Whip who had called to see him and a commissioner of police who had also called to see him That s not to mention the servants and any stranger who happened to be passing the gates of his house from which his open study window was visible.John Rhode describes the initial crime and Helen Simpson, Gladys Mit [...]

    4. Ask a Policeman is written by members of The Detection Club Four members are asked to come up with a solution of who killed Lord Comstock, a newspaper tycoon, found shot dead in his study The authors and their detectives are jumbled so that each member uses anothers detective The only detective I was familiar with was Lord Peter Wimsey, but it did make me want to go back and read of the others It was strange to have so many solutions An odd but interesting experiment.

    5. Ask a Policeman provides a treat albeit an uneven one thanks to a collaboration of six mostly British mystery writers who were members of the noteworthy Detection Club Dame Agatha Christie was a member, although she did not work on Ask a Policeman The 1934 novel began as an idea of Milward Kennedy, who wrote the Sir George Bull series and who also came up with the title The author of the Dr Lancelot Priestley series, John Rhode, penned the first fifth of the novel, Part I, which sets up the prem [...]

    6. I got this mainly because it said AGATHA CHRISTIE in really large font on the cover As it turns out, she only wrote the preface But I guess she was the most well known member, so her name has to be biggest.Ask a Policeman is a group mystery Basically, someone wrote the set up unpleasant man gets murdered, everyone has a motive and 4 members write their deduction down.The twist is, all of them are writing with a detective that isn t theirs In other words, it s Fanfiction of a sort.After all four [...]

    7. Self satisfied and unashamedly self serving, Lord Comstock was a newspaper tycoon with enemies pretty much everywhere He had no scruples when it came to the material published in his newspapers and was always on the look out for the next person or institution to attack some things never change, eh There was no great surprise therefore that someone would want to do him in but, when Lord Comstock was found dead in the study of his country retreat, his murder proved a particularly complex matter fo [...]

    8. Who murdered Lord Comstock Four famous fictional amateurs, set free from the hands of their original creators, offer their own solutions The result is an interesting but uneven experiment in collaborative crime writing John Rhode sets up the mystery beautifully, and Berkeley and Sayers are typically excellent, even when switching protagonists Yet, the element of parody was probably fun for the writers than the readers, and the book is unsurprisingly disjointed The lowpoint comes with Milward Ke [...]

    9. The Detection Club books are like writing exercises than stories, and with that in mind I liked it for what it was This one had the authors trade sleuths, and present a solution at the end of that character s segment Anthony Berkeley s merciless skewering of Peter Wimsey was the hilarious standout in addition to providing a cracking solution , some of the others were lost on me, as I wasn t familiar with the source material Milward Kennedy s resolution was by comparison and in his own words a c [...]

    10. If you re looking for a mystery book written in the usual Dorothy Sayers style, skip this book If you d enjoy reading a mystery with a puzzle with many possible endings explored, this is the book for you I really enjoyed it It was the first book that I ve read written by the members of the famous Detection Club It will not be the last Happy reading

    11. 2.5 stars.While a nice parody, of the same death, with different detectives and different solutions yet the outcome was the same as I had determined already.Had Agatha Christie done a collaborative piece we may have had one of her famous detectives come up with the same outcome.

    12. I m confused.The set up was beautiful I enjoyed the different approach that Sir Philip took to get this murder solved I quite enjoyed the way that John Rhode set it up.I also liked that each of the detectives had a different way about figuring out who dunnit it Sir Peter was by far my favourite solver However, it was very interesting to see that four people could interpret the same facts in four different ways Each one came up with a different murder and it was really cool to see all the ways th [...]

    13. Not only are the various chapters of this written by different Golden Age authors some of whom have retained their fame, e.g Dorothy Sayers some of whom are comparatively unknown, e.g Helen Simpson , but the editors have mistakenly assigned each one the wrong detective to write about When a millionaire newspaper owner is killed in his study, everyone has a motive including his visitors, who include an archbishop, the opposing Party Whip, and the assistant commissioner of police By the end, too m [...]

    14. Fantastic, and the satire was funny An anthology of defferent detectives who was trying to solve a murder case which assigned with dissimilar conclusion It wont really tells you who was the culprit you have to decide it on your own Each Detection Club will give you a clear case what happened, and you as a reader will picked a sleuth who you d think deserving upon solving the case.The Comstock mystery caseI really enjoyed it Hopefully, the Detection Club will make some stories, and this time eac [...]

    15. An ingenious collaboration of some of the finest members of the Detection Club I especially appreciated their difficulty in switching main characters though I did NOT appreciate Anthony Berkeley turning my beloved Lord Peter into a thundering idiot in truth as well as facade, especially when Sayers handled his Roger Sheringham so exquisitely The final solution or was it was neat in its simplicity, even if its author did cheat in introducing new facts and dismissing certain others.There are alway [...]

    16. The book was put together in an interesting way, with different authors writing different parts.As I was reading, I was confused though, because I had not realised that each of these authors would solve the case So once a chapter ended, the next chapter had the new amateur sleuth solving the case again.With all the different solutions and descriptions of how the detective arrived at this conclusion, reading became a bit tedious I felt relief when the book was done.

    17. Considering it is the work of six authors, four writing using established characters that aren t their own, this reads well.Some inconsistencies but all in all a period puzzle whodunit that s an enjoyable read.Would be good to see examples of a similar kind from different generations of the Detection Club.

    18. Fun to have several mystery writers writing solutions for each other s detectives, but somewhat tedious by the end, after each has worked through the same case Helen Simpson s version of Mrs Bradley was my favorite, but I don t know if that was the detective which means I need to get my hands on some Gladys Mitchell books or the writer.

    19. Very tedious and far too long Having enjoyed The Floating Admiral by The Detection Club, I thought I d try this one John Rhode s opening is good but the switching of writers and their sleuths did not work well in my opinion Berkeley s Wimsey was so well over wimseyed as to make it ridiculous.I was very disappointed.

    20. After an overly long, but necessarily detailed, introductory set up we re treated to four neat pastiches of eminent pre war detective writers Anthony Berkeley s gentle tweaking of Dorothy L Sayers whiskers with his description of Lord Peter Wimsey s luncheon is an unexpected treat

    21. This was really writers writing for each other, not for readers a mystery round robin But they were writing each others characters which must have been fun for them, but resulted in an oddly boring story.Almost unreadable I had to force myself to keep reading.

    22. Cada um dos detectives chegou a uma conclus o diferente, e at bastante cred vel, com os factos que lhe foram apresentados e por cada um deles esmiu ados e, afinal o assassino completamente imprevis vel Gostei

    23. This is a really fun, original and ingenious idea for a book I love the way the authors take each others detectives and parody them with such delight The solutions are very clever, and I especially loved the footnotes in two of the chapters they were hilarious

    24. Policial bastante confuso A edi o portuguesa d a ideia que tamb m n o est muito bem traduzida.N o gostei muito e por isso n o recomendo.

    25. I originally bought this book just because of the entry by Dorothy L Sayers, one of my favorite mystery writers.

    26. I like the fact some of my favourite authors switched characters was an interesting take especially since each had a different solution to the problem.

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