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Comeback Love By Peter Golden,

  • Title: Comeback Love
  • Author: Peter Golden
  • ISBN: 9781451656329
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Paperback
  • What would you do if you had a second chance with the one that got away More than thirty five years ago, Gordon Meyers, an aspiring writer with a low number in the draft lottery, packed his belongings and reluctantly drove away, leaving behind Glenna Rising, the sexy, sharp witted med student he couldn t imagine living without Now, decades later, Gordon is a former globeWhat would you do if you had a second chance with the one that got away More than thirty five years ago, Gordon Meyers, an aspiring writer with a low number in the draft lottery, packed his belongings and reluctantly drove away, leaving behind Glenna Rising, the sexy, sharp witted med student he couldn t imagine living without Now, decades later, Gordon is a former globe trotting consultant with a grown son, an ex wife, and an overwhelming desire to see Glenna again Though she s stunned when Gordon walks into her Manhattan office, Glenna agrees to accompany him for a drink As the two head out into the snow swept city, they rediscover the passion that once drew them together before it tore them apart And as the evening unfolds, Gordon will finally reveal the true reason for his return Comeback Love is an evocative journey into the hearts of two lovers who came of age in the 1960s, and who never truly let each other go Plumbing the depths of youth, regret, and desire, Peter Golden deftly illuminates the bonds that mysteriously endure in the face of momentous change.
    Comeback Love What would you do if you had a second chance with the one that got away More than thirty five years ago Gordon Meyers an aspiring writer with a low number in the draft lottery packed his belongings

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    1. When I was reading some of the press material about this debut literary fiction novel from Atria Books an imprint of Simon Schuster , I noticed this quotation from Susan Novotny of Staff Picks Press If you are a boomer who fell in love in the late 60s and early 70s, this book is for you Well, I m not and I didn t I wasn t born until several years later but I still feel that this book is for me It opens with the protagonist, Gordon Meyers, looking up his former lover, Glenna From this point on, t [...]

    2. It s present day and Gordon Meyers visits the graves of his dead father, aunt and uncle With snow falling, he speaks to their ghosts and silently cries for an uncontrollable future that rests on the precipice and then he gets in his car and drives to Manhattan, a city as full of ghosts as his hometown cemetery While in the big city, Gordon cannot help but return to old haunts and visit a woman from his past A woman, who has never been far from his mind not even when he married, had a son, divor [...]

    3. Summary Thirty five years ago, aspiring writer Gordon Meyers and med student Glenna Rising fell in love However, the events that were happening in the country and around the world significantly affected their relationship Gordon is drafted to Vietnam, while Glenna is an activist for a highly controversial cause These circumstances impact their relationship and they decide to break up Now, Gordon is a father, divorced, and a government consultant He s also never gotten over Glenna While on his wa [...]

    4. I really loved this book and the way the narrative was constructed So many stories that move between past and present have difficulty keeping the reader from feeling this sense of bouncing back and forth This story unfolds in such a way that the reader is left with a smooth evolving tail of the characters, gaining and insight about Gordon, Glenna and their sphere of family and friends as the critical moments of their story come to light So many of the stories of romance that are out there are [...]

    5. A beautiful story about a first love always engaging, page turning, and tense Fantastic dialogue and some true laughs This will appeal to both women and men and even those who have opinions on wars in our society Recommended RECOMMENDED RECOMMENDED

    6. Finally, I stumble upon a love story that is riveting with such delight, force, full of romance and so truly becoming that I fell completely and deeply mad in love with this book I literally fell head over heels in love with these characters couple, as they did with each other This debut fiction novel by Peter Golden surpasses a 5 star rating in this reader s opinion This is a love story that is absolutely radiant, one you will not soon forget, as it will leave an imprint on your own heart This [...]

    7. Originally posted on my blog book spark G Never fear 10 yrs from now, when you re looking at this picture, I m going to be looking at it with you.I love you,G 4.5 stars Wow Wow wow wow wow wow I never imagined a romance could ever be so good perfect That is the one word I can use to describe Comeback Love.The premise of this novel is truly unique Gordon Meyers is a fifty something man who lost the love of his life about thirty years go He has never truly been able to let her go so he goes in sea [...]

    8. Another book picked because I liked the cover I was drawn in by the photo of a couple walking in the middle of the street on a gray overcast day,it looks like the aftermath of a snowstorm The girl in a red wool pea coat and pale pink woolly hat, the guy in a black peacoat and red beanie, both in dark pants,arms around each other, walking buildings towering over them in the city The story is about Gordon Meyers and Glenna Rising A couple who meet in the 60 s, having what is a rollercoaster love a [...]

    9. To be young and in love And then to lose it all.It was the late 1960 s and Gordon Meyers, perpetual college student and aspiring writer, was so far lucky enough to have been spared being drafted to the military On an assignment to write about abortion reform for a local newspaper, Gordon meets medical student, Glenna Rising She is smart and beautiful and she is everything that Gordon has ever wanted They fall in love.And then on New Year s Eve in 1969, Gordon drives away from the home that he an [...]

    10. I am conflicted about this book I really, really wanted to love it because I love stories that involve second chances and taking risks But as much as I love those, I was discouraged because I felt as if Comeback Love flirted with the potential for a really good story and just fell a little bit short.That s not to say it wasn t good story, because it was It was just hugely ambitious and all of the back and forth, historic events, life changing events and roller coaster emotions made me feel as if [...]

    11. one line summary A debut novel about a man and his romantic quest to find the woman he loved and lost years before.Comeback Love is a sweet story, without being syrupy sweet The time frame alternates between 1968 69 and today, with a few years in between.I especially enjoyed reading about the 1968 year this is the year the United States politcal and social made a huge shift That is the same year when the characters Glenna and Gordon meet each other, fall in love and move in together They come of [...]

    12. After decades apart, can two people find love again Will everything work out Is the pain of the breakup still there Have the both of you grown from the experience What would you do with a second chance Peter Golden tackles all that in his novel Comeback Love.The book alternates between the present and the past In the present, Gordon Meyers is a successful consultant He has a son he adores and an ex wife But now his life is in turmoil and it leads him back to his first love Dr Glenna Rising Wanti [...]

    13. To say I liked this story is an understatement This novel is for all of us that at one time or another questioned ourselves about our first love, and how come we let it slip through our fingers.There s so much to recommend this story that I honestly don t know where to begin This is well written, character driven and very moving story that will grab you from the first page It will then take you on a journey of love lost and love found, while in the background past and current events will eerily [...]

    14. Gordon was immediately drawn to Glenna when they met Drawn in by her passion, Gordon had a tumultuous and emotional relationship with Glenna Things gradually begin to go wrong though, and soon something that seemed very right is very wrong Thirty plus years after a horrible end, Gordon is once again seeking Glenna As the grasp to figure out what went wrong in the past, they also work together to figure out their futures Can you relive the past I found this story very interesting The book begins [...]

    15. Comeback Love by Peter Golden This book is about Gordon Meyers who is a writer and going to college, to keep out of the war.Glenna Rising is studying to be a doctor and they get wrapped up in the rallies marches protests that deal with abortions She is able to perform abortions where you suction out the cells She doesn t feel it s a fetus till after 12 weeks.They start dating and go to the rallies and protest marches in the city.This love story goes in a different direction and they each move on [...]

    16. This is hands down the best book I ve read all year so far I fell hard for this book from the moment it grabbed me in the first couple of pages I ve waited all year for a book to do that to me and it was such a pleasant journey I couldn t put it down and finished it during a couple late nights of not sleeping to keep reading.What I enjoyed most about this story was that you really understand why Gordon goes searching for Glenna after twenty years and Peter Golden was masterful in writing the dia [...]

    17. Drugs, abortion clinics, Vietnam war and Afghanistan war are the many pressure points that this book highlights within one couple s journey together and apart Jumping between the past and the present, the reader is taken back into the Vietnam Woodstock time to find a couple trying to find their way both in their own individuality and within the couple Gordon was young man who wasn t quite sure what path he wanted to take, but he did know he wanted Glenna by his side the entire way Glenna was pur [...]

    18. Comeback Love is a debut novel by Peter Golden and is a story of the love affair between Gordon Meyers, a journalist college student and wannabe novelist and Glenna Rising, med student in the late 60 s and present day where Gordon is a consultant and Glenna is a physician In the late 60 s, in the time of the Vietnam war, peace, love and drugs, Gordon meets Glenna and is immediately taken with her beauty and intelligence They move in together and because of certain circumstances break up and lose [...]

    19. Comeback Love is a nicely written story about timeless love Told through the voice of Gordon Meyers, this book alternates between past and present Peter Golden s choice to swing back and forth between present day and the past allows the reader to gain a better understanding of the inner workings of Gordon and Glenna their feelings, their thoughts, as well as their inner struggles The story spans from the 60 s through present day As the story progresses you can correlate how the various global an [...]

    20. Peter Golden s debut novel is sharp, clever and compelling with two characters that will burrow into your heart When they fell in love in the 60 s, life was different than it is now Their differing opinions and beliefs drove them apart, even though they still cared for one another Now, thirty five years later, Gordon wants to re connect with Glenna Even though they ve both had great careers and have both been married, they decide to try again But what if you can t go back With women s rights, po [...]

    21. Who doesn t love a good story about second chances at relationships with The One That Got Away With a well fleshed out narrator and a great perspective on New York in the 1960s, Comeback Love swept me up right away.I wish I had believed in the importance of Glenna and Gordon s romance , but he was such a jealous jerk in their youthful stage that it was hard for me to think that she d really want him back later in life On the other hand, it was his jealousy and ultimately the trajectory of change [...]

    22. Come back Love Go Back to the Library.At first I thought hmm this is really simple sounding Maybe this is a new, clever way to write Then I thought, actually, no, this is appallingly bad Let me check the GR rating maybe I picked this one up by accident 3.7 I must keep on Then I realized it was only getting worse, remembered that these ratings are sometimes self selecting, and I have only one life to live.

    23. Loved it Couldn t put it down Gordon and Glenna are characters I cared about I wanted to know their story These two characters were so well developed particularly Gordon First love through a man s point of view was very well done and revealing At times you could feel Gordon burning over on Mars completely flummoxed by his Venus The other characters Robin and Biff as well as the families were great foils for the main characters but interesting on their own.

    24. Peter is coming to visit our store next week and I best have this one under my belt in advance Reads like Love Story redux Middle class boy meets rich girl fall wildly in lust boy loses girl in stupid fight 30 years go by man finds woman sparks fly secrets revealed will they won t they

    25. Written by a local Albany Author, Peter Golden A nice read He will be joining us for our book club discussion soon, which I really like.

    26. Having come of age at the same time, I really thought I d relate to this book It was a good read, but nothing special.

    27. Interesting, a little predictable, definitely from a male perspective, overall I enjoyed the characters and story.

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