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The Spirit Box By J.H. Glaze,

  • Title: The Spirit Box
  • Author: J.H. Glaze
  • ISBN: 9780983906902
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Paranormal Horror Thriller that delivers It s a unique tale that reshapes and redefines the Modern Paranormal Genre When Walt Turner s mother died, he inherited her apartment and the antique shop below After losing his job due to the treachery of a co worker, The Spirit Box calls to him from the darkness of the shop with an offer of revenge Lured by the promise of ulA Paranormal Horror Thriller that delivers It s a unique tale that reshapes and redefines the Modern Paranormal Genre When Walt Turner s mother died, he inherited her apartment and the antique shop below After losing his job due to the treachery of a co worker, The Spirit Box calls to him from the darkness of the shop with an offer of revenge Lured by the promise of ultimate power and eternal life by the prisoner inside the box, Walt agrees to help it gather the final spirits it requires to return to human form John Hazard is investigating a series of murders and missing persons in this otherwise quiet town His perceptions of reality are about to be altered in a life changing confrontation that will force him beyond the boundaries of darkness and ancient evil It is a spiraling descent into madness, where you may have everything you desire, if only you are willing to sacrifice all that you believe When you look into The Spirit Box, be prepared to have than your breath taken away.
    The Spirit Box A Paranormal Horror Thriller that delivers It s a unique tale that reshapes and redefines the Modern Paranormal Genre When Walt Turner s mother died he inherited her apartment and the antique shop be

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    1. I enjoyed The Spirit Box so much I took it to work with me and read it on breaks You never know what you re going to get with an author s first book, but JH Glaze really surprised me with a unique style that weaves together a tale of paranormal suspense without taking itself too seriously I would definitely recommend this book.

    2. WARNING Don t take this book to bed I did, and I couldn t stop reading However, in spite of the dark circles under my eyes, I recommend The Spirit Box It s like no other book I ve read When s the next book

    3. I know it is unusual for an author to review their own book, but I have been hearing a lot of awesome feedback from those who have read it This also gives me a chance to tell you that it is so different from most anything I ve read it was hard to classify it If you like a good Horror Paranormal Thriller novel that reads fast, you ll like this book I d be willing to bet on it Caution Adult Language, some graphic scenes, some adult situations but this book is NOT erotica and NOT a hacker like Frid [...]

    4. I finished reading The Spirit Box in less than two days, as it was an effortless and magnificent read This is another one of those books which I would purchase straight off the shelf of a bookstore, on the stunning cover alone So let me jump right in and tell you everything I loved about this book.The two main characters, Walt Turner and Detective John Hazard, each have their own story line which comes nicely together at the end of the book.Walt I can only describe as strange I didn t know wheth [...]

    5. If you enjoy murder mystery stories, Mr Glaze has written the story for you The Spirit Box is a story definitely about a box that steals spirits from unsuspected people that are brought to it It needs the spirits in order to come back to life one day and the box does a favor for a favor Walt s mother has passed away and left him her antique shop along with the apartment above it He s dreamt about the box and finds it where his dreams have sent him Detective John Hazard has been assigned a double [...]

    6. Firstly can I just say that as much as I get why the author used this cover, I think its very ugly and doesn t do the story any justice at all We all know we shouldn t judge a book by its cover, but lets face it, most of us do, and to be honest, I wouldn t have looked at this book just based on the cover art.Having said that, the author asked me to review this work, and I am very glad they did This story is definitely unique, I ve never read anything like it before This story makes you think I m [...]

    7. Hi y all Anne here and I have just finished reading The Spirit Box by J.H Glaze What a great freaking book, this is a book I am so glad I got to read it s supernatural and a super great read The story starts is the prologue where the author tells an amazingly twisted story of preserving life after death in a small hand made box, where the persons heart must be placed and remain The books is captivating simply because the story is so twisted and cool Be careful what you ask for in life but be eve [...]

    8. I won The Spirit Box from a blog contest and it came signed by the author The story is a creepy genie rendition I got caught up in the story and kept wondering what would happen next Walt is a believable character His personality and setbacks are very real but I felt he was too gullible In the beginning he was skeptical and hesitant but once things started happening he kept doing what the box told him even when he didn t like the outcome, hoping things would turn out right I thought how he appro [...]

    9. First off, I have as of this post read this book 3 times I LOVE THE SPIRIT BOX JH s writing had me sleeping with the lights on and 1 eye open The twists and turns in this book are better than any rollercoaster you could ever imagine The Spirit Box opens with Walt Turners mom peering through the window of an antique shop I loved all of the vivid details I felt like I was in the shop and was totally ready to make a purchase myself based on JH s writing You are then introduced to Walt A man willing [...]

    10. I won this book in a giveaway and received it from the author I have to say that this is one of the most interesting books I have read to date Walt finds The Spirit Box in his departed mother s antique shop after having several dreams about where it was located He is unable to open it himself but soon the box starts talking to him and convinces him to help the box finish his quest After an unfortunate incident at work, Walt has no guilt in bringing a co worker to the box He is required to bring [...]

    11. Gritty and greedy Wowwhat a ride.Spooky, down to earth, believable characters, a good balance of dialogue, and fast action I like all that stuff and it s in The Spirit Box This is a fun read for people who like their characters to be good AND bad You ll meet Walta nice enough guy who s just greedy enough to get into terrible trouble with something much bigger and meaner than him, and you ll also get introduced to John Hazard, a good guy cop who is nonetheless nobody s angel Heh I like them both [...]

    12. The spirit boxIt has taken me awhile to write this review because i am at a loss as how to get all the incredible details in without giving anything away The Spirit Box is a creative phenomenal piece of paranormal Work with a storyline and characters that will blow your mind , with every twist and turn this rollercoaster of a story will reach out and capture your mind, heart and soul A story that has you thinking and believing you really should be careful what you wish for It might just come tru [...]

    13. I absolutely LOVED this book So much suspence, and a twist that will blow your mind I loved the beginning when it goes into detail how this woman came upon this box that could make her dream come true Then it jumps into the story where we meet Walt, who is pretty much having a crappy time in his life, until he finds this boxThen it doesn t get much better either, although he is running around and doing the boxes bidding Women chasing Walt through the grocery store Practically going wild to get t [...]

    14. Wow This is a great book I was drawn in the first few pages, and stayed there the whole way If you like books that are fantasy, little bit horror, and detective novels this will be one you will want to read By the end of it I was feeling a little sorry for Walt, but you are likely to find yourself feeling that too And it was a good thing that Det John Hazard was there He likely saved the world No, I m not going into any spoilers But this is a great book and depending on your reading style you ca [...]

    15. What would you do to gain all your desires Would you listen to a voice inside your head, that claims its coming from the antique box sitting on your table This story grabbed me from the prologue and never let go Walt Turner s story of life has been like just like anyone else Average guy, average job, average life Untile dreams seemed real than fantasy, and he had to determine if they were real, that is when he finds the box in the antique store that his mom owned for years Then his life is turn [...]

    16. The storyline isn t bad but the writing in this book is AWFUL Most fanfiction writers that I follow are better writers than this author The style felt very juvenile to me I didn t really feel much for any of the characters they all felt very two dimensional and stereotypical to me I was relieved to find an explanation, or sorts, near the end for why one character kept going along with the box This was a loaner from which I got when I was able to pick up the second book in the series for free I w [...]

    17. The Spirit Box by JH Glaze is an awesome read Throughout the entire book, the plot keeps you guessing I love how I couldn t guess what was going to happen next This is the perfect book for my taste The plot is on an entirely different level The twists and turns within keep you sitting on the edge of your seat As I finished it today, I was trying to beat the clock I didn t want to put it down until I finished it Although I needed to get my daughter from the bus shortly before I actually did finis [...]

    18. Finished this a couple days ago This id by far one of the greatest books I have read in quite some time Glaze is a self published author and he constructs a world you can really get into GREAT cast of characters also I don t want to give anything away so I won t say anyI HIGHLY RECOMMEND The Spirit Box

    19. JH Glaze has an amazing ability to draw you in and scare your pants off The spirit box has that edge of your seat, white knuckle effect where your mind is screaing Noooo don t do it and you really just want to skip forward a few pages to make sure Walt does the right thing Be warned though, this is no happy ever after fairytale story It is supernatual horror at it s best.

    20. I really REALLY enjoyed this book I don t want to give spoilers, but it s a new take on the old Be careful what you wish for theme With a little, there is always a price for magic thrown in I recommend this to anyone who enjoys suspense, mystery, and the supernatural Well done JH

    21. by J.H Glaze This is a review from 2011 when i read read the book I ve had move all my GR s stuff to a new account, but still remember this book This is a review from the First Edition, Limited Printing of 100, Signed Copies With Original Blue Cover so some things in the revised edition are slightly different from what I ve heard.It s is one of unique books I have ever read The premise was definitely not one I ve seen before in a paranormal thriller genre It is a fun, kick butt, kick back and en [...]

    22. Walt inherits his mother s apartment and antique shop below after his mother passes away A co worker deliberately betrays Walt s confidence causing him to lose his job.The Spirit Box calls to him from the dark shadows of the shop below with a way to seek and get revenge against the co worker.WOW , I actually won THE SPIRIT BOX and finally had the chance to read it, to Take a look inside the Box YeahThis is a short version of my original review that I had wrote, I tend to give to much so the othe [...]

    23. Review of Spirit Box by Duncan McGonall, author of Bread of FoolsIn prose that reminds me of the style and directness of Sophocles, Jeff Glaze relates a bizarre tale with chilling implications True to his short story style, Spirit Box is full of sudden surprises Glaze artfully portrays, Walt, as a regular guy, just trying to make ends meet since the loss of his mother His demeanor, his experiences, his hopes and career goals all paint a picture so effective that the reader resists its systematic [...]

    24. OMGosh what a wickedly spellbinding read Originally posted on October 31, 2011, updated on November 29, 2016 ARC for Review OMGosh, what a hellacious, wicked, and thrilling ride Perfect for Halloween too When Walt Turner s mother died, he inherited her apartment and the antigue shop below After losing his job due to the treachery of a co worker, The Spirit Box calls to him from the shadows of the shop with an offer of revenge.Lured by the promise of ultimate power and eternal life, agrees to hel [...]

    25. Spirit Box by J H Glaze was recommended to me by a friend and even came with a special recommendation I was slightly biased against the book because of the hype but only after a few pages I had forgotten all about it and was sucked into this exciting and magnificent story.In the prologue we learn about a mysterious box being sold in an antique shop It is meant to contain the heart of an ancient king and gives the owner some magical or supernatural rewards for keeping it In the first chapter that [...]

    26. Who needs to read this book The Prologue alone is one of the best written tales I ve read, recently If so much is packed into this tiny glimpse into the story, one can only imagine what is going to be ahead when you turn to chapter one I highly recommend that you do, indeed, read the story in addition to the prologue though Make sure you read the prologue, so many people tend to skip over this part of a book because they think it will be a spoiler, a repetitious section of the story, or just not [...]

    27. I dont usually read books of the Horror genre,but when I ordered this book for my husband,I promised Jeff I would TRY to read and review it To my surprise,I truly enjoyed it I actually would classify this book as thriller than horror.Jeff Glaze writes with a no nonsense,in your face,total story teller of today flair that you cant help but admire The plot is a rather odd,but fascinating,idea An ancient gold box that houses the spirit of a long dead evil king,recruits hapless Walter into providin [...]

    28. J.H Glaze gave me the privilege to read his book I hadn t read the excerpt or anything This book was not my normal read I normally read of the paranormal young adult books This book was centered on the adult readers due to a lot of bad language and visuals the author writes However, I was impressed on how well written and thought out the book was It had many twists in it that I did not foresee The story starts out decades earlier where a women enters a shop and the owner sells a wooden box to [...]

    29. I know, I m slow when it comes to posting the reviews and I m sorry, but I ve had a lot of finals lately THIS BOOK ROCKS It rocked my world from the beginning The Spirit Box is so full of mystery, twists, and turns and is quite a spooky book at times.I could not put it down, I took it with me everywhere I 3 kindle And the reason for that is pretty obvious it s just too good to put down The book is fresh it s totally different from other books in the same genre The characters are awesome, well de [...]

    30. When Walter Turner s mother passed away, he inherited his mother s apartment and a small antique store below it Walter lose his job through no fault of his own His co worker left out some valuable information that he need for the job he was doing for the boss Walter is a loner and has no friends at all Walter decided to take a look in his mother s antique shop for something worth some money Walter finds this strange looking box The box was made with a lot of gold and had a man face carved on it [...]

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