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Ujamaa-Essays on Socialism By Julius Nyerere,

  • Title: Ujamaa-Essays on Socialism
  • Author: Julius Nyerere
  • ISBN: 9780195014747
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
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    Ujamaa Essays on Socialism None

    One thought on “Ujamaa-Essays on Socialism”

    1. Ujamaa by Julius K Nyerere, is a collection of essays and pamphlets, a mix of ideals and strategies for establishing the new Tanzania on a socialist foundation of mutual aid and equality It is a very different kind of work than Freire s quite intellectual theorisations of the role of struggle and popular education, or Myles Horton s storytelling, yet all three contain very similar and inspiring understandings of radical and revolutionary change Perhaps my favourite quote encapsulates for me a ke [...]

    2. As a socialist, this is an amazingly thought provoking book for me Nyerere lays out the basis for his theory of African socialism, which differs from European socialism in several important ways, but most importantly in that Nyerere s work locates communal living and communal tradition at the heart of the socialist project He points out at one point, and I think this is a great insight, that European socialists fetishize capitalism, making it the necessary precondition for socialism, as well as [...]

    3. A fascinating book, unlike many books on the topic of socialism of the time, this book does not bombard its readers with complicated and or vague concepts The reason for this is the original audience, the book is a collection of papers written to be read across Tanzania and to be understood by every citizen of average intelligence This does not mean that this book is mere propaganda material or a book without any nuance and depth On the contrary the author Nyerere former president of Tanzania an [...]

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