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Martin Van Buren and the American Political System By Donald B. Cole, Martin Van Buren Further information Family of Martin Van Buren Van Buren was born as Maarten Van Buren on December , , in the village of Kinderhook, New York, about miles km south of Albany on the Hudson River By American law, he was the first U.S president not born a Martin Van Buren Biography, Presidency, Facts Britannica Martin Van Buren, born December , , Kinderhook, New York, U.S died July , , Kinderhook , eighth president of the United States and Martin Van Buren The White House Martin Van Buren was the eighth President of the United States , after serving as the eighth Vice President and the tenth Secretary of State, both under President Andrew Jackson While Martin Van Buren U.S Vice President, U.S Apr , Martin Van Buren was born on December , , in Kinderhook, New York He studied law and held various political positions before serving as U.S senator, as secretary of state and as vice Martin Van Buren National Historic Site U.S National Nov , Martin Van Buren was able to unite those groups becoming president in As frustration and violence over the extension of slavery grew in the s, Van Buren ran for the presidency twice from this house He hoped to unite sectional interests but Plan Your Visit Martin Van Buren National Historic Site Aug , A view of Martin Van Buren s home, Lindenwald, as well as the promenade in front of the East side of the building National Park Service What to Do When to Visit The visitor season runs from late May to the end of October at Martin Van Buren NHS. Martin Van Buren Miller Center Overview Martin Van Buren said that the two happiest days of his life were his entrance into the office of President and his surrender of the office While his political opponents were glad to see him go they nicknamed him Martin Van Ruin many Americans were not. Presidency of Martin Van Buren His formal education ended in , when he began reading law at the office of Peter Silvester and his son Francis, prominent Federalist Party attorneys in Kinderhook.

  • Title: Martin Van Buren and the American Political System
  • Author: Donald B. Cole
  • ISBN: 9781590910290
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Paperback
  • Donald Cole analyzes the political skills that brought Van Buren the nickname Little Magician, describing how he built the Albany Regency which became a model for political party machines and how he created the Democratic party of Andrew Jackson.Originally published in 1984.The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print on demand technology to again make available pDonald Cole analyzes the political skills that brought Van Buren the nickname Little Magician, describing how he built the Albany Regency which became a model for political party machines and how he created the Democratic party of Andrew Jackson.Originally published in 1984.The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print on demand technology to again make available previously out of print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press These paperback editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback editions The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.
    Martin Van Buren and the American Political System Donald Cole analyzes the political skills that brought Van Buren the nickname Little Magician describing how he built the Albany Regency which became a model for political party machines and how he c

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    1. bestpresidentialbios 2013 Martin Van Buren and the American Political System by Donald Cole was published in 1984 and was the second full scale biography of the eighth president in two years Cole was a dean and professor emeritus at Phillips Exeter Academy He was a long distinguished scholar on the Jacksonian era and authored nearly a dozen books on the period Cole died at the age of ninety one this past October.Cole first took serious notice of Van Buren while serving with the US Navy in the Pa [...]

    2. Martin Van Buren, American President from 1836 1840, and not one of America s most stellar leaders A friend saw me reading the book and asked what it was When I responded that it was about MVB, he honestly did not even know who he was, though whether that was a reflection on MVB s lack of charisma or my friend s lack of knowledge is hard to say MVB was truly the consumate politican, the magician , not all to unsimilar to the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz He would straddle issues so [...]

    3. As much as this biography was written in a very academic format there were times when I just couldn t put it down strange right Maybe it was the fact that going into this book I only knew two things about Martin Van Buren, the first being his name, and the second was that he was the 8th president of the US Fairly obvious but I do believe that is what 99% of the population know about Van Buren as well Sure Van Buren wasn t a memorable president He didn t have the stature of Washington, the speaki [...]

    4. A political biography of Martin Van Buren, the eighth president of the United States I m in the minority opinion here, but I actually enjoyed this book It is a bit dry at times and some complain that it is too academic, but personally, I appreciated the fact that the author had done thorough research on his subject.Author Donald Cole doesn t do a great job in letting readers get to know who Van Buren was as a man or what his family was like Where Cole shines is his insight into the politics of t [...]

    5. Martin Van Buren seemed like an interesting enough guy I learned a lot about him reading this book especially about his influence in shaping political parties However, it was a slow read, and I was frustrated that the author did not do a good job explaining some of the main government issues Van Buren dealt with during his time as Secretary of State and President.

    6. There s no nice way to say that a book is boring, but I will say that this book was definitely comprehensive Also, it is probably the only semi readable complete biography of MVB.

    7. What I think I ll remember about Van Buren is that he was an unprincipled but talented politician, primarily motivated by his own insecurity and thirst for power He had a talent for sensing which position on an issue would advance his own career and playing his opponents against each other, but he was a weak president in part because it was the highest office, there was nowhere else to advance, and his lack of principles or vision finally came to roost He knew how to work the system so as to get [...]

    8. I read this book as the best choice for President Van Buren s biography I m reading a biography of each of the presidents It was very text book like, very thorough and included most of the individuals that he interacted with in the political scene Even though there was limited information on Van Buren s personal life, the book gave an adequate picture of what the man was like He was a true politician as we know today He didn t seem to be totally committed to many of the issues of the day, includ [...]

    9. Martin Van Buren is not the most exciting biographical subject He was a one term president and a shrewd politician That s all the world will really remember him as but behind the scenes he may have been responsible for politics as usual than many of us realize Called The Magician by his peers and rivals, he worked to united the southern and northern republicans into a cohesive party In fact, party politics in the United States seems to be, in large part, his invention With how polarized we ve [...]

    10. I loved the first 100 pages and the last 50 pages It took months of putting the book down and picking it up again to get through the trials and tribulations of MVB s political rise His beginnings were very interesting, and his struggle to retain his presidency and his subsequent attempts to run for office after his term were interesting, in my opinion, than the political game he played to reach his heights I think someone interested in the early history of New York state politics will enjoy the [...]

    11. I enjoyed the compact writing of this biography, especially having just come off of Remini s 3 volume Jackson.Van Buren could be classified as the first politician president but his instinct to please all may have gotten him to the White House but cost him any hope of a second term.Also went from pro slavery anti abolitionist, to Free Soil candidate for president 1848 , back to Southern apologist in less than a quarter century.Is the father of the modern two party system, fwiw.

    12. On this journey of reading Presidential biographies I notice how early politics influenced the cesspool that is now Washington This book is a fantastic read in pace and story A very interesting subject.

    13. This book took me so long to read because it is one of the most tedious, dull, disorganized, and poorly written biographies I have ever encountered.

    14. Cole manages a thorough, coherent, and fair reading of Van Buren s life He presents both the man who managed to almost single handedly change the fact of American politicking and electioneering as well as the man who was not brilliant enough to become its master The Father of American Elections is perhaps a fair name for Van Buren, who as a young man became the first in the second generation of American politicians to really give credence, and even perhaps a kind of honor, to the trade Cole succ [...]

    15. A mainly academic, dry study not so much concerning Martin Van Buren s life per se, but his life in a political context I guess that is the main reason that I did not care for this book it is lifeless Cole keeps Van Buren locked within the viewpoint of American politics There just is not a lot here on Van Buren s personal life Cole drops a tidbit here and there, but mainly he wants to explain Van Buren s role and actions as it relates to party politics throughout the first half of the 19th centu [...]

    16. Cole s book presents an interesting paradigm to the reader On the one hand, the author believes his subject to be the best personification of Jacksonian Democracy, while on the other the author refuses to call Van Buren a great President or even, for that matter, a good one.I felt for Cole as I read this book He had to prove to the reader why Van Buren mattered, and also to personalize the subject in a way that might be memorable Truthfully, I think he failed in the latter objective, but did so [...]

    17. This had a nice style of being written for a academic audience but still being quite accessible to a general reader Cole carefully walks the reader through some of the intricacies of early nineteenth century American politics, especially centered around New York State, without burying them in a mountain of information He does a good job of setting the pace throughout the book.As for the subject of the book, Martin Van Buren, our 8th President, was just not that interesting of a person He didn t [...]

    18. The title of this book is spot on It is not for the casual reader but for one truly interested in the history of party politics After reading this book I have a much better understanding of how the Washington, DC party system works even though this book deals with events that happened 180 years ago.Mr Cole provides an in depth and well written look at MVB with regards to the political party system that the 8th president worked so hard to create Ample discussion, without diving into too much grue [...]

    19. Not a very good read In part Van Buren is the most boring of the first 8 Presidents He was a political operative, so much of what he did was done off stage and therefore no historian can say much about it Van Buren has a lot in common with Hillary Clinton He seems to have no core convictions and liked to give the impression he was for against everything in an effort to not lose votes He seems to have cleared out his letters that might be embarrassing or show him to be an operator from the Librar [...]

    20. There is only one reason to read this book, and that is if you are trying to read a book for every president It was unreasonably boring Way too much detail on numbers of voters of things and specifics that just had no relevance It was brutal and took me way too long to finish I ve since started the William Henry Harrison bio and it might be mediocre for all I know, but because it directly followed this it seems extremely riveting.

    21. Either Martin Van Buren really wasn t as interesting as his predecessors or this biography was just plain dull I think the latter Mr Cole spent an inordinate amount of time detailing New York State politics at the expense of revealing President Van Buren s character and his years in the White House This title is better suited to a scholarly audience and not to someone, like me, who is trying to read presidential biographies.

    22. Cole exceeded my low expectations I wasn t expecting much from a Van Buren bio, but I found the political maneuvering and party formation to be fascinating Perhaps unsurprisingly, the low point of the book is his presidency Even Cole admits that he was not a great president and it shows That said, Van Buren is a fascinating figure and this book would be helpful to anyone interested in the development of party politics in the first half of the 19th century.

    23. Confession I skimmed this because I was trying to beat a deadline for the library.This is an incredibly boring book, but it s not because the author wrote a boring book Van Buren is a purely political man he just doesn t care much about anything else He farms his kids out to relatives, ignores his wife, and splits his time between his beloved New York political machine which he built and his time in Washington laying ground for his eventual run for president So while the book is well written, co [...]

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