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A Likely Story: One Summer with Lillian Hellman By Rosemary Mahoney Lillian Hellman,

  • Title: A Likely Story: One Summer with Lillian Hellman
  • Author: Rosemary Mahoney Lillian Hellman
  • ISBN: 9780385479318
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback
  • Now in paperback from the author of the acclaimed Whoredom in Kimmage, a moving, controversial, and supremely intelligent memoir of a bright and vulnerable teenager s hellish summer job.In 1978, Rosemary Mahoney, an aspiring young writer of seventeen, wrote her personal idol Lillian Hellman inquiring whether the famed woman of American letters might need domestic help forNow in paperback from the author of the acclaimed Whoredom in Kimmage, a moving, controversial, and supremely intelligent memoir of a bright and vulnerable teenager s hellish summer job.In 1978, Rosemary Mahoney, an aspiring young writer of seventeen, wrote her personal idol Lillian Hellman inquiring whether the famed woman of American letters might need domestic help for the summer When Hellman responded affirmatively, Mahoney imagined an idyll on Martha s Vineyard of mentoring and friendship But in reality Mahoney s summer unfolded into an exquisite and grueling exercise in humiliation at the hands of the acerbic Hellman and her retinue of celebrated acquaintances By turns heartbreaking and uproariously funny, A Likely Story portrays the coming of age of a brilliant and troubled young woman a universal tale of illusions shattered and an object lesson in the often misdirected search for heroes.
    A Likely Story One Summer with Lillian Hellman Now in paperback from the author of the acclaimed Whoredom in Kimmage a moving controversial and supremely intelligent memoir of a bright and vulnerable teenager s hellish summer job In Rosem

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    1. I can t believe I m giving such a low rating to such a well written book This is Mahoney s memory of the summer she was 17 and worked as Lillian Hellman s housekeeper on Martha s Vineyard Guess what Hellman treated her as if she were an employee She never invited Mahoney to eat with her, or to join her and famous guests for drinks When Hellman was served her meals, she expected Mahoney to leave the room, not join her for breakfast She expected Mahoney to clean the floors and cook the meals and h [...]

    2. This could have been titled I Was a Clueless and Resentful Teenager and Lillian Hellman Was No Picnic, Either The poor things Seems they both had a really bad summer If you have any remaining illusions that Lillian Hellman was a nice person, read this book But I think it s greater appeal is as a cautionary tale against hero worship and about the importance of seeking out your own path, however slow, difficult, and dreary that search might be Unlike some of the other reviewers, I m pretty sure th [...]

    3. I was struck, as I progressed through this book, with the fact that I switched sympathies from the protagonist, a teenage girl, to the elderly and cranky Lillian Hellman This is a true story which the author based on her journals of a summer job at age seventeen, housekeeping for the writer Lillian Hellman at her summer house on Martha s Vineyard Generally, one identifies with the young heroine in a coming of age novel, right However, this young woman was so self involved, so convinced that the [...]

    4. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their craft of writing The story itself is ho hum I prefer For the Benefit of Those Who See

    5. Enjoyed finding out about the playwright and author through the eyes of a young girl who worked for her during a summer in her home at Martha s Vineyard Her experiences were, for the most part, unpleasant as Lillian Hellman was not an easy person to get along with Author s experiences were humorous at times, and at others humiliating and stressful I found that the author uses way too many similes almost on every page there are 1 or Some worked but some were odd and felt like she was trying to [...]

    6. This is the Mahoney s recollection of a summer she spent when she was 17 years old as Lillian Hellman s housekeeper, a woman she alternately idolizes and despises Mahoney is honest, and doesn t come off as favorably as her mentor, but for that she and her mentor should both be given credit Hellman didn t write that prettily about herself either There were moments in the book that I wanted to sit the 17 year old Mahoney down and say, What did you expect You lied your way into a job you know you a [...]

    7. Rosemary Mahoney s genre bending book, A Likely Story One Summer with Lillian Hellman, creates a fascinating portrait of the famous writer at the same time that it tells the story of the teen Mahoney was in the summer of 1978.Mahoney was 17 and went to work as a housekeeper for Lillian Hellman on Martha s Vineyard that summer This book explores her experience with Hellman Because Hellman was famous and a larger than life character, the book operates a bit as a biography, but truly it s Mahoney s [...]

    8. It s funny, I spent a summer working on Martha s Vineyard too Walter Cronkite hired me to help maintain his sailboat, and I had a similar experience Hey, you there, what am I paying you for, my boat is a mess he said one day Yes, I noticed that too, Wally I said I called him Wally , he didn t seem to like that, but I thought it seemed a bit less formal than Mr Cronkite , or Walter I thought a casual attitude would lead to discussions of my feelings and ideas, rather than force us to focus on wha [...]

    9. I had no idea exactly who Lillian Hellman was when I began this book I was interested in the I worked for a literary celebrity angle The author s summer job didn t work out as well as she d expected partly due to Hellman s being a rather difficult employer much of the time, as well as the fact that she d been hired as a domestic servant Hellman wanted her to wear a maid s uniform, but she got out of it , not a companion housework, errands, some cooking Her employer does sometimes play deliberate [...]

    10. A teenager with writing asperations volunteers to work part time over the summer for her idol, Lillian Hellman, on Martha s VineyardHellman s writing inspires hope in the young Rosemary Mahoney, but the real Hellman she encounters is nothing like her ideal and her illusions and hopes are shattered Mahoney delivers her account straight from a teenager s perspective She provides a teenager s detailed and ruthless litany of the horrors of old age she observes in Hellman as well as a poignant longin [...]

    11. This well written memoir drew me in at first with its candid and vivid descriptions of the author, her family, Martha s Vineyard, and of course, Lillian Hellman though, ultimately, reading about the ongoing dysfunctional patterns of the spring winter employee employer relationship with Hellman got tiring The author seems to wish the reader to take sides on who was to blame during various times when Hellman behaved in a less than pleasant manner Yes, Hellman was often crotchety, and the author wa [...]

    12. I love this book I love the author s style, her descriptions and I empathize with many of her teenage feelings Especially of not feeling right in her own skin around other people I get the feeling Hellman might of been like this as well, as much as she loved the social aspects of her life She was often harsh on Hellman, but as that is coming from the view of a 17 year old I didn t take it too seriously I still would love to sit and have wine with Miss Hellmana and I wanted the stories of her to [...]

    13. While Lillian Hellman does indeed sound hilarious the book fell flat for me.Mahoney s prose isn t great a little flowery, some metaphors that are downright bizarre.I could care less about how Hellman was a not so great boss I mean, that s unsurprising that bit that did surprise me was she wasn t WORSE that real meat of this story is Mahoney s family her mother s got polio, her father killed himself, she s one of seven children THERE S a book worth reading.

    14. Terrible book Teenager spends summer as servant of aged Lillian Hellman Mahoney seems intent on describing every single line on every single face in Martha s Vineyard She loses Hellman for the trees and the flowers, watering cans, hoses, lawns, shoes, and just about everything else she comes across that summer Too bad I liked Mahoney s book about rowing down the Nile But as much as I was prepared to dislike Hellman, Mahoney s adolescent narrator is not the one to judge her.

    15. Very simple story, but very enjoyable I could relate to so much of what the author felt, which is a bit sad considering this is a coming of age story and I, uh, was supposed to have come of age 20 odd years ago Although I really loved the book, it is a bit hard to recommend because I it really depends on the reader I think it s worth giving it a try Just don t expect complicated plot lines or lots of action This is just a simple story, beautifully told.

    16. I m half way through this book I LOVE Rosemary Mahoney s writing she paints a picture with words that is so incisive nearly poetry really But, the things she notices resonate with me people, nature, the world, relationships So grateful for her writing I wish she had a new book This was published in 1998 I ve read Whoredom in Kimmage and her pilgrimage book I can t imagine how this one is going to end

    17. I read this book before I read any plays by Lillian Hellman Mahoney s memoir is clear and interesting, and I m sure she is being honest, Lillian Hellman probably was a raging b to work for But, still, Hellman s works were progressive, and she was a pioneer among female playwrights let this not be forgotten Overall, it s a memoir of a whiny 17 year old maybe that s what Mahoney was going for

    18. An interesting insight into one of the most complicated figures of the 20thc literary scene Neither the author nor her subject came across as very appealing, yet I enjoyed reading about this odd arrangement between the older, established and rather offensive author and the much younger, aspiring one.

    19. After I read this I had to read the first chapter over again before I realized that the author probably did understand how her behaviors were immature and inappropriate as you read the book, she seems to be completely unaware, even as the adult writing the book Anyway, it s a cool look at some celebs at home, and summar on Martha s Vineyard.

    20. Wittily written, funny, but awfully young and self involvedThat may be inevitable given how young Mahoney was when she spent the summer working for Hellman Definitely worth reading if you re into Hellman or curious about her I d also love to read something elsee by Mahoney, who has got miles of talent.

    21. I liked this memoir better than the one about Mahoney s trip alone down the Nile, though it was a bit painful to learn about her experiences working one summer for Lillian Hellman I prefer the image I have of Hellman based on her books Scoundrel Time and Pentimento and Jane Fonda s great portrayal of her in the movie Julia

    22. This book was absolutely one of the best memoirs my favorite genre I ve read It s local sort of takes place during the summer in Martha s Vineyard The story is very interesting, and the writer is an amazingly succinct and colorful storyteller.

    23. I read this when I was also living with an older woman on Martha s Vineyard to help around the house Her experience was a little interesting than mine

    24. More fun and inside gossip, though if I d been Rosemary, I d have walked out on the cantankerous, ungrateful old bag.

    25. Travel writer Mahoney recounts the miserable summer she spent as a servant in Hellman s home on Martha s Vineyard.

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