[EPUB] ☆ Down the Nile: Alone in a Fisherman's Skiff | by ☆ Rosemary Mahoney

Down the Nile: Alone in a Fisherman's Skiff By Rosemary Mahoney,

  • Title: Down the Nile: Alone in a Fisherman's Skiff
  • Author: Rosemary Mahoney
  • ISBN: 9780316107457
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rosemary Mahoney was determined to take a solo trip down the Egyptian Nile in a small boat, even though civil unrest and vexing local traditions conspired to create obstacles every step of the way Starting off in the south, she gained the unlikely sympathy and respect of a Muslim sailor, who provided her with both a seven foot skiff and a window into the culturally and maRosemary Mahoney was determined to take a solo trip down the Egyptian Nile in a small boat, even though civil unrest and vexing local traditions conspired to create obstacles every step of the way Starting off in the south, she gained the unlikely sympathy and respect of a Muslim sailor, who provided her with both a seven foot skiff and a window into the culturally and materially impoverished lives of rural Egyptians Egyptian women don t row on the Nile, and tourists aren t allowed to for safety s sake Mahoney endures extreme heat during the day, and a terror of crocodiles while alone in her boat at night Whether she s confronting deeply held beliefs about non Muslim women, finding connections to past chroniclers of the Nile, or coming to the dramaticm realization that fear can engender unwarranted violence, Rosemary Mahoney s informed curiosity about the world, her glorious prose, and her wit never fail to captivate.
    Down the Nile Alone in a Fisherman s Skiff Rosemary Mahoney was determined to take a solo trip down the Egyptian Nile in a small boat even though civil unrest and vexing local traditions conspired to create obstacles every step of the way Sta

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    1. This book combined several of my favorite things a travelogue, an outdoor adventure, a strong female narrator, and as a bonus, there is some astute social and cultural commentary In short, I developed a major girl crush on Rosemary Mahoney while reading about her experiences in Egypt I had come to Egypt to take a row down the Nile My plan, inspired by a love of rowing, was to buy a small Egyptian rowboat and row myself along the 120 mile stretch of river between the cities of Aswan and Qena This [...]

    2. The review I wanted to write was going to describe the rape of Egypt s artifacts circa early 1800s when it became popular for European travelers to visit the African nation after 1000 years of rule that virtually barred foreign visitors from the area Visitors looted mummies, bones, art, and artifacts They thought nothing of it They didn t see themselves for what they were grave robbers, thieves.I was also going to reference the fact that both Gustav Flaubert and Florence Nightingale visited Egyp [...]

    3. The author is a traveler of the most dangerous kind uninformed, uninterested and unresponsive Her odyssey is not only outside of the cultural norm, but is dangerous and illegal She neglects to consider that perhaps the resistance to her project was for her protection as opposed to a blatant rejection of female independence Clearly, a foreign man would have met the same fate She brags that in America, any psycopath coulddulge in any half baked boating scheme he was capable of devising She apparen [...]

    4. A Spanish proverb comes to mind as I begin any travel As You Go Through Life travel lightly You are not traveling for people to see you travel expectantly Every place you visit is like a surprise package to be opened Untie the strings with an expectation of high adventure travel humbly Visit people and places with reverence and respect for their traditions and way of life travel with an open mind Leave your prejudices at home travel with curiosity It is not how far you go, but how deeply you go [...]

    5. This book was intriguing, partly because it was not so much what I was expecting a sort of travelogue as a picture of the plight of women and the hypersexualizing of men in a sexually repressed society The reader is as frustrated as the writer by the obstacles to going Down the Nile Alone in a Fisherman s Skiff, which turns out to be a nearly impossible project for a woman.Mahoney is very intellectual and a lot of the enjoyment, for me, was the interspersed quotes from Flaubert s and Nightingale [...]

    6. It might seem like a stretch to say that Ms Mahoney s travel experience on the Nile resonated with my own family vacation to Costa Rica, but that s what happened time and again Unquestioningly, the best part of her trip was luxuriating in the moment, while rowing in a skiff, on a remote part of the Nile, without the interference of a guide or any other mettlesome native no small matter in Egypt, particularly for a tourist of female persuasion Some of the loveliest parts of Costa Rica can be impo [...]

    7. After my reading some harrowing sea fiction and some magical realism, this story about a woman s solo boating journey between the Nile towns of Aswan and Qena was stunningly journalistic The author Rosemary Mahoney is nonetheless a good storyteller, relating social situations, historical accounts by previous Egyptian travelers, and especially her own experiences before and during her waterborne journey in a rowboat She frequently quotes from earlier Nile tourists especially Florence Nightingale [...]

    8. Boston native and avid rower Rosemary Mahoney, once an assistant to playwright Lillian Hellman, has led a peripatetic life, and her writing reflects the breadth of her travels and the depth of her thinking on cultural matters Previous efforts include The Early Arrival of Dreams, the author s experiences in China just before Tiananmen Square The Singular Pilgrim, a spiritual travelogue and Whoredom in Kimmage, a treatise on Irish gender roles In On the Nile, the author writes beautifully of the c [...]

    9. An American woman decides to row down the Nile from upper Egypt and writes about her impressions of the country during the trip I did enjoy the descriptions and her brief interviews with the people she met but her attitude is bordering intolerable to me She speaks with mostly rural, uneducated, impoverished people then generalises her findings to the whole of Egypt, not even mentioning once how the Egyptian society is structired along the lines of class, education, region, wealth, occupation and [...]

    10. This wasn t quite what I was expecting I really thought of it would be about the journey itself, but the story leading up to it is interesting too In Egypt, a Western woman would never truly be a woman, nor did she quite approach the status of a man instead, her identity was like that of a pleasant but irrelevant animal like, say, a peahen or a manatee.

    11. An amazingly inspiring and vividly visual book Reading it, you are with her in every moment, seeing and experiencing her surroundings, feeling her fears and enjoying the peace and serenity of the scenic river and the tranquilty of her quiet rowing Loved it.

    12. One of my favorite genres is the travel narrative Paul Theroux, William Least Heat Moon I like living vicariously plus the insight a good travel writer provides into a to me exotic locale Mahoney did both in this narrative One could say there s too much here on her struggle to obtain a boat in the face of the Egyptian male cultural prejudice against women acting independently Time after time she faces these obstacles Where is your husband But I can take you , etc As Mahoney felt at the time, the [...]

    13. This is a good book for anyone who has a secret or not so secret wish to get out of town a little bit This is the true tale of the author s quest to row up the Nile in spite of the fact that even procuring a boat in Egypt is a difficult task for a woman The trip itself isn t really the focus of the book it s about the people she meets along the way and her trials as she tries to navigate a very different culture She s an excellent writer, and this book can be a quick read I loved Amr, one of t [...]

    14. I wish I could have given this book 10 stars Rosemary Mahoney s true life account of an American woman attempting to buy a boat then row it down the Nile was as visceral as it was beautifully written I have never been to Egypt but Mahoney brought me into that world and I was there with her in the heat, swatting at bugs, overhearing the awkward and frustrating conversations with boatmen and other Egyptian characters that were scarily real I don t want to say too much and qualify this review as a [...]

    15. This is a non fiction account of the author s journey down the Nile in a rowboat A great deal of the book is about the difficulties of a woman in Egypt even buying a boat The book is peppered with historical and geographical tidbits of the area Personally I felt too much of the book dwelled on Florence Nightingale and Gaustave Flaubert s account of their experience down the Nile The first hand accounts were very riveting though the author s joy, frustration, anger, fear , and satisfaction all co [...]

    16. Fantastic book, neatly and tightly written It s funny and upsetting in turns, which I guess is pretty much how things are when a woman endeavors to row a boat up the Nile alone if only the Egyptians would leave her alone for five minutes The episode at the end of the book took me by surprise in its intensity, but boy, did she impress me with her analysis after the fact Worth reading for anyone interested in traveling to places where the culture is just plain other , or for those who like to read [...]

    17. A great book for those interested in a western woman s solo travels in current day Egypt there s actually very little rowing in the story, as opposed to her desire to do so I ve seen reviews where she s been seen as culturally chauvinistic, but I could imagine the frustration of being classified as an honorary man there I ve given it four stars for the high quality of the writing.

    18. The author is uptight, humorless and not very likeable It s difficult to understand why she travels, since she apparently does not enjoy it very much She expects the worst in people, and imagines danger around every corner A most unsatisfying read.

    19. Down the Nile is about Rose Mahoney s adventure as she rowed down part of the Nile It was well written, and full of interesting observations about Egyptian culture Since I love to canoe, this book about a trip down a river captured my imagination She includes some some excerpts from some famous people who traveled to Egypt many years ago, including Florence Nightingale, Flaubert, and Winston Churchill There was an extensive bibliography at the end of the book for anyone looking for historic book [...]

    20. I found this book very interesting in the descriptions of life in Egypt, and the in the comparisons of historical figures that cruised on the Nile in years past This lady wanted to row, by herself, down the Nile, and the book follows all the problems she encountered because she was a woman alone in Egypt.

    21. A most interesting read Very well written and interesting on so many levels as travel book, as historical record, as impressions of what it is to be a tenacious woman in a very restrictive society I look forward to reading books by this author.

    22. A third of the book was excerpts from other people s accounts of the Nile Then when it was her own writing it all seemed highly judgement of the Egyptian people The author came across as privileged and unappreciative of her journey.

    23. One of the best travelogues I have read in a long time Rosemary Mahoney is curious and inquisitive, soaking up every detail of her landscape and the culture that dwells in it, and filtering those details through a remarkably well read and well informed perspective.

    24. This book was a gift from a friend after I had returned from a once in a lifetime trip up the Nile from Luxor to Aswan and back Considering she was surrounded by the most densely packed fabulous archaeology in the world, she mentions it very little A name of a temple here and there suffices for her I got the impression that Flaubert and Nightengale s words were used to pad the book out as she had so little of her own I did enjoy reading the book however Like her I was wary of all the Egyptian me [...]

    25. Knowing that this book is about an American woman who makes it her mission to row a boat down a section of the Nile, you may think you ve got an idea of what it s about You don t You have to read it Just about anything you might anticipate doesn t happen It s a travel book that s really about being a foreigner and a woman in a culture where both tourists and women are regarded with a mixture of fierce protectiveness and alarm It s easy to use the word chauvinistic to describe the Egyptian men s [...]

    26. I should say, before you get the wrong idea, that I have no desire to die Yet Rosemary Mahoney sets out to row alone down the Nile in a fisherman s skiff an impossible thing for a foreign woman to do in Egypt at least that s what she is told by the Egyptians the men, at least Living on Narragansett Bay, Rosemary is very experienced at rowing before she sets foot in a rowboat on the Nile However, in order to fulfil that dream, she first has to acquire a boat, and in Egypt, for a single woman, thi [...]

    27. I found myself very energized after reading this book, even going so far as to say out loud , Maybe I should plan a trip to Egypt, it ll be fun Romantic, sepia toned visions of calmly sailing down the Nile river, while a felucca captain fanned me with a giant palm leaf, came to mindNights spent walking along the Nile, casually brushing off the advances of Egyptian men while secretly gloating putting aside the fact that I was just a novelty In any case, Down the Nile made me fall in love with Egy [...]

    28. Wow, what adventures Rosemary Mahoney had while in Egypt I ve never read such a blatantly honest account of the people in modern day Egypt and I love the author for not fudging the details It is hard for me to process that because she is a woman from a different country that she can do this Egyptian Nubian women cannot.I know her book was written pre 2011 revolution and the situation for foreigners in Egypt has worsened, but still, its crazy how they treat her She is very smart too for dressing [...]

    29. Having traveled down the Nile, I was excited to stumble across this book I was very interested to see how a Western woman, traveling alone with limited Arabic, could possibly navigate the waters of Egypt s strict tourism laws and patriarchal society Aside from the societal factors, the scenery of the Nile out of Aswan holds so much potential for compelling literary description with expansive vistas, a sea of brown desert, the verdant sliver of life clinging to the immediate river banks, not to m [...]

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