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Wanted by Her Lost Love By Maya Banks,

  • Title: Wanted by Her Lost Love
  • Author: Maya Banks
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Despite his fianc e s chilling betrayal, developer Ryan Beardsley provided for Kelly Christian when he sent her packing So he s livid to find her working in a dingy Houston diner, desperate and pregnant Regardless of whether the baby is his or his brother s Ryan demands that Kelly return to New York with him Now For the baby s sake Or maybe because the woman s as irreDespite his fianc e s chilling betrayal, developer Ryan Beardsley provided for Kelly Christian when he sent her packing So he s livid to find her working in a dingy Houston diner, desperate and pregnant Regardless of whether the baby is his or his brother s Ryan demands that Kelly return to New York with him Now For the baby s sake Or maybe because the woman s as irresistible as ever
    Wanted by Her Lost Love Despite his fianc e s chilling betrayal developer Ryan Beardsley provided for Kelly Christian when he sent her packing So he s livid to find her working in a dingy Houston diner desperate and pregna

    One thought on “Wanted by Her Lost Love”

    1. 2.5 STARSI didn t enjoy this as much as I hoped.My biggest issue The beginning It didn t work for me We are just thrown in the middle of the story and we missed the best part It didn t pull me in And despite the fact that I got all the details later, it didn t help Also, you know I Iove me some assholes But this one He crossed the line Not nearly enough groveling in my opinion Not even sure what he had to do to redeem himself Lose a limb maybe However, the writing is very good I actually felt ha [...]

    2. It took me a while to find my copy of this ebook It was amazing Omg the grovel was just right for all that he put her through He was so loving even thinking what he thought about the heroine That mother and his brother what a piece of work they both are I would have liked the brother to have been up on charges however so that she would be vindicated of all wrong doings I enjoyed this book way then I thought I would A keeper and I will reread this one many times I am sure.Note safe no cheating, [...]

    3. KNOCKED OUT i am Speeceless,this story covers each and every emotion so perfectly may it be love,pain,anger,confusion,fear,heartache,humiliation.I cried for Kelly so much pain and hurt especially at the moment where Ryan says I forgive you ,she went through so much but did nt break,Way she analised her relationship with Ryan,what n how went wrong and her loneliness really made me cryeven Ryan he was deceived by his own brother whom he raised like a son and mother whom he respects and loves,then [...]

    4. Este segundo libro de la serie ha estado mucho mejor que el primero, la historia me ha gustado m s y son de diferentes personajes Espero que los dos libros que me quedan por leer vayan a mejor.

    5. I ve been wanting to read this book ever since we saw Ryan in the previous one searching for his ex fiancee Kelly for some reason even if he believes she cheated on him with his brother.He finds her pregnant and pissed at him and he doesn t understand why Of course the reason is obvious, Kelly was setup by his family who hated her and instead of trust and support from a man who professed to love her, she got kicked out and a cheque.What ensues is drama galore They try to get along since the preg [...]

    6. Really good Harly Though this should have been a Harlequin Presents with all the emotion in it I really enjoyed the story and was glad when the hero finally figured things out and ditched his family, though I am sorry the heroine went through so much while pregnant Wish we would have seen an epilogue with the baby so we could see if it was a girl

    7. Paint by the numbers Harlequin romance that has the Evil In Laws and The Great, Terrible, Misunderstanding drive the lovers apart H is so damn TSTL that even his epic grovel failed to bring satisfaction h is the typical doormat martyr Mary Sue Nothing new here.

    8. I picked this up because I liked the first book in the series and the whole pregnancy story line This one was just not believable, as well as, most of the characters were jerks The conflict was just too big for me and unforgivable I wouldn t have ever talked to the hero again if I was the heroine I would have taken every penny I could squeeze out of him and said later sucker.

    9. WHOAI never expected such a punch of emotions That s how I feel right now My emotions are all over the place and many questions still plague meWHAT WOULD I DO Would I forgive the Hero like heroine ultimately did If the book makes me question my integrity it means something It means that the book provoke emotions in me and question my own decisions To sum up, this is a very powerful read I raged, I cried and I suffered with both characters, especially heroineI felt her pain deep in my heart and I [...]

    10. I love Ms Banks and once again she has delivered a well written piece of work.I will admit and say that I read Harlequins Presents Desire collections because I like the angst that they provide the angst the better This book didn t disappoint as there was plenty of it and did exactly what it was meant to do and made me very emotional I felt sadness anger and it even had me crying at one point Ryan was very lucky that Kelly forgave him in the end and yes although it was inevitable I was really pl [...]

    11. I love a book were the hero fucks up real bad and spends a long long time groveling to make things right That s not what happend here though.The heroine went back to him even before he admitted that he was wrong and the groveling didn t start until the very endShe went back to him, thinking she would just put the past behind them and eventhough she was still upset, she didn t do or say a fucking thing until the end and when his groveling begane forgave him way too fast.This was an oke read, but [...]

    12. Somebody just slap the hero Please Or cut his balls off.Actually there wasn t enough suffering for him.He REALLY needed to suffer and beg on his knees just like heroine did, and she should have still walked away.Why would she show the courtesy of forgiveness when he didn t even listen to her He chose his brother over her.She will forever be the second best.He failed to protect her or even provide justice for her.He didn t deserve anything

    13. Finally a Maya Banks book I did not like The female protagonist was so stupid and naive I wanted to slap her so badThe hero was an ignorant dick If he was my boyfriend I would have punched him till he had a broken jaw, bloodied lip and a black eye The emotional scenes were quite nice at first,but then there was so much drama that I did not feel bad for either of themI just wanted to bodily harm both of them Inspite of being of 21st century,the heroine lacked common sense.I mean who LEAVES SCHOOL [...]

    14. FIVE STARS This was totally my type of story An asshole hero who wrongly accuses his fianc e, of sleeping with his brother, then kicking her ass right out, not realizing she s carrying his baby Coming across his ex fianc e months later and discovering he s a daddy This story had perfect angst with all the turmoil and emotions Kelly went through, and perfect drama with Ryan s manipulative family Ryan and Kelly were super sweet together I adored every second of this little gem.

    15. The hero Ryan finds the heroine Kelly working at a run down diner, after searching for her for a while, and is surprised to see she is heavily pregnant His initial anger towards her is replaced with concern when he sees that she is obviously not well Kelly doesn t know what to think about Ryan turning up and pretending to be concerned about her, she has never forgotten her hurt and heartbreak when he refused to believe her against his brother s lies But she knows that she has reached the end of [...]

    16. Maya Banks definitely wins most riveting read of the year with this book Ryan and Kelly make a wonderful couple Kelly was strong, even though she was betrayed by the one person she should have been able to trust In spite of the bitterness and challenges she moved forward to make a life for herself I respected the hero Ryan for his ability to look past all the pain, hurt and betrayal I was gripped from the first page to the very last pagehoping that these two would gain back what they had lost My [...]

    17. Kelly is 6 7 months pregnant and working in a crappy diner when her ex fiance, Ryan, finds her She left New York after he threw her out when he thought she cheated on him with his brother He knows the baby must be his, and convinces Kelly to come home with him so he can take care of her and fix their relationship Kelly is still in love with him, but finds it hard to put her hurt aside from when he showed her no trust Ryan learns the truth, takes action, and moves his new family to a special plac [...]

    18. My first paperback read after AGES turned out to be a great one Wanted by Her Lost Love by Maya Banks is a great romance to lose yourself in if you have got about 2 hours to spare In the midst of the intense and lengthy reads that I have been indulging in, not to mention the stress of the last couple of days, Wanted by Her Lost Love delivered exactly what I wanted right from the very minute I turned the first page.Ryan Beardsley is looking for Kelly Christian, his ex fiance, whom he believes bet [...]

    19. Another angst ridden book in this older series by Maya Banks Even with all the angst, I really enjoyed this book Enjoyed may not be the right word It sounds a little toohappy I appreciated this book There are no lovable Heros in this series, but Ryan gets the closest Stupid yes Blind, obtuse, dense, idiotic, I can go on and on But he tried so hard to forgive her and move on I felt for him And I really was able to identify with Kelly She was believable Not a martyr My issues the end wrapped up to [...]

    20. Better than the first.This is the second book in the Pregnancy and Passion s series and I have to say it s is much better than book one This book is filled with hurt, angst, passion, twists, and turns, and betrayal Ryan and Kelly were engaged to be married till Ryan s brother told him that he slept with Kelly When Ryan finds out he immediately broke off their engagement and wrote a check to Kelly and told her to leave Months later Ryan has hired a investigator to find Kelly and see why she hasn [...]

    21. I picked up this book thinking it would be a fast, fluffy read I was a little taken aback by how emotional it was Sad to say, but I didn t really expect the quality of writing that I got I love that I love when you don t expect much but the book delivers, regardless of your expectations I was fighting back tears from page 3 to the finish I don t know, maybe it was just pregnancy hormones apparently they can turn you into a weepy mess Can pregnancy hormones rub off from the heroine It s the only [...]

    22. Quite the angst fest Both the hero and the heroine were well written The story held together but I felt that it really needed to be a bit longer to really do justice to the story There was a lot there and there was a lot of betrayal and bad decisions etc that really just needed to be filled out High level of emotion all around The hero did feel horrible about how he treated the heroine and we were in his head for that but I still think that he needed to actually grovel before the heroine forga [...]

    23. This book is my favorite amongst MB s Pregnancy Passion series It was filled with so many emotions, so much pain, so much heartache, I was moved to tears Having also had pre eclampsia in my pregnancy, I could relate to all the elements in the book, the rise in BP, the swelling in the feet, even the hospitalization at 34 weeks and scare of a C section However, unlike Kelly, I was surrounded by the love of my hubby and family.Poor Kelly How much pain and heartache she had to endure all because she [...]

    24. 2.75 not as good as book 1, but not awful Perhaps if I weren t comparing it to book 1 it would rate higher Alas, I am comparing This started out as a great story Ryan ends his engagement and throws his fianc e, Kelly, out of his home after his brother, Jarrod, reveals that he and Kelly had an affair Ryan writes Kelly a big check because he knows she has nowhere to go, no one to turn to, and even though she betrayed him, he can t let her go without making sure she ll be okay It s 6 months later a [...]

    25. 3 1 2 This is the first Harlequin that I have actually enjoyed I had alway thought that they were just too short for the author to get all of the emotions and actions packed into it to make it worth reading Maya Banks pulls this off well,imo.Kelly h has met the love of her life It s kind of a Cinderella story, she s a waitress working her way through college and he s a customer.a rich one When they meet sparks fly and they speed their way through the stages of realationships right up til plannin [...]

    26. The story line was good I just wish I felt of a connection to the main characters I have always love the books Maya banks writes so I was a little disappointed that this book didn t pull me right in.Ryan had wrote Kelly a check and kicked her out of his life 6 months ago Ryan thought Kelly had cheated on him with his brother He loved her, and didn t understand why she would do that Kelly left and never looked back She never cashed his check.Ryan didn t know why she never cashed his check He hir [...]

    27. 4.5 starsThis book is full of all sort of emotions, love, hate, pain, anger, bitterness, betrayal, tension you name it It is gut wrenchingly sad to see how much pain Ryan and Kelly are going through Rayan thinks kelly betrayed him with his brother, Kelly hurts because of his mistrust and the easiness with which he kicked her out of his life believing the worst of her.Kelly is a wonderful heroine, she has been through a lot but she is strong and proud and willing to start a new life for herself a [...]

    28. Very emotional read I felt Kelly s pain For example There is a point in the beginning when Ryan finds Kelly and asks her to go with him and she tells Ryan he is insane, why would she go with him Ryan says Because you need me Kelly s reply Pain speared through her chest, robbing her of breath I needed you before Quite heartbreaking and that was just the beginning.I enjoyed this one immensely and am looking forward to the next book in the series.

    29. This woman couldn t have been less liberated if she d tried She stopped going to school to concentrate on being the perfect girlfriend Really And like two semesters of school would really have made a big difference in her career And unless I misunderstand something about American health care, wouldn t she have used up all her savings just having the baby in a hospital Blah.

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