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The Devil Drives: A Life of Sir Richard Burton By Fawn M. Brodie, Needs must when the devil drives Idioms by The Free Desperation will drive those in need to disregard legal or moral codes to obtain what they require Things got so bad at one point that she held up a convenience store at gunpoint to sustain her addiction Needs must when the devil drives. The Devil Drives A Life of Sir Richard Burton Fawn M The Devil Drives A Life of Sir Richard Burton Fawn M Brodie on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Brilliant Brodie s scholarship is wide and searching, and her understanding of Burton and his wife both deep and wide She writes with clarity and zest The result is a first class biography of an exceptional man J. The Devil Drives A Life of Sir Richard Burton by Fawn M His answer, the Devil drives, applies not only to his geographical discoveries but also to the whole of his turbulent life Burton was a true man of the Renaissance He was soldier, explorer, ethnologist, archaeologist, poet, translator, and one of the two or three great linguists of his time. The Devil Drives The Devil Drives Jump to navigation Jump to search The Devil Drives is the sixth album by Dave Graney n The Coral Snakes It was released in May on Mercury Records The album peaked at No on the Australian Recording Industry Association ARIA Album Charts It was also produced by Dave Graney, Clare Moore and David Ruffy. When the Devil Drives Death and the Devil, . by L.J When the Devil Drives A Death and the Devil Novella Jack and Ethan made a bargain, but the deal is thrown into jeopardy when the expectations and identities of the dealmakers shift stoking the fires of doubt and jealously Not to mention a contract killer out for revenge and an illness that threatens to reveal closely guarded secrets. The Devil Drives A Life Of Sir Richard Burton Fawn M Oct , The Devil Drives A Life of Sir Richard Burton was a fascinating biography of an extraordinary man I read the book originally many years ago, but through various moves, I lost my copy, but I got it again from , and I read it on vacation to.

  • Title: The Devil Drives: A Life of Sir Richard Burton
  • Author: Fawn M. Brodie
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Starting in a hollowed log of wood some thousand miles up a river with infinitesimal prospect of returning, I ask myself Why and the only echo is damned fool e Devil drives So wrote Richard Francis Burton, while preparing for an exploration of the lower Congo in 1863 Tormented by the question of why , his answer the devil drives applies not only to his e Starting in a hollowed log of wood some thousand miles up a river with infinitesimal prospect of returning, I ask myself Why and the only echo is damned fool e Devil drives So wrote Richard Francis Burton, while preparing for an exploration of the lower Congo in 1863 Tormented by the question of why , his answer the devil drives applies not only to his explorations, but to the whole of his turbulent life The nature of his demon, the source of his restlessness, has baffled many biographers Drawing from Burton s own published works and from the few manuscripts that managed to escape destruction by Lady Burton, Fawn Brodie explains the why and in doing so creates a fascinating portrait.
    The Devil Drives A Life of Sir Richard Burton Starting in a hollowed log of wood some thousand miles up a river with infinitesimal prospect of returning I ask myself Why and the only echo is damned fool e Devil drives So wrote Richard Francis Bu

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    1. I fell in love with Sir Richard and his adventures when I was in college back in the early 70s One of my friends introduced me to his writings When Brodie s book came out, I devoured it Here was a man who was a man s man and sought to live life to the fullest He went where no white man had ever gone in Africa The description of his meeting with Livingston had me in stitches as they compared scars If you love biographies that read like true adventure stories, this is the book for you.

    2. Fascinating bio of the original inspiration for the 60 s children s cartoon show , The World of Commander McBragg Preceding his death and subsequent resurrection as one of the greatest Shakespearian and cinema actors of the 20th Century lol , the life of Sir Richard Burton was certainly one to put modern Renaissance Men to shame His obsessive search for the White Nile s source led him into heated verbal and correspondence combat with a fellow explorer, as well as actual physical combat he rode f [...]

    3. I guess I ve known who Richard Burton was since I was in high school, but mostly as the translator of Arabian Nights and the first white dude in Mecca But I really had no idea what an all round badass he was Soldier, swordsman, explorer, linguist, ethnologist, etc etc etc He makes Hemingway look like a wimp and an idiot 29 languages, 43 books really big ones , hopping around all over the world half blind paralyzed dead with various gnarly tropical diseases it really makes one wonder where he got [...]

    4. But he is not intentionally irreverenthe speaks the things that others think and hide , 27 February 2016This review is from The Devil Drives A Life of Sir Richard Burton Paperback I started off deciding to just read a chapter a day, while focussing mainly on a great novel I was reading simultaneously.But found myself unable to put down this wonderful account of the fascinating Richard Burton fearless explorer, amazing linguist, soldier, anthropologist and writer He went on a mission to look for [...]

    5. I found reading this biography interestingly readable and informative due to at least two reasons the first being the marvelous flowing narrative by Professor Fawn Brodie who aptly supported her writing by innumerable references and the second being Sir Richard Burton himself, in other words, Richard Burton s life offers dazzling riches He was one of the greatest Victorian explorers, an innovative translator and brilliant linguist, a prolific travel writer, a pioneer in the fields of anthropolog [...]

    6. 400 bladzijden is haast te weinig om het rijk gevulde leven van Richard Burton alle eer aan te doen Hij sprak niet alleen 29 talen plus nog een hoop dialecten, hij was ook ontdekkingsreiziger, antropoloog, lingu st en po et Op het einde van zijn leven daagde hij het preutse Victoriaanse Engeland uit met zijn ongecensureerde vertalingen van onder meer de vertellingen van Duizend en een nacht en de Kamasutra Boeiend portret van een van de opmerkelijkste figuren uit de 19e eeuw.

    7. This is by far the best biography of the Renaissance man that was Richard Burton Fawn Brodie s research was fantastic, her delivery engaging, and her objectiveness worth mentioning, as most of Burton s biographers were very religious men who gloated over editing out some of his colorful exploits.

    8. Fawn Brodie s writing and research is captivating I re read this book every few years Burton s life is intriguing and inspiring Fascinating read by one of the best researchers of biographic writing I have read.

    9. Captain Sir Richard Burton was one of the great characters of the 19th century and it would be difficult to write a dull book about this man There s certainly nothing dull about Fawn M Brodie s 1967 Burton biography The Devil Drives But does she penetrate the many mysteries that surround Burton s life Well, sort of Of course the biographer s task is made much difficult in this case due to the extraordinary burning frenzy in which Burton s widow indulged She burnt the whole of his almost complet [...]

    10. One of the earlier biographies, I believe Though here and there it fawns pun intended over Sir Richard, Ms Brodie s book offers and fine read about an amazing historical figure One will hardly believe such a man actually walked this earth.

    11. Given my usual taste for actors biographies, you could be forgiven a momentary confusion This is not a biography of that Richard Burton, but rather of Sir Richard Francis Burton, 19th century explorer, adventurer, extraordinary linguist and translator, and decidedly an enigmatic character The two things most closely associated with his name are his unsuccessful search for the source of the Nile, and his translation of The Arabian Nights, but that does not in the slightest suggest the extent of t [...]

    12. Richard Burton s ability to tolerate extreme pain and hardship was astonishing He is ranked along with Livingstone, Stanley, Baker and Speke as one of the first five British pioneering African explorers At one stage searching for the source of the Nile he was unable to walk, undernourished and seriously ill but rather than return to Britain he persevered and had to be carried on a stretcher Mosquito infested swamps, parasites, depression, fevers, ulcers, delirium, foul food, chronic filth, death [...]

    13. A truly excellent biography of the foremost British explorer of Africa and Arabia.Burton was a complex man, raised in France and harbouring sa loathing of all things British ever since He comes across as a square peg in a round hole in both the Indian Army and in the Consular services which he spent most of his life in The explorations of India, Arabia, Ethiopia and the Nile expeditions were all done as tours of leave from either of these positions.Perhaps the greatest linguist of his generation [...]

    14. Sir Richard Burton will now be one of my dinner guests were I to pick them You know that game when you are asked to pick who would be at your table Most add people like Churchill I would now have Sir Richard He was a truly remarkable man This book gives some inkling of how remarkable he really was For those interested in the history of Africa, the Middle East and the beginning of colonial and imperial times, when the world was still largely undiscovered and there were men who took up the challen [...]

    15. Sir Richard F Burton was an amazing erson He could speak over 40 languages, discovered the source of the Nile River and had an unquenchable wanderlust The real The Book of 1001 Arabian Nights is 17 volumes annotated w comments on the social habits of people Burton met along the way I don t hv volume 17 Burton also is reesponsible for us having the Kama Sutra Good Reads isn t up to date on his books YET.

    16. It is a sort of international travelogue combined with history Hard to find book, I recommended to many friends from various parts of the world, each one read part of its own territory with good interest and a feeling of appreciation of Burton s in depth anthropological observations, although simultaneously, the biographical side of the genre has not been ignored and a good portrait of Burton emerges One of the beys I read.

    17. Explorer, translator, anthropologist, Sufi and iconoclast, Sir Richard Burton remains a sort of hero to me His life was tumultuous and fascinating I clearly recall an anecdote about how he was compiling a simian lexicon and, while a soldier, would dine with a table of monkeys, including one that wore a little dress and earrings.

    18. Of all the books on Captain Sir Richard Burton, Fawn McKay Brodie s is the best at capturing the spirit and energy of this great explorer Ever since reading this, I have read every book on Burton that I can get my hands on He will definitely be one of the 5 persons I want to meet in the after life.

    19. This is a biography of Sir Richard F Burton I think he is one of the most fascinating figures of Victorian England He was a linguist and explorer and the first European to make a pilgrimage to Mecca disguised as an Arab He also translated the Arabian Nights and The Perfumed Garden much to the disgust of his wife Highly recommend this.

    20. It would be hard to find a compelling candidate for superhero than Richard Burton the Victorian Soldier, Author, Adventurer, Arabist, and translator of the Arabian nights to mention only a few of his achievements.

    21. To paraphrase Bill Murray in that classic film, Stripes, Sir Richard Francis Burton, YOU are a madman When you took that spear in the mouth in Somalia, and then you made your escape with it still sticking through your face I want to party with you, cowboy

    22. A thorough and well written biography of a colorful character Brodie lays on the psychoanalysis pretty strong at points, and is a little defensive of Burton s shortcomings and failures, but it is worth a read.

    23. Brodie applies lots of Freudian analysis to Burton s life and adventures This isn t the best Burton biography, but is worth a read if you can find a used copy Edward Rice s Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton is superior, but it had the advantage of coming later.

    24. Chiant A forces de citations, de r f rences et de ton compass Fawn Brodie r ussit rendre super chiante la vie a priori passionnante de Richard Burton Aucune motion dans la visite de La Mecque, j ai laiss tomber peu apr s m me pas all jusqu aux sources du Nil

    25. You cant really go wrong with an RFB bio I did enjoy it but I enjoy Edward Rice s book on burton the best I think.

    26. This is a fascinating biography of Sir Richard Burton, perhaps the original most interesting man in the world Burton was an explorer, linguist, soldier, archaeologist, poet, and writer.

    27. Great Biopic of an awesome Man Sir Richard Francis Burton is far over any comparison with men of his time Fiction Heroes are weak compared to this RL man

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