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The Matchmaker's Mark By Regan Black,

  • Title: The Matchmaker's Mark
  • Author: Regan Black
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When you re than human, finding your soulmate isn t as easy as answering a few quesitons online It s best to track down Campbell Consulting, a.k.a the Matchmaker.In Charleston, South Carolina half elf Lily has a birthmark her elders vow is a mystical promise of true love So far she s yet to encounter Mr Right in either the elf or human realms.Dare, a wood elf, hWhen you re than human, finding your soulmate isn t as easy as answering a few quesitons online It s best to track down Campbell Consulting, a.k.a the Matchmaker.In Charleston, South Carolina half elf Lily has a birthmark her elders vow is a mystical promise of true love So far she s yet to encounter Mr Right in either the elf or human realms.Dare, a wood elf, has led the Matchmaker s security team for years In town on a simple errand, when the Matchmaker disappears his future is turned inside out.And Amy Campbell is a completely human English professor about to discover the true magic of the family business
    The Matchmaker s Mark When you re than human finding your soulmate isn t as easy as answering a few quesitons online It s best to track down Campbell Consulting a k a the Matchmaker In Charleston South Carolina half elf

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    1. There is much going on in this story, but it s not difficult to follow.It s set in Charleston and revolves around Amy, a guest English professor at the local college Lily, the local florist and half wood elf and Dare, security detail for the Matchmaker who is also Amy s Aunt Lily was born with a mark that her family always called a Matchmaker s mark, but has not yet found that special someone Amy is a human just beginning to scratch the surface of her Aunt s letters and legacy, on the cusp of fi [...]

    2. Amy is from a clan of Campbell women that have held the title of Matchmaker in the paranormal world She moves in with a friend in Charleston that she is going to be co teaching a course with Unbeknownst to her, her aunt is bequeathing the Matchmaker job to her She sends her body guard Dare, who was an Elite Guard of the elves, to deliver a letter to her and starts the event of Amy s induction to Matchmaker While out walking her greyhound she steps into a floral shop and meets the owner Lily, dau [...]

    3. This was a cute novel, a reader who enjoys romance will not be disappointed The characters are are interesting, the match making part is a unique twist Lily could get a little bit too inquisitive at times, but she s a likable character The love interest is charismatic, handsome, and generally a fun character to read about The reader will enjoy watching their relationship grow and develop The author writes very smoothly, there aren t any choppy transitions The reader will be left with questions, [...]

    4. 4 1 2 starsLily is content with her life As half elf half human, it s difficult to fit into either world, so owning her own flower shop in Charleston, SC is good for her She yearns to find her own true love some day, but with over protective brothers and magic that is unstable at best, she doesn t hold out much hope.Dare is a full wood elf who is personal guard to the infamous Matchmaker His family isn t thrilled with his job choice, but it works for him He s a bit puzzled, and than a bit put o [...]

    5. Lily had a special way with flowers It seemed only natural that she would start her own business as a flower designer She knew special charms and small spells that would have her customers leaving with a smile as she fulfilled their needs She had come to terms with her inability to do magic like the rest of her family She was raised on tales that were suited to the special mark on her arm The stories included the whispered name of the Matchmaker But Lily was done with that She had accepted her f [...]

    6. Delightfully written and empathetic reading this was like peeking over the shoulders of the characters and being part of each scene and locale Heartwarming, encouraging, and inspiring, this is just the kind of story readers need to pick themselves up from a slump by getting involved in the characters lives and backstory, and marveling at that most welcome touch of the paranormal I don t often gravitate to light hearted romantic fiction, but if this is an example of what I m missing, I may just h [...]

    7. A charming paranormal romantic mystery It has a very uplifting and happy tone All of the characters are very likeable and I was drawn to them Amy, a mid western girl, comes to South Carolina as a temporary faculty member to teach with an old college friend, Maeve When Maeve suddenly becomes enad with anything in jeans, Amy gets attacked by a werewolf, and a mysterious wood elf comes knocking, Amy s world suddenly, and forever, changes As Dare, the wood elf, tries to explain the changes to Amy, h [...]

    8. I love Regan Black s darker 2096 novels The Matchmaker s Mark is her lighter voice and it doesn t disappoint Magic runs deep in our world and in Matchmaker s Mark we see what happens when the unsuspecting find out they have powers, and find love in the process This debut novel in the series promises a fun ride Can t wait for the next installment

    9. The Matchmaker s Mark is an urban fantasy set in Charleston, South Carolina Lily, a half elf, half human, works as a florist trying to find her way in a human society that she doesn t completely belong in During a busy day at her shop, Lily encounters two customers that will disrupt the calm life she had made for herself Amy Campbell and Dare, a handsome wood elf Amy Campbell is the new matchmaker, a human with the ability to create romantic matches for those who request them Amy resists the fac [...]

    10. Matchmaker s Mark hit the mark It was a lighthearted story with plenty of humor, paranormal, and romance The main characters were elves but that was not all that was thrown into the mix There was a werewolf, mermaid, and a new matchmaker learning how to use her magic Which brings us to the problem The matchmaker has gone missing and her powers have transferred to her niece, Amy Amy doesn t realize that she now has the matchmaker s magic and inadvertently marks a werewolf and a halfing elf The we [...]

    11. Author Regan Black creates an intriguing mythology peopled with elves, werewolves, magical matchmakers and , and sets it all against a background of a very real Charleston, with beautiful descriptions clear enough to make me long to visit The matchmaker, of course, is someone who matches people and others to their true loves But the protagonist, a Halfling, can t find romance since she can t find herself Instead she offers hints of magic through flowers as she hides away in a Charleston florist [...]

    12. In my opinion, Regan Black has a winner with THE MATCHMAKER S MARK It s a fun paranormal romance, the first book in a new series The matchmaker s mark is a magical mark that identifies individuals meant to be together I loved how the romance progressed between Dare and Lily, although I did get a bit frustrated with Lily at times because she was so reluctant to believe I also enjoyed the progression of the story of the matchmaker We get a brief glimpse of a new matchmaker in the making, leaving u [...]

    13. My rating is 4.5Lily s life is content but far from perfect her brothers are over protective and her magic is just meh.or so she believes When a moment s strange encounter causes her birthmark to itch and burn, Lily s magic suddenly takes on a whole new dimension and her hopes for the future are now a possibility I loved The Matchmaker s Mark from the start because it was upbeat and light hearted This is a book I will curl up with again when I m feeling down or blah It just made me happy Sounds [...]

    14. We ve all heard stories of the matchmaker What if there was an actual person with the magical ability to match you with your soulmate How would you like to be her Amy Campbell, an English professor, suddenly finds herself in this exact predicament What ensues is a comical and romantic adventure for all the magical and normal people that she meets The story centers itself on the life of a half elf girl named Lily and what happens to her when she meets the new Matchmaker and a wood elf named Dare [...]

    15. The Matchmaker s Mark By, Regan BlackThis was a wonderful book I was not sure what to exspect from it This is the first book of Regan Black s that I have read Im sure to be checking out of her books after this one I am a paranormal lover, well a book lover in all ways that count Paranormal romance is one of my favorites The Characters where quit wonderful, how it is written it bring everything together with great twist and turns Very unique and was then I was hoping for.If you enjoy Romance th [...]

    16. Thoroughly enjoyed it.If you want something light and cheery, this is it Couldn t put it down, from start to finish.Definetely not Tracking shadows , since it s in a lighter, happier vein, but it is worth every cent Especially, if you like to read paranormals with alot of wit The characters are charming and delightfully witty Love the characters of Amy, Dare, Lilly and even Cade and Maeve Can t wait to see what else will happen to them next.

    17. 4 STARSThis book actually has two stories that are both the first book in a series.The first story is The Matchmaker s Mark.Lily is half elf who owns a flower shop She has a mark on her arm that means she will have a soul mate But so far she has not found him in either world Because elves do not like halfings she has chosen to live Charleston, South Carolina in the human world She does not have much magic.Amy Campbell is a English Professor that is in Charleston to teach a class She can t wait t [...]

    18. Elves, Werewolves and magical humans, what can you ask for Regan delivers a a gem in The Matchmaker s Mark It is an alternative for adults who want to read about fairytale lands that usually are geared towards YA With action, a touch of humor and all romance you are sure to find what you are looking for here.I have to say I enjoyed reading this book It was different, for me at least I don t read a lot of books where elves and magic take the forefront Reagan creates a vivid world and describes C [...]

    19. This is the first book in the Matchmakers trilogy which intertwines two stories throughout the entire book that works really well, and it s very easy to keep up with the details Lily has believed that her birthmark has to do with finding her true love She is half elf and uses her magic in her floral business to help spread happiness in the lives of others, but she has not been so lucky in find the happiness of true love in her own life When her birthmark starts changing she thinks it s because h [...]

    20. This just the kind of Urban Fantasy novel I love to read A human woman who has power and magic than she ever realized possible, an Elf woman who truly does have an amazing destiny, and a cranky werewolf The problem is than one heroine hero to this story There is also the human s best friend and Elf Body guard, and the Elf s brother The focus shift s from character to character way to much There are author s who do the shifting with ease like George RR Martin , and keep you vested in the outcom [...]

    21. The initial character introduction had me believing this was a chick lit book but it was made interesting with the addition of the para element.Unfortunately the author doesn t really give us all that much background on either the main character or the world in which she chooses not to live in, and I did feel like some of those details should have been made clearer.Especially considering that in the blurb the elders are mentioned but apart from a brief encounter with her father, none of the elde [...]

    22. I really liked this story and would have given it 4 stars, except that it was confusing in parts The characters would act angry and there wasn t really a good reason for them to act that way And things would happen without a good explanation for it But overall, a really enjoyable light paranormal romance.

    23. Amy Campbell is an English professor and she is guest teaching in Charleston for the winter She has an interesting Aunt Camille Turns out the Campbell family has had the role of Matchmaker for humans and mythical creatures for many generations Amy becomes the new Matchmaker after something in known happens to Camille.

    24. This is an interesting read that moves along quickly The story line is cute and the characters are mesmerizing The writing is exceptional and I love the match making aspect to the story I found this to be an enjoyable read.Gifted a copy for an honest review.

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