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  • Title: You Can Never Get Enough of What You Don't Need: The Quest for Contentment
  • Author: Mary Ellen Edmunds
  • ISBN: 9781590383834
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • How much is enough Why does it seem we are always looking for In her wonderfully unique style, author Mary Ellen Edmunds suggests that You Can Never Get Enough of What You Don t Need because what you don t need never satisfies I can have a house filled with stuff and things, but if it s not what I need, it will never satisfy me, no matter how much I have, she obseHow much is enough Why does it seem we are always looking for In her wonderfully unique style, author Mary Ellen Edmunds suggests that You Can Never Get Enough of What You Don t Need because what you don t need never satisfies I can have a house filled with stuff and things, but if it s not what I need, it will never satisfy me, no matter how much I have, she observes Have you noticed that the happiness we equate with abundance often eludes both those who get what they want in life and those who don t This eye opening treasure hunt of a book will help you find the secret to living with contentment.About the AuthorMary Ellen Edmunds has served as director of training at the Missionary Training Center and as a member of the Relief Society general board of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints She graduated from the College of Nursing at Brigham Young University, has been a faculty member at BYU, and has served full time missions in Asia and Africa She is the author of several books and talk tapes, including her most recent title, MEE Thinks Random Thoughts on Life s Wrinkles.
    You Can Never Get Enough of What You Don t Need The Quest for Contentment How much is enough Why does it seem we are always looking for In her wonderfully unique style author Mary Ellen Edmunds suggests that You Can Never Get Enough of What You Don t Need because what you

    One thought on “You Can Never Get Enough of What You Don't Need: The Quest for Contentment”

    1. I love Mary Ellen Edmunds I love her sense of humor and her faith I watch her each time I find one of her Women s Conference talks on BYU TV This was a delightful little book Her point is that we re always looking for , but that what we don t realize is that abundance isn t what is going to make us happy The Gospel of Jesus Christ is what makes us happy.This was fun to read, easy to read, inspirational and thought provoking.

    2. I really loved this book It s not amazingly written or anything but it really made me think about how I spend my money and where it goes It also made me want to recycle because Pres Hinckley said this is probably the most wasteful generation.

    3. We all need to read this book about once a month I love herd generally I steer clear of the whole churchy book thing unless it is, you know, those things called the scriptures Mary Ellen Edmunds is so stinkin awesome Love her.

    4. MEE tackles the topic of materialism and our attachment to stuff in this modern age A most pleasant LDS read.

    5. Wow Never read anything by this author but would like to read her stuff again I have learned so much about myself in this book I would like to re read it again.

    6. A very fun, yet insightful read, and a great platform for launching your own personal quest for contentment I also found this book an excellent addition to my study into the word itself.I enjoyed MEE s loving and faith filled perspective along with her sweet and silly tone she expresses herself with as she describes any lacking of perfection she divulges about her own self The stories she tells herein are priceless Some may bring tears to your eyes But there are many laughs throughout its pages. [...]

    7. I had tried reading this a couple of years ago, but it was just painful to work through it, so I stopped I ve seen Edmunds speak at conferences she s engaging and fun But her books read like she speaks, with lots of random asides and funny bits thrown in While this totally works for her as a speaker, it can leave you feeling a bit scattered as you read She even acknowledges as much in this book by saying something like, I hope you can understand what I mean even when I muck it up with a bunch of [...]

    8. I liked her definition of contentment tranquil happiness.My other favorite section is attributed to Karen Lynn I d like to manage my time better instead of being sucked in my solitaire Guilt is not born of leisure but of idleness Idleness puts us in a passive role, whereas leisure usually calls on us to participate mentally or physically or creatively idleness merely passes time, whereas leisure fills personal needs idleness occupies us, but leisure renews us we put the responsibility for fillin [...]

    9. I loved MEE s Happiness Finders Keepers and this book reminded me a lot of that book The title says it all having our priorities in the right place and learning to enjoy, appreciate and share all our blessings is a big part of the road to contentment.I also liked this quote from Anne Morrow Lindbergh My life cannot implement in action the demands of all the people to whom my heart responds And I like this from a man named Richard Wong Bless our home, Father, that we cherish the bread before ther [...]

    10. so fantastic When we moved half way across the world, I got rid of a lot of stuff I have never missed any of it however, I feel like I have acquired stuff once again I really think gratitude and contentment go hand in hand, as the author points out, I am working daily on this I want to appreciate each day and look at it as a gift of choices This book was fun to read, easy to understand, full of scriptures as well as quotes by Apostles amd Prophets, to support all that the author was saying I lik [...]

    11. A lot of good advice definitely a lot to think about while reading and after I felt this book wasn t very well written There was a lot of rambling and she went off on a lot of tangents She had all these random stories or phrases just kind of thrown in there that made you feel as if she was writing the book for close friends who share inside jokes rather than for a broad, unknown audience.That being said, there was still a lot of really good points and some how to activities to help your family p [...]

    12. Mary Ellen Edmunds MEE gives us something to think about in this materialistic world and reminds us that contentment doesn t come with Stuff Some of the items she says that will bring contentment 1 attitude 2 a joy quiet reflective joy3 gratitude4 Finding the will of God and doing it5 Becoming closer to Christ and Heavenly Father6 Knowing the Gospel the plan of salvation7 Keep things simple8 Enjoy enjoy our blessings9 Remember to take time out for leisure but don t be idle10 Keeping the law of t [...]

    13. I personally did not like this book The author s self depreciating humor did not work well in written form It seems from her bio in the back that she has extensive experience teaching and speaking, so perhaps this is just an example of a method that didn t translate between mediums well.I did find some good ideas and thoughts in this book, but always from an Ensign article the author was quoting There is value in having all of the articles gathered into one place, however in a book I expect the [...]

    14. A friend gave me this book right after I had the twins and I was a little surprised at her choice of books as ths is a book about not being materialistic and since I haven t worked in a few years I consider myself anything but materialistic since the money just isn t there to be materialistic After reading this I realized that even though I didn t have a lot of material possessions I could still have a materialistic attitude and every time I start to feel sorry for myself and think I have to do [...]

    15. This was another good book by MEE Part of this book focuses on becoming content with and grateful for the material things we have, with also some discussion of cleaning out your house and getting things organized But this book also focuses on gaining contentment in life by living the gospel that will bring ultimate peace and contentment This isn t one of my very favorite MEE books, but it was still enjoyable and uplifting and made me want to be better in these areas.

    16. I have a small handful of books that have actually changed me when I was done reading them This is in the top 3 The light this sheds on the accumulation of things , and our need to have , set against the deprivation that exists through out the world, and helps you decide once and for all what exactly you need in order to be content And it isn t things.I saw my life differently after I read this.

    17. This was my book group s choice for last month I didn t get very far with it and don t think that I ll finish it I am a very discontented person by nature, so I should read it, but what I didn t like about it was that there wasn t a whole lot of help offered It talked about different areas of life that we need to seek contentment in but other than that, the help was missing Basically it boiled down to live the gospel and find happiness in that.

    18. Mary Ellen Edmunds MEE , hummm, what can I say that she hasn t already said She is one of the funniest ladies that I have ever met In a hunmorous, light hearted way she reminds us that this life is not about collecting STUFF STUFF does not, nor will it ever bring happiness, it only brings the need to try to organize all the stuff you accumulate Everyone knows you can t organize stuff It just becomes matter unorganized MEE s definition not mine

    19. LOVE this book Good reminder of what stuff is, and once you get something you think you need, you just choose something else Stuff never will satisfy is only for a minute She uses scripture and life examples to point this out and how to find contentment Her stories are funny and powerful

    20. What a great book about the excess we have in our homes It really opened my eyes about some areas of my home where there are boxes of stuff I really don t need This is a book that is so full of great information that I know I will read it againI am reading it again There are many new things I am learning the second time around.

    21. Overall, I read this book because one of my favorite talks of all time was by this same author The book was good, and there were definitely some chapters I made notes about, but a couple of chapters were boring I don t know that there was anything in here I didn t already know, but it was a good reminder of what we really need to be content You really don t need as much as you think you do.

    22. Well, I tried to read it, but just couldn t get into it The chatty tone was hard for me to cope with, plus much of the book at least through the first few chapters was, My friend said and My other friend said I m sure some would love it and I m sure the message is probably great, but I just couldn t get past the tone.

    23. I need to re read this book every few months to give me perspective I love Mary Ellen Edmunds She is a very talented and entertaining author This book is an eye opening lesson in the grass is always greener on the other side She explains that we often think we need all kinds of stuff only we aren t happy when we accumulate all that stuff She teaches the way to true happiness.

    24. This book allowed me to realize that we are quite a self indulgent people in most instances It was made quite apparant through humerous examples, that most of us have than enough In most cases, several of many items What does it mean to be content Do we live in a world where is better Hmmmmm

    25. This is one of my favorite authorse s always so optimistic about life I love it Her optimism can t help but rub off on you as you read This particular book is about being content without what the world would say you need to have all these material goods There s so much to life, and this book helps you to put things in perspective.

    26. I am really liking it so far It makes you take a look at yourself and see where you need to start on the road to contentment 2011 I haven t picked the book up for a couple years because I have been too busy We will see when I get the chance to finish it.

    27. I love Mary Ellen Edmunds, she is optimisc, entertaining and wise This was a good book, not earth shattering, but she puts a different twist on what I know I wished this was on audio, I prefer to listen to her rather than read her because she is a great speaker.

    28. Very inspiring Four stars instead of five only because some of her humor is a little cheesy in written from and would be better presented orally Definitely made for an LDS audience, but has many wise and thoughtful words to consider.

    29. This book had so many great quotes and examples I think I would like to own this book so I can refer to it over and over, because I need to It seemed a little random to me at first, but the I got to understand Mary Ellen Edmunds, the I enjoyed it.

    30. I love Mary Ellen Edmunds She is a fantastic author, speaker and woman And she cracks me up like no other LDS author can This book is about stuff, and how it will not bring contentment to our lives Simple concept, but very much worth reading I learned a lot and laughed.

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