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Cry of the Cat By R.L. Stine,

  • Title: Cry of the Cat
  • Author: R.L. Stine
  • ISBN: 9780590399883
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback
  • She just wanted to do the right thing Return the black cat to its owner But once Allison stepped into the dark, broken down house, she regretted the whole idea Now her biggest problem is getting out.
    Cry of the Cat She just wanted to do the right thing Return the black cat to its owner But once Allison stepped into the dark broken down house she regretted the whole idea Now her biggest problem is getting out

    One thought on “Cry of the Cat”

    1. UghhI read this book before but I guess I forgot cause I just re read it And to me, it sucked I used to really really REALLY like goosebumps but I ve lot my taste for them The stories are too short and like I said in my other reviews, it s pointless.I just don t like it.

    2. Couldn t stop laughing from beginning to end, on of the corniest things I have ever read I have no idea why I was frightened by this when I was younger I ll keep reading this series of Goosebumps because I frankly find it hilarious and cheesy

    3. No he actualizado nada de lo que he le do S lo puedo decir que casi termin el reto de los juegos 3 5Ahora bien, se desarrolla de una manera r pida Tiene que cubrir toda una historia de misterio en unas pocas p ginas por lo que realmente los secretos van saliendo a lo loco As que si buscas quedarte con la duda mucho tiempo este libro no es para timentorreads.wordpress 2

    4. Okay, so I saw the Goosebumps movie the other day and wanted to reread one of my books and recapture my childhood Safe to say I probably should have kept the books firmly as fond memories, but to be fair, I am 30 years old now, and am no longer the target audience Cheers Mr Stine, to a chilling childhood

    5. Normally i never really scared easy but for some reason this one book really got to me, it s stupid now i look back on it and read but i do remember having nightmares after reading and watching the TV show I can t imagine why now Still its a book i love

    6. there is a girl that got scratch by a master cat and she was turning in to a cat because she fell of a tall building and didn t get hurt and then they took her to the hospital and gave her treatment and she was fine but hen in the night she turned in to a monster cat.

    7. Not bad though it has limited vocabulary and choppy sentences, it held my interest and it was creative and easy to read through It seems like a good one for reluctant readers.

    8. I Piccoli Brividi erano il top negli anni 90, ma ancora adesso cavalcano la cresta dell onda e sono certamente pi decenti di molti romanzi pubblicati in questi ultimi anni u.u Anche se brevi, sono ben pensati e svolti, con trame ricche di avvenimenti e colpi di scena Era da tempo che non ne leggevo uno per cui, in comune accordo con la mia anima gattara, ho scelto l Urlo del Gatto che teoricamente avrebbe dovuto mettermi l ansia verso i graffi Mi dispiace, ma ho molta pi paura dei germi e dei pa [...]

    9. Cry of the Cat Goosebumps Series 2000, 1 Created by R.L.Stine was a okay book I didn t really care all that much about it because it was just too goofy, especially the end The main setting is unknown to me except it takes place in school, the protagonists home, and the antagonists home The main character is called Allison, the side characters are called tanner, her brother, Ryan, the friend of Allison, and crystal The main conflict of the book is that Allison killed a cat and now the cat is tryi [...]

    10. This was a decent start to a less than stellar series Goosebumps 2000 promised 2000 times the scares and the covers are a little creepy but not as memorable as its parent series However, nothing about this book is too special It s little than a rehash of Chicken, Chicken from the original series, trading in chickens for cats and adding a bit of a ghostly, nine lives gimmick in It s not badly written, but it s nothing to get excited about It actually compares quite well to the original series I [...]

    11. As much as I adore black cats my last cat was a black one and the sweetest cat ever this book seemed like it should have been longer and better written which is why I not gave it 3 stars It just wasn t worthy of a black cat, at least to me it seemed that way Black cats are the stuff of legend Back when I was reading R L Stine,I thought this book was great and I got a chill from black cats, but now I d rather be a proud owner of a black cat instead of reading as book about a horror story involvin [...]

    12. When I read this I think I was in 3rd grade it literally made me jump I loved Goosebumps since I was a baby my parents and older siblings use to watch it all the time and this was the first book that ever really scared me I have read Stephen King, but none of those books scared me So far, only 3 have Cry of the CatDaemon HallCrimson by Gord RolloOf course, now this book doesn t scare me, but is my favorite book by far.

    13. OK When I first saw this book in Crosswords Book Store I remembered TV Series of Same name in some channel barely 5 or 6 years back But I still remember these stories have a variety Endings rather than regular Ghost storiesSo I bought the first three in this series Coming to this book if there is still child in you then only go for this bookIt is simply a childish story and as expected very good final chapters and an Ending of BANG

    14. R.L Stine has written some really good fun books, but he come sup with some of the most twisted confusing endings With the cat dead there is nothing left behind.Crystal and her mom thank Allison for killing the cat I m thinking why they didn t just do that themselves and why didn t crystal just do what she did near the end the first time Allison came knocking at her door Anyways, it s an interesting read.

    15. This book is about a boy and a girl And they are movis star and they are making this movie call the cry of thr cat and they are trying to get away from a cat.And the cat got the boy the toy cat break and the man got mad and said fix the toy cat.The girl said she is going out before lunch.The girl was trying to get someing out of her bag

    16. I love R.L.Stine and want to read everyone of his books but this book was kinda lame I haven t read many Goosebumps books I prefer R.L.Stines Fear Street This is only the third or fourth Goosebump book I have read and I was not impressed by this one it was boring I loved the T.V show off of this book but I didn t like the book as much.

    17. Been reading some RL Stine for that nostalgia I never tried the 2000 series so I started with the first one in this series It was decent with a whatever plot, characters that you never get to know well enough because of how short the story is, and corny dialogue What made this three stars instead of one was the twist which Stine is known for , pace and suspense 3 5 stars.

    18. wow Rada2 nyesel Kenapa baru sekarang aku baca seri ini, sedangkan temen2 ku udah baca seri ini waktu mereka masih kecil.Karna aku penakut, jadi baca buku macam ini aja udah lumayan merinding Padahal ini kan bacaan anak kecil _

    19. this was the one tht was actually scarynt read it at night plzi beg of ubut it was scary enough tht i remember any detail about this book.wow already shakin remembering the nighmaresere is no goodside to this book

    20. Goosebumps This is the series that kept me reading through my childhood More than any other series, Goosebumps kept me interested in reading, and R.L Stein is a wonderful children s writer I applaud his efforts, and can t express enough my gratitude for the series.

    21. Cry of the Cat was a freaky story, but i think that it is a little to adventurous for people my age The book is about a so called haunted cat that gets run over by cars, bikes, etc And doesn t lose his life, he only loses one of his many lives.

    22. The series 2000 seem intense than the other Goosebumps series I liked this one than The Horror of the Black Ring 18 , but so far my favorites of this series would have to be Bride of the Living Dummy 2 , The Haunted Car 21 and Slappy s Nightmare 23.

    23. This is my favorite of the Goosebumps books Mostly, probably, because it is about a cat my favorite animal I couldn t get enough of this book, and I couldn t forget it.

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