[E-Book] ✓ Brain Juice | by ✓ R.L. Stine

Brain Juice By R.L. Stine,

  • Title: Brain Juice
  • Author: R.L. Stine
  • ISBN: 9780590767842
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback
  • After drinking some brain juice made by aliens, Nathan and Micah are suddenly brilliant And these aliens are looking for a few good humans extra smart, extra young humans.
    Brain Juice After drinking some brain juice made by aliens Nathan and Micah are suddenly brilliant And these aliens are looking for a few good humans extra smart extra young humans

    One thought on “Brain Juice”

    1. Alieni e succo d uva Storiella dai connotati pi fantascientifici che horror, ma che trova il proprio senso d esistere nella costruzione dei rapporti interpersonali fra i due protagonisti ed il resto del mondo.Il finale, stranamente, non colpisce a dovere come molti altri all interno della collana.

    2. I initially picked this up because I heard RL Stine say in an interview that it was his favorite Goosebumps book, but nobody bought it or something like that So I thought, Well I wonder what I could learn by reading the book that nobody bought The book is about a couple of dumb kids that drink alien juice and get really smart Being smart causes a bunch of problems for them Then, the aliens that gave them the juice capture them and take them back to their planet to use them as smart slaves.There [...]

    3. Special shoutout to Mr de Santiago, whose copy of this book has fallen into my hands from Sadly, it s my property now, so you ll just have to purchase another copy from.This book is your typical R L Stein fare cliffhangers on short chapters followed immediately by a less serious payoff afterwards I read this book a few times as a kid and, coming back to it, I was surprised how much about the aliens I remembered.It s a book I think kids who enjoy reading would enjoy, but its not Harry Potter If y [...]

    4. Saya suka dengan selipan pesan moral bahwa sejatinya pintar itu kadang bukan segalanya apalagi jika terlewat pintar sampai semua orang otomatis akan membenci kita jika kitaterlalu dianggap jenius,manusia pasti tidak akan puas akan sesuatu jika belum memilikinyadan jika sudah memilikinya bisa jadi kita akan suka atau malah menyesal memilikinya.

    5. No element of horror Just a plain old alien abduction themed story Protagonist and his step sister are dumb, aliens for some unknown reason give them a brain energizer fluid so that they can become smart They then abduct them and take them to their emperor who plans to use them as his slaves for his mathematical calculations Both fake their dumbness, emperor is pissed but again for some unknown reason, sends them back to earth, where they decide to hide their smartness in order to appear normal [...]

    6. This may have been the second Goosebumps title I read and it was OK My nephew likes monsters of any kind and I recommended it to my brother for him Cameron is too young to read this level, but he does enjoy having Goosebumps read to him at story time.This title does have aliens and I believe it will hold the interests of young boys The descriptions of the aliens were nasty and turned my stomach, but that is just good writing, isn t it If there is a take away from this book it is to be happy with [...]

    7. OPENING We are wasting our time here, Morggul, the taller alien whispered CLOSING This Uncle Frank held up the glass and grinned at Nathan and Lindy It s grape juice Same brand I gave you I ve been drinking it eight times a day Can t hurt right REVIEW Disappointed.

    8. I would of rated this book around 2 3, but this book was okay It s the second book of goosebumps I ve read, I ve thought this book was pretty simple It wasn t scarey to me because I don t think aliena are that creepy I think this book should of been a little bit realistic, but I did really love the ending, and how they tryed to get out of their huge problem.

    9. Un libro entretenido sobre el peligro de ser inteligentes Es el segundo libro que leo del autor, pero no ha sido una de mis historias favoritas La serie es muy recomendable y una de mi infancia Espero poder leer m s historia escalofriantes de R.L Stine.

    10. Nihil architecto occaecati magnam earum et quia Inventore recusandae et Voluptas necessitatibus hic rerum et quaerat ipsum.

    11. ReadingChallenge from BookgasmIndeed a k a Audrey Not sure if I like this one because I think the storyline itself is a bit silly But overall I enjoyed it.

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