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The Indian In The Cupboard Trilogy By Lynne Reid Banks,

  • Title: The Indian In The Cupboard Trilogy
  • Author: Lynne Reid Banks
  • ISBN: 9780006749523
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Indian in the Cupboard Trilogy Three bestselling stories about Omri, and his friend Patrick, who turns his plastic Red Indian, Little Bull, into a real miniature person Full description
    The Indian In The Cupboard Trilogy The Indian in the Cupboard Trilogy Three bestselling stories about Omri and his friend Patrick who turns his plastic Red Indian Little Bull into a real miniature person Full description

    One thought on “The Indian In The Cupboard Trilogy”

    1. I loved the Indian in the Cupboard when I was younger I remember when I was little crying when I finished the book as I enjoyed reading it so much that I didn t want it to end Banks is a great storyteller and it is a magical and imaginative story that will have you lost in it till the end.

    2. I loved the first of these books as a child, and first came across it when I was read it by my junior school teacher years ago I was obsessed with this book, and bought a copy of the paperback whilst on holiday in the USA My paperback copy is so dog eared I just had to buy the ebooks and was waiting for them to come out I m glad to have the 3 books though, as I have less of a memory of having read the other two The idea behind the books is a magical adventure involving Omri and his friend Patric [...]

    3. We liked this series and moved on to book 4 The stories are quite different, although the characters are the same That is nice I also like the way Omri grows to understand that his actions have consequences on others, although I think the consequences in book three are quite severe for a grade school age boy I think it creates a great discussion, though.

    4. I read the Indian in the Cupboard years ago and it has long remained one of my favorite children s books Imaginative and insightful, it provides a lesson without being preachy I don t remember the sequels very well but I do know I liked them.

    5. I remember loving this as a kid and want to read the series to my kids for sure this summer I have heard the movie is pretty cute but I ll save that tidbit of info until they ve heard the whole thing I m so excited

    6. I have read Indian in the Cupboard and I LOVED IT It is hard to put down and a great adventure It s about a boy named Omri and a magic cupboard that brings plastic figures to life When he places his plastic indian inside it he embarks on a great adventure

    7. I read this book when I was young and remember it for its magicalness It didn t really stand out even at my young age for something that was really in my reading likes and thought it was much of a boys book I guess I still feel that way.

    8. These books just get darker and darker and sometimes better, think the second one is my favourite Not really kids books after the first one, seem to remember the later ones really freaked me out as a kid.

    9. I imagine this might seem quite dated now, as I seem to recall some of the terms being archaic at the time I read this It was still wonderfully imaginative and these books were delightful to read when I was a kid They also make excellent read aloud books for even younger children.

    10. There are apparently five books in this increasingly poorly named trilogy Prize goes to whoever gets where that line is from These were fun children s books I d be intrigued to re read them now knowing what I do about tactics and Native American history.

    11. The indian in the cupboard was a pretty good book there was some parts that were pretty funnyd there some parts that were kind of cheesy tords the end it got pretty axiting

    12. This series came alive to me when I was a kid I can still envision the scenes that played in my mind I wouldn t mind reading them again.

    13. A great children s book It has a lot of depth, and unlike many recent fantasy books the main character isn t the chosen one which is a refreshing change.

    14. i read this when i was about 9 or 10 and it was just full of magic and imagination which sent the earlier version of myself wild It is the reason i started reading on a constant basis as a child.

    15. this is such a cool book all the different characters add so much life to this story great for children the movie is pretty good too.

    16. Total enjoyable plastic figures coming to life what kids wouldn t want this to happen But there is also the moral debate about is it right Loved it All three books complete the picture.

    17. I kinda forgot about these until recently I ve lost two of them but I still have one I need to replace the other two Awesome.

    18. I read these books to my son, it was such an enjoyable time spent with him An incredible experience we shared

    19. I read these as a young girl and was completely captivated by them I have read them several times andwould reccomend them to anyone.

    20. I loved this series as a kid, but as an adult I see that the first one is significantly better than the following two So, I averaged their scores for the series never read from 4 and on

    21. I read all three of these books when my kids were in school and while I worked at the school book fairs I absolutely adored these books and wish Lynn had written .

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