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The Sacrifice By K.A. Applegate Katherine Applegate,

  • Title: The Sacrifice
  • Author: K.A. Applegate Katherine Applegate
  • ISBN: 9780439115261
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Yeerks have abandoned all secrecy They are loading people onto underground trains that run directly to the Yeerk pool where they perform mass infestations The vast army of Controllers is growing rapidly and will soon be unstoppable Ax and the Animorphs can think of only one solution to use one of the trains to blow up the Yeerk pool But the cost will be measured inThe Yeerks have abandoned all secrecy They are loading people onto underground trains that run directly to the Yeerk pool where they perform mass infestations The vast army of Controllers is growing rapidly and will soon be unstoppable Ax and the Animorphs can think of only one solution to use one of the trains to blow up the Yeerk pool But the cost will be measured in hundreds, perhaps thousands of innocent human lives.
    The Sacrifice The Yeerks have abandoned all secrecy They are loading people onto underground trains that run directly to the Yeerk pool where they perform mass infestations The vast army of Controllers is growing r

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    1. After the Governor s televised warning in the previous book, the Yeerks decided to drop al pretences and start herding civillians via trains to the Yeerk pool to be infested Ax and the Animorphs know the pool is a major weakness they ve tried to exploit in the past, but now it s time for them to pull out the big guns literally and blow it up, crippling the Yeerks once and for all.It was hard for me to remember, in this book, that the Animorphs themselves don t know how limited their time is They [...]

    2. Ghostwriter Kimberly Morris.I don t often read the blurbs on the backs of these books, because I like going in blind, but this one is chilling The war between the Yeerks and the Animorphs is still raging There are no secrets but there are plenty of lies The kids are fighting harder than they ever thought they could And they re about to make the biggest decision they ve ever had to face A decision that may eventually break them all.Ax and the Animorphs have known that the ultimate destruction of [...]

    3. I feel like I missed so much by not having book 51 man So, this is the last Ax book, and we get to see him going back to being a snobbish Andalite somewhat As well as see him so worried about Rachel Gosh, this series just has so much to say about war and warriors and killing and morals James asked.I could hear the eagerness in his voice The eagerness of a new soldier One not yet exhausted and sickened by war.I did not like it I am a soldier But there was something unseemly about dying in a dark [...]

    4. I m not in love with the revisitation of Ax s leadership crisis it seems to me that over and over again, he s reaffirmed Jake as his prince, and now suddenly he s considering betraying not just Jake and his team mates but the entirety of humanity again That seems I don t know I didn t feel like I had enough of a foundation for that to come back up again as a huge thing for him But I am loving how everything is still ramping up in the final books

    5. During a battle, Ax meets a Yeerk that begs for its life so it can stay in bird morph and become trapped that way it wants to be free After the battle, they have to discuss war plans and they decide it d be a good idea to bomb the Yeerk pool even though there are innocent people there, and Cassie doesn t want to do it because she doesn t think the ends justify the means During this discussion she ends up admitting to being the person who lost them the morphing cube, and Ax begins to hate her and [...]

    6. The gritty sacrifices of A REAL WAR are thrown in your face in this book The Yeerks aren t hiding who they are any and they re ready to take over by force What can the Animorphs do to stop them Well, they could blow up the Yeerks pool, but that would sure kill a lot of innocent people.They might have to do it anyway.But it s still hard to consider yourself a good guy if you end up having to murder hundreds in the hopes that it ll help save millions.This kind of decision shouldn t be in the hands [...]

    7. If this series is for kids, then why is it that I Hahaha.This had too much pain, why, Applegate Why are you this cruel Hahaha jkily I understand Ax No, I really do There are really many ways on how to solve this whole yeerk business And Ax s way is not so bad Go quarantine So what if people will die, then it s just mercy killing for humans I don t blame him for having this mindset He grew up with Andalites anyway, and they re warriors I don t really expect Ax to grow so soft.Ah but what a twist [...]

    8. The end is nigh Battle lines are being drawn, loyalties tested, secrets revealed, and the line past which there is no return has never been closer view spoiler Ax s observations of the Animorphs and their fracturing are very interesting, and on point Rachel is now merciless, as well as ruthless, when fighting Jake does not trust his own judgment any, though he trusts Cassie s despite what she did Marco is willing to follow that bright, clear line, even if it means losing his humanity in the pro [...]

    9. The Sacrifice I read the last three books in one day I had a lot of questions in regards to this one, but none of them seem very important now This last bit of story telling in the series is really good My only regret is that the writers Applegate and all the ghost writers didn t explore different groupings of characters often We see that Rachel and Marco side together on votes often, but they have very little if any time spent together where they can develop any relationship beyond banter I li [...]

    10. Andalites are dicks That is a well known fact And Ax was extra jerk this time First half of the book I wanted to grab him by the shoulders and shake him hard I m glad he came around This is his last book after all I was happy we were given the reason behind Cassie s actions She is amazing And I m worried about Rachel Did she kill David Do we ever find out And the team seems to come back to their easy interactions in the end And they get their biggest and most horrible win They might have just tu [...]

    11. E qua s interruppe la pubblicazione della serie Ho sempre avuto la sensazione che mancasse qualcosa al finale Si era ancora nel bel mezzo della guerra.Ho adorato questa serie Ho letto religiosamente tutti e 52 volumi che la Mondadori ha pubblicato Ho addirittura chiamato Toby la mia cagnolina in onore di una delle creature che popolano il mondo creato da K.A Applegate Ho composto una poesia dopo aver letto una scena di battaglia che si svolgeva a bordo di una nave Era la prima volta che riflette [...]

    12. The end of the war is drawing near, and as the Animorphs become fractured Ax s loyalties between the humans and his own people are tested yet again The Yeerks have stepped up their infestation efforts, which renews an opportunity the Animorphs have had to consider before the destruction of the Yeerk pool The Sacrifice is an Animorphs book that really gets to the heart of these characters and might be the best in the series in its look at the ethics of wartime compromises The title is apt in wa [...]

    13. This book could be a sick and twisted interpretation of united we stand , yet it can t be understood as something heroic rather something hard to grasp and assimilate Cassie, the most compassionate human, finds herself hated by a very determined and black or white Ax They meet their inner dark maker along the way and stated to be together again although having problems getting his head around their home worlds It is a steady and prosperous piece of writing and creativity.

    14. You can tell this book was one of the ghostwritten The plot is a little busy in this one There s a lot of payoffs and setups getting done in preparation for the finale The prose is also occasionally awkward, and the character voices are a tiny bit off, especially the narration by Ax.On the other hand, awesome action, great ending I mean, damn That final scene is all sorts of post apocalyptic Shit just got real.

    15. Review written sometime before May 1, 2015The Sacrifice by Katherine ApplegateWhy I read it My book club is reading the series right now.Rating 3 5What I thought I don t know, actually It mostly worked out quite fine, and took the Animorphs to even unnerving, tragic places in their story Some of the character conflicts did annoy me at times, although this was probably intentional.

    16. Well, that s something Marco pointed out But you know what the saddest thing about this whole situation is I wouldn t even know where to begin, Cassie answered The saddest thing is that this is our greatest victory And I ve never felt depressed in my entire life p 149 Pretty much sums this book up in a little heart wrenching nutshell.

    17. I do not know how I ever would have survived junior high without this fantastic science fiction series Maybe the story quality went down as the book numbers got higher, but the idea that aliens were invading our planet secretly it was almost good enough for a young teenager to believe.

    18. Ax bby I ve finally decided on an order of favorites Ax, Marco, Cassie, Tobias Jake, Rachel I love the content, but it s getting 4 stars because of mixing up thought speak and verbal speak Yes, that bugs me enough to demote it.

    19. Fantastic SiFi series for a young reader I enjoyed reading these with my daughter The storyline is good and the plot interesting, wouldn t take much to make these great adult SiFi stories Highly recommended

    20. Ax is such an interesting character, and the story is so interesting at this point, they are on the point of either failing or suceeding, and Applegate makes them ruthless, which I guess is necessary if they want to win These last three books are fantastic.

    21. The ghost writer for this book really didn t have Ax s voice down I understand trying to make him sound like an alien, but it was over the top in this case The plot itself is great, though.

    22. Only two books left I can t wait to see how this ends, though at the same time I m not ready for it to be over.

    23. Soooo real happened Aximili Esgarouth Isthil behaves like a real le douche in this one But to tell the truth, war is hard and it changes people Ax needs to recall his loyalty tho Lots of action.

    24. My first sci fi series growing up It has shaped my reading style and is suggested to any one who likes YA fiction

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