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Intimate Strangers By Laura Taylor,

  • Title: Intimate Strangers
  • Author: Laura Taylor
  • ISBN: 2940013033863
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Nook
  • School teacher and advocate of abused children Hannah Cassidy invades a private retreat in the N Nevada wilderness Ignoring posted No Trespassing signs and the property s angry owner, she dismisses his threats and demands that he reveal her missing brother s location.Nicholas Benteen, ex mercenary and former CIA covert operative, assumes she is yet another adversary inteSchool teacher and advocate of abused children Hannah Cassidy invades a private retreat in the N Nevada wilderness Ignoring posted No Trespassing signs and the property s angry owner, she dismisses his threats and demands that he reveal her missing brother s location.Nicholas Benteen, ex mercenary and former CIA covert operative, assumes she is yet another adversary intent on exacting lethal revenge for his past deeds.He will fight to the death to protect the sanctuary he has created for himself and those from his past he has vowed to safeguard Even as Hannah penetrates Nicholas s isolation and melts the ice that encases his weary heart, she is seduced by the sensual, battle scarred veteran and the dark secrets of his past.
    Intimate Strangers School teacher and advocate of abused children Hannah Cassidy invades a private retreat in the N Nevada wilderness Ignoring posted No Trespassing signs and the property s angry owner she dismisses hi

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    1. Warning This is of a rant than a review Warning Major spoilers as I am basically paraphrasing the entire book sarcastically of course Okay, so what we have here is a story that had massive potential as I am a fan of romantic suspense , but it was too damn fluffy for it s own good thereby causing the end result to be one big disappointing fluffy mess Plot for lack of better term Nicholas Benteen is a gorgeous, war weary, paranoid, specially trained black ops mercenary, billionaire, famous author [...]

    2. Nicholas Benteen is an ex mercenary who now lives alone in a remote part of Northern Nevada in a secluded location Nicholas has designed his home himself to be an isolated retreat it is filled with security devices to protect his privacy He also owns tens of thousands of acres of land that he has created a safe haven not only for himself but for the people who worked and helped him from his past and he has vowed to keep them safe and protect them Nicholas sees this as his penance for dispensing [...]

    3. A few weekends ago I downloaded INTIMATE STRANGERS by Laura Taylor to my Kindle and began an unforgettable journey of two strangers who feel like anything but The instant chemistry and connection between Hannah and Nicholas, no matter how much they fought it, was intriguing and even familiar Taylor drew this out with just the right amount of tact and patience.Hannah and Nicholas s storyline developed in a parallel to their intense feelings for one another, something only a talented author can ac [...]

    4. I hate to admit it, but I related to the male character in this book Hurt and betrayed one time too many to allow himself to trust, Nicholas was suspicious when Hannah wandered into his life Did I mention that Nicholas had a dark past and built himself a fortress in the woods Some might consider him paranoid, but he prefers to just consider himself cautious Suddenly a stubborn, petite woman with a shapely hour glass figure arrives at his door and he finds himself aroused just looking at her Han [...]

    5. The premise that Nicholas Benteen is holed up on his considerable acres and protecting his former associates including Hannah s brother who hasn t contacted the family for 15 years and himself from assassination is interesting and deviates from the usual run of fare in mystery romance plots I congratulate the author, because it is extremely difficult to find a different angle for this genre.Laura Taylor has created great sympathy for her hero a battle scarred and grieving former mercenary and a [...]

    6. I m not going to give this one a star rating Too many disconnects early in the story for me, but others may not notice and may like it I think the story would be good I just can t abide emotions that seem outside the characterization the author is trying to develop When it doesn t make sense, or I think the characters acting out of character , I have issues.So, no rating on this one I did not finish it Just bothered me too much in the first 5 chapters or so and wasn t in the story at that point, [...]

    7. This freebie was an extraordinary read full of intrigue and romance A new to me author, Laura Taylor weaves a tale of love, hope and joy in this captivating and intense romantic suspense Quality writing on every front The only complaint I have with this book is that the ending seemed rushed I was left with too many questions even though the H H did get a nice happily ever after.

    8. Generic misunderstood but really secretly a nice tough guy redeemed by the hardheaded woman who is attracted to his misogyny.

    9. This romantic suspense story started out great, with some wonderful interaction between Hannah and Nicholas, but it kind of fizzled Don t get me wrong the sex scenes were hot and the characters were great, but the story didn t really go anywhere The first scenes, with Hannah trying to get into Nicholas s strongly secured home, were amusing and suspenseful, with an undertone of sexual tension But as their relationship developed, the mystery surrounding him and her brother faded away and weren t r [...]

    10. 3.95 StarsThis book was exactly what I expected it to be An emotional Beauty and the Beast Story Emotional Beast that is Nicholas is ex mercenary with a price on his headng secluded on his own 10k acre ranch in the outback of Nevada Lives a lonely life watching over his shoulder and shunning the public He lives in shame of his previous life army sharp shooter turned sanctioned assassin turned private for hire assassin He is also the key to Hannah finding her older brother, Sean, who lived the sa [...]

    11. I picked up this book because Nicholas Benteen is an ex mercenary who has carved out a private retreat on tens of thousands of Nevada property to protect himself and his friends I have a hard time resisting a bad boy, and Nicholas didn t disappoint.With the arrival of Hannah Cassidy on his doorstep, we see Nicholas in action as the gruff mercenary who shuns society and nearly all contact with the world outside his retreat He doesn t trust anyone seeking him out because he and his friends have be [...]

    12. Got it for free on my kindle Yes Yes Yes, I wanna read Nicholas Benteen is an ex assassin for the US and Hannah Cassidy, a kindergarten teacher, hunted him down so she could talk to him about her brother whom was traced back to Nick and worked with him.While the beginning was going back and forth between Hannah and Nicholas, I felt as if I was in the book beside them I was waiting for something to happen and it happened The constant fighting between 2 strangers turned into something Nicholas d [...]

    13. It s been a while since I read a book without werewolves, vampires, or supernatural beings.I wasn t sure if I could read anything normal any This book put me straight I loved it Nicholas was a wounded soul still a big soft spot of mine his ice cold exterior hid a soul tormented, and a heart yearning for love It drew me in, and kept me there till I finished I had wondered it the author had written anything on Sean a secondary character and had hoped she could do a series in the souls living on ni [...]

    14. From the way the story starts, I have to say that I was expecting something so much than I got Laura Taylor is clearly a talented writer hence 2 stars instead of 1 , but unfortunately the storyline was bland and cliched When it came to the adult scenes, there was far too much of the I will I won t toing and froing to keep me interested, and then when the characters did finally succumb to each others charms, the sex was too overly described.If you re looking for a quick read I read this in one [...]

    15. Hannah Cassidy goes looking for her brother ,her mother is ill and wishes to see her son who has not been seen in 15 years.Hannah goes to Navada asking the brooding Nicholas Breeden for help.He tries to get her to leave.She won t.Things get steamy after they are snowed in from a snow storm.Who can t keep there hands off who.There is a battle of emoiton and frantic need brewing.Does she find her brother and what else does she find.Read the story.

    16. The Heroin in this story tresspasses on the Hero s land looking for information on her brother The Hero becomes very attracted to her Laura Taylor is a new author to me and this was my first book by this author I loved the story Just the right blend of strong story, ALPHA male, incredible love story Will buy other books by this author and if you should decide to read Intimate Strangers you will not be disappointed.

    17. I have never been a fan of sex filled romance stories and if I would have known this was going to be that way I wouldn t have even started reading it The basic story line of a sister looking for her brother and seeking out someone she knew was his friend was good The reclusive friend in a lonely secluded spot, mysterious background and antagonistic demeanor were all good aspects The sex stuff just ruined it for me Disappointed.

    18. What A great story Very Believable A Re reader Book Very True To Form of the Mental Conditions, PTSD But didn t harp on them This Book would make a Great Movie This book touches me soo deeply It is a keeper and always a reread when I need that Positive Feeling that only a few books can give me

    19. Fantastic book and hated that it had to end I loved the relationship and how hardships were battled Loved the ending Was a great, easy reading, all round feel good love story with added depth.

    20. I didn t actually see the original publication date until after I finished it Had I done so, it would have probably made sense to me as I was reading it There are so many things in this book would probably not be considered a good thing had it been written in this day and age There is an instance where the lead male character Nicholas tries to scare the main female character Hannah by climbing into her van while she is sleeping and holding a knife on her while he holds her down and presses his [...]

    21. This book is an easy read But it s your typical story, no twists or surprises Don t expect to put it down and hurry to pick it back up.

    22. It is truly rare that I fully hate one character in a book, much less two However, I genuinely hate Oliver and Christy Prepare to be spoiled.My feelings on them mirror Imogen s, I feel they re both spineless scumbags, who should never have gotten married nor brought kids into the picture The fact that Christy kept her son infuriated me All throughout the book, he seemed like a terciary concern, as she was focused on Oliver, then herself, then Gabe somewhat, then finally Jake His nanny seemed to [...]

    23. Intimate Strangers by Laura Taylor164 pagesCheck the book out here at GoodReads Purchase at Synopsis School teacher and advocate of abused children Hannah Cassidy invades a private retreat in the N Nevada wilderness Ignoring posted No Trespassing signs and the property s angry owner, she dismisses his threats and demands that he reveal her missing brother s location.Nicholas Benteen, ex mercenary and former CIA covert operative, assumes she is yet another adversary intent on exacting lethal reve [...]

    24. The cover blurb says Ms Taylor writes with the power and sensuality of the best authors in romance This may be the case, but if so, this book must represent one of her earlier efforts, before she attained that status This erotic romance automatically lost one star for use of the phrase throbbing loins Twice There are two extremes the erotic romance writer can fall to that make the book less than pleasurable for the reader so much clinical detail that it reads like a gynecologist s report, and no [...]

    25. I have to admit, if I was Nicholas, Hannah would have probably driven me crazy I ve gone to all this trouble to make my life private and to keep my family safe and then this two bit woman breaks through all the barriers, ignores No Trespassing signs and stomps all over my heart Okay, so I know that I m not Nicholas but seriously, I can empathise with him when Hannah shows up Saying that though, she is the perfect foil for him She works with abused children and although he is no child, she can re [...]

    26. am just about to start this one so ill let you know another time AM finish and I LOVE IT An inspiring romance for the many cynical minds of the world, i love the bond that has been form among the ex mercenaries, the drive Hannah has to find her brother and the way she paved the way for his healing through that drive to unite her family once Nicholas poor fellow trying to fight the inevitable his process of healing was heart warming and the changes he made to a great man to do such He saw what h [...]

    27. If I could give it 3 1 2 stars I would, not quite a 4, butThe book was really well written At times I felt as if I could see the beauty of the location, but perhaps only because I became involved with the characters While Nicholas was gruff and hard on the exterior, Taylor got me to empathize with him through his background information At first I though Hannah was merely pig headed and stubborn, but there was a lot to her as well The story was truly a lesson in the importance, and power, of lov [...]

    28. This is the first Laura Taylor book I have read, I didn t love it and I didn t hate it.Hannah Cassidy looking for her long lost brother Sean, their mother is sick and would like to see Sean, Hannah s search leads to Nevada and to the wilderness home of Nicholas Benteen At first Nicholas is reluctant to speak to Hannah but Hannah is stubborn and refuses to leave, then Nicholas caves in and brings Hannah into his home this is when Nicholas is shocked by his physical reaction to Hannah, it s not lo [...]

    29. With two dozen 1 and 2 star reviews, I wasn t sure what to expect with Intimate Strangers But honestly I was pleasantly surprised POSSIBLE SPOILERS but not major spoilers I enjoyed the character development, the interpersonal conflict, and even the basic plot line, that Hannah was searching for her brother, Sean, whom Nicholas was protecting because of Sean s severe PTSD I enjoyed the verbal conflict between Nicholas and Hannah, and what other readers thought them rude and abrasive, I found them [...]

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