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Clear Water By Amy Lane,

  • Title: Clear Water
  • Author: Amy Lane
  • ISBN: 9781613721926
  • Page: 192
  • Format: ebook
  • Meet Patrick Cleary party boy, loser, and spaz Patrick s been trying desperately to transform himself, and the results have been so spectacular, they ve almost killed him Meet Wes Whiskey Keenan he s a field biologist wondering if it s time to settle down When the worst day of Patrick s life ends with Whiskey saving it, Patrick and Whiskey find themselves sharing coMeet Patrick Cleary party boy, loser, and spaz Patrick s been trying desperately to transform himself, and the results have been so spectacular, they ve almost killed him Meet Wes Whiskey Keenan he s a field biologist wondering if it s time to settle down When the worst day of Patrick s life ends with Whiskey saving it, Patrick and Whiskey find themselves sharing company and an impossibly small berth on the world s tackiest houseboat.Patrick needs to get his life together and Whiskey wants to help but Patrick is not entirely convinced it s doable He s pretty sure he s a freak of nature But Whiskey, who works with real freaks of nature, thinks all Patrick needs is a little help to see the absolute beauty inside his spastic self, and Whiskey is all about volunteering Between anomalous frogs, a homicidal ex boyfriend, and Patrick s own hangups, Whiskey s going to need all of his patience and Patrick s going to need to find the best of himself before these two men ever see Clear Water.
    Clear Water Meet Patrick Cleary party boy loser and spaz Patrick s been trying desperately to transform himself and the results have been so spectacular they ve almost killed him Meet Wes Whiskey Keenan he s

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    1. If I had one word to describe this book it would be quirky With names like Trix.Whiskeyd Fly Baits were often justweird But good weird Make me laugh weird Make me smile weird I felt so bad for Patrickpoor guy was just trying to get his life back on track He was so beat down I just wanted to give him a hug I loved the slow development of Patrick and Whiskey s relationship I loved the friendship between Whiskey and Fly Baitd eventually Fly Bait and Patrick What I didn t love was the low steam fact [...]

    2. Patrick smushes cheeks 5 You d have to love him to hate him, and I don t think you ever did stars These look like twins but yum Whiskey moved like he owned the air he breathed and earth beneath his feet That was all he wanted, that was all he needed, and he would master it simply because it was his.Patrick has been shunned and undervalued throughout his entire life, by his father, his mother, and his string of exes Never accepting himself for who he really is When his scum bag boyfriend leaves h [...]

    3. I love Patrick Like completely truly love him All his little tics, his stumbling of words, his freak outs, his repeated apolgies, everything about him Very rarely have I ever come across a character that I m actually jealous of the author for creating, thinking I wish I could have written this I m jealous of Amy Lane because Patrick is epic Seriously, read this freaking book Like now.

    4. Reread 1 22 164 stars I think I didn t love it quite as much as the first go round No huge issues, just a couple things.1 There was a lot of rambling 2 While I loved the narrators voice, I wish there was intonation and of a variety of voices for the characters Still hot, still sweet Still love Whiskey Patrick The awesomeness that is the audio version of Clear Water Loving, sweet romance that gives good, squishy feels.I LOVE LOVING, SWEET ROMANCES THAT GIVE GOOD, SQUISHY FEELS.Smart assery and [...]

    5. Well I have to say that Amy Lane sure knows how to write a hot sex scene My third Amy Lane and I m starting to know what to expect from her I think that this book was a very solid read sweet romance, great chemistry until the end The way it kind of decended into a strange action scene with bombs being deactived and stuff was a distraction for me Still a solid book and I ll be reading and of Amy s books in the future

    6. Wonderful, Amazing, Beautiful, Excellent, Fabulous, Superb, Awsome, OutstandingRead it or Listen to it as I did.This was an audio book, and the narration by Robert Neiman was so smooth and velvety, it felt like being wrapped in a soft down comforter, enhanced by the superb writing from Ms Lane The chemistry and love between the two characters Whiskey and Patrick was captivating I loved this book and could wax lyrical on how wonderful it wasbut I have books to read My first Amy Lane but I WILL b [...]

    7. Warning there will be an overuse of gifs in this review This book It hit a happy note for me Patrick and Whiskey have become two of my favorite narrators This story gave me so many feels I felt it all, and because I can t write a review that will do it justice I ll leave you with some images of how this book made me feeld by the end Amy Lane I highly recommend this one 5 Stars and going on my Best of 2015.

    8. Another great book by Amy LaneAmy Lane is not an auto buy author for me in this genre, she s required reading and with damn good reason.This books is about Patrick and Whiskey Patrick is a 23 year old man, who has ADHD and not a lot of support from anyone around him His father is a very wealthy, very indifferent man, his mom took off long ago, and his boyfriend just wants him for his dad s money.Patrick ends up in a very bad situation, and getting his ass saved, by Wesley Whiskey Keenan who happ [...]

    9. Well, I could kick myself for waiting so long to read this book I mean, I shy away from angstd Amy Lane kinda being known for itI was, ok okI was a wuss Turns out this is one of her feel good non angsty reads and I really, really enjoyed it.The thing is, for me, ONE character can make or break a bookeasily And no matter what might have been something to love or hate about a story, if I have that connection to THE ONE, I m swayed In Clear Water, Whiskey made this book for me I love him He isrfect [...]

    10. What s not to like about this lovely unexpected story I picked it up after a couple of disappointing reads and was engaged straight away One of those books that restores your faith in the m m genre Patrick is such a loveable and endearing character struggling to cope with his ADHD and an indifferent dad He sees himself as a spaz and a freak until he ends up, because of his crappy and dangerous user boyfriend, on a house boat with field biologist and free spirit Whiskey, who is the stuff of dream [...]

    11. I have to admit that Amy Lane is not my auto buy author I know, SCANDAL I can t always find chemistry with her writing style I prefer to stick to her contemporary titles Even so, I don t read all of them and tend to wait for reviews before jumping in So after I saw many positive reviews for this one, I decided to give it a grenn lightD HOLY, this is one GREAT book The winning element is definitely the characters, Patrick and Whiskey Patrick is a 23 year old young man, who suffers from ADHD, and [...]

    12. He s lost Whiskey shrugged I found him If he wanders off, he wanders off, but in the meantime, we can afford to feed him Don t worry about being good enough, Patrick Just worry about being happy Whoever makes you happy, that s who s good enough for you Well this was adorable Patrick actually hurt my heart at times The adult ADHD insight was really interesting and I adored Whiskey for how he was with Patrick when everyone else just hurt him The romance between them both is a slow build and it was [...]

    13. Read this one with my favourite and you can read about how Amy Lane managed to tame his feral side over here As someone who spent a portion of their late teens early twenties being a monumental fuck up and who nearly lost everything because of it, reading a book where one of the main characters saw himself the same way could have resulted in me curling up in the corner and rocking because it hit too close to home But that never happened Because for the short time I spent reading this, Amy Lane s [...]

    14. Lovely, tender and funny love story Only an idiot would underestimate Patrick, all of him, from his rabbit quick mind to the depths of his quick beating heart Whiskey kept kissing him, but he held his hand there, feeling Patrick s throat throbbing up against his palm, thinking that Patrick felt just like Whiskey had imagined wild and unpredictable and vulnerable and strong And, most of all, Patrick, who made a home in Whiskey s heart wherever they ended up together, as long as it really was them [...]

    15. 4.5 starsI absolutely adored Patrick in this story He s so cute and spazzy and lovable, and all I wanted was for him to succeed and realize how awesome he is And you can t help but love Whiskey for how he loves Patrick and takes care of him Everyone should seriously have their very own Whiskey.Unlike many of Amy Lane s novels, this one is very light on the angst For the most part, it s a quirky, fun story sort of like If I Must What angst there is isn t so much sad or drama, but instead it s Pat [...]

    16. Great book about a kid who thinks he s a huge fuck up and the man that rescues him and changes his life.I loved Patrick and Whiskey Patrick was adorable I felt so bad with how his father and previous boyfriends had treated him He was so down on himself and he really just needed someone GOOD to give him a chance Enter Whiskey and Fly Bait First off, those two were a riot Not related by blood, but those two were a true definition of family They loved each other even while they were telling each ot [...]

    17. I Patrick and Whiskey I think this is my most favorite Amy Lane novel yet, of course, I really haven t read very many by her But this story was just so sweetwith very little angst and no break ups or cheating I didn t want it to end and it actually took me hours to finish the last 10% or so Patrick and Whiskey were just so perfect together.I loved how Whiskey never got impatient with Patrick no matter how many fuckups he had when he forgot to take his little brown pill He was so gentle and patie [...]

    18. I am hugging my Nook as I write this How the hell did I not read this before How the hell was there no angst in an Amy Lane book I will keep this short I loved Patrick, even when he didn t think highly of himself He wasn t a fuck up and he had nothing to be sorry for Patrick was strong and that strength included his LBP s He had the strength to know that he hated taken them but recognized the meds made him clearer and made him able to do the thing he needed to get his shit sorted It takes streng [...]

    19. This was my first Amy Lane book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it It s a perfect pick me up, low on the angst, funny and sugary sweet book.Patrick suffers from ADHD, which has led to people underestimating him, including his dad and his scumbag ex boyfriends He might be a spaz at times, but Patrick is very smart, and his dream is to become a yoga teacher He s quirky and adorable.Whiskey obviously has the coolest nickname ever He s doing research on frogs with anomalies He saves Patrick and helps him [...]

    20. Amy Lane has the most amazing ability to make me fall in love with her characters This book was no exception Patrick and Whiskey are wonderful men with their own quirks overlying the bedrock of their integrity This book was written with a slightly lighter emotional touch than some others of Lane s The events in here were certainly sufficiently dramatic to lend themselves to emotional angst, but Lane chose not to go there to her usual extent The result is a fun, sweet, enormously readable book As [...]

    21. I ve never wished I was really rich But if I COULD be really rich, I d only wanna be really rich so I could pay Amy Lane a fat paycheck to tell me love stories all day every day and so I could buy a damned conjoined twin american bullfrog anomaly I m now thoroughly obsessed with the idea.Patrick was unbelievably awesome I relate alot because well I have adult ADHD Which makes me really envious that he has Whiskey Ah Whiskey Thank goodness you showed our boy secks is not always squicky Poor thing [...]

    22. 4.3 StarsWhat a surprising treat I truly loved this storyere was a bit of weirdness toward the end that made me go WTF Other than that it was just about perfect It was funny and seemed like an honest portrayal of an adult with ADHD I particularly liked the science background the story used as well as the secondary characters.Patrick is 23, has ADHD, and has been told all his life that he s stupid and a f ck up He fully believes this and thinks he deserves the horrible boyfriends he s had who use [...]

    23. 2.5 StarsEh hem Okay Here goes I didn t really care for Clear Water.There I said it I know I can hear the gasps and curses now I m sorry It wasn t a bad book It just didn t blow my dress up.Here s what I liked Despite or maybe because of their flaws, the characters were real I liked that The plight of the frogs boo to polluters Whiskey great name for a compassionate guy with infinite patience Fly Bait s friendship with Whiskey including their ill fated attempt at one night of sexual bliss Fly Ba [...]

    24. Two hot guys, incredible funny story, suspense, and FROGS If you are like me an avid M M male male reader this writer is not an stranger for you Yeah, it s an Amy Lane, so you must expect a perfect writing, funny characters, heartbreaking love story, so much angst you will want to bang your head in the wall NO WAIT The last one NO I read and I think this one is the most romanticand less tragic of her stories Also Super Sock man, but it s a short story So, I can t give less than 5 stars, and I mu [...]

    25. Wonderful, wonderful love story I could not have loved Whiskey and Patrick than I did by the end of this book Patrick, so battered and innocent and Whiskey so protective and strong They were absolutely perfect for each another And the fact that the relationship took time to progress instead of the two of them falling into the dreaded M M romance insta love was a huge bonus It made their first love scene incredibly dramatic and beautiful and so stinkin HOT Thank you to my lovely GR friend Sandra [...]

    26. Another sympathetic study of a young man struggling with mental illness Amy Lane is carving out a niche with this type of story and she does it very well Clear Water is less angsty than her other recent offering, A Solid Core Of Alpha, but its quirky and vulnerable lead character will definitely worm his way into your heart.Patrick suffers from ADHD He s trying to get his life back on track, has started taking his meds again and has re enrolled in college But neither his workaholic father nor hi [...]

    27. Thank you Sandi for picking this for me I really enjoyed it a lot It was just a great love story and very educational I do feel like it was a little long, and I say that because I read this all day, but really I wasn t bored I just wanted the good stuff at the end that I knew was coming Chances are deserved and I loved that everyone got to have first or second or even third chances Hope Pretty Happy Read.My Sweet Sandi s pick for our Snowman challenge Cory is lending me a hand.

    28. Patrick and Whiskey they had nice chemistry Both of them saved in a different way, Patrick from drowning and Whiskey from a monotonous life Patrick was vibrant and fun and added some spice and turmoil to the lives of Whiskey and Fly Bait A dynamo, whirlwind that flew into their lives causing mischief and havoc His insecurities and self confidence issues slowly get better with medication, support and LOVE The environmental research into the frogs deformities, from pollution was interesting Patric [...]

    29. 3 StarsSweet and kooky, this was a really different type of read for me I mean that in a good way The characters were wholly original and the dialogue was erratic and caustic, making it all the real, and often hilarious.

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