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The Appeal By John Grisham,

  • Title: The Appeal
  • Author: John Grisham
  • ISBN: 9780385515047
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Hardcover
  • John Grisham is now an institution a writer whose bestselling status is assured, So assured, in fact, that expectations for each new book are as high as can be imagined Does The Appeal make the grade And will it appeal to Grisham admirers or disappoint them The stakes in the novel s plot are high corporate crime on the largest scale The duo of lawyers at the centJohn Grisham is now an institution a writer whose bestselling status is assured, So assured, in fact, that expectations for each new book are as high as can be imagined Does The Appeal make the grade And will it appeal to Grisham admirers or disappoint them The stakes in the novel s plot are high corporate crime on the largest scale The duo of lawyers at the centre of the narrative are Mary and Wes Grace, who succeed in a multimillion dollar case against a chemical company, who have polluted a town with dumped toxic waste A slew of agonising deaths have followed this, but lawyers for the chemical company appeal, and a variety of legal shenanigans are employed and it is certainly not clear which way the scales of justice will be finally balanced.As ever with Grisham, the mechanics of plotting are key, and the characterisation is functional rather than detailed But it is as always than capable of keeping the reader totally engaged Given John Grisham s much publicised conversion to born again Christianity, it s intriguing to note here the implicit criticism of the moral majority s religious values, but that is hardly central to the enterprise What counts is the storytelling, and while the writing is as straightforward and uncomplicated as ever, few readers will put down The Appeal once they have allowed it to exert its grip on upon them Barry Forshaw
    The Appeal John Grisham is now an institution a writer whose bestselling status is assured So assured in fact that expectations for each new book are as high as can be imagined Does The Appeal make the grade

    One thought on “The Appeal”

    1. This book has made me angrier than any I ve read in years.Okay, first off what is with the absolutely horrid neon orange color of the jacket back Who picked this Must have been colorblind Each time I reached for this book my eyes felt violated SPOILER ALERT If you haven t read it yet, stop reading nowSecond, well, let s just say it the ending was even offensive than the neon orange jacket back The book was well written, compelling and yes, possibly completely undeserving of that one star rating [...]

    2. 2 generous stars I am so quick to admit being late to the party, and also to being so dumb at times This was one of them I was alerted to the fact that Mr Grisham could be the male version of Danielle Steel Now this isn t necessarily a bad thing, as I honestly do love a good DS at the right time, I do This did connect the dots for me in a way.I wonder if John Grisham left the legal profession because he saw too much rorting dubious Judges too respecting of their own pockets and big business and [...]

    3. By the end of this novel, I hoped someone would come by and pour salt on my wounds Seriously At least then I would feel something.After I found out I passed the bar exam over twenty years ago with slithering colours my wife actually gave me this t shirt as a gift.I never wore it, of course I found it a couple of weeks back and gave it to my son to do something with it for Halloween up at his university Be an extra creepy lawyer I guess.

    4. John Grisham s books have been getting steadily worse, ever since the Painted House another lame book What happened to the excellent author that produced such books as The Client, The Pelican Brief, The Street Lawyer, and Runaway Jury I think he s out to lunch I keep reading his new books, hoping he ll come back, but so far, no luck.This is his worst in a long line of bad books Stay away from this one, as well as his other latest, The Innocent Man They are boring, long, and a chore to get throug [...]

    5. I just finished and it left me so mad This author used to just write a good story He would have action and definite good guys and bad guys lately though he has a good enough following that he has decided that he is going to write whatever the heck he wants because he knows that people will buy and read his books anyway I suppose I am an example of that This book is about a lawsuit against a big company that has dumped toxic waste into the town s water supply and has caused cancer and death amon [...]

    6. As I began reading this book, I was very worried that it sounded too familiar It reminded me of Law Order episodes that are ripped from the headlines Whenever I hear that, I think, come on, can t you guys think of anything new Saying that, the storyline of Grisham s latest began in that similar sort of way I was pretty convinced that it was going to be boring.I was very pleasantly surprised that only after a few chapters, I started to find it pretty interesting While the trial portion may have b [...]

    7. The Appeal wouldn t make a successful film At times, it appears to accede to the Hollywood formula, but then, it retreats to Grisham s forte realism Oh, I know Grisham s work isn t as gritty as the descriptions of the world of meat packing in Upton Sinclair s The Jungle, the vivid characterizations of a couple fighting in F Scott Fitzgerald s The Beautiful and the Damned, or the depiction of blatant sexism in Sinclair Lewis The Job or even in Ann Vickers, his thinly veiled roman a clef based on [...]

    8. I read this in April of 2008 after Justice Nehring of the Utah Supreme Court told me he was listening to it on CD during his commute each day Three quarters of my way through it, he told me it was not worth finishing He was right.Talk about much ado about nothing The novel starts strong, provides an interesting conflict, and than spoiler alert completely drops the ball Not that the bad guy has to lose and the good guy has to win every time, but the characters are skewed and distorted so much to [...]

    9. I m a Grisham fan I ve read pretty much all his books If his liberal leanings weren t apparent before, they certainly are now not that there s anything wrong with that I guess you could call this Grisham s response to all the recent rantings by the right about liberal judges changing the laws to suit their leftist politics and agendas Make no mistake this book was written to make a political statement.According to Grisham, conservative judges are bought and paid for by evil big business , never [...]

    10. The Appeal is a book every American should read It essentially explains how wealthy companies can literally buy judges as in, have one taken out and a new one installed in order to make decisions in their favor and protect them from having to pay damages to the people they maim with their practices.It also goes over the importance to the average citizen of being able to sue for malpractice or damages from defective or unsafe products.It was so dead on that when i bought the hardcover used there [...]

    11. Another Grisham page turner, at least it was until the middle section when it got a bit wordy and I thought I was losing interest The book picked up again for the final section, though, and the ending was totally unpredictable People are dying in Bow In fact, the situation has become so serious that it s been given the grotesque nickname, Cancer County The rates are fifteen times the national average The residents reckon it s in the water and that Krane chemical company, an industry giant, are t [...]

    12. A candid look into the seedy underbelly of campaign finance in the U.S It s no secret that in this country, money and politics walk hand in hand, with Big Business barons leveraging their own interests against those of the people and, at times, basic procedural justice It is this systemic prioritization of corporate well being over human well being on which Grisham wishes to shine a light.He chooses his own home state Mississippi for the setting Mississippi is one of the few states which elects [...]

    13. I ve been thinking I wanted to read a good court room drama for a while now and I remembered that John Grisham had written a few pretty good ones I gave this one a shot Unfortunately there was very little of that here but still, an interesting plot was starting to develop and even though there didn t seem to be any central main character in this novel, the various points of view on the plot by the host of minor characters was working for a while.But thenWHAM I honestly can t think of another boo [...]

    14. This book was MADDENING I really enjoyed John Grisham s first books, but this one I can imagine him writing for two reasons 1 to see who he could get to buy it and 2 to make everybody mad It s the story of a chemical company that dumped toxic waste in the ground, which contaminated the drinking water and caused massive amounts of cancer and killed lots and lots of people The book begins with a verdict of guilty for the chemical company, and an award of 41 million to a woman who lost both her hus [...]

    15. It didn t take me long to finish this book As usual, I like John Grisham s style of writing crisp, fast flowing and gripping I also get to know a lot of new words that I have never heard of before I get to know a lot of jargon from the law world I gave it 4 stars because of what John is trying to reveal in this book He certainly lifts the lid on corporate obscene greed and insatiable appetite for moving up the Forbes list, even if that meant treading over the misery of others It delves into how [...]

    16. Harder to persevere with this one where his other books are smoother Could not gel with the characters Although at times I was looking forward to the outcome, I was not as riveted as I could have been Ending was terrible Makes me think I have wasted time on this book when I could have been reading something else.

    17. Alrightwell, I admit that I read a few one and two star reviews before posting mine because I wanted to read what the nay sayers had to say about the book I was pretty sure I knew what they wouldn t like, and I was pretty sure I would disagree I was right I understand others chagrin with Grisham s choice of ending, but I thought it was refreshing It s about time someone bucked the system and didn t give us a patented ending, all tied up with a pretty bow.So here is the deal Mississippi just happ [...]

    18. I usually enjoy Grisham s books When I was a teenager it gave me something to do on extended family vacations and as I got older gave me something to read on the airplane or road trips A handful of his books I thought were great, most recently The Testament and The Innocent Man I didn t like The Appeal for one reason redeeming values I m not huge into politics but I can get behind any story That s what we do as readers, we get behind the story, the characters, the good guys In less plot driven, [...]

    19. Excellentls you everything wrong in politics todaye as long as Private donations are allowed to go toward campaigns and bribes paid to those elected to vote the way a Corporate company wants them to vote, corruption will be rampant,and our democracy will not be a true democracy any.The right wing mentality will continue to destroy the principles of the United States Constitution,and take away our true freedoms.quite the bookif you can handle the truth.

    20. ste lo le varios a os atr s, pero la historia aun se mantiene tan fresca en mi cabeza y mis recuerdos que no necesito una relectura para elaborar esta rese a De entrada dir que encantan los trhillers judiciales, no cualquier novela en la que se encuentre involucrado un proceso o despacho de abogados o la judicatura, sino aquellos que, derivados de un caso particular, expongan con toda crudeza las cloacas de la Justicia , y de todos los escritores que se ocupan de estos temas, John Grisham ocupa, [...]

    21. I have read numerous John Grisham books and have continued to pick them up because I have enjoyed them I have always found his books to a be an entertaining and easy read Once I pick up the book, I usually have to keep reading until the end With this book, I was bored by page two The book is about the big bad company that poisons the water of the unsuspecting small town The company is bad, bad, bad, and the small town villagers are good, good, good The lawyers for the company are BAD and the law [...]

    22. This book is part of my 2015 reading challenge More book reviews here Elzas book reviewsI m a little bit torn about this book review This is my first John Grisham book and I really didn t like it but I know that I can t judge him only based on one book However, this book did not impress me at all This book is about a big chemical company that poisons the water of a small town in Mississippi The story starts out when the company is found liable for the cancer death that accrues in the small town [...]

    23. What I learned from this book is that supreme court justices should be appointed not elected like politicians because then they get bought out by big businesses and the one with the most money wins and this is BAD, BAD, BAD point made, Mr Grisham This book is lacking a storyline, character development, excitement of any kind, and all other desireable elements of a novel I usually like John Grisham but this book is BORING, BORING, BORING In Grisham s honor I will recommend The Innocent Man, A Pai [...]

    24. I admit, I like a lot of Grisham s novels I especially like them when spending long hours on an airplane, as I did recently I found this book to be very disturbing it has definitely affected the way I will view future election campaigns for judges I also liked how his Christian characters were reflective of the current Christian culture, even though they bothered me at times because of that The ending surprised me, as it took some surprising turns the last 60 or so pages.

    25. My favourite of all John Grisham s books the quest for social justice, the plot and characters came alive.

    26. Grisham seems to get worse with every book This conspiracy novel that is so agenda driven isn t worth a library late fee.

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