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Prince: Inside the Music and the Masks By Ronin Ro,

  • Title: Prince: Inside the Music and the Masks
  • Author: Ronin Ro
  • ISBN: 9781429950732
  • Page: 470
  • Format: ebook
  • With a brand new introduction and chapter that cover the last five year s of Prince s life and work and his untimely death in April 2016.In his three decades of recording, Prince had nearly thirty albums hit the Billboard Top 100 He is the only artist since the Beatles to have a number one song, movie, and single at the same time Prince s trajectory from a teenage unknowWith a brand new introduction and chapter that cover the last five year s of Prince s life and work and his untimely death in April 2016.In his three decades of recording, Prince had nearly thirty albums hit the Billboard Top 100 He is the only artist since the Beatles to have a number one song, movie, and single at the same time Prince s trajectory from a teenage unknown in Minneapolis to an idol and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer won him millions of adoring fans the world over.Prince is the first book to give full treatment to his thirty five year career Acclaimed music journalist Ronin Ro traces Prince s rise from anonymity in the late 70s, to his catapult to stardom in the 80s, to his reemergence in the twenty first century as an artistic icon Ro expertly chronicles his music and career, showing how Prince and his albums helped define and inspire a generation Along the way, Prince confronted labels, fostered other young talents, and took ownership of his music, making a profound mark on the entertainment industry and pop culture.
    Prince Inside the Music and the Masks With a brand new introduction and chapter that cover the last five year s of Prince s life and work and his untimely death in April In his three decades of recording Prince had nearly thirty alb

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    1. This exhaustive compilation of previously published information on Prince s career may well be enough for the casual fan But if you ve been falling his ups and downs over the years you ll already know everything here, as Ro didn t do much original research no bombshells or inside scoops and has no particular insight into what makes Prince tick.

    2. I was fan girl CRAZY for Prince when I was a teenager Bought all his CD s sight unseen Had his inappropriate half naked posters up on my walls with kisses all over them to my mother s horror Turning down Darling Nikki real low so mom couldn t hear the very sexual lyrics, lol Never thought I would be attracted to a man that wore makeup, heels, lace, frills and thigh highs, but there you have it, I was I was a fan for many years into young adulthood Still loved him even when he became unpronouncea [...]

    3. This is yet another largely non exclusive look at Prince that doesn t stand out of the pack Spending time on the fat years of Prince and far too little time on the lean, this book reveals almost nothing that a fan of Prince the most likely candidate to even pick up this book in this day and age doesn t already know or have access to There is virtually nothing distinguishing this book from the last five books about Prince that came out in the last ten years Information is largely culled from the [...]

    4. I enjoyed this book I read it a few years ago but recently pulled it out and read it again I am a die hard fan and I did already know much of what was in it but I still enjoyed the book.

    5. This book isn t just an utter waste of time if you ve read Prince bios like Per Nilsen s Dance, Music, Sex, Romance Prince The First Decade and Alex Hahn s Possessed The Rise and Fall of Prince annoyingly it contains plenty of mistakes, like for instance claiming Prince was still recording tracks for The Black Album in December 1987, when that album was actually scheduled for release in the first week of that month.Basically it s a thinly disguised rewrite of Per Nilsen s A Documentary, combined [...]

    6. This is the first book I read about Prince, so there was some info I didn t know Over all, pretty informative, although some info is repeated editing errors and some minor inaccuracies, like attributing a rap by Cat to Sheila E, make me wonder if anything else is incorrect But it s probably mostly correct The book gives some insight into how he treated the other artists in his band or on his label Mostly they benefited, but maybe were also kept at low pay, with no written contracts, which caused [...]

    7. Robin Ro just doesn t seem to like the music or masks if Prince very much I mean, he doesn t have to like anything But it s a bummer when, I m writing about every single record release he describes each album since 1984 as lackluster, disappointing tame, or flat Ro goes into some depth over the business and financial whirlwind of Prince s early to mid 90s career But there s such constant low grade disdain and derision that it feels like a poorly collated collection of gripes than an original bo [...]

    8. Ronin Ro is the opposite of Kitty Kelley or Andrew Morton in terms of writing biographies This is an interesting, if somewhat stale, re telling of the rise of Prince Rogers Nelson, a musical prodigy whose influence on the industry is felt today It s not bad, but the book reads as though a lot of the research was simply cut and pasted from other sources If you re a fan of Prince, read it.

    9. Nothing new, previously published information from interviews etc Prince is talented and creative, that s what I wanted to read about.

    10. A mask will hide your face but not who you really are Masks are worn to keep a person s identity hidden, the focus on the mask itself and detract from the face that someone does not want seen But, there are many other masks that hide people and not always are they ones we physically put on Prince was a complicated young man and man from the start He has many different personas, goals and friends that helped, hindered and worked with them to get where he is today At times he felted shunned, ostra [...]

    11. even though I adore the music and talent of Prince Nelson I can honestly say that I truly would not have liked being around him But this book was horrific I mean the first part was truly wonderful because it was the story of his life but once he became famous this author only wrote about the music the tours and the crazy management No longer was Prince a person Instead he was a commodity.

    12. If your a die hard Prince fan then it s worth a read, yes a lot of information I already knew but there was still some information I didn t It goes up to before he started collaborating with 3rd eye girl so not up to his sudden passing So if your interested in Prince I would say give it a read otherwise don t bother

    13. Being completely unbiased and objective, I d probably give this 3 1 2 stars, but given the subject, I crave new facts, stories, theories, etc Not the best written of books, some of the author s album song reviews came up short claiming the song Graffiti Bridge grand and epic nearly disqualifies him from further comment , comparing certain songs to other songs that I saw no similarities and sometimes just rehashing restating the songs lyrics But, hey, it s 350 pages of the Purple One Good enough [...]

    14. A solid, fairly comprehensive bio, written in clean and fairly clinical prose As Prince himself wasn t involved in the project it includes extensive quotes from outside sources other biographies, previously published articles and interviews, quotes from people Prince hasn t talked to in 20 years If you re looking for a general biographical artistic overview that covers everything from childhood the rise stardom name change renaissance I d say go with this It s basically a book length Spin articl [...]

    15. Here s an understatement Prince has always remained a bit of a mystery even to his most loyal fans For those of us on the casual side of fandom, he s almost an unknown Of course we know his hit songs, the mega successful rock film Purple Rain, and his penchant for being different For example, not every male rock or RB star would choose bikini briefs and high heels for stage outfits or change his name to an unpronounceable symbol For Prince, later known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince and [...]

    16. Prince The name is legendary for many reasons It s the next level before becoming a king It was also the name of one of the most influential and memorable musicians of all time He was a revolutionary and creative mind that challenged the industry s rules to a fault Most information about Prince wasn t known until the author developed this book that chronicled his entire musical history Prince was a quiet recluse man who mostly dealt with music in his head and created volumes of albums on a daily [...]

    17. It s sort of cut and dry at times and especially dry when it talks about Prince s 90 s period but Ro is obviously a serious researcher with a sincere interest in trying to at least give us some idea of who Prince Nelson is, and how he came to be that way The first half of the book is definitely the best part, tracing Prince s beginnings as an immensely precocious, shy kid moving from one shaky domestic situation to another in Minneapolis And then showing his remarkable, meteroic rise to the heig [...]

    18. Why are so many books on Prince so negative If you believe Ronin Ro, Prince s career was just one flop after another Parade was a low point , Sign O the Times didn t do as well as was hoped , Lovesexy led to calls of the end of his career , on and on and on What the fuck is he talking about All of these are masterworks People talk about them in high regard all over the world You d think you could at least TRY to capture some of the unabashed joy of Prince s work in a book about him There is such [...]

    19. A worthy read for any Prince fan who would like a chronological, in depth review of his ascension to fame, long tenure of hit albums, and his still prolific less popular era It s obvious the content is compiled from other sources with little new information or revelations Still, it s an interesting synopsis of his career All albums are covered most singles and album tracks are at least mentioned All drama with Warner is covered along with his many subsequent deals with Capital, Arista, Columbia, [...]

    20. This is a good report about Prince, his genius, and his success Although I am an admirer of Prince, I had not followed his press attentively enough to be aware of all of his exploits and successes This volume presented them.I was disappointed that the book did not include any report of details about his death I also thought it gave very few personal details that would allow the readers to know Prince better This volume was about re stating the public knowledge of a media giant, and it did that w [...]

    21. the facts were interesting but unfortunately that s almost all that Ronin Ro has to work with It was great to get a full view of Prince s career and the obsessive drive which causes him to destroy business relationship after business relationship and ruin friendships Ro may have been able to make the work interesting by moving from reporter to a active involvement inserting his own attempts to get to the elusive character but doesn t fun for interested casual fans but by no means a must read i [...]

    22. This books does not offer anything new or insightful about the artist or the man Prince It is a gathering of articles, facts, and interviews previously publish and available in the orginal publication sources Now with the death of Prince I am sad to say he will forever be a mystery to the greater public If anyone knows of a biography that provides insight please recommend If you young or not a huge prince fan it may be interesting to review his career in one book.

    23. Should have been proof read at least once before released Lots of parts are repeated in other words with just a few pages between them, so the editor if any has done a poor job The book was ok, and even quite good at times, although it s quite clear what parts of his career the author favors Learned a few new facts about Prince wich I alway enjoy Not bad, but not great either Could have been really good if he had given it another read through before release.

    24. This was a lot of pages to read for no real insight into Prince s life I don t think Ro was ever granted an interview from Prince, so the fact that he got as much information as he did was pretty remarkable It focused on the music, as I suppose a book about a great musician should, but once we were past the parts about the earlier music that I really cared about, it was a tedious read.

    25. 3.5 stars Talk about an extremely driven, uncompromising, innovative man I wish I d gotten the updated version with his life leading right up to his passing away Hearing of all his accomplishments, I wonder if he d gotten sleep, he d still be alive We ll all keep wondering about something, I suppose.

    26. The irony of Prince Inside the Music and the Masks is that despite the book s title, biographer Ronin Ro doesn t try too hard to peer behind Prince s many masks In some ways, that s a good thing.

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