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Midnight Blue By Pauline Fisk,

  • Title: Midnight Blue
  • Author: Pauline Fisk
  • ISBN: 9781582349985
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bonnie, a girl torn between the harsh reality of her mother s weaknesses and her grandmother s strong will escapes her home one day by sneaking into her neighbor s hot air balloon But instead of flying into the clouds and back down, she lands in another world, something like her own, but both kinder and somehow much terrifying She s not sure if she can ever leave thBonnie, a girl torn between the harsh reality of her mother s weaknesses and her grandmother s strong will escapes her home one day by sneaking into her neighbor s hot air balloon But instead of flying into the clouds and back down, she lands in another world, something like her own, but both kinder and somehow much terrifying She s not sure if she can ever leave this nearly parallel world and return to her own And if she did, she isn t sure she ll be able to bring back with her the sense of warmth and love she has grown to cherish Amazingly, she does both.
    Midnight Blue Bonnie a girl torn between the harsh reality of her mother s weaknesses and her grandmother s strong will escapes her home one day by sneaking into her neighbor s hot air balloon But instead of flyin

    One thought on “Midnight Blue”

    1. What really made this book five star for me was Bonnie s character development She s a generally good person, but she has these dark urges and thoughts that I felt made her of a real person Too often books for and or about children make them innocent victims of circumstance, but here we get a character who faces temptation and jealously and overcomes those emotions through effort and thoughtfulness rather than some inherent goodness I could see this being a good children s book for a high level [...]

    2. This book is a fantasy set in bleak modern times and Bonnie, the main character is a daydreamer so immediately I could identify with this maybe that is why I love it so much Either way Midnight Blue never fails to take me away, no matter how many times I ve read or how old I get every time I open it it s like I ve stepped into a magical portal and been transported straight to the land beyond the sky Fisk writes so well that I barely even realise I m reading a book the descriptions are so imagina [...]

    3. The Wizard of Oz flies into England Or something like that The book starts off well with high expectations, as we just know the main character yet another dissatisfied pre teen will go off on an adventure Two wonderful characters are introduced, wonderful in that they could have supplied a real tug of war between the forces of good and evil, but then they just kind of disappear when they re no longer needed Like waiters.Shadowboy and Grandbag deserved some attention, as did the unseen character [...]

    4. This was a great book It had a sort of Wizard of Oz feel with a creepy twist The writing was very fresh and clean It made me feel comfortable in the world I was reading about even in the creepy parts The characters were lovely and sweet I felt conected to them and worried for them and frusturated for them And the plot, oh the plot Fangirl sqeal Sooo good It would have been pertictible in anyother book but Pauline Fisk did a great job in making a used plot line into something very new and vibrant [...]

    5. I read this back when I was about 8 or 9 years old 11 years later and the story still haunts me Honestly, I don t remember it at all, just very vague bits and peices, but I still remember that this story disturbed me somehow when I read it I had forgotten what the book was called and was extremely happy to finally figure out the name of the book that affected me so much However, I will not read it again because as is often the case with childhood favourites, once you see them in an adult light t [...]

    6. While not quite a children s classic the description that first sent me looking for this it still is a delightful book Perhaps if I had read this as a child it might have had impact for me, particularly the ending, but obviously, that s hard to say In any case, it was a quiet, intriguing story, and one that I recommend to lovers of children s fantasy novels Good characters, and an interesting look at parallel worlds.

    7. This is the first Pauline Fisk book I was given as a child and I have remained hooked by her wonderful brand of fantastic realism ever since Fisk weaves the real and the unreal seamlessly together Midnight Blue is a magical story of an unhappy girl s happy accident of finding her way to an alternate reality But dangers from the real world soon catch up with her Very scary in places, beautiful in others.

    8. Have you ever sneaked around because you couldn t be honest This is a mystery novel about a young girl who sneaks around I don t recommend this book because it didn t start good and never got better.Bonnie and her mom and her little sister and her big brother and her grandparents somewhere and see their neighbor and Bonnie gets in from a fence and sees an air balloon She sneaks in the air balloon and starts to see the neighbor and they both get in and her brother tells her not to come Bonnie doe [...]

    9. Where do I start with this book I was really torn between giving three stars and four I gave four in the end because there were places in this book where I felt genuinely creeped out and worried for the characters and their situations, and I don t think I ve ever read anything that was quite so strange but in a good way In other ways the book felt slightly tedious but only because I wasn t getting my questions answered and I found that a bit frustrating I could really imagine and visualise the p [...]

    10. Strange novel I mainly picked it up because I missed reading fantasy and because there was a review by Madeleine L Engle on the back that called it one of the most exciting fantasies I ve read in a long time Uh that s not exactly how I would describe it While the story s entertaining and complex and interesting, it s not exactly exciting There were very few parts in which something actiony was happening yeah, I know I just made up a word in a book review, leave me be, I do what I want The story [...]

    11. I found this gem in an op shop and it cost me about 50 cents.For the price, and the fact that I picked it up because why not, I was pleasantly surprised and found myself to enjoy it There s a heavy focus on escapism, and I wasn t sure whether the fantasy elements were trying to be subtle or in your face, and there were parts that were rather slow, but as a spontaneous buy I was impressed and enjoyed this book.

    12. Wonderful book, a dreamy adventure about Bonnie, who seeks to run away from her troubled life, where she is caught between her nervous yet fun mother and her overly controlling grandmother.When her new happiness is threatened by the reappearance of her grandmother, Bonnie escapes via a dark blue hot air balloon to the land beyond the sky where she encounters the family she has always wanted Yet, her happiness is again threatened by the bitterness from her fast and she must make a choice about st [...]

    13. Bonnie escapes harsh reality with a weak mother and evil, greedy Grandbagby, sneaking a ride on a neighbor s hot air balloon She flys up and through the curtain of the sky and comes down in a nearly parallel world She lives on Highholly Hill with Mum, Dad, Arabella, and Florence She s found the warm home she has always wanted But Bonnie didn t come alone Somehow, Grandbagby followed, and now she wants the whole family Bonnie has to decide if she can stay ,or leave to protect those she has come t [...]

    14. Mysterious, a little bit creepy, and completely engrossing Midnight Blue is a strange little book, but it was just the thing I needed At the time I read this I was firmly in my reluctant reader phase, but this book broke that cycle It was so outside of the box that I couldn t stop reading because I had to know how it was going to end I loved reading this book and that was a high mark of praise for me at the time.

    15. There were things about this story that I liked and things about this story that I did not like First off, I do not really like coming of age stories so I would not normally have read this book except a girl recommended it to me and so I persisted I am also not a fan of the disjointed, dream like world Bonnie is in for most of the book So, with those strikes against it now being out of the way, I will say that I had to keep reading in order to find out how it ended.

    16. I really didn t know what to expect with this book I am a sucker for award winners so when I saw this in the shelves of BookSale I didn t hesitate to not purchase it I don t know about the writing but the subject is quite interesting A girl named Bonnie age not mentioned runs away from home and finds herself in farm on top of a hill She meets a girl named Arabella and at first she can t quite figure out why she looks familiar She looks harder and realises Arabella is her.

    17. I read this when it first came out, many years ago, and found it enjoyable but forgettable Re reading it, I am much enamoured with its subtle exploration of family and identity The plot is as slight as I remembered there is a journey to an alternate world but no exciting quest to complete and the supporting characters remain underdeveloped, but the dream like atmosphere and Bonnie s complex inner monologue make up for the shortcomings.

    18. A few days ago I had some spare time on my hands and decided to pick up this teen book that has been sitting on my shelf forever It was given to me by a family member who no longer wanted it I took a chance and read it Though it was not the most thrilling book I have ever read it was cute and kept my interest fairly well I liked the ideas in it, but they could have expanded on a couple of plot lines they had because it left the reader wondering And what was the importance of that.

    19. Lovely language, perfect example of a fantasy that I would have loved in childhood Girl with miserable home life escapes to portal world where she does stuff that as an adult I can see reflects emotional growth necessary for becoming an adult There are hints of a better life at the end but it stays close to possible.

    20. It s been a long time since I read this book but yet I ve still carried strong impressions with me It has been fantastic to reread it as an adult and appreciate the magic and dream like nature of the story and the characters Such a beautiful amalgamation of complexity and simplicity It inspires a strength of character which is hard to ignore

    21. This book is most memorable to me because of its beautiful details of the setting and the characters every scene is in full color detail in my mind It s definitely worth reading, especially if you like a good sci fi every now and then.

    22. An unusually well written YA novel I do wish there had been less first person impressionism and explanation for the magical things occurring, but the author clearly did this by design so I will trust her on it.

    23. I read this book when I was still in primary school and it just fascinated me It still does and I don t really know why, except that it reminds me to be strong and cherish those important to me.

    24. I read this a really long time ago as a kid but have been looking for the name for a long time It really stuck with me

    25. I read this when I was 11 or 12 years old I enjoyed it back then, but it s not quite to my taste nowadays some 18 years later A good read for young adults, though.

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