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Return of the Library Dragon By Carmen Agra Deedy Michael P. White,

  • Title: Return of the Library Dragon
  • Author: Carmen Agra Deedy Michael P. White
  • ISBN: 9781561456215
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Miss Lotta Scales, a dragon also known as Miss Lotty the librarian, wants to retire from taking care of the school s library but will not willingly stand by and see her beloved books replaced by computers.
    Return of the Library Dragon Miss Lotta Scales a dragon also known as Miss Lotty the librarian wants to retire from taking care of the school s library but will not willingly stand by and see her beloved books replaced by compu

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    1. The Library Dragon, now the beloved Miss Lolly, decides to retire Since she s leaving the school, the IT department decides to replace the books with all kinds of reading technology Anyway, it turns out that the new librarian is Molly, the Library Dragon s former student, and she too loves books She insists that the books stay in the library.I wish the the ultimate solution weren t so one sided I love books, but I also love technology And while I read books to students, many of my lessons also i [...]

    2. Miss Lotty Scales has decided to close the book on her career as librarian at Sunrise Elementary School But then technology threatens to discard books from the library PERMANENTLY What is a library dragon to do Eat the technology of course Fortunately, help is on the way in the form of Molly Brickmeyer, librarian and dragon tamer extraordinaire You will thoroughly enjoy this sequel to The Library Dragon by Carmen Agra Deedy and illustrated by Michael P White It addresses the controversy surround [...]

    3. This book just doesn t fit with my own personal beliefs about what a library is and what it means to be a librarian If you are someone who believes that libraries should be mostly physical book centered like 90% books and 10% everything else this is probably a great book for you I simply won t be using it in the future.

    4. In this follow up to the earlier The Library Dragon, the time has come for the school librarian, Miss Lotty, to retire The airbrushed illustrations are filled with rich colors and provide wonderful perspectives for instance, readers will see first the hand of Mike Krochip who plans to create Media World in the library There are also dragonflies all across the book s pages as well as signs that Miss Lotty s long dormant dragon nature is starting to stir as the plans to remove all books from the l [...]

    5. This was fun, I guess It s an ode to how wonderful books and libraries are I loved the endpages with plenty of pro library quotes As expected, the new librarian reassures the retiring library dragon that she ll care for the books, and won t get rid of all paper books in favor of technology though I was sad to see the anti computer message Cybrary I don t think we use that term, except for a brief while at the turn of the century It s not an either or dichotomy with e books and paper books You ca [...]

    6. Return of the Library Dragon by Carmen Agra Deedy, illustrated by Michael P White I totally missed when this book came out Quite enjoyed reading a sequel with another great message touching library celebration with a goal for children to have a balance of books and technology Good for discussions with children about retirement as well I did find the book a little weak in how it was wrapped up but was quite happy to return to the world of the Library Dragon.

    7. This is definitely not subtle about the retirement and return of the Library Dragon, but it does have an interesting message about the difference between e books and paper books I m going to buy it for the end papers if nothing else I ll probably read it for my first class, just so I can wear my Not a Library Dragon Tee Shirt.

    8. This is another great book for Media Specialists to read aloud It is 2 in the Library Dragon series I don t know if there will be Carmen Deedy said she wasn t planning on it Put the characters are memorable and fun here they are lamenting the eBook revolution happening in their library when Lottie has just retired

    9. I love sharing The Library Dragon with upper elementary students at the beginning of the school year I think they ll enjoy this sequel just as much.

    10. With word play and humor the changing form of libraries is addressed This book will appeal particularly to those close to the discussions about how many books to keep and how much technology to embrace as library budgets are written and mission statements are developed A worthy sequel to The Library Dragon, and a great gift for children s librarians.

    11. Sequel to The Library Dragon Miss Lotty Scales is retiring, but the day before she does all the books are taken away and replaced with computers An IT guy is in the library setting everything up to be a cybrary Of course Lotty is burning up, becoming again the library dragon The children are all in despair over losing their books too Libraries can exist with BOTH books and computers.

    12. Kind of disappointed as The Library Dragon was one of my favorite childhood books However, this just seemed to take a jab at e books and tablets, not much of a story I totally agree that books trump e books, but it felt like of a diss than a children s book.

    13. I don t like when books act like technology is terrible or evil Books are fabulous I love books But so are computers and other technology We can t we just appreciate and benefit from both

    14. Because, said Milo, 10,000 books on a screen all look the same And a third grader added, Right, but 10,000 books in a library all look and feel different.

    15. Horn Book Spring 2013 In this follow up to The Library Dragon, wherein a school librarian learned to allow students to use her books, she is now on the verge of retirement and is enraged when technology replaces the print materials in her library Punning abounds, and the illustrations are droll and lighthearted, but the humor doesn t lighten Deedy s heavy handed message.Kirkus Reviews July 15, 2012 What could cause the Library Dragon to return The Library Dragon, 1994 Miss Lotty, librarian at Su [...]

    16. Read my full review at wadingthroughbooks.wordpress This is a nice story about the need for balance between library traditions like paper books and costumes and the need for innovative technologies The children explain to Mike Krochip warning bad puns that paper books have a valued physical presence that you can share books with friends, that you can read the same book with your grandmother that her grandmother read to her, that different books look and feel different As Milo says If you ve neve [...]

    17. Carmen Agra Deedy and Michael P White have teamed up again for another Library Dragon story This one is even better than the first with a story that will resonate with book lovers of all ages.Return of the Library Dragon begins with beautifully designed endpapers filled with favorite book and librarian quotes The next page features the School Library Times announcement of Miss Lotty s retirement with a picture of the young Molly Brickmeyer Miss Lotty recalls her fondest memory, Twenty years ago, [...]

    18. Miss Lotty the school librarian is retiring and one day when she shows up for work, Milo her helper tells her something terrible All the books are gone Then the library doors open and Mike Krochip from IT is there to tell them that the library is now going to be a cybrary There are no longer books but instead only MePods to put thousands of books on The children argue that they like that physical books all look and feel different, that they can share books with friends, that they love the smell [...]

    19. I discovered this book at our girls elementary school library The librarian was nice enough to give me my own card, so I occasionally borrow a book I was visiting during the morning to watch our youngest get an award After I said goodbye to her, I decided to see if I could find So, What s It Like to Be a Cat , a book that wasn t available through my county library system, but was on the shelves at the school My oldest just happened to be having library time then, so she helped me find some books [...]

    20. Miss Lotty, the librarian, is retiring The children love her and are unsure about her replacement But on her last day of work she walks into the library and realizes that all of the books have been kidnapped and replaced with computers She gets so angry that she turns into a dragon, the library dragon A lady named Molly walks in helps Miss Lotty return from being a dragon She is the new librarian and promises to bring back the books The illustrations are fun and colorful The story is about the i [...]

    21. Brief summary The current librarian, Miss Lotty, is retiring and everyone is sad with one day left she relaxes The morning of her last day she finds the entire library has been remade IT has no books and lots of computers and tablets Miss Lotty turns into a library dragon and is outraged She scares everyone of the library and starts eating all the computers and all the tablets She is ripping the library apart until Molly comes in to take over and promises to bring the books back Audience kinder [...]

    22. A clever twist on the ever changing world of technology, Return of the Library Dragon by Carmen Agra Deedy tells of Miss Lotty and her retirement One day when she shows up for work, soon to be retiring, she runs into Mike Krochip from IT This man announces that the library will be transformed into a cybrary MePods replacing physical books Well, Miss Lotty gets so angry that she turns into the Library Dragon and chases him out Eventually she meets the new librarian, Miss Molly, who assures her th [...]

    23. This book does not represent the transition libraries have made to include technology In this book, a school librarian is retiring The school decides to replace her with an IT guy instead of a librarian He gets rid of all the books and fills the library with computers, tablets, printers, and all sorts of technology The retiring librarian gets so upset about it that she turns into a dragon Libraries embrace technology There is room for both books and computers in today s libraries This book tells [...]

    24. I really loved the Library Dragon It came out when I was in 4th grade and I was happy to see her returning almost 20 years later At first I was really happy to see a children s book addressing the issue of technology over physical books but the ending really bugged me I love reading on the kindle and am able to read because of it I love the feel and smell of a physical book as well, especially a copy worn out of love and multiple rereads Why should you have to choose one over the other I was fr [...]

    25. When Miss Lotty, the librarian who is about to retire discovers that the IT department is discarding all the books for computers and e readers she turns into her alter ego Lotta Scales the Library Dragon What format will win Print books or ebooks Can anyone tame the Library Dragon Is it possible for a modern Media Center to provide both kinds of books to our readers Find out in this cute tale about the ever changing library Media Center cybrary.Bonus feature this book s endpapers contain a pleth [...]

    26. As a brand new teacher librarian I can definitely appreciate how frustrating it can be when people preach about the wonders and importance of technology in the library over actual books I don t agree with Miss Lotty, though, that technology has no place in libraries, and was disappointed that the book favored one format over another The best moments come from the kids in this story, who advocate for a library filled with books Although I could relate to the librarian, her character felt like a [...]

    27. Miss Lotty is retiring and big changes are in store for the library Mike Krochip from the IT department turns the library into a cybrary much to Miss Lotty s displeasure Her dragon nature takes over and the only thing that calms her down is when she learns who her replacement will be and that they have than just books in common.An entertaining story that gets a little bit dramatic than I was prepared for on the technology vs books aspect Artwork is airbrushed with bright colors and makes for a [...]

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