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Who were the Shudras? By B.R. Ambedkar,

  • Title: Who were the Shudras?
  • Author: B.R. Ambedkar
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  • Page: 390
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    Who were the Shudras None

    One thought on “Who were the Shudras?”

    1. I found it tedious to go through this work thesis of one of the greatest scholars India has ever produced.It is an extraordinary work by an incredible man.The way he defended his theory is simply magnificent.By going through this work one can very well conclude provided the evidences quoted in this book that there were not four varnas in the beginning but three and also the so called shudras were not the natives of India but they were also the Aryans who constituted the class Kshatriya, eliminat [...]

    2. Another masterpiece of scholarly work by Dr Ambedkar One just needs to read this to know the brilliance of Ambedkar and why he was so successful in changing the mindset of Dalits and not just their material conditions of slavery By far the most logical explanation of the root causes of evil structure of caste and why it is not justifiable by any stretch of imagination or justification of history.

    3. This is a wonderful book full of fresh insights into the question of the origin of the Shudras Dr Ambedkar brings in tools from sociology, anthropology, mythology, theology, economics, and historiography to raise and answer the question which constitutes the title of the book Nobody before him, and arguably hardly anybody after him, has taken up the issue which any scholar working on Indian society and history must take up This book has a sequel entitled The Untouchables Who Were They and Why Th [...]

    4. Now I know what it feels like to read a scholarly work written by a scholar To say that the work is a well researched one would be a big understatement This book is a painstaking effort by Mr Ambedkar to portray the background, the origins of the caste system in India and the tyranny meted out to the oppressed Needless to say, the work must have garnered him a huge amount of criticism from the various quarters of the Indian population, but the revelation is nothing less than thought provoking Th [...]

    5. An extensively complex book It Covers Vedas and other Hindu religious scriptures to postulate the origin of Shudras.

    6. Too technical, but seriously are we based on a religious with this much ambiguity Also how much historical distortion been passed on which questions the religious text credibility.

    7. Giving only 3 stars looks harsh However, I judge this book on completely different level than other fantasy books Author has done a good deal of research before writing this book Evidences presented tend to get us in accordance with the conclusions drawn in this book But still I would say they were not strong enough which is natural when one is assessing ancient data.I read this book to get acquainted with origins of cast system in India To an extent book did it, but sometimes I felt excessive r [...]

    8. Ambedkar shows no mercy on people who claim to prove the theory of purushasukta and the people who preach about the aryan invasion theory.It explains each and every aspect of the theory of why brahmins enjoys the caste system so desperately This book as it may very difficult to go through but one can throughly understand the difficulties what babasaheb have gone through painstakingly to prove every aspect And several aspects were marvellousOverall a very good read

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