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Tower: An Epic History of the Tower of London By Nigel Jones,

  • Title: Tower: An Epic History of the Tower of London
  • Author: Nigel Jones
  • ISBN: 9780091936655
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Castle, royal palace, prison, torture chamber, execution site, zoo, mint, treasure house, armoury, record office, observatory and the most visited tourist attraction in the country, the Tower of London has been all these things and No building in Britain has been intimately involved in our island s story than this mighty, brooding stronghold in the very heart ofCastle, royal palace, prison, torture chamber, execution site, zoo, mint, treasure house, armoury, record office, observatory and the most visited tourist attraction in the country, the Tower of London has been all these things and No building in Britain has been intimately involved in our island s story than this mighty, brooding stronghold in the very heart of the capital, a place which has stood at the epicentre of dramatic, bloody and frequently cruel events for almost a thousand years.Now historian Nigel Jones sets this dramatic story firmly in the context of national and international events In a monumental history drawn from primary sources he pictures the Tower in its many changing moods and a bewildering array of functions Here, for the first time, is a thematic portrayal of the Tower of London as than an ancient structure.The fortress is a living symbol of the nation itself in all its kaleidoscopic colour and rich diversity Incorporating a dazzling panoply of political and social detail, Tower puts one of Britain s most important buildings firmly at the heart of our national story.
    Tower An Epic History of the Tower of London Castle royal palace prison torture chamber execution site zoo mint treasure house armoury record office observatory and the most visited tourist attraction in the country the Tower of Londo

    One thought on “Tower: An Epic History of the Tower of London”

    1. I had high hopes for this book ever since I first saw it on the shelves of our local Barnes and Noble for 35 This being out of my price range, I frequently checked for it at Better World Books hoping to score a cheap used copy Failing that, it went onto my most recent Christmas wish list, and this is where I found success.Unfortunately, this book was not what I had built it up to be I was envisioning a detailed description from beginning to end of the Tower of London with each renovation and roy [...]

    2. I enjoyed portions of this book especially the history of the Tower menagerie and the chapter about great escapes from the Tower , but too much of it was given over to a chronological march through British history giving detailed general descriptions about each king or queen s reign but very little information actually directly related to the Tower As a history buff, I m already acquainted with the basic narrative of British history, and was frustrated to have to wade through basic history lesso [...]

    3. You all know that I am a history buff, particularly when it comes to ancient and medieval cultures As a result, it probably wouldn t be surprised to find out that I read and enjoyed this one Built by William the Conqueror after becoming King of England and establishing his control over the country, the Tower of London has played a major role in the governing elite in Britain since its creation.What is amazing is the varying roles it has played Most people know about it being a prison and place o [...]

    4. I was excited to order this book and started it the minute I pulled it from the packaging And then bit by bit I began finding things that just bothered me Mr Jones tends to relate how a person of the time felt and how they said things It annoyed me at first until I hit the chapter The Princes, The PRotector and The Prentenders and he goes far into detail about Richard III then needed to be related in order to drive home what a bloodthirsty little king he was And of course the sneaky sentences c [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this book, so much that I knew before I got half way through I would reread it very soon.Written in an easy, straight forward, consistent style, with an amazing amount of information, it would be an ideal read for anyone who intends to visit the Tower, as well as anyone who loves history I have visited the Tower and if I get the chance again I would get a lot out of a second visit because of this book.Clearly a lot of research has been invested in this book, 400 pages of solid [...]

    6. Ugh, such a disappointment.Part of it was not the book s fault What I m really looking for is a history of the structure itself, and this is a history of England as it relates to the Tower The problem is that there was loads of minutiae about various reigns but a strange lack of detail about the Tower Like, here are the thousand million things that this king did, oh and at some point they built another curtain wall, and also there was a palace in there for a minute, now about the totally unrel [...]

    7. TOWER An Epic History of the Tower of London 2011 Nigel Jones The Tower of London is the primary tourist attraction in London, but as the crowds move through it they are rarely aware of its significance in English history This work provides the history of the Tower from its initial construction on the site of a former Roman fort, Arx Palatina, designed by master architect Gundulf known as the wailing monk in 1078, to the present day Be wary, though, as a central site of English history, you wil [...]

    8. I ve recently finished reading Tower and was completely blown away Mr Jones made history come alive as he told a history of post Norman England through the eyes of the Tower itself The descriptions of the various occupants of the Tower were so vivid that the reader was almost transported back in time where we could almost be an eye witness to the events as they happened Mr Jones created a page turner which I had trouble putting down at night and actually cost me many hours of sleep As I have alw [...]

    9. I thought Jones rather lost the Tower quite frequently during detours through British history Now, I realize that excursions through British history are necessary to understand events related directly to the Tower, but I did sometimes forget that the book was about the Tower at all Now, I think it would be a good general introduction to British history only the book s format thematic and its consequent jumps back and forth in time would make it confusing for someone looking for an introduction.

    10. Very entertaining account of the goings on in The Tower throughout the ages It was interesting to read about the many people who tried to escape from the infamous tower My favorite was the man who successfully escaped disguised as a woman You also find out about the MANY political prisoners who were held and beheaded because they backed the wrong king or just got on their monarch s bad side The worst king in my opinion was James I what a terrible person Anyway if you love reading about British r [...]

    11. An enjoyable read, at times heavy on details and other times light The language style is very sensational, but that is not unusual for history books these days While I was familiar with many of the stories much of it centered in the medieval time period , there was plenty I had not heard before I wasn t a fan of the way the chapters were split up, with there being a lot of seemingly needless jumping around Overall, a ton of information written in an engaging fashion.

    12. Well, he does tell the story of the Tower of London vividly, but I stopped when he got to Richard III He has evidently swallowed the Kool Aid of the Richard haters He didn t even try to be subtle about it So I quit reading.

    13. Inaccurate, sensationalist and silly The only chapter with any historical merit is The Menagerie and the Mint, everything else is grossly exaggerated at best, hideously inaccurate at worst I was sorely disappointed with this book.

    14. A thoroughly engaging, vividly detailed and richly layered epic history that is as much a history of England as it as about the infamous Tower of London.

    15. As a fiction snob, I was honestly and very pleasantly amazed by how much I enjoyed this book So often I feel as though reading nonfiction is a chore, something I make myself do to so that I can say I m well rounded, but this book swept me up and along I loved reading all the little stories of different people who d lived in and around the tower Jones definitely tells a good story, and the Tower of London has than its fair share of them Definitely changed my whole outlook on the place that I lik [...]

    16. I bought this book as part of the research for a novel I m writing It filled the bill perfectly in that regard, but I was enthralled by the story Nigel Jones wove Many times when I m looking for specific information, I skip from place to place, but I have to admit I read this one cover to cover and enjoyed every minute.Okay, I ll agree with other reviewers that it had a lot of names and a lot of dates, but as a history buff and a great lover of London, I found it very interesting After all, a lo [...]

    17. If places hold memories, than the Tower of London is one of the most haunted Jones tells the story of feudal England to the 20th century through the Tower s turrets and walls It s a fascinating site that has gone through various iterations A fortress, a home, a prison, a mint, a treasury, an armory and, on than occasion, a murder scene The men and women who have walked through its gates have been some of the most colorful in British history.At times, the writing seems disjointed and cobbled tog [...]

    18. Fleshed out version of C Hibbert so some of it seemed repetitive I had been expecting a better, comprehensive selection of illustrations I did enjoy the author s humor and airing of his prejudices.

    19. Pretty good overview of the Tower and its history Some of the author s biases did show e.g Richard III which I personally didn t appreciate Like to form my own opinions.

    20. An interesting read.Very readable Covers the full gamut of the Tower s amazing history Full of fascinating anecdotes A must read for any English history buff.

    21. The parts about torture and executions were really great, but it dragged in the last hundred pages or so Really enjoyed the first part as well.

    22. I was very disappointed The title suggests that this book is about the Tower of London when it is actually about events that occurred in and around the Tower of London As the Tower was at the center of English government for seven or eight centuries, that makes this just another book skimming over English history.I have been to the Tower of London three times and the next time I am in London, I plan to go again As someone with an idea of what the building looks like, there were portions of the b [...]

    23. An Epic History of the Tower of London is a bit of a misnomer It is really The Epic History of England as it minimally overlaps with the Tower of London This does not discount the interesting tidbits to be found in this book, but it does mean that it not exactly what one expects when picking the book up.The other problem I had with the book was its organization Some chapters are thematic like escapes but intermingled are some largely chronological sections This makes it difficult to follow the [...]

    24. Good, solid history of what is likely London s most famous landmark Used at various times sometimes concurrently as a palace, prison, fortress, gunpowder storage, zoo, mint, and execution site, the Tower is usually thought of as a dark and nasty place where people were tortured in dungeons and often killed This is a history not only of the Tower, but in part of England as well, since it covers the centuries from 1078 to modern times The very readable narrative covers all the famous and infamous [...]

    25. The Tower of London is, in essence, a history of London itself This was an excellent book, focusing on different aspects of the Tower, such as its role as a zoo, royal mint, royal palace, prison, etc The chapters that focused on the famous prisoners of the Tower were particularly gruesome and gripping I found myself flipping the pages eagerly, wanting to find out what happened next.The only drawback to this book is as it tries to cover almost a thousand years of history, Jones tends to skate ove [...]

    26. Caught between a 3 and a 4 The topic was fascinating, but the coverage uneven The Norman through Restoration times were quite thorough, then rest covered in less than a chapter Including the holding of German spies, and prisoners as late as the 1950s Also nothing about its current state, even if tourist attraction is not as interesting as prison and palace, it does warrant disscussion Noted elsewhere are the woeful lack of illustrations A basic diagram, some establishing shots I had a tourist gu [...]

    27. An interesting book with lots of stories about the 1000 history of the Tower of London as expected it is filled with tales of executions, torture, treason and intrigue I felt that the continuity left a lot to be desired as each chapter explored a different facet of the Tower and progressed through the centuries ie the zoo or the mint, before moving onto another facet which basically means that some stories were told twice ie the fall of the Duke of Monmouth after his botched rebellion and his eq [...]

    28. I want to rate Tower as a four I have really lucked out and read a lot of very readable history of late, and this book is an excellent example I would describe it as a kind of a down and dirty history of England from the Norman Conquest through the Restoration, using the tower of London as a backdrop Although it is rather bare boned, I don t know how you could have done it much better in only 430 pages I completely lost track of the number of folks who lost their heads on Tower Hill and these we [...]

    29. First borrowed from library as e book within the first 50 pages my jaw was dropping little gasps of oh sallied forth I knew I had to buy this for a slow, delicious perusal I have no plans to visit the Tower with the masses, but I ve gained historical value for my trivia loving mind I plan to revisit the bridge nearby, look at ancient maps try to figure out where those plague pits are located Imagine, 10,000 bodies in one pit, the mass of earth disrupted, displaced to accommodate it Granted, the [...]

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