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Sacrilege By S.J. Parris,

  • Title: Sacrilege
  • Author: S.J. Parris
  • ISBN: 9780385535472
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A gripping historical thriller set in sixteenth century England and centered on the highly secretive cult of Saint Thomas Becket, the twelfth century archbishop murdered in Canterbury Cathedral London, summer of 1584 Radical philosopher, ex monk, and spy Giordano Bruno suspects he is being followed by an old enemy He is shocked to discover that his pursuer is in factA gripping historical thriller set in sixteenth century England and centered on the highly secretive cult of Saint Thomas Becket, the twelfth century archbishop murdered in Canterbury Cathedral London, summer of 1584 Radical philosopher, ex monk, and spy Giordano Bruno suspects he is being followed by an old enemy He is shocked to discover that his pursuer is in fact Sophia Underhill, a young woman with whom he was once in love When Bruno learns that Sophia has been accused of murdering her husband, a prominent magistrate in Canterbury, he agrees to do anything he can to help clear her name In the city that was once England s greatest center of pilgrimage, Bruno begins to uncover unsuspected secrets that point to the dead man being part of a larger and dangerous plot in the making He must turn his detective s eye on history on Saint Thomas Becket, the twelfth century archbishop murdered in Canterbury Cathedral, and on the legend surrounding the disappearance of his body in order to solve the crime As Bruno s feelings for Sophia grow intense, so does his fear that another murder is about to take place perhaps his own But than Bruno s life is at stake in this vividly rendered, impeccably researched, and addictively page turning whodunit the stability of the kingdom hangs in the balance as Bruno hunts down a brutal murderer in the shadows of England s most ancient cathedral.
    Sacrilege A gripping historical thriller set in sixteenth century England and centered on the highly secretive cult of Saint Thomas Becket the twelfth century archbishop murdered in Canterbury Cathedral London

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    1. Where I got the book LibraryThing Early Reviewer program.This is apparently the third book in a series, so once again I have the interesting experience of being dropped into an already established situation and trying to catch up It wasn t too hard Parris deftly sketches in the portrait of Bruno, the ex monk, ex spy, ex fugitive, philosopher, diplomat and writer In this book he s under the spell of the beautiful Sophia, who begs him to go to Canterbury to solve the mystery of her late husband s [...]

    2. This book has so many flaws that it s hard to know where to start The major flaw is the author doesn t seem to know what topic to use as the major conflict, and the book wanders hither and yon without a clear focus One possible theme is Bruno s love interest another is the imminent possibility of an invasion of England another is a fictional cult of Thomas a Becket which plans to restore Catholicism to England another is the possibility of a plot to assassinate Elizabeth and elevate Mary to the [...]

    3. The Tudor dynasty of late medieval England is popular with novelists across the range from the literary end of the market Hilary Mantel s Wolf Hall to popular romance Phillipa Gregory s The Other Boleyn Girl to children s novels Julia Jarman s The Time Travelling Cat and the Tudor Treasure The Tudor period was marked by conflict, religious turmoil and brutal and bloody regimes It therefore offers great scope for writers of crime fiction, as the success of S J Sansom and Rory Clements demonstrate [...]

    4. I realize I ve been reading a lot of historic fiction last year Here s the first one in 2015 I enjoy the Bruno Giordano series of S.J Parris, but with this one, the storyline had highs and lows Not consistently strong and the love interest part annoyed me really I started reading Lamentation by C.J Sansom next to this book, and I really thought that story was much stronger, and kept my interest than this However, I loved the ending scenes of this book, which made up a lot, the turbulent trial i [...]

    5. 3.5 starsIt s 1584 and antagonism rages between Protestant England and Catholic countries of Europe Many people, even in England, would like nothing better than to to depose or kill Queen Elizabeth and install a Catholic monarch on the English throne Thus the Queen s adviser, Sir Francis Walshingham, has an extensive network of spies working to sniff out Catholic sympathizers One of the spies is the Italian ex monk Giordano Bruno, currently living in the French Embassy in London.As the story beg [...]

    6. I love Sacrilege If you try it, you ll like it too Sacrilege is fun for the whole family.Okay, I m done now But seriously folks, it is an excellent read S.J Parris is the pen name for Stephanie Merritt, a British journalist and author of two previous novels in the series, Heresy and Prophecy.I had the opportunity to talk with her when she was visiting Toronto recently, and she spoke about writing when your child is on vacation tricky , researching the Elizabethan era fascinating , and how it fee [...]

    7. SPOILER ALERT The appeal of this novel for me is the Canterbury setting in the late 16th century the descriptions of the cobbled lanes and overhanging casements transport the modern day city back to its medieval self without too much effort of the imagination The strands of the plot are a little repetitive in the first third of the book Giordano Bruno s role of saviour to Sophia is underlined in metaphorical bold font again and againd the twist is, of course, that he is ultimately double crossed [...]

    8. The third book in the historical fiction mystery thriller series featuring Giordano Bruno by S.J Parris Each book is a stand alone story, but there are a few significant references to the events to the events in the previous two books In particular, one of the major characters in this story is a returning character from the first book Further, the first book really introduces Bruno, presenting some key elements to his background So, it does help to have read them all Its been a while since I rea [...]

    9. S J Parris has managed once again to create a historical mystery that is just as compelling and captivating as Heresy and Prophecy In Sacrilege, we once again see Giordano Bruno, a renegade monk in the year 1584 He has a way of putting himself in harms way due to both his philosophy,and his radical books and is therefore not surprised to find himself being followed He believes that surely it is someone meant to kill or harm him, but it turns out to be Sophia Underhill She has come all the way fr [...]

    10. Giordano Bruno is what is commonly called today, a Renaissance Man He is a former Monk, a bit of a renegade and is on his way to Canterbury to investigate a murder that is somehow attached to the legendary Thomas a Becket, former Archbishop of Canterbury who fought over the Church s rights with Henry II of England Thomas was also treated with much respect by Catholics and Anglicans alike Giordano, among his many talents is a spy for England, the country that is now counting on him for another mi [...]

    11. Seeing this book on the library shelf recently, I grabbed it I was sure that I was awaiting this further episode into Elizabethan England with Doctor Bruno I have now looked back through my logs and see that I have indeed read Heresy but not Prophecy A shame as I like to try to read books in the order in which they are written Perhaps this explains why I couldnt remember the detail of several references back to previous encounters in Sacrilege.I still enjoyed the read but the I read about these [...]

    12. Just finished reading the third, and most current, book in this series, Sacrilege Radical philosopher, ex monk and spy, Giordano Bruno, continues in the service of Queen Elizabeth I s spymaster, Lord Wasingham This is the most entertaining and thrilling book yet in the series.In this novel Bruno journeys to Canterbury to help an old flame who is on the run after being accused of murdering her much older husband, a prominent magistrate in Canterbury But while investigating, he uncovers a series o [...]

    13. S.J Parris s third novel in her historical mystery series delineates a fascinating and memorable protagonist The year is 1584, and Giordano Bruno, an Italian former monk and heretic, ostensibly serves the French ambassador, but is actually an agent of Queen Elizabeth I s spymaster Sir Francis Walsingham An old flame, Sophia Underhill, tracks him down in London and begs him to clear her name, as she is accused of killing her husband, a powerful magistrate in Canterbury.With Sophia disguised as a [...]

    14. This is the third in the series about Giordano Bruno by Tessa Harris that I ve accessed electronically from the library She has written , and I will read the print version of these books because I like her well researched, suspenseful stories set in England in the sixteenth century Giordano Bruno is a former monk who escaped the inquisition in his native Italy because of his radical writings He now serves as a spy for the court of Queen Elizabeth In this story, Bruno is surprised to learn that a [...]

    15. I was asked to read this by the publisher who knew that I hadn t read the first two books in the series, Heresy and Prophecy, as it can be read as a standalone I loved this book SO much, though, that I m going to get my hands on a copy of the first two books as soon as possible so I can devour them the way I devoured Sacrilege I LOVED it I do enjoy historical fiction, but this went beyond your regular historical fiction it had one heck of a mystery in it, too For my full review, please see my bl [...]

    16. I have read all 3 of the S.J Parris mysteries and I love them I buy each one as they come out in hardback Heresy, Prophecy and Sacrilege Read them in one day and one night stay up until I finish then proudly line them up on my bookshelf They look fabulous with their coordinating dust jackets Then when I am ready to reread them, there they will be Highly recommended for lovers of historical fiction.

    17. Another good addition to the series This time Bruno is in Canterbury where nefarious deeds are afoot involving Thomas a Becket s bones, Catholic plotters and murderous officials The books are well plotted, have good characterisation, and are well written both grammatically and structurally a treat that is increasingly rare with so many YA and self published horrors lurking in the undergrowth A worthy addition to the canon of historical detective mystery fiction.

    18. Still love the series, but this one seemed to drag on a little than the others that I ve read.going to wait patiently for the next one the way that this one ended I m going to assume that there will be anotherah Sophia what are you doing

    19. Very mixed feelings for this book overall I preferred the earlier books in the series Even though this book is well paced and well written, I feel it was too formulaic and repetitious The same plot devises hidden rooms, concealed vaults, books hidden under the floorboards are over used and I felt originality was lacking I love the characters though Bruno is engaging as ever and Dr Harry Robinson, Tom Garth and Rebecca were memorable Fab descriptions throughout, wonderfully atmospheric and loved [...]

    20. Following my review on the first two books of this series, Heresy and Prophesy , this third book immediately follows Giordano Bruno from London to Canterbury on a ruse to clear the name of his once loved friend, Sophia Underhill, who was on the run for murder.Unable to tell Walsingham the real purpose of his desire to go to Canterbury, it took a clever ruse to convince him to let him go Uncharacteristically riled by the sudden death of the Prince of Orange which left Queen Elizabeth exposed to P [...]

    21. Best one of the series yet in my opinion as Bruno travels to Canterbury to resolve the murder of Sophia s husband Sophia who has appeared before as Bruno s unattainable love interest.The story occupies the ground between Dan Brown and CJ Sansom The historical conspiracy theories of Brown but not as trite, with the broad setting of Sansom but not as detailed or convincing in many ways.Stiil, you get a flavour of late Tudor England and the story is fast paced and exciting, albeit as incredible as [...]

    22. I really enjoy this series This book did not have as much action as the second book but the suspense was there and the author definitely built on the character development established in the first book I love a good mystery and I love Tudor history so this series speaks volumes to me It s historically accurate, the topic of religion is covered very well and portrayed thoroughly It s not the best book ever written by any means and there s nothing groundbreaking about it but the author writes extr [...]

    23. Really cracking form from Stephanie Merritt this book s not half bad either In fact, it s terrific The 3rd in the Bruno Giordano seriesI have the 4th on order I am looking forward to of Sir Francis Walsingham, Sir Philip Sidney various devious but attractive women evil intentioned, sexist but lovable men Why shouldn t young women wear men s clothes in Elizabethan England There were several old queens knocking about in Renaissance Europe, weren t there Seriously though, well worth sampling the d [...]

    24. I enjoyed this book It s the third in a series, good strong characters, good plot and a few twists and turns on the way Like the way Harris blends fact and fiction I confess an admiration for the lead character Giordano Bruno Although a bit slow in parts I recommend reading this book, in fact the series I would read them in order as it allows you to get to know the main characters personalities and their history It is not absolutely necessary the stories are strong enough to stand alone.

    25. Bruno hits his stride with this third outing, sorting the wheat from the chaff in Canterbury, a place riven with religious rivalries But has Sophie led Bruno into a mess that will see him accused of the crimes he is trying to solve There is a race against time to solve what is going on before the assizes hit town The book nicely evokes an England of suspicion and fear.

    26. Tedious reading I enjoy historical fiction as it gives me a glimpse into another possible way of life before technology For a murder mystery, it wasn t compelling enough to slog through it just to discover who dunnit.

    27. I enjoyed this just as much as the previous 2 enough historical detail to be interesting, a good and engaging plot with twists, turns, and plenty of pace, and yet I cared about and engaged with the characters too A good read

    28. Moved to Canterbury this time to see the effect of the reformation on the cathedral community there Glad I had some prior knowledge of the religious politics of the age, with the involvement of the Huguenot community.

    29. This series just keeps getting better Perhaps it s because I m familiar with the characters and the running story line in addition to the main story line within each book , but I find myself craving Giordano with each book in the series.

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