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I Am David By Anne Holm,

  • Title: I Am David
  • Author: Anne Holm
  • ISBN: 9780749701369
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Paperback
  • The story of a young boy s journey through Europe after escaping from the camp where he had lived all his life Sea, mountains and flowers, the colours of Italy, the taste of fruit, people laughing and smiling, all are new to David And David learns that his polite manner, his haunted eyes and his thin features are strange to other people.
    I Am David The story of a young boy s journey through Europe after escaping from the camp where he had lived all his life Sea mountains and flowers the colours of Italy the taste of fruit people laughing and

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    1. In chapter three David learns that there is a Queen in England That sets the book in a time of 1953 or later.Were there still concentration camps in Eastern Europe Many reviewers feel the Nazi s were the guards, well that can t be in 1953 The story was well good enough, nothing spectacular, I struggled to give it 3 stars With so many good YA WW2 novels around I would not recommend it, it was a little boring Sorry just telling how I read it.

    2. I loved this book when I was a kid When I reread it a while back as an adult, I found it less believable, but still a very good story.

    3. I had first seen this movie and had a feeling the book would be great also Although the plots differed than I thought they would, I thoroughly enjoyed both the movie and the book In the book, I liked how you get insight into David s thoughts He is a remarkable boy, to say the least.It is a young adult novel and I think the author took some liberties with the plot that adults won t buy I liked the way they fixed that in the movie All in all, I would highly recommend both the book and the movie. [...]

    4. A young boy escapes from a concentration camp somewhere in eastern Europe and walks and hitchhikes his way to Denmark He s lived his whole life in camp so he doesn t know anything about the outside world, doesn t even know about money or how to eat properly at a table he prays to a god of rivers and streams and is afraid of being caught by them He s totally clueless, yet manages to survive this whole long journey, despite getting captured again And then a bizarre coincidence at the end leads him [...]

    5. Finally A superb book landed in my hands I was completely mesmerized and utterly clinging to the story s journey, especially on the last 10 pages I tell ya, David would be a great poster boy for integrity I loved his character development Too good to be true as he may be, the walk of his life was a message of love, life, and prospect Brilliant I agree with The Horn Book, Read it, read it Be warned though, brace your heart My quote ables I don t know anything How can I stay free when I don t know [...]

    6. I Am David is a great book to read It is a story about a little boy who has been in a concentration camp his whole life David had one friend there named Johannes Johannes helps him to learn stuff he needs David loved Johannes alot but in camp if you were very smart you would be put to death When David is offered a chance to escape he takes it David struggles with the outer world, David wants to learn about the outer world but he is scared to talk to people David has never talked or played with k [...]

    7. I first read this book as s teen, and was deeply moved by it Rereading it as an adult, it becomes clear both how deeply damaged this young boy is by his experience, and how important his faith becomes for him I always cry when I read this book If you have not read it, some things to be aware of David is an admirable character, but he s not entirely likeable Nor should he be, given his experiences.The concentration camp is a Stalinist one This is why David is so clear that only books written befo [...]

    8. The book I read was actually entitled, North to Freedom with a copyright date of 1963, but it was the same book I enjoyed this book very much It is not an action story it is a psychological story don t look for plot This is all about character.Because David grew up in a concentration camp, he knew little socially or culturally of the outside world, but because of conditions in the camp, he had had the opportunity to learn several different languages and had been taught manners and a degree of fa [...]

    9. Extraordinarily elegant and humaneAnne Holm s I am David is an wonderful achievement mixing beautiful humanity and acute perceptiveness of humans soul, both good and bad, with the harsh reality of the world The book is seen through David s eyes, a boy who has escaped a concentration camp he was bought up in and is now adapting and learning about the real world David s young age is in sharp contrast to his world view and experience a detail Holm continuously reminds us through adults observations [...]

    10. David, a 12 year old, raised in a prison camp, is allowed to escape with instructions to go north to freedom From the drab, depressing surroundings of the prison camp to the wide world of freedoms, colors, smells, scenery, being clean, and being honest, David cautiously learns about the world around him This book is a learning adventure at becoming true to one s self At an early age, this book had a profound effect on my life, David made me stop and appreciate the little things that are such com [...]

    11. I first read this book under it s American released title of North To Freedom way back in Jr High in the 7th 72 73 or 8th 73 74 grade a little less than 10 years After it s American debute in 1965.At the time i imagined it was a W.W.II story not really knowing alot about the post war world or the whole cold war mess i grew up in It is Obvious Now, reading it 37 or 39 years later, that it Was indeed a post war story.Parts of it made me cry again all these years later something i would Never have [...]

    12. I am David Along with being the story s title, it is also the most repeated phrase in this book How can we actually find who we are David proved that even through suffering the hardest trials we can still have enjoyable experiences and learn that life can really be good, we just have to find the good ourselves Anne Holm outdid herself in this brilliant and touching novel 12 year old David escapes a concentration camp after being held prisoner his whole life After seeing the same scenes, objects, [...]

    13. We read this crap excuse for a book for a Honors Language Arts study and my only comfort It will end eventually David is a boring protagonist who is unrelatable in any way and while he does have a excuse for being devoid of and personality which is being raised in a concentration camp but if it takes so long for him to develop any traits at all which he dosent then don t write about him Also Anne Holm was attemting shove a bunch of months and events into 180 pages it was like trying to shove an [...]

    14. I was really disappointed in this book because I made the mistake of actually reading the reviews that were plastered all over the cover before I read the book The main problem I have with I Am David is the lack of background information for the setting It would have been an exponentially better experience for me if there had been a Prologue or Introduction that would have explained the setting in time and place I found myself wondering throughout the entire novel where EXACTLY did David s journ [...]

    15. I was given this as a reader for a group of ten year olds and started to read it myself before I gave it to them I only read about half of it and gave up in disgust Needless to say I never gave it to the children In essence it is not really a story an exercise in anti Soviet Union propaganda We are never told why David is in the gulag the implication being that children are banged up for nothing in Eastern Bloc countries David escapes to the West, where everyone has plenty of food and lives in [...]

    16. David s entire twelve year life has been spent in a grisly concentration camp in Eastern Europe He knows nothing of the outside world But when he is given the chance to escape, he seizes it Sensing his enemies hot on his heels, David struggles to cope in this strange new world, where his only resources are a compass, a few crumbs of bread, his two aching feet and some vague advice to seek refuge in Denmark Is that enough to survive David is a dynamic character He thinks of danger a lot and when [...]

    17. Loved this movie and so when I found out it was based off of a book I had to read it Come to find out the book is a young adults novel so it was a really easy read, but that doesn t mean it s not filled with emotion and important situations When it comes to whether I like the book better or the movie I think it s about 50 50 I liked the fact that in the book you know everything that David is thinking because it s narrated by him, you really find out how he feels about things and why he is the wa [...]

    18. This was one of Heidi s books recommended for teen book club.I loved it and will consider it.Reread for teen club this Thursday, 9 27 12ry good Should be great for our discussion.

    19. I Am David by Anne Holm is a fast paced page turning adventure The Main character is David He is thirteen years old or so he thinks As far as he knows he has spent his life in the camp that was made by the Nazis In just sixty pages he escaped from a camp, he ran for days and nights, he stowed away on a ship, and he ended up in Italy In Italy he tried to learn about the ways people live in Italy He then overheard some citizens talking about him and saying they were going to ask some questions Tha [...]

    20. Gut wrenching Heart warming Gripping.I Am David is a fil adaptaion of the novel by Anne Holm North to Freedom It shows the spiritual journey of discovery where, a twelve year old boy David gradually loses his mistrust of humanity and beginds to smile, share, and eventually love.Seven years after the World War II, David is an escapee from the concentration camp in Bulgaria He sets our on a risky journey to Denmark, initially believing he is on an important mission to deliver a letter, but eventua [...]

    21. Jeremy YongAdvisoryMs Gondek 1 18 13I Am David is a gripping novel of a young boy s grueling experience during the Holocaust Whenever I read books of tragedies in the past, I feel morally crushed whenever I force myself to endure a book of the Holocaust David, the protagonist, has been in a concentration camp in Eastern Europe for his entire twelve year old life Just that statement makes me cringe, how since even as a young boy, he was forced to suffer in the concentration camp Though David has [...]

    22. This was an amazing book As it was never translated into Czech language I got never the chance to read it as a child Well, it would probably be impossible to have such a chance as we have been such a country, where David run away from, so to have such a book beeing published here would be impossible I truly understand David, although I never been into such a camp But, who knows maybe it was not a Communist CC, as it is not mentioned exactly in the book, but why to lie to myself It is not so impo [...]

    23. WOW I am David is a very well written, captivating and very thought provoking story of David, a 12 year old boy who is mysteriously given instructions about when and how to escape a concentration camp during World War II David has only known life within the barricade of this hell hole, but now he s given a mission by someone he s only ever known as his captor Along with the instructions as to the escape, David is provided with a compass, a knife, a bottle of wter, some brea, a letter of introduc [...]

    24. I Am David is about a boy that is sepparated with his family David is put into a concentration camp as a young boy One of the guards helps him run away without being seen David succeeds but he now has no were to live he was too young to remember his mom, and he doesn t know his way Nazi s track him down and get close numerous times of catching him The books like they say are always better than the movie The book has scene were he is slepping in the tall grass and he heres the germans walking tow [...]

    25. All of the memories 12 year old David holds are of his life in a concentration camp He d been there since he was a very small child and had known no other night One night, a guard and man he hates tells him how to escape and get to freedom If David listens he has the opportunity to be free but what if this is just another sick game on the guards part This is only the first decision of many David must make on his journey north to freedom.I m definitely going to recommend this to some of my younge [...]

    26. I first read this as a young teen and remember being very touched by David s journey and the difficulties he faced along the way Reading again as an adult and being aware of the WWII context, it s easy to see that the book presents a rather simplistic view though still a worthwhile introduction for younger readers to this time period Many of the events that happen to David after his escape are far fetched I doubt he would really have been able to complete the journey had this been a true story [...]

    27. The story follows young David from his life in a eastern European concentration camp to freedom, traveling through Italy, Switzerland, Germany to Denmark Despite the rigors of life in a prison concentration camp, abandoned by his mother and seeing his only friend die, David is a kind person by nature who feels compelled to help people without asking for anything in return, although he does not consciously know all the time that by doing so, he is performing acts of kindness His valiant effort in [...]

    28. a very poignant story of a boy who escaped from a concentration camp His trip to where, he doesn t know, gives so much insight to what would be going through a child during this era of time He doesn t know anything about the outside world This is often times humorous and then sad at others It is a powerful story that should be read by all There aren t really any EXCITING parts but plenty of in depth story Mrs Holm brings a story to paper that will not be quickly forgotten.

    29. The most important children s book I know And the best for building empathy Hard to read at times, but the last page makes everything worthwhile.

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