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Molly Gumnut Rescues a Bandicoot: Adventures of Molly Mavis Gumnut By Patricia Puddle,

  • Title: Molly Gumnut Rescues a Bandicoot: Adventures of Molly Mavis Gumnut
  • Author: Patricia Puddle
  • ISBN: 9781461019466
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback
  • Molly Gumnut loves her neighbour s cat, but when she catches him attacking a baby bandicoot, she runs screaming into Mrs Wilson s garden After shooing the cat away, Molly rescues the injured critter and names him Furble But when she takes him to the vet, he says she can t keep him because bandicoots are protected native animals and must to go to a wildlife sanctuary MolMolly Gumnut loves her neighbour s cat, but when she catches him attacking a baby bandicoot, she runs screaming into Mrs Wilson s garden After shooing the cat away, Molly rescues the injured critter and names him Furble But when she takes him to the vet, he says she can t keep him because bandicoots are protected native animals and must to go to a wildlife sanctuary Molly doesn t let that stop her from keeping Furble She informs the vet that her grandmother is a volunteer with a wildlife rescue and would gladly look after him The vet gives in, but Molly is horrified when Grandma insists Furble will be released back to his own territory when his wounds have healed Molly can t let that happen, cause that s where the big mean cat lives Well, no way will she let Tiddles hurt Furble again She doesn t care if she gets into trouble for yelling at the neighbour, or disobeying her parents She kidnaps the little bandicoot and takes him on a journey to find him a safer home When things go badly wrong, Molly realises she s made a bad mistake Now Furble s in danger and so is Molly.
    Molly Gumnut Rescues a Bandicoot Adventures of Molly Mavis Gumnut Molly Gumnut loves her neighbour s cat but when she catches him attacking a baby bandicoot she runs screaming into Mrs Wilson s garden After shooing the cat away Molly rescues the injured critter a

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    1. This is a story about cheeky 8 year old, Molly Gumnut as she sets out with her father s camera to take a wildlife photo for the school calendar In her attempts to find something interesting to photograph, she comes across the neighbour s cat, Tiddles, playing with a ball, which actually turns out to be baby bandicoot, a protected native marsupial So begins the rescue of the injured animal and the adventures and mischief Molly Gumnut gets up to on the way.I am a mum and a primary school teacher, [...]

    2. Molly is out hoping to take the perfect wildlife photo to be included in the school calendar but when the animals are scared away by the noise of a speedboat she decides to head home On the way home she sees Tiddles, the cat, playing with a ball then she realises it s not a ball but a tiny animal She takes the injured and bleeding animal home to see if her dad can save it Molly s dad explains that it is a bandicoot and they take it to the Vet The bandicoot then goes to live with Molly s Grandmot [...]

    3. Review of Molly Gumnut Rescues a BandicootBy Patricia PuddleA comfortable and comforting story about the importance of animals and children to our environment, Molly Gumnut Rescues a Bandicoot introduces two young girls who care about preserving the environment, doing their part through nature photography for a class calendar The girls try their best, though sometimes their best photo opportunities are interrupted by human intervention, such as passing speedboats Then one of the girls, Molly, di [...]

    4. As part of a school assignment, Molly s supposed to take a picture of a wildlife animal Luckily for her, on the way back from the river Molly saves an injured rat like animal from the claws of the neighbour s cat Her father explains that the rat isn t a rat but a bandicoot and that she can t keep him because they need to grow in the wilderness where they can scavenge for food and build a family Molly isn t convinced because the little critter sure looks like he would like someone to take care of [...]

    5. I have just finished reading Molly Gumnut Rescues a Bandicoot by Patricia Puddle That little girl can get herself into so much trouble My heart ached for Molly as she tried so very hard to listen to her parents and Grandma In her heart, she wanted Furble to be released back to his mother, but the danger to the tiny bandicoot over rode all sense of right and wrong as Molly donned the hat as his protector.The author easily walks you through Molly s inner torment when she can t make adults understa [...]

    6. So I started reading this book as part of the Shut up and read group activity to get indie authors out there I m trying to be helpful.I ve grown out of childhood, therefore children s book aren t really my first attraction However, I d think any parent which I m not would like their children to read quality books My grievance toward any children books is perhaps the plain and uninteresting character of the protagonist So far, Molly provides nothing interesting to me, other than being a tomboyish [...]

    7. This is a sweet little story about a resilient and plucky young girl who rescues a bandicoot Her efforts to save him often get her into trouble as her own ideas of the creature s safety clashes with those around her She takes on the adults and strives to get people to take care with their pets, no matter how often it gets her into trouble It s simply written and entirely believable It s almost as if this were written from personal experience It contains all the highs, lows and obscure reasoning [...]

    8. I thought this was a cute children s book that I think my 6yr old would enjoy, with the pictures of the Bandicoot and the girl molly through out the book they can at least get the feel of what molly is up to and the mischief she causes I did think it could use photo s just to entice a younger beginning reader crowd The constant trouble Molly gets into and her behavior were a little grating for me especially since she s suppose to be 8 my 6yr old doesn t have these type of behavior problems it m [...]

    9. I loved this book I bought it for my grandaughter who is seven She had already read Star Crossed Rascals by the same author and wanted this book too She wants of Patricia Puddle s books.A story of a little girls passion and love for animals and the lessons she must learn about rescuing animals meant to live in the wild She fights for her beliefs as well as learning how cruel nature can be A great story for children and adults It is full of humorous incidents and moments of sadness Once again th [...]

    10. I just finished it I loved it it s the story of a young girls struggles after rescuing an injured baby bandicoot The author captures the tumultuous emotions of a girl struggling to stand up for her beliefs, while getting in and out of trouble protecting this adorable creature A very funny, delightful read for anyone.

    11. I got this book to review from the Read It Reap project.I have to admit that I never had any real contact with what they call children s literature when I was the age of this book s intended reader group I learned to read with lots and lots of Greek legends, a side dish of Hemmingway and hundreds of Mickey Mouse comics The only books I read at the time that could be classified as actual children s literature, besides the Disney, were Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan, which I read in the origina [...]

    12. I d like to introduce you to the lovable Molly Gumnut She s an intelligent, precocious little girl who adores animals One morning, she s out and about looking for native animals to photograph for a school project, when she sees her neighbor s cat attacking something Tiddles, the evil neighbor cat, is attacking a baby bandicoot, who Molly promptly rescues and takes for help Fortunately, her grandmother is a licensed wildlife rescuer, and agrees to take care of the little fellow, who Molly lovingl [...]

    13. In Australia, trouble has three names Molly Mavis Gamnut The key to a child s heart is often as elusive to adults as the secrets to health, wealth and happiness, but Patricia Puddle seems to have an instinctive knack for knowing not just what a young person thinks but also what she feels.While taking photos for a middle grade nature project, Molly Gamnut encounters an injured bandicoot and has no choice but to save it from the evil cat Tiddles who lives next door Of course, she s smitten with he [...]

    14. This is the story of young Molly Gumnut who wants to take the best picture for the class calendar On her way home she peaks into her neighbour s garden and to her surprise she see the cat Tiddles attacking a poor defend less Bandicoot Molley rescues it and luckily her grandmother takes care of injured wildlife animals But what happens when the bandicoot is ready to be released again Who is gone defend it against the vile neighbour cat Reading children s literature as an adult can be challenging [...]

    15. I think the character of Molly is great for children and adults as she shows the importance of passion and caring for something other than ourselves Yes, she is pushy, bordering on rude at times, but she shows what one person can achieve I enjoyed this book I am sure many adults, and children will find this book a very easy and enjoyable read It is also good to have an Australian novel that looks our wonderful Australian wildlife, and how at risk it can be due to introduced animals although Ifel [...]

    16. I got this book for Read it Reap.This book was okay I thought it was kind of cute, but I didn t really enjoy reading it I think i was a little too old to read it However, my little sister read it and said she loved it The plot was good and I thought it was very sweet that Furble and Molly ended up together against the odds Patricia Puddle is a pretty good writer and I , looking into getting some of her other books for my sister I definatly recommended Puddle and this book to anyone under the age [...]

    17. What a fresh, fun story Molly Gumnut is a wonderful character A little cantankerous, but a character that gets in your heart and takes up residency there I love the troubles Molly gets in and her unique ways of dealing with things Her love for animals is clearly depicted, showing the reader the author s love also I really enjoyed this high energy, fun story And the end will leave you laughing and feeling great This is truly a must read for all age groups

    18. Just finished reading this book Molly Gumnut Rescues a Bandicoot Loved the style of the book It was hearfelt, funny, warm and engaging story It was well written and one could easily get caught up in all of Molly s escapades This is a truly beautiful story, perfect for anyone needing to get in touch with that wild child inside Loved it

    19. This is the second book I have read of Patricia s, and the I read of hers, the I enjoy This story finds the main character, Molly,in mischevious situations, yet it is impossible not to fall in love with her and hope for the best outcome.The author draws you in from page one, and uses such great voice and characterization.I cant wait to read from this author

    20. I just finished reading Molly Gumnut Rescues a Bandicoot It s a cute story about a little girl who after rescuing a bandicoot gets into trouble after trouble She can t explain her concerns and the adults do not listen to her During the first half of the book, I was annoyed with Molly s character because she seemed a little selfish and the adults couldn t decide whether to let her misbehavior go or to suddenly yell at her for being rude By the end of the book, I was rooting for Molly and I liked [...]

    21. I found this book very heartwarming, seeing the love that a child has for an animal but at the same time, I was becoming exasperated at all the things Molly kept getting into and asking over and over again to keep the bandicoot The only thing I kept thinking about was if that was my child, I would go crazy This story is about a young girl named Molly who rescues an injured bandicoot from her neighbor s cat She wants to keep it as a pet but being a protected native animal, she can t keep it but b [...]

    22. I purchased this e book for my kids who are age 7 and 9 We all LOVED Molly She has such a passion for animals She rescues a bandicoot from a cat and nurses it back to health The story is brilliantly funny, amusing, sweet, and a fantastic read Molly captured our hearts with her compassion, humor, and personality She gets into all kinds of trouble, all in the name of saving this wonderful animal This author has a special way of reaching children with humor and creativity My son seems to get bored [...]

    23. My 8 yr old absolutely loved reading about Molly s adventure, she finished the book in record timing lol She still loves talking to her sister about Molly and how she didn t listen to her grandma Thank you Patricia for writing such a fantastic book

    24. Brought for grand daughter who loved Patricia Puddles other books, did not have time to read all, as needed to get in the mail, skimmed, looked great, had I had the chance to read all, would have probably been a 5 star I know she is going to laugh and enjoy this book.

    25. This is a cute read I enjoyed the rhythm of the book and the author s insight into the world of a 3rd grade girl The book is not only entertaining but informative as well.

    26. Brought for my granddaughter, as she loved the other books Needless to say, she loved this one too Thank you.

    27. Before I read this book my knowledge of a bandicoot was confined to a distant recollection of an old computer game called Crash Bandicoot.In fact a bandicoot is a marsupial, an infraclass of mammals which carry their young in a pouch except that a baby bandicoot s mother has an upside down pouch and no, the baby bandicoot doesn t fall out because unlike a kangaroo, its mother walks not on two legs but on all four Why an upside down pouch, then Well, it s to prevent baby bandicoot from getting sp [...]

    28. I think this story would be great for parents or others reading to young children because they would have the opportunity to explain the many differences between Australia and the US idioms, diet, animals, schooling, etc The author had descriptions of locations, animals specific events which were positively lyrical Overall, I would have rated it higher except for two flaws.First, there were far too many typos, missing words in sentences, spelling errors for such a short book I counted than ten [...]

    29. Molly Gumnut needs to take a photo of a wildlife animal for a school project But how She rescues an injured bandicoot, Furble from the claws of a cat.Molly tries to nurture Furble back to health but she s faced with setback after setback She finally kidnaps Furble from her grandmother, the wild life carer Entertaining fast paced adventure story Great humor Well structured.Kids will adore the Molly Gumnut and her adventures.

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