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Extrasensory By Desiree Holt,

  • Title: Extrasensory
  • Author: Desiree Holt
  • ISBN: 9781419930980
  • Page: 473
  • Format: ebook
  • Book 2 in the Phoenix Agency series.Mia is skeptical about her precognitive skills, but her visions about Carpenter Techtronics are so vivid, she resorts to sending anonymous emails to the company She s also having visions of a gorgeous man who arouses her so badly, she s satisfying herself just to get some relief She s shocked when the man shows up in her office, sendinBook 2 in the Phoenix Agency series.Mia is skeptical about her precognitive skills, but her visions about Carpenter Techtronics are so vivid, she resorts to sending anonymous emails to the company She s also having visions of a gorgeous man who arouses her so badly, she s satisfying herself just to get some relief She s shocked when the man shows up in her office, sending her silent erotic messages.Dan is helping his friend track down the person threatening his company When he meets Mia, he has a hard time thinking about anything but indulging in off the charts sex with the intriguing woman until bodies begin falling As Mia s visions escalate, so does the explosive sex between her and Dan, as well as an unexpected emotional connection When Mia is almost killed, Dan and his team must race to find the culprits before they can strike again or put Mia down for good.
    Extrasensory Book in the Phoenix Agency series Mia is skeptical about her precognitive skills but her visions about Carpenter Techtronics are so vivid she resorts to sending anonymous emails to the company She

    One thought on “Extrasensory”

    1. I thoroughly enjoyed this book This is my first Phoenix Agency book but it wont be my last I felt that there were plenty of avenues to go from here for Ms Holt and I m intrigued to see where she takes it I thought the characters were well thought out and the plot engaging Dan was alpha and yet open to the paranormal which is odd in these types of books, so it was refreshing It was nice to see an H willing to believe and protect so quickly Mia was a slightly isolated Precog who was used to being [...]

    2. Dan Romeo has a take charge personality and doesn t do permanent relationships He s in town for some R and R and to see his friend s unveiling of a highly sought after robot The last thing he wants to do is get involved in a security threat, but when he tracks information to a lovely art curator, and discovers her psychic abilities, he can t help but pour all his resources into keeping her safe Mia Fleming is an art curator, lives a relatively boring life, and has the gift or curse of precogniti [...]

    3. Fabulous This is the second book in the Phoenix series and this is Dan s story Dan is the head of Phoenix and is committed to his job He was a Marine Mia is a art history major who has her Doctorate and works at a museum She also is physic and can see things that are going to happen in the future The only problem is that it s hard to interpret her visions But they won t leave her alone until she solves the puzzle She hates her gift, to her it s of a curse When Mia has a new vision and after res [...]

    4. A truly inviting and sexy paranormal romance mystery, the characters are very strong and engaging, an awesome book, it reminds me of Kay Hooper Bishop series The storyline is excellent, intense, gripping and very enthralling With the explosive chemistry between Mia and Dan, it is no wonder this book is so electrifying, sensual and sexy The mystery and action scenes are well crafted with excitement all the way I have to say this has been an exciting and enjoyable read I love the Pheonix Agency an [...]

    5. Loved the story and charaters but the book needs some editing repetition of information and incoherent timeline mainly

    6. Extrasensory is the second book in the exciting Phoenix Agency series, and things are getting dangerous and deadly With a unique storyline, complex characters you can t help but love well, most of them anyway , humor, an unexpected romance, secrets and lies, betrayal, espionage, and intriguing twists, you won t be able to put it down The story captures you right from the start, and keeps you on the edge of your seat till the very end An excellent romantic suspense, and a great addition to this [...]

    7. This is the 2nd book in this great series all the books can be read as standalones , but reading them in order helps place the characters in context.Mia has always had her precognative visions unfortunately they are haphazard , giving only glimpses of what she is seeing Analysing the vision she manages to deduct that something is going to happen to a new prototype robot , Carpenters newest spyware determined to remain anonymous she sends an encrypted email warning the company to take precautions [...]

    8. Reviewed at Keeper BookshelfExtrasensory is a fast paced, action filled story that will keep your attention on the page The combination of paranormal, military, romance and suspense ticked a lot of my personal favorite buttons with this one.I found Mia and Dan to be a believable couple in an unusual situation It s difficult for Mia to talk to anyone about her visions for she s dealt with the resulting suspicions far too often before She needs someone to help her understand her gift, how to focus [...]

    9. Extrasensory The Phoenix Agency Book 2 Aug 1, 2017 Kindle eBookby Desiree HoltI received an uncorrected ARC of this book from NetGalley for review purposes The Phoenix men were well trained for all occasions Including dealing with a precognitive like Mia and her visions of Carpenter Technologies latest gadgets Visions she can t even figure out herself Dan and his team of ex military and computer geniuses must work with her to pick apart the mystery hiding in her visions.The story it self was int [...]

    10. This is a voluntary review of an advanced copy.I had so much fun reading this book, and so sad when it was over I really felt for Mia who wants so badly to help people with her visions but has problems with the interpretation so her success rate is not great Which leads to people thinking she is a nut.Mia sends a warning to Chase Carpenter to guard his invention as someone wants to steal it Little does she know that the Phoenix Agency can track down her email even when she takes precautions usin [...]

    11. Art historian Mia Fleming has battled with skepticism about her precognitive skills all her life But her visions about Carpenter Techtronics are so vivid she sends anonymous emails and makes an anonymous call After having a vision of a gorgeous man that leaves her frantic with desire, Mia is shocked when the man himself shows up in her office sending her silent messages Dan Romeo, CEO of the mysterious Phoenix Agency, is in town to help his friend Chase Carpenters track down whoever is threateni [...]

    12. I ve always been intrigued and fascinated with psychic abilities, the trials and tribulations of being accepted and judged, honing those abilities for the better and trying to live a normal life amidst the abnormal.The mysterious Phoenix Agency is as mysterious and intriguing as the amazing soldiers who founded it As the CEO, Dan Romeo has seen things unexplainable as the wide open skies with its many mysteries In town to help his friend Chase Carpenters with his company any new invention, Dan r [...]

    13. Full review on my blog on July 27th nextbookaroundthecorner.wordpSometimes after reading the last page of a book, you have to rethink everything twice That was my first reaction to Extrasensory Maybe it was because of the erotic visions that Mia had about Dan.Although they were definitely hot scenes, they where a bit standalone in the total story Because the rest of the story, about how Mia has visions about how there are being people killed in the company where Dan is working, is very intriguin [...]

    14. This book has so many twists and turns and constant surprises, it was hard to put down Every time I thought I might have an idea of who was responsible the next thing I read always changed my mind Aside from the intriguing storyline the anticipation of finding out who the bad guys were was enough to keep me engrossed in this book The complexity of the characters and uniqueness of the story make this a truly great read Dan was such a genuinely great guy and I loved that he tried to do right by Mi [...]

    15. The Phoenix Agency is my kinda place Hot men, great action and a little bit ofweird added in for good measure Dan is used to being the boss and his Alpha gene is very much in evidence But he is also quite tolerant of unusual skills after all one of his friends can talk with his wife in his head Mia was great as the scholar trying to play down her ability but she has tried to help people in distress before but she has had as many losses as wins and she feels marginalised by law enforcement But wh [...]

    16. ARC I voluntarily offered to review this book with no obligations and my opinions are honest Mia was used to people doubting her abilities.She always tell them that it is not an exact science It is hit or miss.They never believer her.When a vision is to strong to ignore, Mia takes action.She hopes that they will listen to her warning.That is when Dan Romeo of the Phoenix Agency comes to investigate.Now Mia is involved in the investigation as well.Did a mention that she also had visions of Dan As [...]

    17. Although this is the second book in The Phoenix Agency series it is the first book of Desiree Holt s that I have read and one of the best things that I enjoyed about this book was that it could be read on its own In series books, not all authors succeed in writing books that can be read completely separate from other books in the series but Desiree has done that with this book You can easily pick it up, read it and thoroughly enjoy it without feeling as though you re missing out on a whole heap [...]

    18. This was originally published by EC That would explain why almost the entire series showed up on in the space of about a month And one of the opening scenes, which was sexually explicit than the rest of the book.I enjoy PNR and was in one of my rare military romance moods so thought I d give this a shot.ProI read it fairly quickly and wanted to read .ConThe romance was rushed and didn t really make a lot of sense without the psychic binding element.I didn t understand why Dan believed in Mia s [...]

    19. Mia Fleming an art historian has tried to use her skills before to help the police in San Antonio but they do not seem to appreciate the times she has been successful and realize she is not proficient with her skills yet She wants to help and sends a message to Carpenter Tectronics to warn them Dan Romeo shows up and the museum looking for answers to what she is trying to tell them These skills are not new to him an dhe takes her to a member of Phoenix who can help her While she is trying to he [...]

    20. This is Book 2 in the Phoenix Agency series What a great series I love each book in it Dan is the Senior Partner in the Phoenix Agency He knows nothing in life is ever simple He s just come off of a successful job and decides to go to San Antonio to see friends and the new partners of Phoenix While there, he meets up with Mia, who just happens to have precognitive abilities The things that happen in this story are so hard to believe Mia can see things before they happen That is such an awesome a [...]

    21. Emotionally gripping, action packed thrill ride filled with mystery, danger and devastating betrayal Highly enjoyed this entertaining short but exciting romantic adventure Mia Fleming has struggled with vision she has never been able to fully understand since she was a child since even her parents never believed what she saw She is kind, sweet, sexy and has very few people in her personal circle until Dan crashing into world Dan Romeo is sexy, strong, alpha male stubborn and leaves nothing to ch [...]

    22. copy provided by publisher through NetGalley DNF 11%I know every story needs exposition, but in this case it was too heavy handed, slowing the pace even than it was slow to begin with, and making the narration rather stilted.The same can be said about the dialogues they were rather stiff and formal, not really flowing with what was actually happening on the page Instead of full of camaraderie of men having been through loads of missions together, these guys appeared mere acquaintances on their [...]

    23. I voluntarily read a review copy of this book All opinions stated are solely my own and no one else s 3.5 starsI enjoyed this Extrasensory it was fun, steamy with lots of mystery and suspense to keep you guessing The beginning was funny with Mia having some seriously sexy yet steamy visions I sympathised with Mia she s never been taken seriously and lives a very lonely, isolated life Loved the fire and passion burning between Mia and Dan these two had an amazing connection I felt like slapping J [...]

    24. Another great read about the Phoenix Agency Lots of action and mystery with some fun twists along the way Kelly was a strong character and I truly enjoyed how she was portrayed throughout the story Its great when a female character stands out Rick was also great character and the two had fantastic chemistry Secondary characters were well done and the whole storyline was fantastic I have to say that Xena, the Orcharka dog, nearly stole the show She was as much a part of the story as the others an [...]

    25. Extrasensory is the second book of Desiree Holt s Phoenix Agency and continues the theme of action packed, intrigue laced, and beautifully passionate romantic suspense.While consumed with an undeniable physical attraction, Dan and Mia can t ignore that danger that s constantly in their path or the connection that could cost their lives Great story building, wonderful characters and edge of your seat mystery these are the attributes of a fabulous story

    26. Loved this book as much as the first Lots of action and chemistry with fantastic characters and a great storyline Mia and Dan were fun to read about and this series keeps me turning the pages Truly worth reading this book Like the first book in the series Mia had some form of ESP and a hot male to help her An HEA with lots of sexy time and plenty of plot

    27. Desiree Holt never disappoints I enjoyed the paranormal aspects and the twists and turns the story took Mia and Dan s relationship was positively electrifying.This book can be read as a stand alone tho I look forward to reading the rest in the series as the secondary characters were interesting.I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC provided by NetGalley.

    28. I really enjoy books with paranormal elements But it is hard to find ones which don t go over the top, have interesting characters and great story lines I am now sucked into this series because it has all of these elements It was an enjoyable read, it had interesting characters and I look forward to reading

    29. I like a little paranormal thrown in with my romance every once in a while Extrasensory did a fantastic job of satisfing this Mia is the first to tell you that she doesn t have any idea half of the time what her visions mean She s afraid of telling Dan about her latest visions, then is slightly shocked when he believed her For Dan it wasn t too far fetched I really like series.

    30. WowNow this book took me awhile to figure out who the villain was, but that did not distract from the overall storyline Mia has to endure so much, I loved how Faith embraced her Dan is the hero after my own heart Fast paced, intense such a good book.

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