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  • Title: Sweet Reward
  • Author: Christy Reece
  • ISBN: 9780345524096
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • WHEN RISK IS THE REWARD LET THE DANGER BEGINAdrenaline junkie Jared Livingston has found the perfect blend of exhilaration and danger in his new job at Last Chance Rescue Raised to depend only on himself, Jared tried marriage, but the end of the relationship renewed his belief that he was meant to be a loner Now a desperate plea from his ex wife puts Jared in the uniqueWHEN RISK IS THE REWARD LET THE DANGER BEGINAdrenaline junkie Jared Livingston has found the perfect blend of exhilaration and danger in his new job at Last Chance Rescue Raised to depend only on himself, Jared tried marriage, but the end of the relationship renewed his belief that he was meant to be a loner Now a desperate plea from his ex wife puts Jared in the unique position of using the skills she despised to rescue her missing daughter The case brings Jared face to face with Mia Ryker, the only agent ever fired from LCR for playing too far outside the box Now Mia s back, and as a team, they re as compatible as fuel and fire blowing off tension in each other s arms, blowing open the secret life of a wealthy philanthropist and his shameful dealings Their search for the innocent child takes them to places neither have been before to the edge of danger and to the edge of their hearts.
    Sweet Reward WHEN RISK IS THE REWARD LET THE DANGER BEGINAdrenaline junkie Jared Livingston has found the perfect blend of exhilaration and danger in his new job at Last Chance Rescue Raised to depend only on hims

    One thought on “Sweet Reward”

    1. I m so sad this series is over Nooooo This was a GREAT opposites attract, steamy, HOT romance suspense Jared and Mia may be my favorite couple yet in the series Their chemistry was just off the charts fun and HOT He is a serious minded, stoic man of few words, while she is a bubbly, talkative and genuinely happy person with an infectious laugh Talk about opposites Initially he finds her reckless and incompetent, but as they work closely together to catch a baby snatching bad guy, she proves hers [...]

    2. Quick summaryJared Livingston was married and working as Kane Enterprises lead investigator in his last major appearance He s now divorced, an LCR operative and almost nothing like the character we knew from that story He s remote and has a reputation for taking significant risks but doesn t have relationships with anyone aside from his existing one with Lucas Kane Mia Ryker runs a rescue operation in Chicago and reaches out to LCR when she encounters an infant abduction case that seems to conne [...]

    3. I went in to read this book expecting not to like it but I was wrong and it was really an awesome end to the LCR series.When the book opens we have a Jared as a little child being abused and beaten in an orphanage and later on we see an adult Jared, LCR operative and a man who likes to take risks and is essentially a loner After completing one operation he gets a call from his ex wife and even though there is no love lost between them he goes and finds out her baby is missing, a lead has him goi [...]

    4. My favorite of the series and my first five star rating, also This was a freaking fabulous book Full of great suspense and hot romance, this one goes on my favorites shelf There was something very genuine about the reluctance of our hero heroine to having a relationship with one another Jared is the silent, stoic risk taker of LCR with no sense of self preservation Mia is a gentle, sweet soul that Jared feels like he needs to protect He can t see that she can handle herself and can t fathom how [...]

    5. The ninth book in the Last Chance Rescue series by Christy Reece Well, I liked this one better than the previous book, Sweet Revenge But it was still not as good as her earlier books in the series It is my understanding this is the last book in this series I am still looking forward for future books by this author.

    6. My Review Last Chance Rescueere has been 9 books to this series and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM HAS BEEN PHENOMENAL As the final book in this series although Christy has said that she might revisit LCR at a later time, this book did not disappoint in the least Sweet Reward is the story of Jared and Mia.Christy Reece writes some amazingly tortured heroes, but I think Jared is right up there at the top as my favoriteOMG, I loved his character, just because he is so full of angst I really love me an a [...]

    7. Jared Livingston works for Last Chance Rescue LCR , an organization run out of Paris that rescues kidnap victims, usually in very dangerous situations Currently, his company has noticed a trend of very young infants that have gone missing This is not the normal human trafficking of teenage girls they usually see Making it personal, Jared s ex wife and her new husband s six month old daughter has gone missing Even though Jared is not on good terms with his ex wife, he still feels invested in thi [...]

    8. I agonize whenever I write a review Matter of fact it causes nail biting and me to breakout into a sweat BUT I absolutely love the LCR series and want others to see what I see Great writing,awesome characters and books that will pull you in and make you not want to stop reading until the last page That being said let me tell you what I LOOOOVE about this last book in her series besides the things I mentioned above.Mia is soo much than you expected She is spunk and sass and laugh out loud funny [...]

    9. After reading each and every book in Christy Reece s Last Chance Rescue series, it s a bittersweet good bye to the absolutely unforgettable stories and characters that came alive in each of these books A bit ironic that the last title would be SWEET REWARD because that is exactly what I received with each new book in what has become my all time favorite romantic suspense series.I highly recommend this series to readers who love their suspense dark, gritty, and intensely creative, along with sizz [...]

    10. Loved it Enjoyed the book very much,adored Jared Mia both are such strong sweet warm giving courageous persons,however i am not with Mia s decision not to tell her parents about that B for a sister,her parents should know how their older child is on wrong path and needs treatments otherwise enjoyed the book very much.Wonderful Enjoyable readRecommend it

    11. The romance took center stage in this installment and I loved every minute of it Jared and Mia are my favorite LCR couple They didn t play games with each other which was very refreshing Noah cracks me up how he plays matchmaker in each book Great book Great series

    12. One again Reece does not dissapoint Well actually she has because this will be the last book of the LCR series I don t want them to ever end

    13. Jared Livingston not only likes living life on the edge, but his job as an operative for Last Chance Rescue gives him all the rush he needs His new case happens to hit close to home when his ex wife calls with her baby has been kidnapped Although they don t get along he feels like he needs to help out no matter what it may cost in the end.Mia Ryker is an ex Last Chance Rescue operative who now runs her own rescue business in Chicago When the case starts not to make compete sense she is brought i [...]

    14. First off I must start by saying that this is My Favorite of the Sweet Trilogy From pages one I was hooked, and the only time I put the book down was 78% through the book so I could scream and rant because I wanted to KILL one of the secondary characters UGH If you are planning to purchase any books this year, you need to read this book, okt read Sweet Justice awesome and Sweet Revenge crazy awesome , then read Sweet Reward, you will be thanking me I was intrigued by Jared Livingston from Sweet [...]

    15. Sweet Reward was magically delivered to my Kindle this morning and I ve already finished it It was amazing Jared was such a grouchy ass at times, but then he would show a little bit of sweetness could Mia not fall for him I loved Mia s zest for life and how she kept Jared off balance.I loved the glimpse we got into Noah and Samara s lifeI always love catching past couples are doing and seeing how happy they still are Samara is still not taking any of Noah s crap and he still loves her like crazy [...]

    16. 5 Stars and a Guilty Pleasures Creme de la Creme PickSweet Reward is action packed, emotional, sexy and has many LOL moments I LOVE the back and forth between Jared and Mia She is sassy, feisty and tough, he literally could not figure out how to deal with her But when he finally gave in to his desire it was smokin hot The tender moments when he finally opened up and told her about the ghosts that haunt him and her reactions to him are some of the sweetest I ve read I want to put a few of my favo [...]

    17. This might be 4.5 stars, very good representative of its genre, and one I enjoyed really a lot.Christy Reece does romantic suspense in very good balance with characters and story lines This is the ninth in her Last Chance Rescue series, where operative around the world seek missing persons, from human slavery to missing babies, and much in between.This one concerned babies kidnapped and sold to people who did not or could not get babies to adopt by legal means You can read it without reading the [...]

    18. February 4.5 Great ending to a 9 book series will be sorry to see it go And how, how, how can Christy Reece mention gorgeous heartthrob Adrian in the last couple of books and not give him his own story boo While I loved the 3 to me books Rescue, Run, Return and the 3 Chance No, Second, Last books, the other two Sweet books Justice, Revenge were a bit lacking but this one made up for that

    19. 3.5 5 I wasn t too sure when I started if it would be possible to warm up to Jared He s had a hard past, but he s just plain mean at times to Mia But I loved Mia and Jared didn t really stand a chance when it came to staying away from her The ending wrapped up a little too neat, but I ve enjoyed all the LCR books and liked this one the the story went on.

    20. My first Christy Reece book and I am really impressed I don t have much to say except it played out just like the synopsis and I had fun reading it thru I found this book randomly so I wasn t sure if it worked as a standalone but it definitely does I m really happy to have a new series to read now Commence marathon reading

    21. Thanks Christy for an awesome series I have read and loved every book and I will miss LCR This last book was absolutely wonderful and I loved everything about it.

    22. Fast paced, edge of your seat GOOD Couldn t put it down This is definitely a keeper I am so glad I found this author.

    23. Another absolute cracker I don t know how the author keeps delivering but she does This was a fantastic read with lots of suspense, action, passion and heartache She kept me reading well into the early hours so that I could just finish one chapter though that was never enough Am going to get the next in the series tight now Definitely worth your time and money This author has NEVER given me a bum read

    24. Another great romantic suspence story CR creates interesting characters, action filled plots, and plenty of passion I have thoroughly enjoyed this series.

    25. Ninth and last in the Last Chance Rescue LCR romantic suspense series set in Paris The couple focus is on Mia Ryker and Jared Livingston.My TakeAn interesting pair of characters in this last installment of the LCR series I do wonder if Reece will create a new series based on some of the characters in LCR Or if she s simply too used to creating characters who will come to life in the next or a future story in a series that she insinuates new people without realizing it.I was a bit disappointed wi [...]

    26. I have now come to the end of the Last Chance Rescue series which consisted of 9 books, giving us 3 trilogies It s always sad when this happens, but it ended beautifully This is Jared Livingston and Mia Ryker Maxwell s story.Jared is one tough customer and right from the beginning you realise that he shows no emotion, keeps to himself and isn t one to apologize, ever There s a reason for this though as the last time he tried to apologize was when he was a kid and not only did this lead to his fo [...]

    27. It s the first Last Chance Rescue that I read but I don t think it makes a difference in my appreciation of this book And I m sure I m not the only one but sometimes a cover will have the power to convince me to pick the story that s inside But what really sold the deal for me was this sentence in the summary The case brings Jared face to face with Mia Ryker, the only agent ever fired from LCR for playing too far outside the box I thought it would contain a thrilling story with a kick ass heroin [...]

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